God’s Full Gift Package of Salvation Is More Than Get Out Of Hell Card/Ephesians 2:1-10 (Podcast)


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Full Gift Package of Salvation Is More Than Get Out Of Hell Card/Ephesians 2:1-10


so God is a giver of gifts and these white envelopes are going to

represent the gifts of God and because you are a son of God because you’re a

coheir with Jesus because you’ve been sealed by the Holy Spirit

um God gives you gifts because he loves you so as his co-heir and these

represent gifts um I offer you a gift

there’s no trick I love you and I would never so you can open it

listen y’all God is not a he’s not a trickster he’s not a jokester when he promises he promised it he means it when

he says we’re entitled to gifts we’re entitled to gifts not because of who we are but because of whose we are

and it’s a simple illustration twenty dollars so I want to ask you

like why did you just take one envelope

you see this is not to this is the way we treat the gift of

salvation that’s what we’re going to talk about today in second Ephesians is the gift of

Salvation God saved us and you see when we think of the gift of Salvation we

think of we think of well it’s a get out of hell free card right I’m going to take one envelope because I want to be

tidy and I want to be like a like a tamed lion in a cage and behave the way

the institutional Church tells us to behave instead of taking all the gifts of salvation

so what I want to ask you again illustration because you are a co-heir

of Jesus because you’re a child of God are you willing to take the fullness of the gifts of the Salvation atonement

package then take them [Music] [Applause]

I’ll escort you out of the parking lot after church just in case

look it’s an illustration and that’s his but what I want to the point I want to

make is God gives you gifts because he’s a good father he gives you gifts because

you receive Jesus Christ as your savior and Lord and because you’ve received Jesus Christ as your savior Lord you are

sealed by the Holy Spirit Ephesians 1 tells us that and because you’re a co-heir it means you are entitled to

everything God gives his son because you’re his kids now you were chosen

before the foundations of the world the greatest gift God’s ever given us is the

gift of his son I will tell you that whatever else is in those envelopes it

costs me personally to put those in that envelope but because I love Miguel I

love you I I don’t care the cause because I know the blessing of the gift

God gave us the most precious thing he had to give and that was his son Jesus

so although I filled five envelopes with cash and I invited a cowhere to come up

and I didn’t say take one these are God’s gifts take it

and he took one so God gives us the gift of Salvation and we take one

we take one and we say well I’m not going to hell and we put that envelope in our pocket

and we live our lives without the full gift without the other four envelopes

without ever even opening that one envelope the greatest gift ever given

and we take one Little Slice because we’ve become tamed and

institutionalized when we’re pursuing the glory of God we ought to be like

wild lions like pursuing the goodness of God is not neat it’s not tidy

it’s messy when that anointing oil spills and flows it doesn’t go into a

little Dixie cup it doesn’t go into a little teacup it doesn’t even go into like Leah’s big tea mugs

it splashes it spills it anoints what I want to talk to you today

is stop picking one envelope stop limiting yourself

by the gift of Salvation and the problem is we don’t really fully understand what

that means to be saved we think it’s fire insurance we think well I’m not going to hell

and we take the greatest gift God’s ever given us and we set it in our pocket on

the day we die and we’re good enough it’s like having a billion dollar bank

account and never accessing it while you’re worried sick to death about paying your bills listen the one thing

the one thing that I share with you today the one burden Lord put on my heart is that Jesus’s crucifixion is not your

get out of hell free card if you’re limiting your understanding of Salvation to the fact that it’s it’s only

redeemable at the second of your death you were disrespecting discarding

discounting the goodness of God you’re walking around with one envelope

while you left the other four full of cash on the bench if you limit Jesus as

a Tony death to Simply keeping you out of something you’ll never move into everything that

he has for you and it’s moving into that everything that I ask that we stand as coheirs with

Jesus and we stand as the body of Christ and we read the word of the Lord because you know what God’s word is good enough

God’s word is good enough so as the body let’s go to Ephesians 2 8

through 10 which is our anchor scripture and let’s read this as the body and we’ll begin God saved you by his

grace when you believed and you can’t take credit for this it is a gift from

God salvation is not a reward for the good things we’ve done so none of us can

boast about it for we are God’s Masterpiece and he has created us Anew in Christ Jesus so we can do good things

he planned for us long ago thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus

parents like we we want to give our kids gifts and we plan it we buy it and we

wrap it and we just can’t wait for them to receive it and then then like kids open it and they’re like

they frown they’re like what is it like seriously and it’s like

it’s a Franklin Covey day planner with colored pins like how can you not be excited about that gift but you know

what it’s fair question if you don’t know the value the power the package the fullness of the gift

we’re just like those kids that’s it like like all this talk about Jesus and

that’s all I get so let’s talk about the atonement package let’s talk about the gift of

Salvation let’s talk about how you get to take those other four envelopes off

the table and stop being nice and religious and picking the one when nobody said you

were limited to anything you were Unlimited in everything but because we’ve been satiated

I was I look I woke up this morning the Holy Spirit was quoting to me Karl Marx

and he says that religion is the opiate of the people you know the truth is it is

it is religion you know what the answer is the antidote the healing the saving the Salvation is

Jesus Christ the gift of Salvation justification and we throw these three religious words around justification

you’re saved immediately from sin’s penalty that’s justification sanctification you’re saved

progressively from sin’s Power and glorification you’re saved ultimately from sin’s presence it’s

important to understand why that bow why that ribbon why that packaging is wrapped around the gift of Salvation to

fully appreciate what the gift is the value of the gift is best associated with the price paid to give that gift

the price paid for the gift of Salvation was Jesus was God’s only son you know

also the value of the gift is also understood when we compare it to the condition that you were in before receiving that gift

so if you’re broke and you receive a billion dollars that’s provision

if you’re lonely and you meet marry someone wonderful that’s relationship

if you’re ill and your faith has made you whole that’s restoration

if you’re dead in sin alive in Christ that’s Redemption

so what was our condition before God’s gift What state were we in Ephesians 2 2 3

tells us once you were dead because of your Disobedience and your many sins

you used to live in sin just like the rest of the world obeying the devil the commander of the powers in the Unseen

World he is the spirit at work in the hearts of those who refuse to obey God

all of us used to live that way following the passionate desires and inclination of our sinful nature by our

very nature we were subject to God’s anger just like everyone else like does that sound like fun does that

sound like a party because listen you’re either you’re either following Jesus

or you’re following the devil and you may be like well my head’s not spinning I’m not spewing pea soup right and I’m

not saying incantations but if you’re not serving Jesus you’re serving the devil there’s no neutral ground

there’s no neutral ground in this Kingdom War but you know what Paul’s doing in Ephesians he’s setting the stage for the

value of the gift of salvation and you may say when you receive Christ well

I don’t feel any different you know matter of fact I feel worse because all this hype about

this cat named Jesus was going to take all my problems away was going to make things so much better

and I received him but I don’t feel different and that’s cool because the spirit

operates in the spirit the operate it doesn’t operate based on your soul your

feelings don’t dictate your salvation so when you’re feeling happy you’ve been saved when you’re feeling

sad you’ve been saved thank God above thank Holy Spirit Within

that we don’t our Salvation is not based upon our emotions because what if Miguel

felt like hmm I really shouldn’t keep this money and he brings it back you see

that’s what we do when we refuse to receive and walk in the power of the gift of Salvation your salvation is not

based on your feelings it’s based on the spirit the holy spirit that lives with inside of you

without your salvation you’re dead in sin Romans 6 23 tells us for the wages of

sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ Our Lord and I want to break down some of

this um I go to I like to go to the Greek Interlinear Bible and I’m not even going to try to pronounce these Greek words

but but when we say wages the wages of sin that’s provision a stipend or a pay

for soldiers we’re all soldiers in this battle for the kingdom don’t think that you’re not if you think

you’re going to be kind to a cruel world and the cruel world is going to be kind to you it’s not death

the Interlinear Bibles describes death in the Greek Extinction of life like we think of death like

listen the extinction of your life natural and spiritual

a gift free favor the gift of God is free it’s free and it’s favored because it

means that you’ve not earned it like you cannot enjoy yours your gift in

your sin you can’t straddle that fence and if you’re walking and you’re feeling

agitated and aggravated and resisted and and everything and you’re wondering you got to look at your life you got to look

at where you’re at your faith walk God wants to glorify you God wants to bless you God has given us prophetic

word that in the season he is drawn a line and on this side are the lukewarm Christians

and he spit them out well he vomited him out on this side or us

is that grammatically correct Is Us and he’s going to prosper us he’s going

to elevate us he’s going to escalate those who were full faithful Walking In The Obedience of God why because he’s a

good father and he wants to give gifts I know Miguel is not going to take that money and he’s not going to bury it in a

mattress if his family’s hungry or if they want to go do something because he is a good

father and he loves his family so what does it mean to be saved Ephesians 2 4 5 but God is so rich in

Mercy that he loves us so much that even though we were dead because of our sins he gave us life when he raised Christ

from the dead and it is only by God’s grace that you’ve been saved we limit

the endless expression of the glory of God by placing a limitation and only

picking one envelope up off the table if you think the only reason Jesus went to

the Cross was to keep you out of hell then you’re missing the fullness of

Salvation you’re missing the power and the authority of God and all you’re

doing is hurting yourself if Miguel had not humbly willingly

graciously taken the full gifts of God he would still be blessed but poor

because of it the Kingdom’s not about decrease the kingdom is not about poverty or scarcity so when you hear

these folks oh there’s that Prosperity Gospel you are right this is Prosperity Gospel because the word of the Lord says

what be fruitful and multiply be prosperous I give you Dominion

everything oh thing everything God gave in the garden we gave away to Satan When sin came in

but with a Salvation and the atoning guess what he wants to give back everything given to us in the garden

he put man in the garden to work to be creative to be a nurturer to be

imaginative to name those crazy animals he gave he gave him a Helper and Azure

and his spouse and his wife not not to Lord over her to Big Boss daddy over the wife but azir Abe’s ear means is your

equal rescuer doer of marvelous things that’s your wives That’s your women everything God gave us in the garden and

we gave to Satan Jesus given back God’s good so let’s get into saved so

how do we know what saved means look in the book so I look you go to the Greek word for salvation the Greek word the

Hebrew Hebrew word for salvation the phonetic and I’m gonna it’s Yeshua

and maybe some of the scholars are like ah you got it wrong but it doesn’t matter it’s the Hebrew word for salvation you know in the Strong’s

Concordance what that means where you’ll find this word throughout the Bible it means Deliverance Health healing helping

salvation save prosperity and victory are those good words

does that sound like one envelope it doesn’t it really sounds like probably more we can stick in our pocket

so the Greek word Sozo Sozo that’s probably a word we’re more

familiar with again the Strong’s Concordance this word as it’s applied through scripture throughout the New

Testament it’s bring safely cured ensure salvation get well made well preserved

recover restore saved does that sound like a gift that you’re interested in getting

does that sound like one little envelope that says you get out of hell free

there’s a whole lot more to it there’s a whole lot more to the gift of Salvation and listen if you’ve received Jesus

Christ again Leah says don’t make anybody raise their hand and we’ve gone through the alpha not up

we’ve done the alpha nod down so this is I don’t like I’m like when I

was a kid I used to watch Carol Burnett and for those of us who watch carolynet so this is the Carol Burnett right I

don’t know if she’s a Christian but like that okay so what I’m going to ask is that if you’ve received Jesus Christ as

your savior and your lord like just a little

and you know I love the laughter because we forget the joy of the Lord I say Maribel is the advocate for the joy

of the Lord this sister and it’s good to laugh it’s good to feel

silly it’s good to nod your head it’s good to tug your ear it’s good to be in the house of the Lord

it’s good to receive the goodness of God so listen if you’ve tugged your ear

all this is yours you don’t have to work for it you don’t have to earn it what did Paul tell us

it’s a gift and just to be sure ain’t nothing you did to deserve that

gift God wants you to receive that gift Zach you want to pop up and let’s be sure because of that gift

that gift is the only way to the father if you think your your wealth

your family name your Pleasant disposition your humor your comedy your

work ethic is going to get you to heaven you’re wrong there’s one way

and John 14 6 tells us and Jesus said to him like this is Jesus

talking this would be like big bowl red letters in your Edition like this is Jesus

Jesus said to him I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to the father

except through me like this is so serious God loves us so much

God has put a table of envelopes

and he’s just asking you like I am giving this to you because I love you

I am giving this to you because you are co-heir with my beloved Son Jesus I am

giving you this because my son Jesus went to the Cross to die for you to save

you to deliver you to redeem you to renew you to to rename you

you’re not those names that the world has spoken over you you were not the names that your parents have spoken over

you you were none of those things God’s got a new name for you

it is son it is daughter it is child it is mine it is beloved it is co-heir

it is priest it is King it is Warrior it is lover it is Champion it is Victor it

is servant it is humble it is hallelujah it is worshiper it is priest it is

Apostle it is evangelist it is teacher it is Shepherd it is beloved

all those names are in those envelopes healing Prosperity provision Joy wisdom

knowledge understanding of the deeper things they’re in those envelopes and they’re

free for you only if you’ve tugged your ear only if

you’ve received Jesus Christ as your savior and Lord and God’s not being God’s not being a

trickster by that God wants you all in I know Miguel’s a good Steward of that

gift God wants us to be good stewards of the gift but to First be a steward of the

gift you got to receive the gift I want you to I want you to commit

[Music] that if that if the fullness of your atonement package of Salvation has been

a get at it for hell free card that you’ve stuffed in your pocket and you’re worried about walking around

and wondering if God’s going to crack you on the head like a whack-a-mole because you because you didn’t deserve or you lost his favor or somewhere

behind I want you to put that stuff away because that’s from the devil that’s not from God everything God created the

devil counterfeits so when God says I give you the free gift of my son I give you the gift of Salvation I give you a

whole package of Salvation and that’s not just Redemption that’s just being that’s not just uh fire Insurance where

you’re being kept out of hell when you die it means that you were provided you were protected you are you are saved you

are healed you are to live in joy and peace and put on the Yoke that is light

and easy but the world says no no forget about those gifts well let me

tell you first Corinthians tells us it’s not if you got them it’s which ones you got and if you want to move in the gifts of

the holy spirit first you got to receive the Holy Spirit and that’s receiving Jesus Christ as your lord and savior

God has opened up the table and it’s full of envelopes

they’re full of envelopes and they’re full of the Salvation package the atonement package

and I’m going to ask you I want to do two things I’m going to ask our five-fold and our

elders and our prayer folks to come up I’m going to ask Don sarlo to come up and our elders and our prayer leaders

and our fivefold are going to pray healing over Dawn because Don has received Jesus Christ Don is a recipient

of the Salvation atonement package and in that package is healing and restoration and provision and what I’m

going to do too is because sometimes churches get a little too religious and they look for the old hats to walk

around and say the prayers I am going to ask you that if you’ve received Jesus Christ in the last year I don’t care if

you received him on the way to church today I’m going to ask you to come up here because let me tell you you might be new in the faith and you might not be

able to quote scripture and this and that but you’re fired for Christ burns brighter brighter brighter because

you’re still walking without any inhibition so I am asking you I am I am I’m declaring that if you’ve received

Jesus Christ as your lord and savior within the last year I am asking you to come up and join this team and pray over

Dawn in the faith that Jesus Christ has given you because what I want you to realize is whether you’ve been walking

with Jesus for for a lifetime like Byron or whether you’ve just met him today the

Holy Spirit comes in one size and it’s 100 all the time holy spirit’s

righteousness of God so I am asking you guys what we’re doing is we’re scriptural is that we’re coming to the

body our elders and our five-fold and we’re going to pray for healing and deliverance over Don sarlo and I’m going

to ask Byron to start and Lead this prayer session and as the holy spirit moves

then we move but this is the body of Christ the body

of Christ is not one dude running his mouth with a microphone strapped to his face you are the body of Christ you are

the body of Christ you just came to Christ how many days ago Hallelujah halleluia

the Holy Spirit living inside of you is the same Holy Spirit living inside of us you don’t get a little spirit and older

men get a lot of spirit it’s 100 righteousness of God Amen for you sister

praise the Lord praise the lord we gathered together as the body of Christ

Hallelujah Hallelujah I’ve talked in the past about moving

that refrigerator out of your living room and sometimes you need to get the Neighbors in to help you push that amen

refrigerator out of your living room Hallelujah

Jesus was ministering one day in a house and above his head the tile started falling in the plaster started falling

in over his head because some brothers got together and said we’ve got a mate

here we’ve got a brother here that needs help Lord and we can’t get in because of the crowd so we’re tearing the tiles off

the roof and we’re lowering down right in front of you in the name of Jesus

so the Lord looked at their faith their faith and healed the man

Hallelujah so we are coming today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and we’ve

busted those tiles off the roof we’ve made a mess we’re standing here in a mess

because we’re lowering our brother down before Jesus and we’re joining our faith together and we’re cursing this cancer

in the throat in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ you’ve been exposed and we

curse you in the name of Jesus we shrivel you up in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we say you are cursed at

the roots cursed at the roots right now in the name of Jesus and we release you from

this body in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ Hallelujah

Holy Spirit Matthew come here

this young man’s got the holy spirit in him the same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead place your hand on this

brother and you release the Holy Spirit that’s in you and we’re driving this cancer out of the throat in the name of

the Lord Jesus Christ mic are you coming to anoint his throat with oil in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ this oil

is symbolic of the holy spirit it’s not magical oil it just illustrates the holy

spirit that they put in lamps and release the light so we’re releasing right now the oil of the Holy Spirit

over this throat and we’re driving this cancer from his throat in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ gone you’re being

exposed to the light in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we come against all anxiety all

apprehension father any weakness of the Mind any attacks against the Mind Lord

father we thank you Lord that your power your power permeates this body your

healing touch the oil the oil of gladness and healing goes down that

throat to that tumor in Jesus name and we call it gone completely gone in Jesus

name you release yourself from his throat right now in Jesus name and we give you all the glory and honor Lord in

Jesus name thank you Lord thank you Lord [Music] Don

Donald can you look at me for just seconds [Music] when you receive your salvation you

received healing didn’t you so as an act of that truth I’m giving you this

envelope this is your healing do you take it it’s yours amen

[Music] amen amen all right we need Debbie

we need you up here Maribel I’m going to have you lead a prayer over Debbie in a minute Miguel

[Music] horse Miguel has a

a healing anointing too we’re gonna have him pray over you first of all

[Music] but Gustavo I’m going to have you anoint him with oil too

because we’re praying the word the word says in James 5 14. is any among you

sick then bring him forward for the elders to pray over him and anoint him with oil and the prayer of faith

will make him well this is not a prayer of wishful thinking

this is a prayer of authority

that we are releasing God the authority that you have given us in your word to

take dominion over every work of Darkness we release that Authority right now in

the name of Jesus you speak your healing manifestation in the

in Jesus name in Jesus name

[Music] this thing may be deep in your body but the spirit of God is deeper

heard of God goes deeper that healing will be manifest right now

in Jesus name in Jesus name

thank you Father for my sister Debbie Lord thank you for this woman of Faith Lord we thank you God that something has

shifted in her Lord that she is not the same Lord her faith has increased Lord and she is a warrior in Christ Lord just

like we prophesied over her yesterday she is Shifting things in the atmosphere she is on the front lines I see you

Debbie I see you in your room as an intercessor I see you fighting this battle and the Lord says you’re not

alone I’ve carried you before and I’m carrying you again and you’re gonna walk through this and you’re not gonna even

pay you’re not gonna even listen to the lies of the enemy anymore they’re just gonna fall off as soon as they come they’re going to be knocked to the

ground because the truth of God Is Bigger than anything and you know this to be true that God Is A Healer he is

store he’s a deliverer and you are going to begin to prophesy these things over your husband over your family I told you

yesterday you have the anointing for family restoration and you’re going to begin to see that and this testimony is

going to be a testament of God’s goodness to your family and those around you so Lord we bless them Lord we bless

them thank you Father we thank you for our sister Debbie for what you’re doing in her life God thank you Jesus

hallelujah thank you Lord thank you thank you thank you

Lord thank you

tell you that Victory hallelujah hallelujah and this

this is a word the Lord said on Friday night when we were here and Don was being prayed for I saw the highest

ranking of all ranks in heaven walking around you like a soldier it was the captain of the hosts

he was walking around you and you were at post you’ve been at post your whole life he’s saying to you Soldier

at ease and you don’t leave your post you don’t leave your post until someone takes over

and he says I’m taking over now I’m taking over now when you stand in the fire someone else

stands with you Shadrach Meshach and Abednego they stepped in and so does someone else who looked like the Son of

God so he’s saying to you Soldier and this is someone else to receive too Eddie’s soldiers let me take over

yes let him take over it’s time to be at ease he’s with you he’s with you Hallelujah


come on earlier mention Ed a circle by a family of faith and I’ve never felt more

being surrounded by people of faith that I

have right here and I want to thank you all for that amen amen [Applause]

thank you Jesus oh

let’s pray this out love you too y’all this is church

this is not tame lions and cages performing for snacks in an institutionalized world

these are wild lions willing to LEAP out from your seat willing to surround someone that maybe

you’ve never even met wild Lions don’t have to be taught to Be Wild

but they’re not out of control don’t miss the point they’re Meek because they’re powerful

because they have ability because they have authority and they use that power when power is needed but they love their

cubs when compassion is required so whether you’ve just received Jesus

whether you’ve been walking like I joke with April about what you were you come out of the womb saved

it’s all the same Holy Spirit there ain’t nobody no important than

anybody on here the least of these

hmm I thank y’all

it’s a special day it’s a special day so

if we can stand and allow me to pray pray us out [Music]

where’s the microphone and would you come pray us out it’s never an embarrassed

all God wants you to do is say yes and he’ll give you the words he simply wants you to say yes it doesn’t have to be

fancy [Applause] what’s on your heart Lord I Thank you for allowing us to find

this church it’s been a great blessing for myself and my family we have brought

so many family members to Christ because of this church and it has just been such a blessing hallelujah thank you I thank

you for this church and this new family we found in Jesus name I pray amen

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