I’m Ready Now / But It’s After Midnight

I’m Ready Now / But It’s After Midnight

This was fun, but now I’m very sleepy!

I’ve been working to stick to a healthy eating plan, and factored in the holiday “slide.” I knew I needed to get back to training to make up for the snacking between Thanksgiving and the New Year. I was half, well, actually not very motivated at all.

Our 16-year-old asked about working out together. She’s the typical hardworking, over-achieving, taking on too much responsibility at school, and now driving kid. So when she mentioned working out, I knew it was our chance to reconnect. And my motivation to return to training.

We signed up that same day, and I promised her I’d go any time she was ready. At midnight she texted that she’d finished her homework and was ready for the gym. Who was I to break a three-hour old promise.

Day 1 and done after 1:00am, but we had a great time encouraging each other. Can’t wait to come back. Who knows, maybe her mom will join us!

Her mom and I both know she only has this and her senior year left before she’s off to conquer college, so whether it’s a midnight gym, or an early morning get breakfast at Ihop, we’re always up for the time with her.

Do Good,

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