I’m Shaping Up | Week 17

running-rainI wondered this morning was it raining, as I struggled between more sleep and exercise. Remembering the awesome encouragement and motivational replies over the last weeks, I popped up and hit the early morning road.

It was raining!

Last week was another productive effort. three days of morning & evening training sessions, prepared meals at home and away from restaurants, and a consistent BP reading have me steadily moving towards regaining health.

2013-06-21 14.27.52

I even hit the gym after a blistering afternoon of lawn design. I was bored & creative, but I like it. Neighbors have yet to comment.

I trust you are beach ready, or ball park ready or just ready for anything that an active and healthy lifestyle affords you. If you are not where you want to be physically, join us on this quest.

Monday – Sunday:

This week’s goals resemble last week’s and revolve around sensible eating, intense but safe exercise and rest mixed with stretching (yoga).

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  1. Scott, is that your yard? That is a BEAUTIFUL backyard. Reminds me of my grandfather’s yard growing up!

    Good luck on the exercise, I’m trying to do the same thing!


  2. Chief you did a great job on the lawn. Love it. Also you will continue to do good with this so call weight thing, and especially your B/P. Personally I don’t think you need to loose weight. According to the photos David is posting of you. Looks good. Take care my friend and keep all the good work going.

  3. I agree with Mac, you look like you’re already there weight-wise! But exercise and diet is about more than weight; it’s about preventing diseases like diabetes and hypertension and all the things that comes with that.

    Share your secret. How are you managing to fit exercise into your days? Ever since the semester ended, I haven’t been able to get a run in. I’m always running errands and stuff. About all I’ve managed is swimming with my niece.

  4. Your yard looks terrific! I wish you were our neighbor! Taking care of our health should be a priority….looks like you’ve got your priorities in order. 🙂

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