God’s Word Proclaims Prosperity, Sowing and Reaping by: Apostle Lisa Schwarz (Video)


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uh I’m excited about the message today I wasn’t excited about the message today so Pastor Scott had kind of said hey

could you come in and give a message on giving I was like sure um you know as as pastors and teachers we have kind of our favorite genres and

our favorite topics um but as I was praying about it I started really one of my favorite things to preach on is the idea of abundance

and prosperity because that is my passion is coming alongside people and

watching them go into that next level of whatever it is they’re called to be whether they’re in homeless homelessness

so I am the founder of a Ministry or we house anywhere between    to    residents at any particular time I’ve

written an entire program that’s up to three years long that comes alongside them and helps them move into their

purpose their design who they’re called to be how many of you know we’re not designed to walk in poverty we serve a

prosperous God we’re designed to walk in abundance we’re designed to walk in prosperity and when I began to realize

that a message about giving is really a message about believing God for prosperity in our lives for abundance in

our lives for productivity the very first blessing God spoke over Adam and

Eve was to be fruitful and was to multiply we hear the message of our

design to prosper to grow to be productive to be fruitful moreover to

feel productive to feel fruitful right because most of these things start here and here and really that’s what I’m

doing on a regular basis whether I’m working with a corporation I do a lot of

business coaching whether I’m working with a business owner or whether I’m working with somebody in homelessness how many of you know there’s a next

level for you everybody say there’s a next level for me there’s a next level for so no matter what Plateau you have

hit God has a more in mind for you so tomorrow you can expect that God is

going to do something more than he did for you today why because we serve a god who’s on the increase and the Bible says

that we are growing going from Glory unto Glory so that means tomorrow I can

expect I’m going to look like act like produce like more like Jesus than I did today

okay so we have to grasp and under the very core of giving is this

understanding and this belief that we are designed to walk in the likeness of

Christ and that means we are designed to live an abundant lifestyle

no I haven’t even started the message yet and I’ve been told I only have    minutes was my second panic because I’m

used to doing conferences and I preach sometimes three four sessions that are an hour long um so I’m going to try and pay attention

to the time here my friend Keaton already read to us our key verse today which is in second Corinthians and I’m

going to read it again it says but I say this and this is Paul talking to the Church of Corinth he says this he who so

sparingly will also reap sparingly and he who sows bountifully will also reap

bountifully so let each one give as he purposes in his heart now we’re going to

get all of our key points from today’s message basically from this passage of scripture we’re going to take an under

we’re going to take a look at what are we learning about God from these passages you understand what we’re reading scripture God is revealing not

something necessarily about the way you should live your life come on we’ve got that we’re kind of putting the cart before the horse but

before before I hear what is God saying about how I should be living my life I need to be hearing what am I what am I

learning about God’s character what am I learning about the nature of God right when I learn about the glory of God the

person of God who he is now I discover my possibility in Christ why because I’m

designed in the image of God it goes on and it says so let each one give as he purposes in his heart not grudgingly or

out of necessity for God loves a cheerful Giver I noticed uh Keaton when

you gave that call to give you know he was like oh and the ladies are going to do the pajamas like

and then he was like oh I’m also you’re you’re you’re working we want to invite you to give today it was like crickets

in the room no like nobody applauded yes we get the opportunity to give today

like nobody cheered for that I think we we’ve lost the understanding of the blessing that we have been given to be a

part of investing in the kingdom of God so it goes on it says and God is able everybody say God is able

he is able to make Grant grace abound everybody say abound that’s a big word

we don’t use that we don’t use that word in our common language Byron May the love of God abound in your life

may you abound in love for your wife may the fruits of your table abound today we

don’t that’s that’s not a natural word right God uses that word I think we need to get more Adept using words that God

used like abound his grace abound towards you that you

always having all sufficiency in all things may have an abundance

may his grace abound that you would have abundance so in every passage for

abundance for every good work so in every passage we’re learning about principles based on the nature and the attributes

of God so out of this I want us to talk about principle one and that is this when God invites us to build something

he always provides the resources all right so when Pastor Scott and Pastor Leah shared with me over a year

ago that they felt invited by God to build a church

immediately you begin to look around for the provision or the resource but what

we know is that God is not a liar he does not tease us if he invites you to

build he’s going to provide I love the book of Ezra and Nehemiah because we

learn so much as an apostle I love that because we learn how to build we learn how to build business we learn how to

build for God in Ezra we’re building a temple in Nehemiah we’re building a wall the temple is of God the wall was

technically secular but you see in both instances that when there was an invitation to build there was a

provision for the building in Ezra chapter   a pagan King says this who is

among you all his people may his God be with him and let him go up to Jerusalem

which is in Judah and build the house of the Lord God of Israel he is God which

is in mind you this is a pagan King making these declarations having understanding of who God was I would

like to propose to you that often people of the world have an understanding of God’s nature more than the church does

they believe God for provision more than the church does it goes on it says and whoever is left

in any place where he dwells let the men of his place help him with silver and gold with goods and livestock besides

the Free Will offering so this is staying on top of the offering there’s an abundance that will be given to you

that you will have the ability to do what God has asked you to do in verse   it goes on it says and all

those who were who were around them encouraged them with articles of silver and gold and goods and livestock and

with precious things besides all that was willingly willingly offered on top

of what was willingly offered they were encouraged with silver and gold

now I would like to share with you in the Hebrew the word encourage there means to strengthen the hands

it means to make Stout and the idea of being given look when

when Pastor Scott and Pastor Leah get a really great offering there’s an encouragement why because

their arms are strengthened to do more of the work of God not because they want to go out and buy a new car not another

new car don’t hear what I’m not saying but y’all I love cars anyways uh that’s

for a story for another day but it encouraged it’s a strengthening of the hands so that they can continue to build

for the kingdom without a strengthening without an encouraging a practical resource there

is an inability to move forward in what God has called you how many of you feel like God has called you to do something but you’re waiting on the resource

that’s a difficult place to be okay so we’re going to go back to that principle in a moment let’s go to principle two

and that is this God provides more than enough everywhere throughout scripture when God

provides something there’s always more than enough remember the feeding of the multitude there wasn’t just enough there was

basketfuls left over I love the story of when he he invites Luke to launch out

into the depths of the sea he says cast your net Into the Depths which is just a crazy story right we have a carpenter

telling a fisherman how to fish and he’s tired and he’s he’s fatigued

and he’s been failing all night and Jesus gives him a word and says I want you to launch out and not only did he

fill his Nets remember what the story says there was so much fish that the net began to break and he began chunking the

fish into the boats around him why because we’re learning a principle about God and the principle is that God is a

god of abundance he’s a god of overflow in Psalm    it says he anoints my head

and my cup what it run us over why because he’s a god of abundance he’s

a god of overflow so what we learned from this is God is a

a god of abundance and he gives liberally I love in Exodus it says this

so all the skilled workers who were doing the work of the sanctuary left what they were doing and said to Moses

the people are bringing more than enough for the doing of the Lord that the Lord has commanded us to do and then Moses

gave an order and they sent this word throughout the camp no man or no woman is to make anything else for an offering

of the sanctuary and so the people were restrained from bringing more because they had already had more than enough to

do the work I wish I was in that scenario

but we’re learning Kingdom principles here this is how it should be there should come a place where it’s

like look guys we’ve already like way Max we’re overflow we’ve got an abundance of giving this month we’ve got

ten thousand dollars of excess we want to come together and pray what does God want us to do with this and ten thousand

dollars but instead and I I can attest to this as minister is often like Lord

please we need ten thousand dollars more to stay open for another month something is broken in the Kingdom

because that is not what God says nowhere in scripture do we see God working that way we don’t just see God

provide just enough you understand that the entire Old Testament is God trying to move his people from the land of lack

to the land of just enough to the land of more than enough plenty abundance

so principle two is that we learn that God is a god of abundance principle three giving should be a deliberate

decision it is an intentional decision why do we know this number one it says to give as

you purpose in your heart many versions there will say give deliberately be intentional

but more than that we know this because God himself is deliberate he is very

intentional in Jeremiah chapter one he says before I formed you I knew you

for all the days I have ordained for you are written in a book there’s an

intentionality that God has for you he is very deliberate in every dollar he

puts in your wallet come on and I I challenge you today to ask

yourself am I deliberate with every dollar that goes out of my wallet you understand that every dollar you’re

given as a soldier for God’s Army period you may think it is yours it is not

but every dollar God has given to you is very deliberate in Jeremiah       he

says I know the plans I have for you Ephesians   he says I chose you before the foundations of the earth you and I

are not an accident but rather God has been very deliberate in our design in our Creation in the time and the space

in which we came forth and in the plans in which he has placed within our hearts

and he has given to us deliberately most specifically in the form of Jesus Christ and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

within us see God didn’t just invite us to live an abundant life but he’s empowered us deliberately through the

presence of the Holy Spirit God is a deliberate God and we learn from this that we should learn how to give and

spend deliberately not flippantly we must be intentional

with our Monies principle number four giving is not a matter of law it’s a

matter of spirit now I should have probably checked with you to make sure we’re in the same

theological path here or maybe you know I think we are

God is freedom there you also understand in the New Testament it never says anything about a

   tithe that’s the law but most of us limit ourselves because we’re giving according to law and not

according to Spirit I would like to propose to if you’re only giving    percent because of the law you’re

probably cutting God short in your life and because you’re giving sparingly you’re reaping sparingly I’m just quoting to you what scripture says

if you feel a sting in that that’s the Holy Spirit don’t give me credit for what he’s doing in your heart [Laughter]

all right so tithing is not a financial issue that’s how I get away with out the door without getting tarred and

feathered Ty the pastors always invite me in to do the hard messages Pastor Phil called me

the other day he’s like I got a difficult thing can you preach it to my people and I’m like yes absolutely so tithing is not a financial issue

it is a spiritual issue there is no scripture whatsoever in the New Testament asking Christians to bring a

tithe except for when Jesus is actually rebuking the Pharisees for honoring their tithe more than honoring their

heart you remember in I believe it’s in Luke where he says woe to you Pharisees we used to tithe mint and Roux of all

kinds of manner and herbs but you pass on Justice and love

right he’s that’s the only time he ever mentioned so where he even says the word ties from my from my knowledge I googled

this    times you guys and and teacher Byron over here has confirmed this so

so this is the thing in the New Testament giving is less about    percent of your money and it’s more

about a hundred percent of your heart it’s about a positioning of the heart it’s not an actual physical thing

because you understand again we talked about how a dollar is a representation

of a soldier in the kingdom when every dollar moves soldiers are moved

I cannot do the work that I do without dollars we have almost a one million

dollar budget to run a    buildings five six different campuses house    people

how many of you know I need money to run that and every dollar that’s brought in is a

soldier in the army that doesn’t just provide housing but it provides a safe

spiritual loving atmosphere for people to be healed

it’s more than just walls so you guys look at this building and you see walls and you see pillars and

you see chairs and you see physical things and while those do cost money it’s not about the money it’s about the

heart it’s about what’s happening in here and you either invest or you don’t you either get on board or you don’t

but if you are sewing sparingly I guarantee you’re reaping sparingly

I’m gonna move on I do want to share with you I was listening the other day actually I was talking to my son and we were talking he

was he preached on Wednesday and I was preaching today so a lot of times we like talk out our messages to each other and he I was telling I was like he was

giving a new message and I was giving a message we were talking about how we have a love-hate relationship with that because it forces you really to study it

out right and um he was talking about a story from a pastor who basically said

for one whole month I’m not passing the plate and what he discovered was his giving

went down four thousand dollars a week because he didn’t pass the plate

and so most pastors were probably like we got past the plate more we gotta Pass the Plate more but the pastor basically

shared that and he said I’m no longer ever passing the plate because I want I don’t want dutiful money that’s given

out of compulsion I want intentional money that’s given

out a deliberation that’s given cheerfully I want money that’s given out of the

spirit not money that’s given out of the law I don’t want the law in my church

that’s a tough decision to make it is the right decision to make

absolutely principle number five provision is always hand found in the hands of the people

so when God somebody comes up to you and says this is what we need and you’re like well I’ll be praying about that

listen you are it more than you think you are it

okay for years well not for years probably for months when I started crazy Ministries we were basically uh just

free Biblical counseling discipleship Center yada yada and people were coming to us that needed more than discipleship

they needed like practical help and so we would have a woman that was coming to us and she was stuck in

anxiety and depression but we also found out she was living in her car with her three children

and so in that I started going somebody ought to open a housing Ministry like you know somebody ought to somebody man

somebody uh somebody ought to make a five thousand dollar donation to five Stones Church man somebody oughta

somebody ought to donate the Christmas tree right and what I began to discover is Lord was

like hello you are it you are it and I did not have the

provision for that in that day but what I knew was a principle and that is provision is found in the hands of his people

see when Jesus fed the multitude that provision was distributed through the

disciples principle we learn that Jesus like I have the provision and I can chunk it out this

way but I’m going to teach a new way of living I’m going to teach that provision comes through the hands of the people

the provision for the building of the temple and Ezra remember he said everybody go and build and those who you can’t build give them your money

because everybody’s going to play a part this is a kingdom Temple and if you

can’t build then you play a part in the provision of the building or sometimes you’re both you understand that you and

I are the intersection where Heaven and Earth collide right so you’re the intersection of

healing and what will go to class after class after class I want to groom my gift of healing and my gift of

Deliverance man I’d dare you to do a gift of giving or a class for giving how many people will show up and say I want

to learn how to give more cheerfully I want to learn how to give more deliberately I want to I want to sharpen

my gift of giving we’re not quite as excited about that

all right so what keeps us from giving what is my time thank you

she just totally over did thank you Pastor Leah

so let’s talk about our barriers this could be part two but I’m going to whip through it make it part one what keeps us from giving we don’t understand the

laws of reaping and sewing that’s a message in and of itself I can come back another day and and uh and preach it or

you can read my book mastering your Seasons but I talk about the laws of reaping and sowing and the law in

science you always reap to which the to the same ratio in which you sow if I sew

one seed I’m going to get one stalk of corn if I show    I’m going to get    stalks of corn and each one of those

stocks produce more seed so it’s a law of reaping and sowing and part of the issue in giving is we

actually call it giving we don’t call it investing because giving means I’m just giving and it goes out into the wind investing

means I’m producing I’m I’m cultivating production in my life I’m I’m activating

multiplication I’m activating fruitfulness how many of you want to

activate some productivity in your life come on it’s the same way when you Minister healing to somebody you

activate healing in them and therefore then that you also cultivate healing in

you the more you practice something the more you activate that thing

and so giving is not a just here it is so long dollars

it’s an investment that we expect is going to cultivate and bring a return

not necessarily in my life but in the Kingdom Life and if the kingdom is

producing then I’m producing right we are Kingdom and the same life that is

produced in the kingdoms should be producing I love when a pastor calls me at a pastor last week Pastor Gary if

he’s come to some of these house meetings and he just got a new building he’s like oh my gosh Pastor Lisa we had

    people there but like my heart leapt because I love to watch the kingdom grow

do what it’s designed to do all right so the Bible says now may he

who supplies the seed to the sower and bread for food supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the

fruits of your righteousness see the more you give the more you’re investing in the kingdom and the more

you’re activating the righteousness of Christ in you the more you’re activating the kingdom in you

all right so I learned several years ago when I started Crazy Eight Ministries at

some point it occurred to me that I was going to have to do some fundraising which really pained me

um and I really still don’t do uh but um I kept asking the Lord how do we how do

we raise money how do we bring money in I’m gonna tell you the lord gave me a vision when I was a kid we lived in Illinois and sometimes it was always hot

and I had the corner bedroom and so I’d put a fan facing out in One Direction I Would shut my door and it

would siphon air into the other one anybody ever do that you guys are in Texas so you don’t have to do windows you all have AC here all right so

there’s a law that if you’re pushing air out that air gets sucked back in the lord gave me that vision and he said the

problem is you’re trying to suck air through a window instead of blowing seed into your community

you’re trying to pull seed in instead of sowing seed into your community and you know what kept me stuck in that place

was fear I felt like well gosh we already don’t have enough I’ll have one twelfth of not

enough right without the two fish in Five Loaves and they broke it into    pieces that’s one I get one twelfth of

not enough and God you’re saying you want me to take my      of not enough and sow it

out into the community and the Lord said if you want to multiply and come back to you come on this is a law of reaping and

sewing and so instead of creating a fundraiser we started that year what was called

what is called City on a Hill it’s our annual event it’s called our Giant friendraiser it’s where we create an

entire uh atmosphere where businesses um churches organizations government

entities come on one playing field it’s free we provide all the funding for it

and it is     percent what has put Crazy Eight Ministry is on the map we had we

had one this year and it is the second largest annual event at the city of Burleson everybody knows about it

everybody wants to be a part about it part of it and guess what happens at the end of that we have business owners

coming to us and saying what can we do for you oh I’m so glad you have we have a golf

tournament coming up we would love for you to put a team in we would love for you to be a sponsor absolutely we love

that event it was amazing see the law of reaping and sewing taught me that if I want to reap I have to sew first

I can’t succeed into my Ministry and so when I feel like I feel like we are lack

I ask the Lord where should we sow because if I wanted to come back and I

wanted to multiply then I need to sow all right second thing that will keep you is fear we don’t believe God to

replenish we fear not having enough for ourselves the Bible says that God is able to make

grace abound towards you that you will always have always having all sufficiency in all things

and that you may have an abundance for every good work we learn from here that there is more than enough one of my I

always says my my staff make fun of me they’re like every time you say this like my favorite verse like they’re all my favorites it’s like all my children

this is my favorite kid in Ezra chapter   verse    King artaxerxes again a pagan King he says

this whatever seems good to you and your brethren to do with the rest of the silver and the gold

listen to me he says whatever seems good to you and your brethren to do the rest of the silver and gold so it’s an entire

decree that he’s saying hey yes we want you to continue building you’re right King Cyrus put forth decree years ago

take the silver and gold that God has given to you and whatever you do with the rest of it

see there’s there’s an expectation that a pagan King has that there’s more than

enough so again he has this mindset that

there’s an abundance of provision and if you and I had a mindset that there’s an

abundance of provision coming into our household it makes it easy for us to

give abundantly and I would like to propose to you that one of the reasons why we don’t give is

we don’t believe God to replenish abundantly it goes back to what do we believe about

God and who he says he is and finally number three is our priorities get skewed I love the book of haggai where

he shows and again if you read through Ezra if you get to chapter four it’s like a parentheses go over to hey guy he would be reading it through

chronologically in nehemiah’s and they’re also when King or artaxerxes comes in but in hagiah he

shows up and this is when the building of the temple had come to a halt and he says what in the world are you doing is

now a time for you to build your own paneled houses while the kingdom of the while the Temple of the Lord lays in

Ruins and then he says this now consider your ways what is he saying you need to be a

little bit more deliberate about what you’re doing with the goods of God and then he tells him go back up to the temple get go back into the woods get

the wood and get your priorities straightened stop worrying about your

own paneled houses we’ve been studying in Ezra uh and and one of my class I teach a

class every Monday morning we’ve been studying in Ezra and we did the whole parentheses thing to go over to Hagia or whatever and one of the gals Amy Sanger

said man I just feel like the Lord has convicted me and said what are you doing with God’s resources

what are you doing with God’s resources but haggai says over and over again

consider your ways in Ephesians   it says let or in a yeah

in Ephesians   it says Let each one give as he purposes in his heart and again there are some some say to

give deliberately but we should be deliberate with God’s provision for us again we want to

consider our ways uh this isn’t just your time it’s not just your actions

he’s talking about your dollars as well you understand again there’s a spiritual act so I want everybody to close your

eyes you want to come up and play for me if everybody would just close your eyes get into your own space if you would

and and I’m gonna I want to go back to I’m gonna go back to that

just that principle that we learned that giving is not of the law it’s of the

spirit okay so if I were to ask how many of you believe the holy spirit is just hovering

in this room we would all raise our hand right that’s an easy question if I were to ask how many of you believe that the

holy spirit is dwelling within you and he is ever present to guide you to instruct you

[Music] I don’t want you to make a move until you allow the Holy Spirit to begin

to show you a number I’m going to do a hard ask today and Pastor did not ask me to do this I’m gonna ask a different

five-fold are we okay with this okay because this is hard for a pastor to do

I’m here to do the hard thing okay I don’t want you to move I’m going to

put an expectation on the Holy Spirit right now in the name of Jesus Holy Spirit we believe you speak

intentionally we believe God that you have the needs of this church in mind

We Believe holy spirit that you are out in front of us that you are a God who provides and you provide abundantly

and so I’m asking Holy Spirit to reveal      to you that even as you begin to you’ve begun to ask him for plans and

Visions for      I’m asking right now we’re asking you Holy Spirit would you reveal to us the plan of giving

for      yes each one of us individually


[Music] thank you

come on if this is your home Church don’t dine and dash you got to be a part of it be a part of

the building we’ve heard some of pastors Visions how they want to grow some of the needs they

have you are a part of that Holy Spirit never comes up short but he

gives to his people so if you would I’m I’m really going to

challenge you guys today now listen to me don’t do this because I’m putting pressure I really want you to feel the stirring of the spirit

but I would love for you to ask the Holy Spirit if he would if he would have you almost even write down your commitment

on a piece of paper and if he does great I’m going to have you write that down because again

there’s a spiritual shift that happens when we begin to manifest things that’s why habakkuk says write down plainly on

a tablet so that the herald may run with it and and then I’m going to challenge you

even a Next Step and and again I know I’m making Pastor super uncomfortable here

um but if you would ask the Holy Spirit like I’m so committed to this and I’m so

convinced that God’s going to provide in the numbers that I’m putting down I’m willing to share that with one of the

five-fold and I say one of the five-fold pastor doesn’t always want to know pray about

if he says give it he says give it to the pastor give it to the pastor if he says give it to Byron give it to Byron if he says give it to maravel give it to

her give it to me whoever but again that’s that next step of I am so confident I’m gonna put an accident I’m

not going to just listen you know it’s easy to sit in your chair and have faith but faithful requires action

[Music] so I’m calling forth today not for you to have faith I’m calling forth for you

to be faithful in that faith that you’re going to be active in that

[Music] father we thank you that you’re big we thank you that you’re abundant

[Music] we believe in the spirit of giving

we repent of letting    percent limit us come on that’s a limiting number in the

Kingdom if God’s a god of overflow that’s over a hundred percent you understand that

and so go I can’t Define for you what your number is but what I can say is    is law



foreign by show of hands if everybody ever be

like about every head dialed every eye closed uh if you would for me if you would just slip your hand in the air if

you feel like the Holy Spirit did reveal to you very confidently a number a certain plan a number excellent

excellent excellent excellent okay thank you if you put your hand back down if you would be honest and and let me know

it would like raise your hand if you’re like man this this number feels a little bit big it feels a little uncomfortable if you would raise your hand as well

great excellent all over the building as well we love that you want to know why because your comfort zone is your

capacity and so as you stretch outside of your financial comfort zone you’re putting a demand on the capacity of the

Kingdom in your household listen I’m not a come up here bring your ten dollars and you’re gonna be healed person

but but I am reading to you principles right from scripture straight from scripture and so God we

thank you today that even right now as commitments are being made we thank you Father that capacity is being increased

[Music] thank you Lord we praise you Jesus we thank you Lord

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