Making Faith Work For You Through Spoken Holy Declarations In Belief. Teacher Byron Hamilton (Video)


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Making Faith Work For You Through Spoken Holy Declarations In Belief. Teacher Byron Hamilton



Psalm 100 and 7 I believe verse 20

the word says that God sent forth his

word and healed them and delivered them

from their destruction God sent forth

his word we are learning about releasing

the word of God that’s how God operates

he releases his word

so when David penned that in Psalm is a

Psalm 107

that’s a good scripture to have if you

don’t have it

verse 20.

that’ll work Psalm 107 verse 20 that he

sent forth his word and healed them

that’s what this Centurion picked up on

and we’re studying this on Thursday

night he said to Jesus there in Luke 7

verse 7 just say the word and my servant

will be healed

there is power in the word of God it’s

got to be released a word doesn’t become

a word until it’s released before it’s

released it’s a thought

so the very essence that God sent forth

his word and healed them meant that the

power and the authority is in the word

of God

so God did that and he healed them and

delivered them from their destruction

and so that Centurion recognized in

Jesus just say the word

and my servant will be healed and Jesus

marveled and said I’ve not seen that

type of faith in all of Israel

so we want to understand the word of God

and releasing that word of God

and that’s what we’re studying on

Thursday so if you want to learn in your

life how to release the word of God of

what he’s put in your heart and how to

declare that and how to push through how

to persevere when it doesn’t look like

in the natural it’s going to manifest

when everything you look at screams at

you that God is not going to do this

it’s not going to work you just plan


then we have to learn the principles of

Faith to push through

it’s called endurance

Faith produces endurance Faith produces


faith and patience go together

because while you were waiting to see

those things manifested you’re not just

sitting with your arms folded and just

having a ho-hum approach to it

well you’re waiting for the

manifestation of those things that you

are believing God for you are active in

faith you’re active in declaring while

you patiently


and wait

on the manifestation of those things so

we want to be a patient people because

if we’re not patient we’ll give up too


we’ll give up before we see the


and we then sabotage the faith we

started with see now Peter started with

faith when he walked on the water he

started with faith faith was operational

he said to Jesus just say the word

Jesus spoke the word see now he’s got a

word to work with and that’s the whole

element of where we start with in faith

we’ve got to receive a word it’s either

a word out of here it’s a word from the

Holy Spirit confirmed by this but you

get something from the holy spirit it’s

and there’s an excitement with it

there’s a vision you can see it and you

start in faith you begin calling it

forth so then we have to persevere in

that Faith that’s where Peter went down

he started in faith but because his eyes

looked at the circumstances around him

and what he saw with these eyes was

greater than what he saw with the eye of

Faith he’s spiritual eye the vision that

God had put in him and when Jesus spoke

the word and said come and he got out of

that boat and he started walking on the

water isn’t that amazing

you can walk on the water

if you got a word from the Lord you can

walk on the water you believe that word

and you step into it

you have to put action to it the Bible

says faith without works is dead so

Faith by itself doesn’t do anything

we’ve got to take hold of that Faith

begin to declare it and put works with

it the works don’t actually create the

faith the faith is there but we put

works with it so that we that faith can

get materialized and we can see it and

so when Peter

enabled his five senses to

be of greater value to him then the word

of God spoken to his heart he went down

it’ll be the same to us

if you allow your senses by what you’re

looking in terms of finances

or your

family condition your health

the window of opportunity that just

closed on you and you allow all those

things that you’re looking at to

determine the outcome of your faith

you’ll go down

because Faith doesn’t look at those


Faith looks at what God Said

basis it upon the word of God and so I’m

going to believe that but I’m going to

persevere I’m not going to give up I’m

not going to cut this thing short

takes how much how long to create a baby

and birth it

nine months

at six months he said to me I’m done

with this you know I’m done mercy me six

months we’re birthing this baby I can’t

wait any longer and you burnt the baby

at six months

you know what you got on your hands

a lot of expense

a lot of life and death situation

and so we have to allow that Faith to

come full term

then birth it

that’s what God has designed and so we

want to be a people of the word we want

to be a people that live by the word

take this in we have to be regularly

in the word of God regularly in the word

of God because Romans 10 17 says that

faith comes by hearing and hearing by

the word of God we’ve got to get the

word of God by the spirit in us and this

word of God in us and as you meditate in

the word of God faith begins to grow in

you faith is developed in you you start

to hear from the Holy Spirit you start

to get Vision so there’s multiple things

of faith that we’re learning about

that as we put all those facets together

we can grow with it if we just have one

element of it we’re really not going to

get the full measure of what God has for


and so

let’s look at the word

I want to go over to first John

and chapter five

and we’re going to start in verse 7.

there are three that bear witness in

heaven and here’s the three in heaven

the Father the word and the Holy Spirit

and these three are one the Father the

word and the Holy Spirit are one this

was the three in heaven this is the

three that are one so when the godhead

said let us make man in our image and in

our likeness that us that God is that’s

referred to and there in Genesis chapter

one that us is the Father the word and

the spirit they are one three but one so

that plural form when we see that in

Genesis chapter one and God declared


these are the ones he’s talking about

Genesis 1

and we’ll start in verse 26. God said

let us make man in our image according

to our likeness

and let them have dominion Etc verse 27

so God created man in his own image in

the image of God he created him male and

female he created them and so there was

an Us in the godhead part of that was

the word

now the word we know became flesh

and dwelt among us and so that word

became Jesus of Nazareth

so it’s a technicality but Jesus of

Nazareth really didn’t exist


the baby in in Mary’s womb he existed as

the word but the word became flesh and

when he became flesh and Guru in Mary’s

womb part of her seed now he’s a human

so that word became Humanity now Jesus

of Nazareth was born

so it took God

determining that as the word I’m going

to humble myself I’m going to become

obedient to the father’s plan and I’m

going to become human why so Humanity

could go to the Cross so Humanity a

person to take upon himself the sin Of

The World God could not take upon

himself the sin of the world he wasn’t a


God could not intervene he could not

send his angels

so God had to become flesh

and as a man fully God yet fully man now

go to the cross and bear upon himself

the sin of the world

so that now we could be restored back

into relationship with God so in John

chapter 1

the Bible says that this word

through whom the whole world was created

became flesh

in verse 1 in the beginning was the word

and this word the word was with God and

the Word was God the second person of

the Triune God was the word he was with

God and yet he was God he was in the

beginning with God all things were made

through him through the word and without

him nothing was made that was made so

this word of God the second part of the

Trinity that person created all things

he was there at the beginning he was

with God nothing that has been created

was created without him all things were

made through him and without him nothing

was made that was made in him was life

and that life was the light of men

so you have the word as a person

the second part of the Trinity we have

the word as the logos the reveal the

written word of God

and that word became flesh

so we’re learning about faith

and that’s how God operates all that was

done by faith

Hebrews chapter 11 and verse 3 says by

faith we understand that the worlds were

framed by the word of God

now there’s two aspects there it was the

word of God who created it

and it was his word that was released

that created it so you had the person

the word and you had the release of the

word so by faith we understand that the

worlds were framed created brought

together by the word of God so the

things that are seen were not made by

the things that are visible so God the

word had to reach into the invisible

this is where faith is operating and out

of the things that are not seen he

created the things that we do see

so what we see physically started

spiritually and out of the spiritual

resources that we cannot see with our

natural eyes

none of our five senses we can see the

spiritual feel it taste it touch it but

out of that because of Faith the

physical was manifested and that’s how

we operate everything that God has

placed in your heart is thereby the

spirit the resources of Heaven are there

in First Corinthians 6 17 it says that

those who are joined to the Lord are one

spirit with him so if you’re joined to

the Lord how many people here are joined

to the Lord

okay you are one spirit with him that’s

where your resources are so you have

already been equipped with everything

you could ever possibly need for your

journey on this planet it’s all in the


now if you’re relying upon your senses

you don’t see it and therefore you think

because you can’t see it that you don’t

have it

you don’t have the finances

you don’t have the health you don’t have

the provision because we cannot see it

smell it taste it touch it but it’s

there in the spirit

and out of that all those spiritual

resources the word spoke and the worlds

were framed everything we see came out

of the spirit Realm by faith

nothing’s man-made look at this building

we are sitting and standing in God

created stuff

okay everything this concrete

we what we live in the concrete capital

is it of Texas Midlothian I do

that concrete that’s ground out of the

earth limestone

parties sent up to Portland and worked

on but we get Limestone and we get

crushed shells shell

and we get whatever else goes into that

some iron ore and we make concrete

man-made concrete out of the things that

God created all this stuff wood

sheetrock this is made out of gypsum

gypsum is mined powder add talc with it

and add some water with it and you’ve

got sheetrock it’s got cardboard on it

that’s came out of trees recycled paper

all that God made all that

tile brick stone

that tall is made out of mud clay

and other things sprinkled in there

talc powder

gives it that chalky substance

and we walk on it the vehicles we drive

so God when God created this world he

put everything into it that would

sustain Humanity

as for as long as God wants us to be on

this planet

and we live in a world

we live in a woke world that’s telling

us this world is a fragile place and we

are messing it up

we’re putting too much carbon out of

there you know

where are our students don’t listen to

that garbage you only come up with that

garbage when you don’t believe in God if

you don’t believe in God then we are it

and we better

be mindful that we don’t get to 10

billion people otherwise our Earth is

going to be destroyed because we’ve used

up all the resources of it there’s

nothing left so let’s cut out half the

population let’s start again let’s get

those third world populations and wipe

them down to nothing and because we

don’t have any resources well you’ll

come to the conclusion if you don’t

believe in God but if you believe in God

you know that God created this for

Humanity and God does not say oh man I

ran out 200 years too short

I’ve run out of 200 years of supplies

for Humanity what are we going to do now

God from the beginning created all the

things that we would need everything

it’s all there

so we think well let’s go and make some

man-made stuff so that we don’t drain

the resources of this planet so let’s go

and make plastic you know what plastic

is made from

crude oil

coal Natural Gas

and salt and pepper


that’s how we make plastic

what we make as man-made comes out of

what God has put in the Earth for us to

live and survive and do well it’s all


so we don’t we’re not a fragile people

living on a fragile Planet because if

you don’t have a fragile God

he calculated all this

he got it all so don’t believe that

garbage young people

believe in God who put it all there for

us and so our faith is in who God is

the resources of God himself and that’s

your life as well

your confidence in life is that God has

already given you everything that you


First Peter chapter one tells us that

God has given us all things

all things for what

life and

godliness what else do you need but life

and godliness

so first Peter says this

second Peter says this

chapter 1

verse 3 of II Peter his divine power

that’s his Spirit the Holy Spirit has

given us all things that pertain to life

and godliness you’ve got it all it’s not

going to run out

God has already planned it

he sees the end from the beginning

so all of your provision has been made

by God

now it’s there you have to see it

manifested so he’s given us all things

for life and godliness

that through the knowledge of him he’s

called you by glory and virtue and which

by which he has given us exceedingly

great and precious promises that through

these promises you may be partakers of

the divine nature having escaped the

corruption that is in the world through

lust so God has provided that it’s all

in him

he spoke the word produced and the whole

things was was framed by the word of God

go to Hebrews chapter 1.

Hebrews comes after Timothy Titus and


Hebrews chapter 1.

Ethan Philemon

in these last days verse 2 of chapter

one in these last days he’s spoken to us

by his son

whom he has appointed heir of all things

through whom also he made the worlds

who this is the word Jesus the is the

brightness of his glory and the

expressed image of his person and he

upholds all things by the word of his


so all things were created by his word

and he holds all things together by the

word of his power

so word is very very important in the

kingdom of God

the utterance of words the believing in

words the sending forth of words that’s

how God operated he created it all that

way and he sustains it that way by the

word of his power not just by his power

it’s the word of his power something is

going forth and holding this together

and so we have to operate in the same

way so back to John chapter one

this is the word the word of God himself

that has become flesh and his dwelt

Among Us so verse 14 and the word of God

became flesh and he dwelt among us and

we have behold his glory the glory as of

the only begotten of the father full of

grace and truth

John Paul witnessed to him

let’s go down to verse 16 and of his

fullness we have all received and Grace

upon Grace for the law was given through


but Grace and Truth has come through

Jesus Christ so we have the word made

manifest the word of God himself

and he came to reveal the father to us

that word now has been placed in US you

have received the word of God into

yourself that’s what causes you to be

born again is receiving the word of God

Into You You release faith upon what God

has established by grace and now that

word has become flesh in you and so how

do we operate how do we live in the

world we live by the word of God this

word of God and the word that he’s

planted in you and you start declaring

you start calling forth don’t look with

your natural eyes

at the circumstances and evaluate from

those things that you see your condition

your condition is not that your

condition is that you have been blessed

with every spiritual blessing in the

Heavenly places in Christ Jesus

now it’s in the Heavenly places

and you’ve got to get it out of the

Heavenly places so that you can enjoy it

here that’s where faith comes in you

take hold of what God has already

provided every spiritual blessing every

spiritual blessing in the Heavenly

places well that’s no good to me if it’s

sitting in the Heavenly places you know

where you are

you are

in Ephesians chapter 2 and verse 6 that

says God has raised you up and seated

you where in the Heavenly places in

Christ Jesus

so you are where those blessings are so

you are there to call them forth and get

hold of them onto this planet so you can

use them and that’s not using God as a

slot machine you know pull on that lever

and wait for all those those three

lemons to line up

we don’t operate with God like that it’s

a relationship it’s hearing the Holy

Spirit but it’s also taking the tools

that he’s given to us and beginning to

declare those things

and use those things for God’s will on

this planet amen we’ve got to step into

that we’ve got to step up into that

and become a people that use that and

not just look at your circumstance and

say well that’s just my lot in life


praise alluyah

let’s Stand Together

and I’m going to pray over us this

morning and I just want your heart to

open before the Lord

and we’re going to ask the Lord that

that word that he’s given to us today

will take root in US

so that we don’t lose it by the time we

finish eating lunch


so father we just raise our hands before

you right now in the name of Jesus we

honor you we praise you we thank you

that we’ve been called to walk in your

ways that we’ve been called to operate

like our father operates it’s father and

sons and we are your sons and daughters

and we operate and we take the tools of

the Kingdom the Keys of the Kingdom that

you’ve given to us so father we receive

the implanted word of Truth today we

take it into our hearts

and Lord we water that we meditate upon

it we take these scriptures and Lord

we’re going to not lose it not lose that

seed but we’re going to see that seed

come forth and produce a a harvest in us

so the Lord we can see the manifestation

of all those things that you provided

for us in Jesus name we thank you for

your love your kindness your goodness we

thank you for your presence that never

leaves us never abandons us and we give

you praise and honor and glory in Jesus

name amen amen

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