Reconciliation on the Cross Unites Us With God. Man-Made Religion Divides Us / Jesus Is the Way (Podcast)


Reconciliation on the Cross Unites Us With God. Man-Made Religion Divides Us / Jesus Is the Way

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Reconciliation on the Cross Unites Us With God. Man-Made Religion Divides Us / Jesus Is the Way


who’s wrecked in the Holy Spirit

you cannot come into an encounter with

the supernatural ever-living God

and walk away different than when you

first got here

oh my gosh

you know I received a message from a

friend of mine he was a law enforcement

officer like myself and we recently

retired and

and so he sends this message and and it

reads and I don’t know if they have the

uh the clip up there but it says uh

great news

the Archdiocese gave us a dispensation

because St Patrick’s fell on a Friday in


we can eat meat today

and we don’t go to hell for it

I’m cooking bacon right now and about to

have a meat lover’s omelette

#life is good

I wish I could say that was a joke

but it’s not

we’re going to talk about as we continue

through the book of Ephesians about

man-made Doctrine and the way that it

the way that it unravels the

reconciliation of Christ at the cross

for crucifixion

but I wanted to share this not to make

fun of my friend

but to show that a lot of the world that

claims or believes that they’re

Christians are still locked in to

man-made doctrines

to religious rituals of man

and it’s not knocking down one

denomination over the other I just want

to share that when we go back to Ephesus

as we walk through the second chapter of

Ephesians that we don’t get too Pious

like hashtag oversave what I was back


no it’s also today

so if I can pray over this word and

father God hallelujah halleluia thank

you thank you thank you thank you for

last night for our prophetic night thank

you for the the the the the Symmetry and

the seamlessness of ministering in the

Holy Spirit last night Lord thank you

for today Father God we are we honor you

we praise you and every word spoken

every prayer offered always only to

honor you in Jesus name amen

so what is the one thing the one thing

the Lord put on my heart this week and

he knows I’m a simple man because he’s

like don’t do a traditional three-point

sermon like you’re a simple man and

we’re going to keep it to one and I’m

like thank you Jesus for that one point

but reconciliation on the cross unites

us with God

religion of man divides us from God and

from each other

and why is that important to you

because Jesus was crucified to reconcile

you into Unity

and you can’t have peace if your life’s

in pieces

and it’s the one thing that keeps us

together the one thing that brings us

into the hope of unity and that is the

word of the Lord

I love you I respect your feelings

but I I cling to the word of the Lord

and it’s an honor of the word of the

Lord that I ask that we stand together

as the body and let’s read our anchor

scripture from the word of the Lord and

it comes from Ephesians we’re continuing

to walk through books of the Bible where

in Ephesians second chapter uh this is

17 19 and I wanted to use the Amplified

uh Bible version so if we can read as

the family and we’ll begin and he came

and preached the good news of peace to

you Gentiles who were far away and peace

to those Jews who were near for it is

through him that we both have a direct

way of approach in one Spirit to the


so then you are no longer strangers and

Aliens Outsiders without rights of

citizenship but you are fellow citizens

with the Saints God’s people and are

members of God’s household

amen thank you Jesus

you know we keep talking about that one

Spirit the one Spirit the one Spirit The

Same Spirit that hovered over the

Darkness at the beginning of Creation

The Same Spirit that fell Upon Jesus

when he rose from the water after water

baptism and was baptized with the power

of the Holy Spirit the same holy spirit

that you received when you receive Jesus

Christ the same 100 righteousness of God

that lives in you right now the same

holy spirit that Ephesians 1 tells you

when you’ve received the Holy Spirit you

were sealed by the Holy Spirit you don’t

leak the god in you does it leak you’re

not like an old radiator on a favorite

jeep that Terry’s trying to reconstruct

it doesn’t leak the Holy Spirit has you

sealed and your righteousness comes of

the righteousness of God the 100

righteousness of God and and because of

that righteousness We Are One

Jews Gentile my friends denomination and

our relational Body of Christ one Spirit

but that only comes through

reconciliation you see reconciliation

signaled the end of estrangement that

was caused by the original sin in the


like you think about it when Adam and

Eve they were just rocking and rolling

enjoying life the way it was designed

designed to be to be lived but sin

corrupted that

and it was because of that sin that God

had to send his son Jesus Christ to be

to be crucified to be brutally murdered

now there’s been a lot of people

murdered for sin

but Jesus the only one that that died

for your sin and returned to give you

life Everlasting

that’s reconciliation reconciliation

brings God and Humanity back into unity

and Harmony and agreement

and as we sit here and we’re like oh

that’s good I like unity and agreement

and harmony

but I want to ask you

like are we really in unity Harmony in

agreement with each other

and I’m not saying there’s some great

schism at five Stones Church that all we

need to do some stitching some sutrin

I’m talking about in the body of Christ

do we really treat each other

do we really treat this body

as the body to become the bride do we

treat one another with respect and honor

and love

it doesn’t mean you have to agree with

what everybody says we heard last week a

group of us men went up to Karis Bible

College Andrew Wommack in Colorado and

the speaker said

um cowards avoid conflict

cowards avoid conflict and I think we

see that a lot in the world in the woke

world today it doesn’t mean we’ve got to

be like Don Quixote running chasing

windmills but when the Lord gives you a

word and says stand firm the Lord wants

you to stand firm he wants you to stand

firm for the word of the Lord he doesn’t

want you to stay and firm for your

personal opinion he wants you to stand

for him for the uh for the word

and it’s because of reconciliation that

we can stand firm reconciliation it

brings it brings to um reconciliation

between humanity and God it also when

when Paul’s teaching at the church in

Ephesus he’s speaking specifically to

the Gentiles and he’s saying that

reconciliation the crucifixion of Jesus

brings reconciliation between the Jews

and the Gentiles

and it’s like well they should be

reconciled but you see it’s not always

that easy because when you’re taking

pride in getting the dispensation from

the Archdiocese because St Patrick’s Day

falls on a Friday and you get to cook

bacon and it’s a good day then you

realize that the Schism between the Jews

and the Gentiles or this group in that

group has not really been reconciled

to Unity agreement

you know Ephesians 2 14 16 tells us

for Christ himself has brought peace to


he United Jews and Gentiles into one

people when in his own body on the cross

he broke down the wall of hostility that

separated us

he did this by ending the system of law

with its Commandments and regulations

he made peace between the Jews and the

Gentiles by creating in himself one new

people from two groups

together as one body Christ reconciled

both groups to God

by means of his death on the cross

and our hostility towards each other was

put to death you know this almost sounds

like an Easter Sunday sermon

but let me tell you every Sunday message

should be an Easter Sunday sermon

you don’t slot you don’t save you don’t

Reserve you don’t dedicate you don’t

dictate the gospel message to one Sunday

a year


reconciliation is God’s gift

it’s a gift

you’ve got to receive that gift

you don’t receive reconciliation through

the cross because of your family’s name

because the amount of money in your bank

account because of your attendance in a

local church because of the likes you

get on Facebook this is a gift that

you’ve got to receive

and nobody can force you to do it

nobody can force you to do it so I want

to encourage you and we’re going to take

care of this if you’ve not received

Jesus Christ as your savior and Lord

we’re going to take care of this at the

end of this service we have learned to

place a demand on the Holy Spirit we are

placing a demand and expectation on this

altar at the end of service when we

alter call

we are placing a demand we know that the

holy spirit is moving he’s ready to move

he’s anxious to move he’s willing to

move he’s been starting to move since

the Earth was even before the

foundations of the earth he has been in

a slow simmer waiting to boil and I’m

telling you right now when we finish

this service regardless of how I

delivered God’s word this is gonna this

is gonna boil over

I want you to set your hearts with an

expectation for a true transformational

encounter with the Holy Spirit


unless you’ve received Jesus as your

savior and Lord

there’s no other way

like my friend thinks because he gets to

eat meat today or Friday and he’s not

going to hell that he’s going to heaven

it’s not an inverse relationship well I

don’t do this so that means I do get

that that ain’t it there’s one way to

heaven there’s one way to the father

Jesus tells us in John 14 6 Jesus told

like Jesus told them this isn’t Scott’s

opinion this isn’t our teacher Byron’s

lesson this is Jesus talking

I am the way I am the truth I am the

life no one can come to the father

except through me

let me ask you a question and be honest

do you believe the word of the Lord is


do you believe the word of the Lord is

reflected in the Bible

so you’re going to say that you believe

from the very beginning to the very end

of every word in between in the Bible

I want you to understand that the

Bible’s not a salad bar it’s not

something that you can pick and choose

what you feel like chewing on that day

and spitting out what you don’t so when

Jesus Christ says in John 14 I am the

only way

he’s not playing games with y’all

he loves us so much he makes it simple

when Leah started buying furniture when

we first got married from Ikea and like

we’re gonna save a little money we’re

gonna go to Ikea and I’m looking at the

instructions I’m like there’s got to be

another way

and there was nails and super glue and

those gorilla hang hooks but this ain’t


there’s one way

there’s one way

and you know Paul continues in Ephesians

and he’s encouraging the church in

Ephesus to remember the Gentiles like


my boys and all and I want you to

remember I want you to remember what

life was like before Jesus I want you to

remember what it was like before the


in Ephesians 2 11 12 he tells them

therefore remember that previously you

the Gentiles In the Flesh who were

called uncircumcision by the so-called I

love that air quotes Paul circumcision

which is performed in the flesh by human

hands remember that you were at that

time separate from Christ excluded from

the people of Israel strangers to the

covenants of the promise having no hope

and without God in the world

I mean like that’s serious when we’re

talking about the covenants you know

he’s talking about the Mosaic Covenant

you go to Deuteronomy 28 and you read

about the blessings

and the curses and you know then when

they’re under the law which is Paul’s

trying to tell them you’ve been freed

from the law like my friend in Houston

you can have bacon any time you want

if your cholesterol says that it can’t

but you’re not bound to the law you’re

not bound to the law and this is what

Jesus is trying to encourage them

if you go and you read Deuteronomy 28

it’s like oh I can dig be in the head

never the tail I love being on top and

never the boss like this is good I can

dig some of this

but you go up a little bit and you see

what the conditions are

if you follow

every command

every word


if anybody’s ever been placed in


spiritual physical captivity bondage

imprisoned and chained you know the only

way to get through that situation is you

do every single thing somebody else has

told you to do

there’s no freedom of the body and

physical captivity

there’s freedom in the spirit because of

the reconciliation of Jesus Christ so

Paul is encouraging the Ephesians hey

y’all the Gentiles remember

what life was like not to harp on it but

you can never really know the value of

what you’ve gained unless you know the

despair of when you were lost

you know it’s amazing you know who helps

you remember

like how many wives are just like

seriously I have told you 10 times what

to do

why can’t you remember simple


I’m like well girl say it another 10 and

maybe it’ll sink in

so then Leah goes she goes you ever

heard of John 14 26.

I’m like well let me look it up in my

Bible out

well guess who helps us to remember but

the helper the Holy Spirit whom the

father will send in my name will teach

you all things and bring you to remember

it’s all things that I said to you yes

the holy spirit that is within you that

is sealed within you that will never

ever leave you you’ve got your body I

can see your body you’ve got your your

soul which is your emotions your

personality your memories

I can see by the Expressions on faces

where your soul and your memories and

your feelings are



is the spirit of God

like I don’t care how jacked up you are

I don’t care how out of shape you are I

don’t care how broke you are I don’t

care how sleepy you are

one-third of you

one third of you is 100 percent


because it’s the Holy Spirit living

inside of you the second you receive

Jesus Christ as your savior you receive

the indwelling of the Holy Spirit

and we’ve been showing this in healing

and signs and wonders that that your

spirit don’t have to get no more holy

because Jesus is perfect holy spirit is

100 righteous holy

if you’ve received Jesus as your savior

I want you to walk in that confidence

that you are 100 righteous the

righteousness of God

you know

I put a note here and said if we have

time and the only time is God’s time and

what he’s telling me is if you’ve

received the Holy Spirit

and you had this euphoric feeling when

you came to Christ and since then it’s

like well I don’t feel I don’t feel good

anymore be honest with you it kind of

stinks right now so what’s all this God

stuff about I want to let you know

you’re relying on your soul you’re

relying on your feelings I want to let

you know that if you receive Jesus

Christ as your savior and Lord that Holy

Spirit don’t leak

that’s what Ephesians 1 tells us you’re

sealed by the Holy Spirit I want to

encourage you to start listening and

that when we have an altar call this is

part of the expectation the demand that

we’re placing on the holy spirit is if

you’ve not heard from the holy spirit in

a long time if you’ve been in a dry

season or you said you know I’ve

received God lord as my savior Jesus

says my savior but I don’t know how to

hear the voice I don’t know if it’s me

or the world or just my imagination I

want you to come up here when we when we

finish this message and we’re going to

pray for you and if you’ve received the

Holy Spirit and you’ve not been baptized

in the Holy Spirit we’re going to take

care of that too

we’re going to take care of that too

because it’s one thing to be


it’s another thing to be Spirit fueled

like it’s cool to have a Lamborghini in

your driveway

but if you ain’t got no gas you ain’t

going nowhere

the baptism of the holy spirit is what

ignites that vehicle and makes it run

and make it go Paul continues and he’s

talking about labels labels that divide

and labels that Define and Ephesians 2


remember that your previously the

Gentiles In the Flesh who were called

uncircumcision by the so-called

circumcision which is performed by the

flesh what Paul’s doing he’s like look I

know the Jews were calling y’all


like he’s they’re placing labels on

y’all they felt the fact that they had

been circumcised because of the Mosaic

Covenant they felt that they were better

but after Jesus came in the

reconciliation of the Cross everybody

was brought into one

like when you think about like back then

these dudes are fighting over foreskin

like how crazy is that you want to

battle for land or money or whatever but

they fighting over foreskin and Leah’s

like I don’t want you to say that this

morning because it’s too close to

breakfast and it’s right before lunch

but this is the word of the Lord and

this is what they’re fighting over these

are the doctrines of man

and so what’s happening is they’re

putting labels on each other you got

Jews you got Gentiles they were by

diabolically opposed to one another but

because of the crucifixion and the

reconciliation through the cross Jesus

died to bring them together Jesus didn’t

die so they could continue making

levitical laws and and traditions

but did we find

we find they’re still making labels

I want to tell you guys physical

circumcision doesn’t save you laws of

man doesn’t save you

special dispensations because St

Patrick’s Day fell on a Friday doesn’t

save you

too much bacon might kill you

only spiritual circumcision leads to

leads to Salvation

and look we’re talking about labels

don’t label yourself

don’t label yourself this woke World

Loves putting labels on people they

throw labels out there like like woke

and lgbtq and transgender and and you’re

dumb and you’re fat and you’re slow and

you’re short and you’re old and you’re

this and then that but let me tell you

something those labels they’re nothing

you think about a little sticker on the

backup seat of a of a car bumper that’s

all it is

you know when this when the dragon when

the dragons seduced Eve in the garden

what did he say it was just a label

did God really say

like where’s the power in that it’s a

weak woke suggestion but what do we do

oh like like if you got a Ford outside

and I put a bumper sticker it says

Lamborghini listen you might chuckle you

might be mad because I put a sticker on

your bumper but you know that don’t make

that Florida Lamborghini because the

woke world is throwing labels at you it

don’t mean you are what you are unless

you receive that label as what you are I

want you to stop giving yourself false

labels I want you to start walking and

the power and the Dominion and the

authority that God’s giving you and what

else I want you to stop doing stop

saying I’m a sinner I’m a sinner because

I’m going to tell you what that’s what

the woke World wants you to do

you were a sinner and you’ve received

Jesus Christ you’re no longer a sinner

but let me tell you put that out on

Facebook this afternoon I’m not a sinner

let me tell you what you better be ready

for some some harsh comments

listen for me to say for you to say I’m

a sinner that’s like saying I’m an

honest Thief

I’m a Faithfully married Bachelor I’m a

sober drunk

I’m a lively corpse

do you see how stupid that is

but we let the woke world even the

religious world

the religious the ones we want to ah

braid a rope and flip tables we let them

back us down well maybe I am a sinner I

mean I do sin yeah but you got the 100

righteous of the Holy Spirit living

inside of you when you’ve receive Jesus

Christ you sin you’re forgiven

stop putting those labels on yourself

stop calling yourself I’m an addict I’m

a victim I’m going to hell like you fill

in the blank what labels are you

affixing to yourself I am this

I am that

you know what you are man if I could

give y’all some bumper stickers my

favorite would be like honk for Jesus

that’d be number one but listen your

bumper sticker your Supernatural

spiritual bumper sticker that should be

affixed on your on yourself is I am


I am saved

I am redeemed I am a child of God


the woke world all they got all the

devil God

is suggestion

and I don’t even say the power of

suggestion because the only Power in

that suggestion is the power you allow

that power to have over your life

is the power you allowed over your life

I mean when you think about God God

created everything with the spoken word

then God gave us dominion and said be

fruitful and multiply

and God gives us the power of the spoken


you see the woke world the religious


oh that’s that name and a claim it stab

it and grab it you know this and that

it’s like listen y’all go and fight over

your foreskin

we’re going to celebrate the Victory and

the freedom and the authority and the

Dominion and the power and the identity

and the purpose and the function and

everything that comes with the gift of

Salvation remember when Jesus died for

you on the cross it’s not a get out of

hell free card

it’s not only a get out of hell free

card but God gives you the the power of

Salvation through the gift of Salvation

it’s a package the atonement package is

a package but what we do is we take that

one thing well when I die I’m not going

to hell and we stick in our pocket and

we walk around defeated through life

like Byron says we’re just we’re just

beating ourselves on the back oh what

was me oh woe was me I’m a sinner woe is


and you beat yourself with this cat of

Nine Tails only hit yourself 39 times

because the religious World said what 40

will kill you

stop letting the woke world stop letting

the religious the religiosity

institutionalize religion dictate who

you are in Christ

we’ve got so much freedom I always think

about that the elephant the circus

elephant with the little rope on his on

his ankle what if it’s an ankle that

guy’s got so much power and authority

but if you only recognized his identity

if he only knew what it meant

to be free it’s just a swipe foot of a I

think it’s called a a foot I don’t know

but that’s what we do y’all we tether

ourselves with alfredo broken rope to a

napio rusted peg in the ground and we

just stand there

next to sinner next to Loser next to

nothing next to attic next to criminal

next to convict next to you know what

your criminal record says you know what

the world says do you know what your

credit score is

and you got the nerve to walk into the

house of God

yeah I do

yes I do because I have the abundance of

my father had the authority of my father

my slate has been wiped clean thank you

to the father

listen don’t let nobody put false bumper

stickers on your car on your spiritual


it’s yours God gave it to you God Gave

You Freedom don’t get locked in on these

on these man-made rules don’t get locked

in on doctrines of man

stick to the word of the Lord stick to

the word of the Lord

listen the one thing the only thing that

matters is reconciliation

the crucifixion of Jesus Christ provides

the reconciliation

it wasn’t circumcision it wasn’t the 16

and 13 613 levitical laws

it wasn’t any of that stuff

it was Jesus Christ

and you’ve got power and you’ve got

Authority and you’ve got identity

because of that reconciliation

like God’s good like you all God like

which of us that are parents like when

our kids running and they’re in a race

and you like trip them


maybe some of y’all because I know some

of y’all in your kids but look that

ain’t God

that’s not God God’s Our Father

and if you believe the word of the Lord

and you believe that the Bible reflects

the the word of the Lord then you read

that word of the Lord and what does it

tell you

God loves you

God loves you what it tells you is that

you’ve got identity you’ve got Authority

in Jesus Christ don’t let nobody tell

you who you are go to the word and find

out who you are

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