God Chooses, Calls and Marks You As A Person Of Destiny. Will You Obey God’s Call On Your Life? 😇 (Video)


😇 God Chooses, Calls and Marks You As A Person Of Destiny. Will You Obey God’s Call On Your Life?😇

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God Chooses, Calls and Marks You As A Person Of Destiny. Will You Obey God’s Call On Your Life?


so like I come in the bathroom one

morning and I’m drinking a bottle of

water and and I finished the bottle of

water and I set it on the vanity and

then I left to go to the gym we’ll just

go with that I was going to the gym

um I was probably going to meet one of

you men for breakfast but for the story

I was going to the gym so then I get

back home and Leah’s like you left your

bottle on the on the counter I’m like

yeah it’s cool just just throw it away

but it’s your bottle

I’m like yeah I know but it’s your

vanity so just

throw it away

and so what we did was she took it she

put it in my like shave bag so I go to

get my Razor and

so I stick it in her closet

and then it shows up underneath a towel

of mine and I put it in her purse and

then I find it in my shoe so this went

on for a month

and she’s like just throw your bottle

away I’m like it was on your vanity so

you throw it

so what I did was I surrendered and I

threw the bottle away and there’s been

success in the surrender and that’s the

message I’m going to show I want to

share with you today as we move into the

series of Ephesians and and we tell you

you know we walk through books of the

Bible and last year we went through 17

weeks of First Corinthians and and this

year the the holy spirit said I want you

to walk through Ephesians and

and that’s why we’re going to do this

and and the word that the Lord put on my

heart for this week was the one thing

the one thing it’s not a three-point

message it’s one thing that the Lord

wants you to know to carry this wheat is

always allow God to be your first love

by seeking surrender uh to his worthy


God’s will

because what’s important is that your

success is in surrender

your success is going to be found in

surrendering to God’s will

and it’s in God’s will it’s in the word

of the Lord that I ask that we stand

together as the body and we honor the

Lord with fear and reverence and reading

his word together as the body if we’ll

stand as the body this is our anchor

scripture for today and it’s from first

Ephesians 1 1 this is the King James and

as the body We Begin Paul an apostle of

Jesus Christ by the will of God to the

Saints which are at Ephesus and to the

faithful in Jesus Christ

thank you Jesus like that’s it like

that’s a great anchor scripture and I’m

thinking like holy spirit is that it

like one sentence and I’m thinking back

a couple months ago I had a friend of

mine were talking and and we’re talking

about Paul and Paul’s greetings to the

churches and and he’s like

you think they were just like casual


and I’m like



nothing God does or says is ever just a

casual hello

and what this prompts me to remind you

is is make your words matter

we get so busy especially people that

are online content creators with with

the SEO search engine optimization the

more words the more algorithms and the

more likes and this and that but when it

comes counter-cultural which is the

Bible the Bible is counter-cultural

sometimes less is more

so when Paul’s offering this greeting to

the church in Ephesus it’s not just a

casual greeting

there’s a lot of meat in that word and

as I was praying and I got to tell you


I’m thinking you know we’re going to go

through Ephesians and you know this week

is going to be 1 1 through 14 because

it’s kind of thematic

so I’m praying and I’m meditating and

the Holy Spirit I’m reading and I get to

like Ephesians 1 1 he goes stop

what did I miss just stop I’m like no no

seriously Holy Spirit what did I miss he

goes no listen to me son

and like one sentence what about like

two through fourteen


I began to meditate on that sentence and

the Holy Spirit began to download such

deep Revelation that I actually had to

go to Google documents and talk to text

to keep up with what God was sharing

and the big thing that it came to my

heart was less is more

when this value when it’s honoring of

the Lord you know right off the bat what

Paul’s doing is when he says Paul an

apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of

God Paul is establishing even Jesus and

the ascended resurrected state is still

only doing God’s will

had he not done God’s will he would not

have appointed Paul an apostle had he

not appointed Paul an apostle we would

not have the majority of the books in

the New Testament

why because Jesus is still doing the

will of the father

we get that from that first part of the

sentence what else he’s doing is Paul’s

reaffirming Jesus’s word when he was

incarnate when he was walking with us in

John 6 38 he tells us Jesus says for I

have come down from heaven not to do my

own will but the will of him who sent me

this is so important to establish that


remember we say Jesus is the Prototype

Jesus is the model if you’re going to

follow anybody

let it be Jesus

now you can dig your favorite movie star

or sports star or or any of that stuff

but if you’re going to make a commitment

to follow

Jesus and what did Jesus do before he

came incarnate he did the father’s will

while he was walking with us he did the

father’s will and after the crucifixion

resurrection and Ascension he’s still

doing the father’s will how do we know

that because in what seems like a

seemingly simple introduction to a

church in Ephesus we know this

by the will of God your success comes

through surrender God’s will is our


not because he’s a he’s a task master

and he and he sits up there patting

himself on the back

like I said jump in my boy jumped

that’s what the world does

it takes a strong person to submit their

will to somebody else

I tell you guys all the time when when I

was going through Special Operations

training then I was a special operations

Commander nobody walked in

to that Academy with all the skill sets

that they needed and these are strong

men and women what they were willing to

submit to somebody else’s Authority

because of that they were trained they

were remade they were remolded we’ll

submit to that in the natural

but when the idea comes of doing it in

the Supernatural oh no no maybe and

that’s my cage in my south Louisiana

maybe no maybe I’m gonna do my own thing

you’re not going to find success in your

own thing you know we pray I think about

that as

um kingdom come thy will be done like we

love the Lord’s Prayer we love the

Lord’s Prayer like if you want to be

like super religious hashtag oversaved

you start reciting the Lord’s Prayer

like you want to be like super religious

don’t even look at the Bible when you

recite it

and I get off the point where it’s like

thy will be done and I really challenge

you to think about that like are you


willing to do God’s will

are you really willing or is just words

that tumble off your lip like before

Eunice LED that song that just broke me

like an egg on the floor

a one dollar egg on the floor I’m gonna

say that was

just not tumble words off our lips

let’s really truly think about what it

is that we’re saying

when we talk about the will of God

do we really want his kingdom come do we

really want his will be done because if

you’re not in your head no yes in a very

righteous and Pious way I want you to

think back like Where’s God shared his

will for your life in your life has he

called you into Ministry has he called

you into service has he called you into

a relationship has he called you out of

a relationship

has he called you into an opportunity to

invest in the Kingdom

and you’re like no I’m cool

then we’re really not doing the will of

the father

we’re placing conditions on God’s will

you know sometimes being obedient to

God’s will it’s just that

it’s obedience

you know what you get


do it because God asks you to do it

if you’re doing it with an expectation

of return on investment then that’s not

following God’s will you entered into a

transactional business agreement

but I want to correct myself because you

do get something out of it

you get the glory of being obedient to


that’s the glory

you know I want to tell you God gives us

Free Will and he respects our choice to


but he doesn’t honor those choices that

are that are chosen outside of God’s

Will and I’ll tell you while your

salvation is secure unless you move into

a reprobate state

but God’s grace and favor is going to be

lifted off your hand if you’re

continuing to live and walk outside of

God’s will God’s going to love you God

loves everybody he loves everybody in


but if you’re walking outside of God’s

will if you’re tumbling your lips and

Uber religious way that God’s will thy

kingdom come thy will be done and he

goes really

how about you do this how about you stop

talking to him how about you not return

that text message to her how about you

do this and volunteer for the kids



and you’re like no don’t expect God’s

favor to pour down upon you you know

back in 1977

that was like my that was part of my

Heyday I tell Lee when I was in the

eighth grade I was a quarterback and I

hit my Peak and she goes poor shy you

hit your peak in the eighth grade I’m

like well I never said I came down

let’s be clear but in 1977 Fleetwood Mac

had this amazing song

Go Your Own Way

and Leah said if you sing this

I will hurt you with that water bottle

that’s still hidden in the closet but

you know it made for a great

best-selling golden album in 1977. go

your own way and I know those words are

starting to resonate in our heads

makes for great music

terrible theology

terrible theology you can go your own

way but I want you to know you’re going

to be responsible for carrying the

weight of the consequences of going that

own way so when you woe is me and woe is

me and you’re wondering what happened to


understand that that God’s not going to

bless Disobedience God’s not going to

pour favor down when you’ve chosen to go

your own way

sometimes God’s will doesn’t align with

your wants

one is a is an anointed appointment

the other is just selfish satisfaction

you know when we talk about this and I

want to jump back to Ephesians 1 1 from

the NLT it says this letter is from Paul

chosen by the will of God to be an

apostle of Jesus Christ

you see that word chosen

that’s powerful

that’s powerful chosen by God’s will

I want to ask you what’s God chosen for


like what’s God chosen for you and and I

talked a lot of people during the week

and they’re like I don’t know how am I

supposed to know

ask him

ask him if you want to know what your

wife wants you to do

ask her

wives if you’re more like well if he

loved me he would know what I wanted him

to do

then you’re not operating in the will of

the Lord and you’re not showing mercy

and Grace

and you’re not going to receive favor

from your husband you want that favor

tell that old boy what to do

if you want to know what God’s chosen

for you just ask him God’s not a

trickster he’s not a jokester he’s not

going to pull the carpet out from

underneath you what is God chosen for


you know sometimes we in church we get

you know we get that church face on it

God’s calling God’s calling and and it

loses its its effect it becomes passive

but when we talk about chosen by God

chosen by God like that’s an action term

action term don’t forget don’t lose the

the The Importance of Being chosen by

God the way I look at it

is if you walk into a McDonald’s and I

want to tell you I’ve not been in a

McDonald’s in probably

15 years

drive through is a different story but

I’m not going to lie to you

so you walk into McDonald’s and you’re

looking at that big board and it’s full

of Burgers and Fries and Shakes and your

mouth’s hanging open and there’s a fly

and and you know they’re you know their

frosting machine’s broken so you’re not

even going to bother ordering a shake

and you’re like I’m hungry

like that’s passive

that’s passive but you walk in you got

your strut on you know and you’re like I

want a number seven sweet tea and fries

medium of course because I’m on a diet

that’s active that’s someone who gets

fed and I want to tell you when God

calls you because you’re chosen you

become a Marked Man or a marked woman

you become marked and you become a

person of Destiny when God’s called you

you’re a person of Destiny because of

that chosen because of that calling

because of that marking

and I want to share with you in a real

world term what what marked what being

marked looked like so I told you guys I

worked undercover for 16 12 years

special operations for 16. and I was

into Special Operations undercover

surveillance unit and I know it looks

fun on TV but it’s boring in real life

but what we would do we would Mark the

target’s cars there was this infrared

material that we would use and certain

techniques so at night we could follow

with our mvgs our night vision goggles

and in the daytime this this infrared

and we’ve got a fleet of cars we’ve got

helicopters and we’ve got airplanes and

and water because like you know a lot of

my work was down in the bayous of boats

and I mean so this the target was marked

we would follow this marked Target for

months sometimes but you know what

because he was marked meant that at some

time in the future there was going to be

an encounter

with the person that was that was marked

and that’s the way it operates with God

you’re marked by God because you’ve been

chosen by God and God’s called you and

sometime in the future if it hasn’t

happened you’re going to have an

encounter with God now my hope is that

it doesn’t end up like those bad guys

and handcuffs and incarceration but

you’re going to have an encounter with

God why because you’re marked because

you’re people of Destiny you know who

was marked one of the first people when

I think about is Saul Old Testament Saul

like he was marked by God to be the king

of his people he was a man of Destiny

and when God called him where’d they

find him

because you look at his outward

appearance he was taller than everybody

super handsome I’m sure

but he’s hiding behind luggage

God chose him God marked him he was a

man of Destiny but when the calling came

they found him hiding behind the luggage

but even though he received the crown as

the king of God’s people

he was not obedient

he wasn’t obedient you see success comes

in surrender

so when when he’s told don’t offer that

burnt offering now you wait before you

do anything and he’s like um

you know my Apple watch says I met my

goals and I’ve earned two rings but I’m

gonna go on and do what I want to do

and what did he do because he he chose

not to be obedient he lost the favor of

God he lost the anointing of God so then

who becomes marked in a man of Destiny

David but see the difference between

calling and chosen when the prophet

walks in and says to Jesse Hey where’s

your boys

Like Jesse only understood calling so he

called his boys

but he didn’t call the one that was

chosen he didn’t call the one that was


and see that’s what I want to share with

you as well is God is looking at you as

God sees you

when God’s called you to launch into

Ministry because we’re a five-fold

Apostolic Church our goal is to equip to

raise up and to send out when God’s

calling you to go out in your own

Ministry to walk parallel with this

church when God’s calling you to step up

as the first equivalent Priscilla and

plant the next Church

and you’re like but I don’t know

I didn’t get my associate’s degree from

Bible College I didn’t go to the

training I haven’t been going to their

monthly Pastor schools

listen you know all that matters is that

God chose you God marked you God’s

called you

are you going to be obedient because

your success is in the surrender

it’s not in your quality and

qualification and I do I pray that you

guys see yourselves

not as the world sees you

But as God sees you I pray that you see

yourself the way God saw David

that Ruddy Dusty dirty sheep smell and

Shepherd who even his own dad didn’t

think Worthy

of a calling

are being chosen

you see that’s the difference

when you’re obedient to God’s will

when you do like Jesus who does the will

of the father when you understand that

you’ve been chosen by the will of God

to be an apostle to be a teacher to be a

Shepherd to be a to be an evangelist

asking you to surrender he’ll take care

of everything else

if you’re only willing to surrender

you were all people of Destiny

you know the other point that I want to

make is that in this address to the

church in Ephesus as Paul says uh you

know to the Saints

and to the faithful

so God’s making a distinction right

there he’s talking so if we said hey

okay everybody that’s in this church is

in the church agreed boom that’s the

Saints everybody that has car keys in

their pocket drove here

you see you’re within the corporate body

but you’ve been separated out so when he

says specifically


to the faithful in Jesus Christ

I want you to understand

that not all Christians are faithful

you see God is drawing a line a

separating line everything about the

Bible God’s word is about separation we

think well the the Believers from the

non-believers well God goes further than

that the faithful and the Unfaithful the

wheat from the chaff the sheep from the

goats the dark from the light and God’s

coming to a point where I told you a

couple weeks ago God’s not messing

around with people who mess around or

churches who mess around

like it’s time to get serious guys but

in this letter to the church in Ephesus

Paul is making it very clear that I’m

talking to you Believers and to the


and I want to share with you and we

remember this not everybody we talk

about Unity but there’s milk Drinkers

and there’s meat eaters

and so remember not everybody’s on the

same line if you want to see the

division amongst the Christians post

something on Facebook

post something on Facebook it can be the

most seemingly innocent

universally agreeable comment and watch

the knives come out

I want you to know that not everybody in

the kingdom is at the same level

is every Christian faithful no

they’re not how do we know well

if you’re not trusting God to care for

you to provide for you if you’re not

willing to surrender to his to obedience

there maybe you’re not 100 faithful

and it’s no knock it’s no knock we’ve

always got to do an assessment like

every day I’m getting ready to go to the

gym Leah’s like you put a little weight

on like she’s my assessment so it’s

always good to be in an assessment state

right she doesn’t do that she’s like you

could just stay home because you look at

good I’m like well lion don’t help my my

health the other thing is is there

evidence of fruit

I love that Christian term about about

the uh a fruit inspector you know

Galatians 5 22 23 tells us but the fruit

of the spirit is love joy peace long

suffering kindness good as faithless

gentle and self-control if you were a

faithful Christian if you are on fire

Living For The King When God Says jump

you jump when he says stop you stop if

you find that your success is in your is

in Your Surrender you’re going to

exhibit fruits of the spirit

I shared with you guys last year when I

was undercover and all these alpha males

and and Somebody Prayed at a meal and

and and and I’m like oh man I’m a

Christian too

and they’re like really

I’d have never imagined

y’all that broke my heart

I broke my heart because I was convicted

I wasn’t faithful

I wasn’t showing the fruit

and I want to tell you

because God tells us that there’s

consequences for those who are not


or what Revelation calls lukewarm

there’s consequences

you see in Revelation 3 14

and I’ll go to 15. it says these things

say the amen the faithful the true

witness the beginning of the creation of

God I know your works and you’re neither

hot nor cold

I could wish you were hot or cold so

then because you’re lukewarm and neither

hot or cold I will vomit you out of my


look a lot of times people think like

well I wish you were cold like cold well

that’s cool like I’ve cooled off on

Christ I’m just kind of doing my own


or hot man I’m on fire I’m checking

boxes I’m here on Thursday night bible

study and I’m here on Sunday and in

Bible school and teacher School in this

school and that yeah I’m hot

that’s not what God’s talking about

because you see cold has a purpose

hot water has a purpose but when they

come together in this in this sedentary

status of just ilk and lukewarm and

that’s where the sediment settles at the

bottom of wherever the water collects

and if you drink that physically you’ll

vomit spiritually God vomits

so what God’s saying is if you’re not

willing to find your success and

surrender if you’re not willing to

understand that you’ve been chosen if

you’re not willing to accept the call if

you’re afraid to receive that you’re a

person of Destiny if being a marked

person means you’re running around like

red laser dots on your chest screaming

like a like a chicken with your head cut

off because God’s called you instead of

standing secure and resting in the Peace

of the Lord and the plans that he has

for you

then maybe you’re lukewarm

but look there’s always a way there’s

always Redemption

and God tells us last week when we

started talking about our chapter in

Ephesians and going forward in this

series and actually our anchor verse for

yes last week was not from Ephesians it

was from Revelation 2 4 5. and it says

nevertheless I had to have this against

you that you’ve left your first love

remember therefore from where you’ve

Fallen repent and do the first works or

else I’ll come to you quickly and remove

the light stand from his place

in all the letters to the churches and

you know what

the last time Paul communicated with the

church of Ephesus it was about 35 years

later that Jesus dictated that letter to


35 years only 35 years remember Ephesus

was the jewel City it had the the Pagan

Temple of Diana it was one of the Seven

Wonders of the Ancient World they were

like the they were like Manhattan

and within 35 years from the last time

Paul talked to the church

Jesus gave that Revelation to John in

the Book of Revelation

you know what Ephesus is today

just a tumble of ruins sitting outside

an impoverished Turkish Village

and you know what I want to share is

that’s just how quick a vibrant Church a

vibrant life a vibrant believer

can lose their fire

but God provides a way back God always

provides a way back through repentance

and returning to your first love

God loves you

God’s called you God’s marked you God

doesn’t ask for surrender

to get his kicks and giggles

like when I talk with men all the time

and they’re offended because somebody

was mean to them or they cheated them

and I always remind them it’s not how

the person responded to you it’s how you

respond to the person that tells God how

much he can use you or how much work

you’ve got left to do

are you willing to find your success and


that’s the one thing I want you to take

with you today

God’s a good God and we’re going to

continue walking through the book of


and and you know we always say when the

cloud moves we’ll move when the cloud

settles we’ll settle if it’s on one

sentence or it’s on one chapter

but we’re going to always follow the

prompting of the Holy Spirit and I feel

the word of the Lord was so good today

and sharing it with us the differences

in this importance of the calling of God

being chosen by God being marked by God

becoming a person of Destiny because of


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