Church Planting Is About Growing The Body, Not The Buildings. First Ordination Ceremony (Podcast)


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isn’t it beautiful how the Holy Spirit

we come in roaring like the lion

and then he shifts the atmosphere

it’s as gentle as a lamb

you know I’m

always teach our sons

about being lions and lamps

I grew up a lion

I took pride in being a lion

and when First Corinthians 16 13 14

really struck my soul be a man be strong

stand firm stand guard but in all you do

do and love

I became a lamb

I learned to be both

and I teach our sons that

and we need to teach our men that our

men need to know it’s okay

to be a lion and a lamb

and it’s exhibited in service

we come in

with worship and greetings and

Lions and the Holy Spirit says it’s good

I’m proud of you

it’s time for the lamb

so I want to pray for the lamb

father God thank you thank you

thank you we thank you we praise you

oh goodness we are so in love with you

the gift

the gift of your son father

Lord everything that we could think we

want to find under a tree anything that

we want ever in this life has already

been provided for us

through you

it’s just hours to declare

so we declare

goodness and peace and mercy and love

over this service over this message over

this word over this ordination father we

thank you I pray that with every word

spoken is only the words given to be

spoken by the Holy Spirit everything is

said in fear and reverence of the word

of the Lord in Jesus name amen

amen you know we have had a series we

call giving up

and it was on investing Kingdom

investment investing in the Kingdom with

our time and our talent and our treasure

and and today just the way the Holy

Spirit beautifully Works things out we

don’t plan these things on an annual

calendar and orchestrate them in a

manufactured way the Holy Spirit

absolutely runs the show

and today I want to talk about investing

in Kingdom growth from the inside out

but when we but when we make those

Investments of our time and our treasure

and our talent with the expectation of

always glorifying honoring the kingdom

God begins to multiply that God begins

to to grow that you know observing

communion is such a blessing it’s a

blessing to be led by an elder who truly

loves the observance of communion the

first time we did it this year so many

people were like you know I’ve always

just eaten a cracker and drank some

juice I didn’t know why we were doing it

but now I do

see doing things for the sake of doing

things doesn’t accomplish anything

it’s just busy it’s not productive it

doesn’t honor God being busy doesn’t

honor God

so I’m thankful for an elder

with a heart for observing communion for

heart for teaching he’s actually in the

five-fold he’s a he’s a teacher he’s in

the swim Lane how beautiful that is

also beautiful is that today we’re going

to get to experience our very first


and and I’ll be honest with you Lee and

I we’ve never done this

and that’s the beauty of doing it with

family that’s where it’s supposed to be

done it’s not supposed to be rehearsed

and manufactured and now if I told you I

didn’t Google a little bit I’d be lying

to you

I might have Googled a little bit but it

doesn’t diminish the reality that as a

body we’re going to get to experience an

ordination for our very first time and

you know why we get to experience an

ordination because we make Kingdom

Investments because we’ve been investing

in the body in the five-fold ministry

we’ve been equipping you guys

for the work of the ministry and as we

equip the body the Saints for the work

of ministry the ministry is going to


we have to it’s the last thing Jesus

asked us to do in the Great Commission

so we’re going to get to do that and I

want to take a moment and share our our

vision our Apostolic Vision we share

with you guys our heart is not to grow a

big church

it’s to grow the individual person big

in their faith

in church Capital C Church let’s be very

clear in the body of Christ in that

Apostolic Vision it’s all rooted in

Ephesians 4 11 12.

and and it reads for he himself gave

some to be Apostles some prophets some

evangelists and some pastors and

teachers for the equipping of the Saints

for the work of Ministry for edifying of

the body of Christ this is what we’re

doing this is what five Stones Church

has been called to do we’ve not been

called to get a big event center and get

a bunch of people to come in and pay a

bunch of money so we can buy another big

event center we’ve been called as a

Battleground you know I always wondered

God why did you put me through 26 years

in a violent career in Special

Operations and undercover work and then

the Holy Spirit say well you kind of did

that on your own but I kept you safe and

when I look back I realized oh now I

understand why me because a lot of the

time I struggled with why me and I know

a lot of us struggling when God puts

that call in our life why me

because I called you I equipped you I

trained you so what do we get to do now

we get to come together in an Apostolic

Church under the five-fold ministry of

Ephesians 4 11 12 to grow each of you in

your swim Lane as teachers and Prophets

and evangelists and and pastors

excuse me and and um and

um apostles

that’s our goal and when we do that when

we grow the body and we equip the body

to make leaders in the Kingdom well then

our job is not to serve as a lid to your

spiritual elevation God’s calling you in

your different swim Lane in those

five-fold offices if you’ve been called

to be a pastor and you’re sitting like

well I’ve been called to be a pastor but

the pastor is a pastor and unless we can

work out some violent and maybe not

violent coup they’re going to stay the


God’s Got A Plan

it’s called church planning Church

growth where do we find that in the

Great Commission go out to all the


and how do we do that not sitting in

this building

we do this by our Apostolic

responsibility is growing up the body to

go out and then support

so that’s a big part that’s why we’re

getting to to observe our first

ordination today is because it’s been an

equipping and encouraging and activating

and anointing and appointing and today’s

the public affirmation

so these members of the five-fold can go

and they can share the gospel

the other side the other part of our

Apostolic calling is sending is the

Great Commission we find it in Matthew

28 19 20.

go therefore and Make Disciples of all

Nations baptizing them in the name of

the father and of the son and of the

Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all

things that I’ve commanded you and lo I

Am With You Always even to the end of

the age

like we’re so we’re so as a traditional

Christian western church it’s like y’all

come y’all come

like y’all come to church on Sunday for

about an hour and a half

and that’s where it ends

an Apostolic Church says now y’all go

now go and I’m gonna give you a location

down on the body the way we say this


may not show y’all go

that’s not meaning that we don’t love

you and we’re not attached to you in the

body but what it does mean is that we

cannot fulfill the command of the Great

Commission if all we do is get together

for an hour an hour and a half on Sunday

that’s also the burden of an Apostolic

church it’s fun to build friendships

we’re going to be friends forever

if y’all just show up here for an hour

and a half on Sunday

but that’s a pastoral model

the apostolic model is to come in to

raise up and send out

third part of our of our vision is


this is the home church this is the

local church this is the the body of

Christ manifest in the local church but

that you’ve got to stay connected uh

Colossians 2 18 19 tells us

let no one cheat you of your reward

taking Delight in false humility and

worship of angels intruding into those

things which he has not seen vainly

puffed up by his fleshly mind and not

holding fast to the Head from whom all

the body nourished and knit together by

joints and ligaments grows with the

increase that is from God

too often nowhere in the in the New


is it legitimate for churches to be

anonymous I’m gonna go do my own thing

you need to be connected to the body of

Christ you need to be connected to the

body of Christ now we cool we cool it’s

not cool it’s not scriptural so when we

ordain this couple

and they begin their five Stones Church

in Tennessee they’re connected to the

home local church

that’s scriptural

so what is church planning you know in

today’s I’m just be honest when you say

church planting what comes to your mind

I’m another building

more rent more lease more expense more

Personnel more volunteers right that’s

what we think in the in the in the

Western Christian Church when we’re

talking about planting the church church


but when your true five-fold Ministry

Apostolic church church planning is

planning Church Capital C which is the

body of Christ

we’re calling for couples who are Aquila

and Priscilla

to be the light to be Shepherds to the

Gathering of the body of Christ where

does where do you plan a church

wherever people gather

wherever people gather

you know that’s where we first met Nick

and Kirsten

was they were I called him our Sherpas

years ago they were doing they were I

said you’re a city block ahead of where

Lee and I are and we were in the weeds

and the muddle and the monk trying to

work our way through it and you guys

were like hey we’ve been there

we’re doing it your first century Church

book of Acts aquilas and priscillas and

that that Drew ours to you guys that

Drew our love to you guys because you

had a heart for doing Ministry the way

we did but we’d never been there before

so we needed you to Mentor us to guide

us and the way God works out is he

allowed you to guide us to that point

and now he’s flipped the script

and now he’s allowing us

to be there for you guys

so when we talk about church planting

I don’t want you to think of it as like

a Subway or or

Chick-fil-A which is which is Delicious

By the way uh it’s not a friend it’s not

a franchisee it’s not a franchising


it’s not the way God meant it to be it

is a gathering of the Saints it’s a

gathering of the body and every

Gathering has to have leadership has to

have Shepherds to lead in the guide

otherwise it’s just to get together it’s

no different than a secular Gathering

so we put the call out for our aquilas

and our priscillas

and Nick and Kirsten are our first

and our first plan the call Still

Remains as long as we’re an Apostolic

church and I believe as long as we are a

church the only reason that God asked

Lee and how to plant this church was to

be an Apostolic voice and a very

pastoral model world

where the World Church where the

Christian church in the west is

gathering bodies to build bigger


he’s called us to train people like

Special Forces Warriors to get out of

the chair and get into the body and to

enter into the world to be the college

students in a secular classroom who

aren’t afraid to proclaim the word of

the Lord to be bosses and employees and

secular businesses who aren’t afraid to

play to pray over lunches and guide

their their friends and their co-workers

to Christ

this is what we’re doing if you’re doing

anything other than that

you’re doing it on your own because

you’re not doing it for the body of


if we are not we always forget about the

Great Commission like like thank you

Jesus I appreciate it

but I’m just going to show it for an

hour and a half every other Sunday and

I’m good

that’s not what we’re called to be

we’re not growing the body of the

Kingdom if we’re not growing churches

Capital C churches growing churches and

bodies people showing up to gather to

Worship the Lord I’m not talking growing

churches and bigger buildings now a

result of that may be a bigger building

but don’t big you know the whole thing

if you build it they’ll come

that’s not the way the kingdom works

that’s the way the world works the

kingdom is counter-cultural to


build it they’ll come as a bunch of bull

grow the kingdom and God will provide a

place for his people to come

when he told us to leave that house a

year ago

leave your home and plant a church we

didn’t even understand what it meant

we don’t want to build it

because I’m not giving you a building

I’m giving you a body and a Shepherd but

I want my people to be provided for so

when it’s 38 degrees December 18th they

got a place to come

but let’s not mistake what we’re doing

today we’re not ordaining this couple as

licensed minister of the Gospel to go

and sit in a building somewhere and

that’s not the reason our heart’s been

called to them it’s because you’ve been

out and you’ve been doing the work of

the Lord

long before we met y’all but now we want

to do it together

so we’re going to move into this time

for this ordination ceremony and you

know just like when Scott did early in

the year and he taught on on what is


I want to share really quick and then I

want to move into this ceremony so I I’m

I’m never going to lie to you I Googled

a little bit

I Googled benefits of being an ordained

minister and this is what the world says

that you can perform various religious


you get elevated religious clothing


their secret

clergy privilege like nobody’s told us



there you go you get to officiate


and the thing that really struck me was

special parking passes and privileges

now what I’ll tell you

if you have the heart of a Shepherd like

you do

you’ll never find a pastor with the

heart of a Shepherd parking in the front

of a church

they find a further spot away from that

door and that’s where they took their


so this is the world’s idea

of what a minister is

but let me tell you what what the Lord

says it is a simple right where a

person’s calling to the Pastoral office

is publicly Affirmed

that’s all it is you don’t need a big

show you don’t beat it we’re not we’re

not making you guys who you are we’re

just affirming what God said for you to

do that’s all it is

you know it doesn’t make Nick and

Kirsten any more holier than anybody

else we all understand that we’ve got

100 righteousness of God living inside

of us they can’t get no more perfect

than the perfect Lord that’s in dwelling

in them through the power of the Holy


it’s a public affirmation ceremony that

affirms the person that you guys have

been set apart by God

to serve as the Shepherds

you know God’s ordination the church

ordained the root word for Dana’s order

we’re setting things in order

we’re setting it in order just like the

five-fold ministry it sets things in


there’s five ministerial offices that

Jesus himself left and he said these

gifts I leave to you this is Jesus said

I’m giving you the blueprint to do


and setting things in order we see it

Joseph was ordained as a ruler of Egypt

we find in Acts 7 and 10 Apostles

ordained leaders to serve the Jerusalem

Church in Acts 6 and pastors were

ordained in each City in Crete Titus 1


this is why we’re doing what we’re doing


because it’s right and it’s setting

things in order and we want to publicly

affirm Nick and Kirsten so if you guys

would come up

with Leah

and for those who don’t know Leah’s my

wife my azir

AKA chair chair carrier



you wanna

parking spot I’m sorry this is the

parking spot this is it

so you know again in honesty

this is our first coordination

so we went to the source we went to the

Holy Spirit we went to prayer and we


how do we make this

honorable to you Lord

appropriate informational

I always always spiritual

and this is the verse that the Holy

Spirit led us to

it’s John 13 12-17

so when he had washed their feet

taken his garments and sat down again

he said to them do you know what I’ve

done to you

you call me teacher and Lord

and you say well

for so I am

if I then your lord and teacher have

washed your feet

you also ought to wash one another’s


for I have given you an example

that you should do as I have done to you

most assuredly I say to you

a servant is not greater than his master

nor is he who is sent greater than he

who sent him

if you know these things blessed are you

if you do them


you guys have washed

a lot of feet

and you’re going to continue

washing feet

you know the last time Jesus gathered

with his disciples

he intentionally washed their feet to

set the example of what a servant is

it’s an example that we’re going to

continue we’re going to cling through

like I said Nick and Kirsten have washed

a lot of feet

and you’re going to continue

and we’re so proud of you

and you know

one of the things that that I was

praying about the Holy Spirit revealed

was that was the last big Gathering

Jesus had with his disciples this is

also the last time we’ll be together as

a body for this year

the holy spirit is so beautiful in the

way that he works things what I would

like to do now I would like to invite

their their family

our five-fold office holders who were

here and our elders who are here to

stand with them to lay hands on them and

I’ll read the charge

it says this couple Nick and Kirsten

have been publicly set apart for

ministering with the bible-centered

faith celebration prayers and the laying

on of hands in accordance with the New

Testament scriptures they are hereby

recognized as licensed Ministers of the


by means of this ordination we confer

all the rights and privileges of a

licensed Minister including the

authority to conduct marriages baptisms

burials and other forms of religious


and sacred functions

these privileges are granted in

accordance with the tenets of five

Stones Church while maintaining a Godly

life and spiritual standards of teaching

in accordance with our statement of

faith and the holy scriptures

naked cares to meet these requirements

and we are happy to officially ordain

them both as licensed Ministers of the

Gospel congratulations and God bless you



go around

what what Leah is offering it’s it’s


it makes it official but we also in this

time of worship in this time of

Celebration is we’ve been teaching about

investing in the kingdom and we are

sowing the seed five Stones Church is

sowing a seed a financial seed into into

their Ministry in Tennessee

what we also want to do is we invite the

body that if you feel led to to sow a

seed into Ministry into their Ministry

we can do that today with check or cash

and also on our you guys are from with

our online giving there’s a drop down

box that specifically says five Stones

Church Tennessee uh any anything that’s

giving to the end of the year we’ll be

giving it’ll be another seed that’s

sowed into their Ministry

you know the way the Holy Spirit works

is so beautiful we’ve not been talking

about Kingdom finances and investing for

this day we didn’t even know this day

was going to occur until the holy spirit

said make it occur on this day but we

know it’s important to invest in Kingdom

growth Nick and Kirsten

are that investment

so if we could stand as the body

and we could we can lift a hand towards


Byron would you lead us

our five-fold teacher will lead us in

prayer and then immediately after prayer

we are going to go outside for a family

photograph so our teacher Barn

Hallelujah Lord


father we thank you for this day in

history this significant day in history

I thank you that today Heaven is


this ordination

this is right on time right on schedule

Lord you separated this couple from

their mother’s womb

Lord for this day

for this day Lord they look back over

their lives

and everything Lord the ups and the

Downs the ins and the outs the the

tragedies the

the bad Church situations and the good

church situations Lord you have worked

it all together for good as only you can

do to bring about this day today

so Lord we stand with them today in the

name of the Lord Jesus we stand with

them and their children this family and

Lord we commission this family

this whole family we commission them

for this work of the Kingdom

that they stand together

not only his husband and wife but they

stand together

as a family

as grandparents as parents

that Lord this family is Sanctified unto

you for this purpose and we thank you

Father you’ve knitted all this together

as only you can do

so Lord we just release faith upon them

our faith Lord we release our love in

the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the

Lord that we send them forth and the

authority and the power

of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ I thank

you they are equipped for this that you

have equipped them without them even

knowing father they were being equipped

you were equipping them and so Lord we

just released the power the anointing of

the Holy Spirit upon them for this task

for this assignment and we stand with

them lord they’re not going out from us

they’re going out with us in the name of

Jesus we give you the thanks that praise

the honor and the glory in Jesus name

amen hallelujah

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