Are You A Citizen of Heaven? God’s People are Heavicans (Video)


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Are You A Citizen of Heaven? God’s People are Heavicans


my grandfather traveled a long way to

come to America

he went through Ellis Island he had to

process through the through the

immigration system

it took a long time to become a citizen

back in the 1900s

but this country because of the process

of citizenship allowed on once Foreigner

certain rights and privileges that his

native country of Italy did not allow


now his new country it changed his name

originally luigio josephi Silverio

was named Louis silveri

and my first name is Lewis silvery

but call me Scott

so you know when my grandfather made the

journey came from far away as a

foreigner into this land

and he was given immigration citizen

status he was sealed

with the promise of a new country he was

given a new identity

and you know it was his to keep unless

he renounced it


did he renounce it

well I’ll tell you during World War II

Benito Mussolini sent him a handwritten


and ask them to come back to Italy to

fight for the sons of Italy but despite

the Temptation my grandfather said no he

wanted the freedom that came with new


with a new identity

so because of that decision that my

grandfather made two generations later

God’s allowed me to stand before you to

share not natural citizenship

but Kingdom citizenship

you see the one thing that the Lord put

on my heart this week the one thing

is that placing priority in the wrong


leaves you stranded at the port

if you get overly wrapped up in


if you get overly wrapped up in in

Earthly Pride

you’re missing the big picture you’re

missing the Eternal value of the only

citizenship that lasts

which is your citizenship in heaven

so why is it important to you well we

all have natural temporary citizenship

and our country of origin or even if we

immigrate to a new country but only your

heavenly citizenship is eternal

so what I would ask us to do is the body

if we would stand and read the Eternal

Word that guarantees us our citizenship

and we’re going to continue to walk

through the book of Ephesians

today we’re in Ephesians 2 17 22.

and if we would read together as the

body and we’ll begin

he brought this good news of peace to

you Gentiles who were far away from him

and peace to the Jews who were near now

all of us can come to the father through

the same holy spirit because of what

Christ has done for us so now you

Gentiles are no longer strangers and

foreigners you were citizens along with

all of God’s holy people

you are members of God’s family together

we are his house built on the foundation

of the Apostles and the prophets and the

Cornerstone is Jesus Christ himself we

are carefully joined together in him

becoming a holy Temple for the Lord

through him you Gentiles are also being

made part of this dwelling where God

lives by his Spirit that’s a good word

that is a good word

and it’s that word

that we cling to

it’s the word that we depend upon like

God’s word is the only word

our opinion our feelings our emotions

those are valid

but until they come into alignment with

the spirit until your spirit LED

then you’re never going to have the

stability of understanding claiming

walking in the authority of your Eternal

Kingdom citizenship you know when my

grandfather crossed the Atlantic Ocean

17 years old

and he saw these words give me your

tired your poor your huddled masses

yearning to breathe free The Wretched

refuse of your teeming Shore

send these the homeless Tempest tossed

to me

I’ll lift my lamp besides the golden


you know I’m sure as a 17 year old


those words meant so much to everyone

that’s come to this country to gain new


and it sounds inviting

but you see it’s only temporary

invitation to Eternal citizenship

is God’s word

not beautiful words on a plaque outside

of a statue Ephesians 2 19 20 is that

Eternal Word

so now you Gentiles are no longer

strangers and foreigners you are

citizens along with all of God’s holy


you are members of God’s family together

we are his house built on the foundation

of the Apostles and the prophets and the

Cornerstone is Jesus Christ himself

that’s all that matters

that’s God’s promise that’s God’s word

you see when you receive the word of the

Lord and you received the Eternal

promise of citizenship

you don’t become a an American or a

Mexican or a Canadian or you become a


you become an eternal Citizen and why is

citizenship important


whether it’s in heaven or whether it’s

on Earth citizenship provides identity

protection provision culture and

structure and home future and Legacy

so if you’ve not received Jesus Christ

as your savior and Lord I want you to

realize that you you don’t receive any

of the memberships of being a havokin

that you’re here for a select period of


and then when your life is over your

citizenship ends

and that’s it

you don’t gain access into the Eternal

Kingdom because you’re a pretty good guy

because you’re a really good mom because

you work those extra hours and didn’t

charge the company who had hired you

there’s one way to the father

you see at the time when Paul was

talking to the the church in Ephesus

the the Roman citizenship was so

important like it was like a golden card

it was good to have it being a Roman

citizen gave you certain rights and

responsibilities and certainly certain


but not everybody had that you see

membership has its Privileges and if you

were part of the Roman culture a Roman

citizen you got those privileges

but you see you only got those you’re

only granted citizenship through natural


you see Jesus is counter-cultural

Jesus is counter-cultural Jesus doesn’t

care who you are where you’ve been or

where you even think you’re going

Jesus has got a plan that’s better than

all the plans you’ve ever made for

yourself Jesus has got a better identity

for you than luigio josephi Silverio

he’s even got a better identity than

Louis silveri

you see you don’t have to be born into

it in the natural

you have to be born reborn in the spirit

to gain that natural citizenship

you see in the counter-cultural thing

about this if you’re if you’re a Roman

citizen you got privileges if you

weren’t you didn’t

the crazy counter-cultural thing about

the kingdom of God is you get everything

the same rights the same privileges you

are co-heir with the King

like how crazy counter cultural is that

you only get that from one citizenship

and that’s the Eternal citizenship of

being a havoc and

I want to share this and we love this


and it’s from John 3.

Jesus replied

I tell you the truth

unless you were born again you cannot

see the kingdom of God

what do you mean exclaimed Nicodemus how

can an old man go back into his mother’s

womb and be born again

Jesus replied I assure you no one can

enter the kingdom of God without being

born of water in the spirit humans can

reproduce only human life but the holy

spirit gives birth to spiritual life

so don’t be surprised when I say

you must be born again

like Believers we’ve got to have a

burden on our spirit we’ve got to hurt

we’ve got to ache

for those folks who were thinking well

I’m a pretty good person and like if God

really loves me

he’s not going to send me to hell

but you see God does love you God

doesn’t send anybody to hell

God loves everybody

God loves everybody in hell

but he gave us one way One path one

truth and that’s through his son Jesus


and if you reject the most precious

thing to God the Father which is his son

Jesus and you reject that one path that

one doorway then you wind up like

Nicodemus in the dark coming in the

quiet he came seeking truth he spoke to

the truth the life and the way

this is the same offer you have today

the word doesn’t change

the word doesn’t change if you want to

be a havokin if you want Eternal

citizenship that doesn’t expire there’s

one way

you see Christ provides the passport to

citizenship don’t mistake anything else

it’s not attendance it’s not giving it’s

not investing it’s not serving it’s not

volunteering it’s not saying that up

here on a Sunday morning with a

microphone strapped to your face it’s

not strumming a guitar and banging on a


there’s one way

Ephesians 2 17 18 tells us he brought

this good news of peace to you he Jesus


to you Gentiles who were far away from

him and the Peace of the to the Jews who

were near now all of us can come to the

father through the same holy spirit

because of what Christ did for us I just

can’t stress enough the same Holy Spirit

the same Holy Spirit

and when you realize that that we were

in three parts we’re in spirit soul and


and I don’t care what your physical

shape is like it could always get better

and your soul is going to stay in a

state of flux until it comes into

alignment with the spirit of God so

one-third of you right now as you sit if

you’ve received Jesus as your lord and

savior one third of you is 100

perfect righteousness of God

you see that Holy Spirit that the last

believer received last Sunday

that person is filled with 100 perfect

righteousness of God like their Holy

Spirit living inside of them ain’t like

1.0 and then brothers that have been in

the faith and sisters for 30 and 40

years like their Holy Spirit Holiness

level is like a tin

holy spirit’s all ten all the time from

the second you receive the Holy Spirit

you see what Paul’s doing is he’s also

established his sound Doctrine for this

new body of Believers and remember these

this culture

Ephesus this is a pagan culture

this is a pagan culture

it’s a lot like what we’re living in


Paul’s having to established hierarchy

like any culture when my grandfather

Came From Italy he didn’t speak the

language he didn’t speak English he

didn’t know the laws you know what he

had to do

he had to learn the laws he had to abide

by the laws he had to understand the


of the culture

now whether he agreed with it or not

to come into new citizenship in the

fullness of the benefits of that new

citizenship you have to know the law you

have to know the word you have to know

the culture

so when you come into a life with Christ

it’s different it’s different we’ve got

so many so many new Believers coming to


like it’s been crazy beautiful amazing

but understand that that’s just the


you’ve got to learn the language of the

Kingdom you’ve got to learn the culture

of the Kingdom not man-made Doctrine

well this church likes to do this on

Sunday at 11 30 and this church you know

no you got to learn the culture of the

Kingdom you got to learn what’s your

power and your Authority and your

Dominion is because I’m telling you what

if you’re walking around and you’ve

received 100 righteousness of Christ and

you’re still beating yourself up going

whoa is me woe is me I’m just an old

sinner woe is me

then you don’t understand the rules and

the culture of the Kingdom you’re not an

old sinner

you used to sin but you’ve received

price as your salvation

you’re not a sinner anymore

that’s like saying I told you all before


I’m I’m a Faithfully married Bachelor

I’m a sober drunk

I’m an honest Thief

you hear how stupid that sounds

so when we who are co-heirs of the

kingdom and for Ephesians 1 tells us

we’ve been sealed by the Holy Spirit you

receive the spirit of God you’re sealed

by the Holy Spirit

you received Jesus last week that Spirit

don’t leak

but you’re walking around woe is me woe

is me when God’s given you a new name at

the immigration process

he’s given you a new identity and a new

Authority and you’ll never activate that

Authority if you don’t understand the

culture the language

and where do you learn that

the word of God

the word of God not doctrines of man not

traditions of man not denominationalism

your denomination is not going to save


your citizenship manual as a havokin is

God’s word reflected in the Bible

and I’ve shared with you guys if you

believe God

and you believe the word of God then the

Bible is the word of God reflected in

completeness the word the Bible’s not a

salad bar you can’t pick and choose what

parts you want and what parts you don’t

citizenship in the Kingdom of Heaven Is

All or Nothing

if you’re a havoc and you’re a havokin

you can’t claim that you’re a heaven and

go walking around with some other flag

or nationality you can’t keep walking in

sin of the world you can’t keep acting

like the world you can’t continue to be

the world

being a havoc and remind remember uh

calls you to step out to step different

to present yourself as a living holy


and it’s like well how do we do that how

do we do that

you know Romans tells us do not be

conformed to the patterns of this world

renew your mind daily by the reading of

the word your emotions are not going to

bring you into full citizenship what

happens with a lot of new Believers and

a lot of Believers is we receive Jesus

and we’re like thank you Jesus thank you

Jesus and then you go home and your life


your life stinks why because you’re

still locked into the patterns of the


and then you start this process of

misreconciliation well everybody at

church is smiling they’re grinning like

Cheshire cats but like my life stinks on


matter of fact it stinks on Sunday when

I leave that building like I don’t even

know if God’s real

let me tell you God’s real and the only

way you’re going to know the realness of

God is knowing the word of God you’ve

got to transform your mind you’ve got to

stop living in the patterns of this

world an illustration that I love is it

all starts in the mind we think our

heart oh Jesus my heart your heart is

deceitful and wicked it starts in your

mind Roman tells you you’ve got to renew

your mind

so when this is your this is your mind

and this is your mind and this is your

life and it’s sin and then you decide to

stop sinning I’m coming to Jesus and you

pop you pull out the sin look on the

inside of this putty that’s been wrapped

around your mind you know what’s on the

inside the etchings of the sin life that

you were living

the synaptic gaps it’s called

neuroplasticity your mind is rewired by

pornography by stimulant by rock music

not that rock music’s bad your mind is

always being triggered by something okay

but you look at it and you’re like well

I gave my life to Jesus but my life

still stinks and you look on the inside

of your mind and it’s still full of

these trenches the patterns of the world

how do you get rid of that stuff

hmm you start reading the word of the

Lord you start reading the word of the

Lord you see I just can’t stop clicking

porn I tried you won’t because your

mind’s got those gaps already dug into

them read the word of the Lord read the

word of the Lord

and before you know it your mind’s been


not by your emotions not by your

friendships not by signing up online for

some uh discipleship program it’s just

19.99 a month

his father the reading of the word

this is your citizenship manual

I don’t want you to miss that I don’t

want you to miss that

so how long does citizenship take well

I’ve got some dear dear brothers in here

that I love

and they could have testify that when

the United States Department of State

says about five years

they would balk at the idea of it taking

five years to receive your legal


it’s been a process

you know how long it takes to become a


well Ephesians 2 19 tells us so now you

Gentiles are no it says so now you

Gentiles are no longer strangers and

foreigners you were citizens along with

all of God’s holy people you were

members of God’s family so now it starts

off with so now that’s the immediate

that’s the present that’s the movement

of God

eternity is too precious to be wasted in

a line in a queue and a wonder and a

hope and a doubt

if you’ve received Jesus Christ as your

lord and savior your citizenship is a

heaven heaven it doesn’t start till you

die it doesn’t wait till you die

it starts the instant you receive Jesus

Christ too many of us are walking around

with the Salvation package of atonement

thinking I’ve got to get out of hell

free card and I’m going to stick it in

my pocket and I’m going to live my life

well it was me woe is me and when I die

I’m gonna be okay what you’re doing is

you’re missing an unlimited provision

bank that has given to you the the

atoning package so-so in the Greek does

not just mean salvation get out of hell

free it is healing it is provision it is

power it is Authority it is dominion and

when you just walk around with your

little get out of hell free card because

I received Jesus on a Sunday

you’re just leaving the rest of the

provisions that God’s son died for you

you’re leaving everything else on the


you’ve got a bank account with a billion

dollars waiting for you and you’re

worried about paying your rent because

you don’t know the power you don’t know

the passcode until your bank account let

me tell you if you receive Jesus Christ

your Savior and Lord you’ve got an

unlimited bank account for healing for

provision for wisdom

don’t limit yourself to what the world’s

telling you

the world don’t want you to post I’m not

a sinner

they don’t want you to post that they

want you beating yourself with that God

of nine tails 39 times

not anymore why

because 40 will kill you you see those

are the doctrines of man

the Assurance of citizenship is found in

John 3 16.

for God so loved the world that he gave

his only begotten son

that whosoever believeth him should not

perish but have everlasting life

what I want you to what I want you to

see we are in our pastor’s school

yesterday that was our that was our

scripture and everyone said I’ve read

that my whole life I’m figuring how can

I come and speak on this in pastor’s


and then they started praying for fresh

Revelation you see I don’t care how many

times you’ve read the same scripture

there’s always Revelation and what was

revealed to me as this is John 3 16

relates to citizenship

is what he says but have everlasting

life see what it said it doesn’t say

will half might have could have you know

the Greek word for have is Echo you know

what the have means in the Greek to tend

immediately to

to attend immediately too when you

receive Jesus Christ as your savior and

Lord there’s no waiting period there’s

no testing out let me check your credit


immediately you become a you become a

coheir with Jesus Christ

you become a co-heir you become a

first-class citizen in the Kingdom of

Heaven so I want to share with you I’ve

shared with you a little bit of my

grandfather’s immigration story

but like Paul Harvey says I want to tell

you the rest of the story about luigio

josephi Silverio you see my grandfather

he never accepted Christ matter of fact

what he did was he carried hundreds of


of legacy of violence abuse abandonment

from the shores of Italy

to New York where they eventually

settled in Philadelphia

see my grandfather escaped his father

who viciously abused him

so he came to a new country and got a

new citizenship

but you know it didn’t change

was the legacy of violence domination

and abuse


you see my grandfather who I never knew

my grandfather was actually the head of

the Philadelphia Mafia

the city lived in fear of this man

the little one the other one’s my dad my

dad lived in fear

of his dad

so my dad left to get away from his dad

my dad never received Christ

you know what my dad did

my dad continued the Legacy

of violence

and abuse

and abandonment you see

Legacy doesn’t save you

only Jesus Christ does so to tell you

the rest of the story is despite

generations of violence and abuse and


in just two generations

God gave me citizenship as a heffican

God changed the family trajectory and

let me tell you my wife is a havokin all

of our kids are applicants everybody we

do life with is a havokin and God allows

us to to share and become ambassadors

and disciples to make other halogens

God’s good God’s good what I want to

tell you God don’t care what your

family’s like God don’t care what your

past is God doesn’t even care that you

and your spouse fought on the way over

here no raises and hands


all that matters is this moment at this

time on this day in this moment and this

offer and this invitation and this

Christ and this way and this God and

this citizenship and this eternity and

this invitation I’m going to ask I’m

going to ask our our altar Ministry

leaders to come up and I’m gonna ask

that that we do that there’s an

expectation of the movement of the holy

spirit because he’s continuing to move

he’s been moving corporately and

individually and I know that the holy

spirit is speaking and I want to make

this I want to make this invitation

if you do not have your heavenly

passport today is the day to receive

your heavenly passport if you

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