I’m Shaping Up | Week 24

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I’m Shaping Up; Week 24

You just never know.

A few weeks back I received an e-mail from my academic mentor and friend, Dr. John Kiefer. He was my master of public administration program’s thesis advisor while I attended the University of New Orleans. We connected immediately, and I admired his career as a professor and his calling as a United States Marine.

Satisfied with my graduation from UNO and no intention of continuing my education, Doc encouraged me to pursue a PhD with just a three sentence conversation. No, I cannot share those “motivational” words he spoke, but what I am sharing is that he, singularly inspired me to push further than I ever imagined I could.

In his e-mail last month, it said that he had been following this series “I’m Shaping Up” and it inspired him to regain his USMC fighting form. Or at the least get back to fitness!!

Who knew? You just never know.

One way of getting there

One way of getting there

Week 24

Here’s to holding each other accountable when the couch looks inviting and the snacks endless.


– Don’t know.


– 8 cycling sessions!!! I biked 2-a-days earlier in the week and it was awesome.

– 1 day of running (these cool mornings are great for adding a few extra miles)

– 1 lawn cut. Yes, I’m convinced that this is an athletic event as long as there is no zero-radius mower involved. ALL Push mower!!


– Extra cycling has caused a craving for extra eating, but not the bad stuff. Well, still scoring my night-time ice cream. Kiddo’s fault.

UNO Ring & BP

– BP is still good and resting HR is low 50’s. It’s been great being able to push my HR into the mid 160’s to 170’s for sustained periods of cycling, then dropping it quickly into a recovery range.

– The UNO ring slips on and off without hanging up on swollen knuckles or fat fingers.

Bayou Country Cyclists Saturday morning ride

Bayou Country Cyclists Saturday morning ride

Monday – Sunday Goals:

– 5 days of cycling.

– 1 yoga session (I’ve really blown this one).

– 3 morning run sessions

– bring lunches to work or prepared meal at home.

– Continue with hydration.

How are your efforts going? Don’t just read this and dismiss it. Make a commitment today. You have peer support, CopsAlive.com expertise, and a champion fitness advisor all ready to help.

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      • Scott (Chief) having you visit Michigan would be great. I look forward to that. Keep planning on it. Take care my friend and be safe out there. God Bless. Mac

  1. Good job Scott and keep up the work. I actually probably had my worst week last week since i began my quest to be healthy and fit. Lots of stress will tend to do that but this morning i an refocussed and back at it. I added in the insanity workout a couple of week ago with a few guys from FD and PD and really enjoying it. I am having thoughts of starting back on the cycling. I am thinking it would be easier on the knees. Anyway have a great week and looking forward to seeing you.

  2. Thanks Chad.
    I heard about you guys doing the Insanity workouts at the Fire Station. Awesome that you invited the PD. I know 1 captain who is really enjoying it. We gotta keep him encouraged.
    Take care, and the highways are calling for you to bike!!!

  3. I told you that you were inspiring so many people!! Sorry I can’t help you stick with the yoga thing. I’ll be in lecture from 8am-3pm on yoga days, and I just injured my foot. Keep going though.

    You’ve also inspired me to try this whole cycling thing. Once I heal, I’ll be starting to ride with a classmate.


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