God’s Body Builder: Power of the Five-Fold Ministry: Roles of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers (Podcast)


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TRANSCRIPT – Power of the Five-Fold Ministry: Roles of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers

you know I remember I was about the fourth grade in elementary school and then they were like hey everybody show

up into the auditorium it’s band day band

and like it’s like okay we’re going to learn what instruments we we get to play so we all run in we’re fourth graders

we’re sweaty and and and and and we all run to what to the drum set

like all 400 and something of us were going to be drummers oh my gosh I couldn’t wait to get those

sticks in my hands but you know the reality is we weren’t all made to be drummers

we weren’t I played trumpet for three years and mostly somebody who knew better said stop playing trumpet

but you know what it took it took people with the skill the true musicians the true teachers the true leaders to show

those 400 and something students where their giftings actually were so guess what we weren’t all drummers

but it wasn’t until the leadership was able to step in and show us our roles our talents our giftings that any

Harmony any music was ever going to be made and that’s what I want to talk to you about today is is the gift that Jesus

gave to the church in the fivefold ministry we’re walking we’re continuing to walk

through books of the Bible we’re in the book of Ephesians and this church was founded on the on the command on the

precept of the fivefold ministry so we finally get to Ephesians 4 11 and

down to 16. that’s going to talk about the five-fold ministry and and that’s the importance

is if we just all huddle together without knowing our role or our our our gifting then we’re really not efficient

there’s really no Harmony there’s really no music in the Kingdom until we come to understand the gifts that God’s giving

us it’s like building the body of Christ is done by the Christ by the body’s

bodybuilders and that’s the five-fold ministry you know the one thing the Lord put on my heart this week

was that God calls you to walk in completion like Jesus he is the perfect standard of spiritual

maturity and until we get to the point of perfection completion or teleos in the

Greek it’s important that we continue to work towards becoming mature in the body of

Christ you know that maturity only comes through the word of the Lord

it’s not your emotions it’s not your opinion it’s not anything else it’s the

word of the Lord so I would ask that we stand as the body and let’s read that word that brings us into spiritual

maturity it brings us into blessing it brings us into provision it brings us into restoration and renewal so we’ll

see we’ll stand together and we’ll read as the body from Ephesians 4 11 and we’ll begin and he himself gave some to

the apostles some prophets some evangelists and some pastors and

teachers for the equipping of the Saints for the work of Ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ till we

all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God to a

perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ that we should no longer be children

toss to and fro and carried about with every wind of Doctrine by the trickery

of men and the cunning craftiness of deceitful plotting but speaking the

truth in love may grow in all things into him who is the head Christ from

whom the whole body joined and knit together by what every joint supplies according to the effective working by

which every part does its share causes growth of the Body for the edifying of itself in love

amen thank you Jesus like

kill Paul to put a period in there somewhere I mean like I get the exuberance I get

the joy but it’s like calm it’s like come on Paul well I give the body a break give

us a period here and there but that’s the fivefold ministry that’s what we’re called to do to come into

completion and to Perfection into teleos you know so what I want to do is the

five-fold is what we’re talking about today and that is that is the Kingdom’s bodybuilders that’s the personal

trainers for the body of Christ you know coming into the body we’ll give a little spiritual Anatomy lesson and

from Colossians 1 20 23 coming into the body it says and through him he’s talking

about Jesus God reconciled everything to himself you see the only way Humanity could be

reconciled to God the father was through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross there’s no other way

so through that God was able to reconcile everything to himself in that

reconciliation he made peace and everything in heaven and on Earth by means of Christ’s Blood on the cross

this includes you who were once far away from God you were his enemies separated from him

by your evil thoughts and actions yet now he has reconciled you to himself

through the death of Christ in his physical body now y’all this next sentence just

this is so beautiful as a result he has brought you into his

own presence and You Are Holy and blameless as you stand before him without a single fault I want to

challenge you your parents your friends your marriage and any relationship have you ever had

have you ever stood before someone else in the natural and been without a single

fault only in the eyes of God the Father do we come to him

without a single fault only because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ

but you must continue to believe this truth and stand firmly in It Don’t Drift Away from the Assurance you received

when you heard the good news so when you receive Jesus Christ as your lord and savior you become a member of

the body of Christ you become a member of the body and the body is reflected

in the local church this church is the body of Christ

I know it’s a location off of Highway 67 Tidwell exit that’s the natural

the spiritual the supernatural this is the body of Christ why because we’re all

members of that body see First Corinthians 12 tells us the human body has many parts but the many

parts make up one whole body so it is with the body of Christ some of us are Jews some are Gentiles some are slaves

and some are free well we have all been baptized into one body by one spirit and

we’re all share the same Spirit you see this is what happens when churches go through some Strife they’re not

operating In The Same Spirit the one Spirit the Holy Spirit it turns into our emotions and our feelings when we become

soul-led emotion-led well I don’t like worship I don’t like that song that

third song could have been done better well I’m gonna go find another place that does a third song better you know

what that’s your soul speaking that’s your emotion speaking you know you don’t like something that the that

the the natural church is doing but but instead of praying it into agreement in

the Supernatural you start attacking it in the natural and that’s the problem this is what the

fivefolds here for it’s to bring the body into that state of completion

because you are the body of Christ you are the body of Christ only because our

emotions are different our opinions are different our clothes are different our likes are different the only thing we

have in common is the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit

so you have the body the body of Christ so Jesus is the head of this body Jesus

is the head of this church Jesus is the head of every Christian Church

and Colossians 1 tells us and he is the head of the body the church who is the

beginning the firstborn from the dead that in all things he might have preeminence for it pleased the father

that in him should all fullness dwell all fullness dwell is that state of

teleos is that state of completion is that state of perfection can we agree

that Jesus is the teleos man can we agree that Jesus is perfection that he’s

completion he is the head of the body but you see in God’s plan

he doesn’t want all fullness to dwell only in Jesus

the goal is for head to toe head to toe so we’re all members of the body

and some of us are toes some of us are different parts of the body and we all work together only

because of the Holy Spirit but until every part dwells in fullness

then we don’t come into completion as the body the the goal of of church is

not to just keep meeting on Sundays until for eternity the goal of this body is to become the

bride so Jesus can come back to claim his pride we’re here for a short time

and I can tell you people ask are we in the end times are we in the end times can I tell you with 100 certainty

yes yes every second that passes you’re closer

to the end time you’re closer to the end time every second that passes that we’re

not striving for Perfection to become teleos we’re one second lost and

becoming closer to the perfected body the perfected bride of Christ

this is why the five-fold was given to the body it’s easy to to just become religious and become legalistic and say

well we’ve got to become perfected and holy and we’ve got to present ourselves as holy living sacrifices as Romans 12

tells us so it’s like well how do we do that like how do we go from inspired scripture to practical application like

I get I need to lose weight but I need somebody to tell me how to do

it I need a coach a personal trainer that’s

where the fivefold comes in you see Ephesians 4 11 and it says and he himself this is Jesus this is not a mega

church pastor this is not a business planner this isn’t somebody with a pretty good idea this is Jesus himself

he gave some to be Apostles some prophets some evangelists some pastors

and some teachers and you know the translation from Greek when we get to

English the word Psalm is like ah kind of passive like suggestive I’m gonna give

you some M M’s I’m going to give you some attention

when we look the word sum is actually meant to be an emphatic word so if we substituted some for a word like indeed

indeed so if we read it and it said and he himself Jesus indeed gave Apostles indeed gave

prophets he indeed gave evangelists make no mistake about it he indeed gave

pastors and indeed he gave teachers this is not a suggestion

Jesus didn’t just have a pretty decent idea and say I’m going to give some of this I’m gonna give some of that indeed

I am giving you this gift you see the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit when you come receive Jesus as your savior and

Lord and you receive the Holy Spirit the Holy Spirit comes with gifts of the Holy Spirit

and it’s not if you have gifts it’s which gifts do you have so those are gifts from the Holy Spirit

you see the five-fold that’s a gift Jesus gave the gift of people two people

far people that’s your fivefold ministry your fivefold ministry is not to be elevated

actually your fivefold ministry oh we’re they’re on the ground and they’re they’re building the foundation beneath

their life they’re helping you understand the word of the lord they’re helping you to

understand what it is to love with compassion the way Jesus did they’re down on their knees in the dirt and

they’re and they’re they’re trying to lead apostolically and share prophetic words of encouragement they’re out there

on their knees in the in the in the margins of society evangelizing sharing the word of the lord they’re not exalted

like some man-made religion that’s the five-fold the five-fold Jesus

gave the five-fold the gift of people two people far people

so it’s like that’s cool but why do we really need why does the church need a five-fold like can’t we

just go into YouTube there’s got to be a website that we can sign up for because it’s a lot less messy when you

don’t have people involved look I learned years ago when the Lord moved me out of my career

short of retirement said I want you to enter into Men’s Ministry you know what I found was the hardest part of Men’s Ministry

the men right but you know what this is why we need the five-fold

we need it for correction reflection connection and perfection

and I want to relate these to you I thought it was neat that the Holy Spirit gave me four words that rhymed but let

me give you a scripture that goes with it correction from Ephesians 4 for the equipping of

the Saints for the work of Ministry for the edifying of the body of Christ look we all have to walk into submission to

one another we all have to walk in mutual submission and if you walk in submission then you’re open for

correction if you’re unteachable then there’s no then God can’t do anything with you

all of us come into correction and that’s what the five-fold ministry

that’s what the work has done we all come from with these sacred cows from old religions from man-made doctrines

but in Bible studies on Thursday nights that’s where the correction comes that’s

where correction comes in in ministering well this is what love looks like is it really is it sacrificial love versus

self-serving love that’s where correction comes through the fivefold ministry the second is reflection like

we got to shine Jesus from Ephesians 4 again come to the unity of the faith and

of the knowledge of the Son of God to a perfect man to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ here

we are again with the fullness where does the fullness dwell right now in Jesus Jesus is the perfect complete

teleos man the fifo ministry’s job is to help get us all to reflect that nature

of fullness in Christ connection from the whole body joined and knit

together by what every joint supplies according to the effective working by which every part does its share it

causes growth of the body and the edification of itself in love if we’re not working together

if you decide you want to you want to go your own way or you want to do your own thing that’s cool but in this body the body

doesn’t function if you decide to be a toe and you sit over there on that microphone speaker

you’re like wamato and I’m cool and the good thing about being departed from the body is I don’t have to clip that old

nail anymore but you don’t realize you’re dead you’re dead you’re dead you’re dead and the devil is looking at

you because you’ve separated yourself from the from the pack from the church from the body and now you become not a

toe but a snack but you see it’s not for the body to be here and go oh well that’s good for that

old toe because the body suffers the body suffers if we’re not all working together that’s why the five-fold

ministry was given by Jesus himself to the body for the body and the last is

perfection from forward from Ephesians 4 again speaking the truth in love may

grow up in all things into him who is the head Christ the perfect man the

teleos there’s one way to God the father and that’s through Jesus the son there’s one

way to Perfection completion teleos and that’s through becoming in fullness

as Jesus came and Jesus gave the five-fold ministry to help the body get

into that that posture of completion of fullness you know what what what the five-fold

also does is it keeps the body in balance like God God doesn’t want you to be like a

teenage boy in the gym with big big biceps a little bit of skinny legs

like that’s not a healthy body it’s not a balanced body but I will submit to you that a lot of

churches they look like that they big big on evangelism and a little little

Bible teaching you see that’s what happens when the church does not embrace the fivefold

ministry when the church is founded on on the skill of one person if he’s a

great evangelist that’s good you’re going to get some babies in there and you’re going to serve milk and did you

know that do you know that that people can survive about three days without water

and that you could survive about 21 days without food and you could survive about two years without the other four gifts

of the fivefold what happens is after those two years you start understanding

that something’s lacking like we tell our kids for Christmas we used to do this we’re like everybody gets three gifts

for Christmas look they didn’t care about gift one they didn’t care about gift two what did

they want where’s gift three so here’s Jesus himself telling the body

I give you five gifts like I’m Jesus and I’m telling you I’m

giving you five gifts and if you show up somewhere and you

only see um a a an evangelist

start what are you going to start wondering where’s those other four gifts you talked about

I mean it’s in the Bible and you said it yourself like where’s those other four gifts

it’s non-negotiable to grow this body in the fivefold ministry

you know the fivefold the the people God has ordained and predestined and

assigned these people to to be to serve in his body and they’re really just like they’re like coaches

every good athlete every good business person every successful this and that right everybody your per their their

personal coaches quarterbacks have coaches wide receivers linebackers

and the team is only as effective as they’re coached well but you see it’s not the coach’s job to

be on the field it’s not the coach’s job to throw the ball it’s the coach’s job to equip the

players to play the game you see like I wanted to be a quarterback and thank goodness some coach said

you’re too slow and you like hitting people more than you like throwing the ball

so I was coached into a position of linebacker and I was coached well

that’s what the fivefolds here to do it is to equip you for the work of ministry

so we say well what’s this ministry work I keep hearing all about I mean like

what are we talking about let’s get away from religiosity institutionalization and legalism and let’s talk practical

application well I’ll give you some practical application straight from Jesus Matthew 28.

this is your work of ministry this is one of the five-fold is given as a gift to you

and Jesus came and spoke to them saying all authority has been given to me in

heaven and on Earth go therefore and Make Disciples of all the nations baptizing them in the name

of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to observe all

things that I’ve commanded you and lo I Am With You Always even to the end of

the age how is Jesus with us to the end of the age

through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit so we’ve got this great gift of the Holy

Spirit what do we do with it the five-fold is a gift given to the

body to help bring that gift and lead the physical body and the church body

into that posture of perfectness completion so it’s like oh that’s good that’s good so what else does he have

like what other kind of ministry we got well let’s go to mark 16. and he said to them this is Jesus let’s

not make any mistake this is Jesus and Jesus said to them go into all the world

and preach the gospel to every creature he who believes and is baptized will be

saved and he who does not believe will be condemned and these signs will follow those who

believe like this is Jesus again saying if you all believe who believes these

are the signs and he says in my name they will cast out demons

they will speak with new tongues they will take up serpents and if they drink anything deadly it will by no means hurt

them they will lay hands on the sick and they will recover now let me put a little

asterisk for clarification Jesus isn’t saying go pick up a snake and drink some

poison what Jesus is saying that serpent the devil the one that showed up in the

beginning his husband crushed Genesis 3 15 has already told us that

he’s been defeated he’s got no threat to you the poison

those are curses spoken over you those are lies those are rumors those is

Gossip that those are saboteurs in the body of Christ trying to destroy the body of

Christ if you’re sharing anything but the word of the Lord and the truth based on the

word of the Lord you’re lying it’s poison and listen I don’t care what

your goal is by sharing these lies in this gossip or even curses about people

we don’t know for Christians you’re protected

that poison doesn’t hurt you so this is what the fivefolds here to do

this is what your coaches are here to do not to run the plays not to pray all the

time not to baptize not to marry not to slay in the spirit

is to get you ready to do that is to teach you to do that

are you ready are you ready to go and make disciples are you ready to baptize Believers in

the name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are you ready to teach disciples to observe all things Jesus

has commanded are you ready to preach the gospel to every creature

are you ready to cast out demons in Jesus name are you ready to speak with new tongues

are you ready to lay hands on the sick and expect them to recover

that’s the work of the ministry that’s what the fivefolds here to do

now I’m asking you our commitment of the five-fold of the

Elders of the leadership of this church is to make sure we always operate in the

fullness of the fivefold we don’t want nobody

to be that teenage boy in the gym with them big big biceps and them little bitty legs

we want completion perfection Telly us because I’m going to tell you

you see the goal of coming into completion is to go from the body to the

bride and let me tell you Jesus is not coming back Jesus is coming back

for his bride to be equally yoked with his bride Jesus is not coming back to

pick up some girl in the gutter who’s drunk after a bachelorette party and

just finished uh running the streets like Jesus ain’t coming back for her

Jesus ain’t coming back licking his finger washing her face ain’t no groom

ever going into the bride’s room and put the dress in the makeup on her

this was our responsibility to bring ourselves just to submit ourselves as a

sacrifice as a holy living sacrifice how do we get there through the gift

that Jesus gave us in the fivefold to bring ourselves into a posture of completion through the Holy Spirit

through the righteousness of God so if you’re thinking I’m gonna live my life like I want to live

boy Jesus gonna come down I’m going to clean us up and make us the bride it ain’t happening

God wants you to be equally yoked why wouldn’t God expect his son to be equally yoked with his bride

the five-fold is here to make that happen I want you to commit I want you to

commit in a reciprocating level that we’re committed to you from the five-fold the elders and Leadership make

a commitment to grow into spiritual maturity you’ve got to grow into spiritual maturity as bad as our 15 year old wants

to drive he will not get those keys until he comes into physical maturity

intellectual maturity all we would do is set him up for failure if we’re if we’re trying to push

you into postures we’ve all been called and we all have an anointing but do you

have the character to carry the calling I’ve seen a lot of people with an anointing from God and they’ve destroyed

their lives and they’ve destroyed other people in their lives because they didn’t yet have the character and I want to tell you it’s not a criticism God

called me out I was 26 years as a chief of police God called me out four years shot of retirement and said I want you

to go he said you spent your whole career locking men up and I want you to spend the rest of your life setting them

free and I walked off that job with four years left in full pension retirement

and I walked away but you know what God said don’t talk to no men had I spoken to try

to minister to a man the day after I walked away ought to destroyed their lives I had the calling I had the anointing but I didn’t

have the character so I’m asking you the only way you’re going to come into the status of of

spiritual maturity and to carry that calling with that with your uh anointing is to grow your character through

spiritual maturity the five-fold is not here to be served

it’s here to serve you and teaching you these ways I want you to commit to

resist the devil’s temptation to lead you astray I want you to commit to to not allowing yourself to become that old

toe sitting over there by yourself and bragging about yourself because you get to you know you got to clip that nail no

more and you don’t even realize the devil is licking his chops because you separated yourself from the body and it

gets tempting when you get disgruntled or you get dissatisfied or somebody else is sitting in your chair I’m gonna go

find another church with another chair until somebody takes that chair don’t let the devil cause the vision

how do I stop that because you have authority over the devil

I’m asking you to embrace the Great Commission to grow God’s kingdom through

Ministry and my big ask I’m asking you guys

refuse to limit God to the Box based on your current level of understanding guys

I hear so many times people start talking about well that ain’t the way God works that ain’t the way God works

where’d you see that that ain’t the way God works and you know what I’ve tell them you’re right he’s never going to

work that way for you for you because you put the supreme god

in a box based on your understanding I’m asking you to not limit God to that

box I’m asking you to let him to let him move in your life like you’ve been ordained to have that movement in your

life I’m asking you to stop worrying about what other people think and what other people say I’m asking you to stop

saying things about other people that God didn’t put on your heart if God puts something on your heart to go tell

another brother or sister you go tell that other brother and sister if you got a problem with a brother or sister Matthew 18 says you go talk to that

brother and sister let’s be different let’s be Kingdom

let’s work towards Perfection and completion like Jesus exemplifies we

want to walk around oh I’m like Jesus I got me some Jesus I got me some Jesus really where because I don’t see it

I don’t see it the work of the five-fold is to get that Jesus Shine to get that

Jesus out of you to break that box so when Barnes shows up on Thursday with a

butcher’s vest and a big hat and a knife to serve the meat of the word

man that’s how we shines of Jesus and our other five folks that’s how I

used to do some Jesus so I want to ask our ministry leaders to come up as we close this out

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