25 Days of 31: Broken and Blue

25 Days of 31: Broken and Blue

“How long does it take you to write a book?”
I’ve been asked that often. My reply for a full-length novel is about 30 days for the first rough draft.


This book, Broken and Blue has taken about 30 years. No, not because I wrote it slow, but because it’s the story of most of my life. I don’t mean the chronological account, but the parts that affected me most – the good and the bad.

Police work takes a heavy toll, but it’s often the life long before we swore that oath which has the greater effect on us. Those early years usually go undetected as a root cause of pain in our lives because we get skilled at medicating the hurt with the adrenaline of the job.

There are a lot of great cops doing almost impossible things under the most dire of circumstances. And that’s even before they go on duty. When I was led by God to retire from law enforcement, I just knew He was going to give me something special in return. He did. It’s my life.


Writing my reality was one of the many things He gave me the courage to share. It’s not easy to make ourselves vulnerable in public. But the damage being suffered by officers due to past personal pain and the stressors of public service are bigger than what anyone might think of me.

I’ve had so many people contact me that although Broken and Blue was written to cops, it applies to everyone struggling. There is health, hope and healing.

I want to thank my friends who understand how precious each sacrifice is that public servants endure for the sake of sacrificial service. They have taken the time to share dedications in the book, and their words matter:
Sean RileyOlivia Carlson-JohnsonDavid OliverJim McNeffRyan Padgett & Liliana Hart. A heartfelt thank you for the book’s forward to the man whose words one Sunday afternoon changed my life, Pastor Jimmy Evans


There is a great big community of folks who care about each other, and I’m thankful to be a part of it.
Do Good,


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