God’s Prophetic Word For 2023. You Must Make A Choice

The Prophet Elijah and the Widow

November was spent nurturing the burden of God’s prophetic download for the coming season. The Holy Spirit begins these supernatural visions while I’m asleep and then seamlessly continues His communication as a I move into being fully awake. This helps me to know with certainty that it wasn’t just a dream or my imagination.

This vision was a continuation of the word God gave me two years ago as He prepared us to plant Five Stones Church. It dealt with believers who were willing to press into the labor of harvest being mightily blessed and for those who didn’t; “they’d know exceeding darkness and a season of dryness (emotional), loss (personal) and death (spiritual).”

In this latest vision, I saw God’s finger drawing a line in the earth. The line separated Christians  from other Christians. On the left side of the line were carnal Christians who enjoyed straddling the spiritual fence with a lukewarm faith life (Revelation 3:16). They are arrogant in their gift of salvation and ignorant of truth because they don’t know the Word and reject the Holy Spirit.

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Their time of treating God as their personal butler or concierge is coming to an end. While God loves them and will save them on that Day, they are doing nothing to grow God’s kingdom (Mathew 28:18-20) or honor the covenant He has made with them. God will lift His grace and release them to the devil (1 Corinthians 5:5) to know hardships because they have embraced the world. They live in constant chaos, shame, and oppression because they did not pursue the light, love, and liberty in Christ. Instead, they flaunted it which caused them to crumble deeper into sin. Because they desired the world’s approval, they chose the easy life of instant pleasure, passivity, and cultural tolerance.

On the other side of that line are Christians who are pursuing the Father with a childlike heart, faith, and trust. Not everyone is walking upright in their daily lives, but they are sincerely pressing into the goodness of God with a desire to renew their minds and break free from the old patterns of a fallen world (Romans 12:2). These Christians are digesting the meat of God’s Word, so they walk in His righteousness, favor, health, prosperity, authority, and power. They are living on earth as it is in heaven (Matthew 6:10).

God had once used the Gentiles to make His people, the Jews, jealous for His relationship (Romans 11:11), and now He is sifting the lukewarm Christians from the fully faithful Christians to pierce the hearts of those whose love has waxed cold for Christ. These faithful Christians will receive God’s abundant measure of provision so that the lukewarm will see in tangible ways what relationship with God actually looks like (Deuteronomy 8:18). This doesn’t mean it’s easy street for those who are all in for God because we are promised persecution from the world (2 Timothy 3:12), but it does mean God will protect us with His favor in ways we’ve yet to experience (Hebrew 1:14 & Matthew 4:11).

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God showed me the land of Goshen and how His children were laden with silver and gold as they escaped the last seven plagues and Egypt (Exodus 3:22). He said this is how those faithfully harvesting for His kingdom will be cared for with freedom, escape from harsh oppression and abundant kingdom finances as we move toward the promise land.    

As lukewarm Christians and fully faithful Christians exist along this dividing line, the differences in the lives of each set are growing increasingly varied. Eventually, the lukewarm Christians will no longer be distinguishable from the depraved culture of the damned they crave. For the few who will look across the line and long for a return to Christ, God will receive them as their hearts are re-ignited for His son.

God’s highly favored on the right side will look more and more like Jesus as their spirit is in full control of their soul and body. Life will become very different. The way they disassociate from culture will make them clearly distinguishable to the world as God’s beloved and thus targets for the unbelievers and lukewarm Christians. But, at this point, they will have matured in faith beyond the point of caring what anyone, but God has to say.

Last year’s prophetic vision was about the workers entering the field. The coming season’s word is about the actual harvest. The line I saw God draw was in the threshing room and Christians will be separated like wheat from chaff (Luke 3:17). As I’ve prayed over this vision, God revealed the foolishness of not stewarding your salvation well by growing His kingdom through making disciples. I did see that God was transporting believers from the lukewarm side of the line to the fully faithful side. As each one arrived, they were embraced by the others like prodigals, but the line was quickly widening.

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Whatever side you chose is ultimately your choice, but please choose wisely. Your time for fence straddling is running out. For the Christians harvesting on God’s right side, it’s also time to ready your nets to receive and responsibly steward God’s abundant outpouring of blessings.  I’ve prayed over this vision for almost two months and God has allowed me to share this with you now that I’ve received additional clarity from the Holy Spirit. Prophecy is yours to accept or reject.

God doesn’t play games like a cruel fairgrounds’ carney. He gave you His only Son and His love letter (Bible) so you will know Him. He also gives glimpses of His brilliance through visions. My heart is that you will sincerely pray over these words as they are what God has given to me to share. To the best of my ability, I’ve not added or subtracted anything that the Holy Spirit instructed. BE DIFFERENT, Scott


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