FITx50 \ week 30

2015-02-20 20.11.22

FITx50 \ week 30

This week Liliana Hart​ curiously said, “In two weeks you’ll be 50.” Silent, I waited for the punch line or the life’s lesson – nothing. She followed with, “Just saying.”

It was the first time I realized just how close I was to the half-century celebration. No panic, just realization. Quickly I flashed over the initial goals I’d set as the idea of FITx50 became what I thought was a great idea.

I always enjoyed the saying, “If you want to see God laugh, tell Him what you’re plans are.” It’s always held true. Those first physical fitness fantasies eventually faded for those gems more precious than push ups.

Then I looked at her, and she flexed with a GRRRRRR.

Until then, stay FIT no matter what your age or goals.

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  1. I love the line in 3 Days to Kill… “You know, middle-aged”. The character was referring to a 32-year-old kid. Chuckle. Actually, that gives me an idea – a stroke of genius, really. When I was a practicing drunk, I always tried to hang out with people who were farther down the food chain than I was so I could always say, “Well I’m not that bad”! Unfortunately you end up running out of people who are that bad, but the same principle can be used with age. I just have to hang out with the 60+ cycling crowd – if nothing else, at least I’ll be able to be called a ‘kid’ for another 10 to 15 years. Brilliant! Thanks Chief!


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