Christmas Message: Are You Pregnant With God’s Word of Promise? Nurture The Glory With Character of Christ (Podcast)


Christmas Message: Are You Pregnant With God’s Word of Promise? Nurture The Glory With Character

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Merry Christmas

we are so glad to be able to share this

with you

oh God’s good what an incredible season

taking time to set apart to celebrate to

pray over to meditate the reality of of

what Christmas season what it actually

means and it is the gift

of the king

oh my goodness what a blessing let’s

before I share the word that the Lord

has placed on my heart let’s go to

prayer like we do in all things and Lord

father God we thank you we praise you

we are so grateful for the gift

of Jesus Christ we’re so grateful for

the gift of the king

Lord we do we honor you we praise you we

worship you we are so

thankful to have this time this season

to be set apart to celebrate

the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ

so father we love you we praise you in

all things amen

you know the word that God gave me as I

was praying about the Christmas message


the word was remnant

and I was like are you sure like remnant

what about like joy peace on Earth and

holy spirit said remnant

and as I began to pray and read through

Matthew and Luke particularly and and

just and I started really thinking of

the reality of of a young Mary and

Joseph I mean here’s a young

teenage girl pregnant out of wedlock

her betrothed Joseph who hadn’t yet

finalized the marriage ceremony was

immediately tempted to just put her away

why because God had had impregnated her

with the promise

of his word the word becoming the

manifestation to uh in flesh through

Jesus Christ

and Mary and Joseph were in the most

literal sense a remnant both separated

from their families their friends their

loved ones even separated from their

their home towns they themselves became

a Remnant only because she was pregnant

with the promise of the word of the Lord

and that’s and that’s the message that I

want to share to you uh share with you

you know I think back to this time last

year when when our family was as a

family ministry we were preparing to

plant five Stones Church we were still

about a less than a month out from our

first service on January the 9th but

what it what had happened was when God

had planted that word within us we

became pregnant with the promise of

planting God’s church we had become a

Remnant God had allowed us to be set

apart in the process of being Sanctified

through that isolation and God put on

our heart that like don’t be afraid

don’t be afraid that it’s just you and

Leah and your kids

uh there’s always going to be there

always has to be a Remnant before the


and so when we look at the at the

Christmas message and we look at Mary

and Joseph isolated prior to the the

birth of the promise of God through

Jesus Christ that they were set apart

they were isolated and you know if we

look through the world’s lens through

the cultural lens we’d like well that’s


like just those two

but in the process of sanctification in

the process of preparation for the

Deliverance of the promise of God for

the Harvest which came through the

manifestation of Jesus Christ there is a

season of remnant of being whittled down

shifted shaken set apart

and it’s in that reality of the of the

remnant especially during the holiday

season that that I want to share this

message with you uh of encouragement

that if you find yourself in a season of

being set apart and as Believers we’re

called to be

um in the world not of the world that’s

a remnant

every Great Harvest began with the first

the remnant

so I want to encourage you with this

word this morning as we enjoy as we

enjoy our Christmas celebration and and

I always tell you that the Lord puts one

thing on my heart and it’s a burden that

I carry until I’m able to birth that

burden with you as the faith family as

the body and it’s you must nurture the

seed of a pregnant promise that God

plants into your life the same way that

that Mary nurtured Jesus you’ve got to

care for that promise you’ve got to

carry that seed even even when it calls

this burden when it causes separation

because always before favor comes


and always before the Harvest

must be a Remnant you know I want to

share our anchor scripture and I’ll read

it to you from Matthew 2 22 23.

so all this was done that it might be

fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord

through the prophet saying behold the

Virgin shall be with child and bear a

son and they shall call his name

Emmanuel which is translated God With Us

it’s really incredible that that the

world even the unbelieving world sets

this time apart

to celebrate Christmas and whether they

know it or acknowledge it

Christmas is only about one thing

celebrating acknowledging honoring the

birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus

Christ they can commercialize it and

materialize it and even try to

secularize it as much as they want

but at the core at the heart at the seed

is always about the birth of the King

Jesus Christ

and it’s in that setting apart of the

Christmas season

becomes in and of itself a remnant

and it’s only through the remnant the

setting apart that the promises of God

in our lives are born

you know God’s word for you is sometimes

just for you had Mary had a Facebook

account or a tick tock account and

girl guess what I’m PG I’m PG like that

would not have been well received she

probably would have had like zero likes

and maybe got banned on Twitter or

something like that sometimes the word

God gives you at that season is just for

you and that places you in a posture of

isolation of being the remnant before

the birthing of the word

take take encouragement in that you know

the other the other message

in addition to sometimes God’s word is

just for you

don’t expect the world to accept receive

acknowledge congratulate you for

receiving a word from the Lord

you know that’s almost a measuring stick

sometimes uh you know God’s calling for

you is not a conference call for the

world if God when God gives you a word

when God plants a seed that’s going to

birth the promise he made in your life

that’s a very intimate inner interaction

that’s a very intimate exchange between

you and God and it’s not meant to be met

with public approval or majority vote

take encouragement by the fact in the

intimacy of the word that’s shared with

you and and I want you to understand

that culture is more often than not

always going to reject

the word that God’s given to you to

carry on behalf of the Kingdom

the way that Mary and Joseph were

rejected the way that that even Christ

as as a child as a babe was rejected

the world is not meant to be receptive

to be accepting as it is the world as we

are now is ruled by the by the God of

this world

who is Satan temporarily until the

Return of the King

so when you find yourself in what you

may feel is isolation or loneliness

understand that you’re simply a remnant

and that that Remnant is required before

the harvesting of the promise that God

has in your life

that is the Christmas message and I want

to encourage for for married couples

a promise for one is a promise for both

God God gave Mary the word God gave Mary

the seed God gave Mary the promise and

Joseph obviously as we can understand

wasn’t like a crazy you know he probably

wasn’t liking on Facebook her PG message

I’m sure he was a little concerned

but because they were in unity as

Genesis 2 24 they were betrothed to

become two as one God also reassured


so I want to encourage you also that if

you if you’re if you’re married and and

you find yourself with a very specific

word from God

and you sh when you share that word with

your spouse and you should because two

is one and you as the spouse that have

not received that word and maybe there’s

some question maybe it’s you know I

believe we’ve been called to the mission

field I believe we’ve been given an

opportunity to plant a church become the

next equivalent Priscilla or or I

believe that God’s moving us into a new

season and your spouse is like whoa


you can you can ask God for affirmation

for confirmation because it is that one

promise for one is a promise for both

so I don’t want you to to be stressful

if you find yourself in this season

holiday season a lot of times

materialism and commercialization and

secularization it diminishes the true

calling of what what Christmas was set

apart to recognize and celebrate it is

about the birth of the king it is about

being set apart alone as the remnant

while the word while the seed of the

promise of God is able to develop and

and grow until it’s time to be birthed

into the world

you know that is that is

the Christmas message that God’s put on

my heart for you the word remnant

and and it’s to encourage you let that

encourage you in knowing that when God

plants his seed his Word of Promise in

you and you become pregnant with the

promise of glory and Brilliance and the

birthing of the promise that God’s put

in you

that it made

bring you into a season of being

Sanctified to being set apart to be holy

to become a Remnant before that Harvest

and the way that the Lord has put on my

heart that this applies to your life is

it’s focused on the Christmas seed

instead of the Christmas tree

to be fruitful and multiply requires

that a seed first be planted

it was first planted in Mary in a

tangible seed that that gave birth to

Jesus in the in the flesh you know John

1 14 says and the Word was made flesh

and dwelt Among Us

focus on the seed instead of the tree

second focus on the gift of Salvation

rather than the gift from Santa

I know the Temptation Of The World Is is

commercialization and and marketing and

and sometimes our value as a parent or a

spouse is measured by the by the dollar

amount of the gift

focus on the true gift the gift of

Salvation John 3 16 17 is the wrapping

of that gift

for God so loved the world that he gave

his only begotten son that whoever

believes in him should not perish but

have everlasting life

for God did not send his son into the

world to condemn the world but that the

world through him might be saved

that’s the gift to focus on the third

word that the lord gave is focus on

giving rather than getting

you know I said no in the if we hashtag

overly saved religious and we’re like oh

it’s not about getting and then

sometimes unmet expectations find their

way into ruining the season

but if we truly focus on the giving

rather than the getting it shifts our

perspective into one of of gratitude and

service you know Acts 20 35 says in

everything I showed you that by working

hard in this way you must help the weak

and remember the words of the Lord Jesus

that he himself said it is more blessed

to give than to receive and the final


I really felt the Lord put on my heart

is Let Your Presence be your presence

you know being there not just physically


emotionally spiritually

physically it’s so important in the

faith family you know Hebrews 10 25

tells us not forsaking the Assembly of

ourselves together as is the manner of


but exhorting one another so much more

as you see the day approaching

it’s so important to maintain


it’s so important to maintain

interpersonal relationships


your presence truly is a gift


Leah and myself

and our kids are so thankful

for the present of your presence

in this church in our lives

when we do when we when we think back

and we’re praying for each one of you by

name and and we do we Marvel at the

reality that that less than a year ago

almost none of us knew each other

but God knew us from the very beginning

God stirred us called us connected us

stitched us together

God’s brought us all out of our

individual Remnant seasons

and prophetically is spoken this next


2023 that we’re all as a faith family

coming together to begin birthing the


that God’s given each of us


as a family we always pray for the not

for the Harvest that this season we pray

for the workers and and God has brought

together an incredible Faith Family each

with their own gifts each pregnant with

with greatness that’s ready to birth

into growing the kingdom and

prophetically the Lord has been

downloading such such beautiful


about what’s to come in the next season

and as the body as the faith family we

are going to begin to see an incredible


because we’ve all been faithful in our

individual Remnant Seasons we’ve all

been faithful coming together in the

body to grow and equip and learn and


and it’s in that encouragement

that we thank you and we bless you and

we pray for you

God bless you and Merry Christmas

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