FITx50 \ week 18


You thinking what I’m thinking?

Breakfast? No, but it was delicious yesterday. Delicious but not over indulged. I made it through this holiday by eating great food, with family and friends. Before i got a bit full, guess what? I stopped.

Planning ahead, i also anticipated the desserts, so I made an effort to up the exercise leading up to T-Day. And….I plan on enjoying a great community post-holiday session of crossfit Friday morning.

So what was the lesson this week? Not sure. Just don’t stuff yourself silly perhaps. Getting fit still tastes better than getting full. I trust you all are sticking to your individual plans – Plan is the key here. You gotta do to stick to it.

Happy Holidays,



FITx50 \ week 18


  1. Planned indulgence is the key, Scott! My own technique is to eat roughly the same amount of food as usual, just very different food, because I will have a piece of every pie!! I’ll skip potatoes and dressing and such, and sample all the desserts. Turkey and veggies won’t make me fat, only the starchy stuff. Another key is to make it a day of indulgence, not a week of indulgence.

      1. Scott, I ate leftover pie as a meal replacement. It makes an adequate lunch. If I want to be truly disciplined, I throw it away. That requires a single moment of discipline, while walking past it time and again requires a lot of discipline.
        And if Debora can lose 67 pounds with prayer and discipline, that’s wonderful! Those are free to all, and far superior to the latest fad diet pill!

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