Do You Linger?

Without chaotic distractions my mind would begin to rumble before churning into full-blown danger mode. My remedy was to stay distracted with other distracting thoughts, activities or people.

Pouring Out Your Oil Always Gives You More

From the tabernacle to the feet of Jesus, oil poured out is symbolic of God’s own gifting.

Jesus Needed His Space. So Do We

Jesus Needed His Space. So Do We The middle of September found me busier than the last six months, but just as []

Is This Our Final 4th of July, Independence Day Celebration?

But there’s a sinister atmosphere in this nation that we’ve never known. Even darker these days than the light of a once bright American Spirit can pierce.

Father’s Day Can Be A Tough One

As a matter of fact, Father’s Day is an annual reminder of the distant and dysfunctional connection I had with my own dad.

Mullet Life. The Great Deception

Don’t allow open sanctuary doors to become more about, “Hello” than “Hallelujah”.

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