The Secret of Reaping and Sowing Revealed/Embrace a Life of Abundance by Lisa Schwarz (Podcast)


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Transcript – The Secret of Reaping and Sowing Revealed/Embrace a Life of Abundance by @LisaSchwarz

all right so uh I was blessed with the opportunity to speak on

giving the last time I was here and Pastor kind of as asked me to kind of go back and speak on giving and I was like

there’s only so many messages you can come up with on giving like it’s not like identity I could pull anything out

anyways um so but I’m excited because God wants me to kind of recap I really feel like I

want to recap some of the points that were made but I really want to go to at one point I talked a little bit about

the concept of reaping and sewing and I want to talk a little bit more about that today but first what I want what I

feel like the Lord really wants to communicate today is that we would kind of wipe our mentality our understanding

of giving being some kind of a dictatorship it’s it’s some kind of a rule or some kind of a work or some kind

of a law and I really want us to embrace the grace of God even in the idea of

giving like how is giving the graciousness of the Kingdom that invitation that we have to be a part of

planting things for the kingdom you understand God doesn’t need us like he doesn’t need he doesn’t need our money

right he could do it all but there’s an invitation there to partner with him in

the building of the things that he is doing and and that’s what I really want to get to is talking a lot about reaping

and sewing but before I do that let’s review the the key verse which was second Corinthians 9 but this I say he

who sows sparingly will also reap sparrowing and he who sows bountifully

will also reap bountifully so let each one give as he purposes in a lot of

passages there say give deliberately with intention with much purpose from

his heart not grudgingly or out of necessity because remember God doesn’t need us

if he can drop Quail from the sky if he can drop manna from the sky he doesn’t

need us so every Commandment that is given

I I just kind of hesitate to even use that word because what I want you to think of is I want you to hear the word

invitation it’s even like conviction we hear a lot of that in the church and I like to tell

people that conviction is actually just an invitation it’s a loving place where God says this is a spot where I’d like

you to move forward this is a spot where I’d like you to be set free will you partner with me in being set free in

this area of your life and so I really want us to understand that everything that God communicates to us through the

word comes flowing out of a heart of love compassion and Grace

and so it goes on and it says for God loves a cheerful giver and God is able

to make all grace abound toward you that you always having all sufficiency in all

things may have an abundance for every good work so God is talking about the

provision that he gives to us that if I talked on Friday night if God has called you to it he’s anointed you to see it

through he is not a God who teases us if he’s invited you into Ministry you better

know that he’s already provided the resources the time the energy the wisdom The Compassion the love

the Innovative strategies that are necessary if God has called you to her he’s

provided for it but God invites us as a people of God to be a part of that provision for what each of us are called

to so I went over some principles that we learned because in every passage of scripture we’re learning more than just

information when we’re reading scripture we must learn to to Really seek and

discover the heart of God behind that passage example we teach our children when they’re six years old you shouldn’t

lie because God says do not lie one to another instead of saying the Bible says do not

lie one to another and what we learn from this is God is the essence of Truth

and there’s a beauty and there’s a freedom in being able to walk in transparency and in honesty

do you understand the difference there right one is a religious speaking and the other is an invitation into the

understanding of God’s grace and are designed to walk like Christ and I think we do the same thing with

teenagers we’re like don’t have sex before marriage come on that’s what we do and then if

they slip up oh my gosh there’s so much condemnation because they don’t understand the graciousness and

understanding that we serve a god that is pure and he is Holy he is untainted he is faultless and everything he does

can be trusted that’s the essence of purity that was all a sidebar but we learned

learn about the principles of giving that we see based on scripture but we

learn about God’s heart so here are the principles that we talked about one God invites us when God invites us to

build he provides we read through Ezra chapter one I would encourage you to go read through it I’m not going to re-preach the same message

but we talk he talks a lot about how there were people who came alongside them and encouraged them with silver and

gold for the building and that word encourage is the idea of strengthening your hands

and when we are building something we we need to be strengthened and so we need to be strengthened of heart but you also

need to be strengthened practically I can’t build something without the finances that are needed with the people

that are needed so if you get a chance go back and read Ezra chapter one I try and tell people don’t let me teach you

I’m going to say it again don’t let don’t let teacher Byron teach you let him start a conversation that you finish

in your closet with the Holy Spirit in the word of God let me start a conversation that you

finish with the holy spirit with a word of God in your closet so when I say something flippantly like go back and

read Ezra one a good studious disciple of the Lord is writing that down no

conviction in that invitation invitation principle two that we discussed was God

provides more than enough so God doesn’t just provide enough we see this principle all throughout scripture where there was a need and

when God made the provision there was always an abundance he said the Bible says in Psalm 23 he anoints my head and

my cup overflows when he fed the multitude there were basketfuls left over when he

filled the boats of Peter in Luke Chapter 5 there was so much fish the

boat began to sink he was chunking it into the boats of those around him he didn’t just give just barely enough in

fact the Old Testament is all about God moving people from the land of lack to the land of just enough to the land

of more than enough and a lot of us get stuck in the land of just enough and we miss out on them more

than enough and and the reason is because we don’t understand that God’s nature is

abundance it’s not just that he gives abundantly it’s that he is abundance he is the

essence of abundance so if I’m carrying the essence of abundance in me my belly is swelling

that’s the River of Life that comes up flowing out of me it’s not just I’m getting fat and happy

and keeping all these seeds for myself but there’s an abundance that comes up and flows out of me principle two was

giving should be deliberate it’s a deliberate decision why because God is

deliberate in everything he does he was deliberate in your very Creation in your mother’s womb the Bible says that while

you were yet unformed he saw you he knew you he chose you before the foundations of

the earth he is very intentional he is very deliberate in everything that he does in our lives he has a very

deliberate plan for you faith you are not an accident and your plan is

not a eeny meeny miny moe God was deliberate when he wove your

personality around your purpose and we learn from that that everything we do should be intentional and I’m

afraid that as a people of God we’re not doing life life is doing us can I just say that

come on how many of you are getting done by your finances you’re not doing your finances anymore they’re doing you

and God says I have designed you to do life to stand upon the Earth to be to

have dominion to subdue it that you would walk in authority and you would be intentional about every decision that

you make I’m going to move on principle four is this giving is not a matter of the law it’s a matter of the

spirit now I gave a shocker of a message last time when I said the word tithing is actually only in the New Testament

once and it’s actually when Jesus was rebuking the Pharisees because they cared more about their tide than they

did about love and grace but the tithing concept is an Old

Testament Concept in the New Testament he talks about being a cheerful abundant Giver

giving from the heart and it’s less about your ten percent of your money it’s more about the 100 of

your heart so it’s not a matter of law it’s a matter of spirit so if I could just

break the word tithing off of today’s church can we just do that we just break it off of this church because we don’t

want money out of works we don’t want money out of the Old Testament we don’t want money out of law we want money

that’s compelled by the spirit of God and it’s possible you’re limiting what

God wants to do in you and through you because you have already predetermined that 10 is your tithe

and you’re putting God in a box when you do that principle number five provision is found in the hands of the people and

it’s the idea that God entrusts to his people when Jesus fed the multitude he

handed the two fish the Five Loaves two the disciples and said you feed the people

again could Quail have fallen from the sky absolutely could Mana have fallen from the sky absolutely but there was an

invitation to partner with what God wanted to do the provision all right so I talked a little bit after

I gave those five principles I talked a little bit about the things that keep us that keep us from giving the way God has

designed us to give and the first thing I talked about was the law of reaping and sewing and that we don’t understand

the law of reaping a sewing I’m going to loop back to that but let me tell you the second thing that we talked about we

talked about how fear a lack of understanding the fear that I

don’t think God is going to replenish what I just gave and again in that we learn that we don’t understand the

character of God you’ve got to understand how God works and it makes it easy to do the things of the kingdom and

then we talked about our priorities and we talked about Haya and how they took all the goods and all the wood and all

these things and they did no longer used it to build the temple but they build for themselves their own paneled houses

and how the prophet says to them over and over again consider your ways

go back and build the temple and just that loss of priorities which I would like to propose is also that lack of

deliberation that we’re not deliberate with the things that we’re doing with God so I want us to talk about the law of

the principles of reaping and sewing a bit I want you to think of sewing I want you to think of giving as sewing

I want you to think of giving as investing I want you to think of giving as planting building

and I said last time I think a lot of times we’re like well there goes my ten dollars out into the wind and we have no

idea what happens to it instead of recognizing no every dollar that you plant is a seed being sown into the

kingdom if we understand if we understand the principles of sowing and

reaping then there’s an excitement that comes into me and just says that says I

don’t have to sew I get to sow and I’m expecting a great return

I’m expecting a great return this is true of everything that we do everything you do every action you take every

decision you make everything that comes forth from you is a seed that is released into the atmosphere every look

that you give your child come on it impresses into them

every Kurt remark that you make Leaves an impression it plants a seed it causes

something to happen in the atmosphere so the first thing I want you to understand is principle one is you reap what you

sow you reap and if you could say what if you’re writing it down put that what in capital letters you reap what you sow

so if I sow corn I’m gonna reap corn

if I sow a peach seed I’m going to reap peaches hopefully I will

but you reap what you sow the Bible says in Galatians 6 7 do not be deceived God

is Not mocked for whatever whatever amen sows that he will also reap

for He Who sows to the flesh will of the flesh reap corruption

but he who sows to the spirit will of the spirit reap everlasting life

so every action every decision so I want to go beyond just understanding that

your seed is a dollar I want you to realize that there’s more to a seed than just a dollar there’s your mouth is a

seed your face is a seed your action is a seed your decisions are a seed and one

of the things we say to our residents who live in our housing program is every action you make is either an asset or it

is a liability to who you are becoming in Christ every relationship you listen to me

young people every relationship you have is either an asset or it is a liability

to who God is wanting you to be in Christ every decision you make

is either an asset or does a liability to the path God has a mind for you there

is no in between see this well the enemy wants us to think that there’s this lukewarm space

and there is and it’s demonic it’s demonic I mean God Jesus says in

Revelations those of you who are lukewarm I’m going to spit you out of my mouth

because you were neither hot nor were you cold in other words you didn’t have a work that was fruitful

you were just lukewarm you were a faith without a work so every action is an asset or a

liability to who you are becoming we must be delivered I like to take again I do this a lot of times with young people

I have two pots in my office and one is one literal pots with just dirt and one says flesh and the other one says spirit

and so we’ll talk about all the decisions they made that week and I’ll apply a seed and I’ll say okay this is

the seed of did I study this was the seedia seed of uh did I engage in sexual relations could we just have real

conversations can we just have real conversations can we have real conversations in this okay this is the seed of pornography come on this is the

seed of pot marijuana did I smoke anymore this is my vape right here and so and then we talk about the other

things like okay so there were some assignments I gave you this week like declaring this scripture this is the

seed of that scripture but every action you make is a seed and we begin to plant all the actions and the pot of Flesh has

a bunch of thorns in it a Bachi yuck and this is a beautiful flower

and we and what I’m doing is I’m revealing to them that they are not a victim of their weeds

I’m revealing to them that you are sowing you are reaping weeds because you sowed flesh

period and that is not to condemn them that is to empower them it’s to reveal

to them that you have the authority to take up serpents in your hand

that you don’t get to be controlled by the weeds of your life you don’t get the weeds don’t get to overtake you you get

to make better decisions to cut the weeds out of your life and sow to the plot of spirit

so in um in Romans chapter 8 it says for those who live according to the flesh set

their minds on the things of the flesh but those who live according to the spirit the things of the Spirit uh where

they will reap the things of the spirit for to be carnally minded is death but to be spiritually minded is life and

peace so we learn in here that there is a law of reaping and sowing if you sow to the spirit

you will reap life and peace that’s a promise let me just do a real quick teaching for you I can take this passage

I can turn it into a declaration say today I declare I’m going to sow to the spirit therefore tonight I will feel an

illumination of life and peace that I’m not feeling right now come on I can declare that in my life

because the Bible says it I can declare it I declare that as I sow to the spirit today that life and peace will be

released into my heart and my mind I declare that as I sow to the spirit in my children’s lives that the spirit of

life and peace will be released in their life so I’m not making up something to pray I’m simply saying what God is

saying to me and I’m coming into an agreement with him I’m declaring it and I’m forcing that truth in my life

so as I sow to the spirit I can expect what life and peace

I can expect it the Bible says in Colossians 3 2 set your minds on things that are above not

on the earth the invitation set your mind on things above and not on

the earth and you will reap life and peace principle number two so the first was we reap what we sow if

you’re sowing to the flesh you will reap of the flesh if you are sowing to your spirit you

will reap of the spirit you can expect it why are we shocked when crappy stuff

comes our way when we’ve been making crappy decisions the Bible already tells us that’s going to happen

if you sow poop you’re going to reap poop that’s as best as I can say it all right

principle number two we reap more than we sow here’s where we start to really see the grace of the Lord

because he’ll take your little bit and he’ll do much with it but the Bible says if you have the faith the size of a

mustard seed that’s a very very teeny tiny amount of faith but he says if you have the faith the size of a mustard

seed that’s all you need go ahead and speak to the mountain and I’ll move it that’s all you know hi Daisy that’s all

you need and so he says you can have faith this teeny tiny you can have anything that is

small and I’m going to multiply it you’re going to Bear more now from a practical sense we get it I understand

if I sow one kernel of corn seed I’m going to get a whole stock I’m going

to get more corn seeds than I planted we get it in the natural but we don’t have

an expectation of it in the spirit we got to have that expectation the

Bible says this now may he who supplies the seed to the sower the bread for food supply and multiply

the seed that you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness

what is God saying here he’s saying as you as he will supply you the seed and

as you sow the seed remember the story of the men with the talents and one said I just tucked it up I just tucked it and

I hit it I buried it and he comes back and he says you Wicked lazy servant

because out of fear you didn’t sow you did not invest you did not plant therefore you will not reap

whereas the other men there was a great reaping that happened this is a Biblical principle do we get it in do we get it

in our lives do I expect that for one single prayer that I’m praying over one

person that multiple people in the room are receiving come on let’s just keep it real

do I expect that out of one action in my life that is seemingly so small maybe

it’s smiling to somebody saying how are you doing that perhaps I

could save their life perhaps they’re having a bad day and God illuminates that person and just by

making eye contact with them they’re like somebody sees me somebody recognizes me somebody just smiled at me

it is possible you could save a life see the enemy wants you to think that everything you do is too small

when God is like no no no no bring me your small and I’ll increase it I will bring much fruit from those things

so again consider what we learn about God being a god of abundance our return in the spirit is great

come on I want somebody to say my return in the spirit is great you know you guys have heard the term

Roi right your return on your investment those of us who own businesses we are constantly discussing we talk about

emissional return as well in Crazy Eight Ministries like what is our missional return so we try and measure our actual

Financial return but we also try and measure our missional return

and typically we can do one small thing and the return is always bigger than what we invested we can expect that and

if that isn’t the case and I know there’s Foul Play in my Ministry because that’s what God says it should

be he says you should be able to make small actions take small steps and the return

will be bigger than what you invested we should expect that

is what we should be expecting principle number three we reap in

proportion to which you sow he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly he

who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully now this sounds a little confusing because we reap more but you

also reap in proportion okay so if I were if I sew two current corn kernels

I’m gonna reap more but I’m going to reap in proportion that I reap that I sewed two seeds instead of

one now I’ve got two stalks of corn you follow so some of you are reaping

sparingly in your life and it might be because you’re sewing sparingly you want to know why because you have

fear in your life and you don’t believe that God is abundant you don’t believe he’s going to provide for you point blank

you don’t believe he’s going to come through for you you don’t know come on that’s why they would they would save up Manna for the day

day after day God dropped mine but still they would save some because they didn’t understand the

character of God that God is our provider look if the Bible says it Delights the

father to bless his children come on somebody just needs to clean God you are delighted to bless me today

he’ll wake up in the morning be like girl you are blessed because God is delighting in you

I mean I can pray that with confidence I’m not making up something to pray today I will be blessed

not because I’ve done everything right but because it Delights the father and so I’m just going to stand here and receive the blessings of the Lord

I’m gonna do nothing and I’m going to recognize the grace of God says I want to bless you I’m not going to work for it

and I’m going to respond to that by sewing back into the kingdom see a lot of us are like

oh praise God thank you Jesus Oh I better tuck that away and we expect that God’s not going to be

the same God he was for us today tomorrow and we operate in fear like just in case I lose my job

I’m not saying that we don’t have to make wise decisions that God doesn’t lead us down a path of wisdom but I am

saying that there’s a very fine line between I’m just trying to be wise and be a good Steward and fear

very fine line very fine line all right I’m gonna move on

the Bible says this in Luke 21 he meaning Jesus looked up and saw the rich

putting in their gifts into the treasury and he saw also a certain poor widow woman putting in two mites and he said

to her truly I say that this poor Widow has put in more than all for all of these things that you gave out of your

abundance but she gave out of her poverty she put in all of her livelihood that she had

so this is the idea again that she’s going to she’s reaping in proportion like she has a small amount but what she

gives is proportionate to what she has okay so some of us think it’s a big deal

that we were we stroke ten thousand dollar checks but if we looked at your income I’d be like

can we just be real because somebody’s like um well ten thousand dollars is a little

more than ten percent but she just said that 10 might be limiting God

I’m just keeping it real but if you so sparingly you’re going to

reap sparingly come on we need to we need to sew bigger can we just say that we need to sew bigger we got a so bigger

because I trust God to provide the Bible says that everything that you give good

measure pressed down shaken together and running over will be put back into your bosom

so the same degree that you pour out will be poured back into you and if God is a god of abundance what can I expect

I’m gonna get more back so I can pour out on a Friday night for three hours you know what I’m expecting

while I’m sleeping then I’m going to wake up filled with an abundance of Joy an abundance of energy an abundance of

of love an abundance of confidence and abundance because with the same degree that I poured out I’m expecting that God

will pour back into me even greater that’s what happened with the woman with

the widow woman when she was pouring out pouring out pouring out with as many vessels as she has as long

as she poured out there was a replenishing of the oil it’s the same concept here

all right I’m gonna move on next we reap in a different season in which you sow now this is where it gets

hard because y’all be like I’ve been doing that and I ain’t getting no reaping

I’ve been doing it I’ve been doing it Pastor Lisa that’s the least I’ve been doing it for two weeks

Brad hates when I say this to him sometimes he’ll be like fussy or frustrated because things aren’t moving fast even though he’s soup and I’ll be

like well just a reminder babe that the Israelites wandered the Wilderness for 40 years he’s like that is not encouraging not stop saying that you

know but it’s true but the reality is the enemy knows he can wear you out

he wants you to give up he wants you to stop whatever it is you’re you’re sowing to if you’re sowing to the word of God I

ain’t feeling nothing I don’t know if you guys have seen uh The Chosen where he releases the baptism

of the Holy Spirit into his disciples and they’re like has anybody seen that

one and they’re like we don’t we don’t feel anything and he’s like it’s really not about a Feeling

it’s about a knowing right and so a lot of times we’re like okay I’m gonna do this I’m gonna try it

when people when my clients are like I’ll try it I’m like no we don’t try you’re not paying me to help you try

we don’t try we either do or we don’t do we’re going to determine in advance either we do or we don’t do oh I tried

it I tried keto for two weeks two weeks I tried it did God tell you to do keto I I just thought he did but now

I see no result and I don’t know how to find a reward in the Lord come on

and instead the world has taught us how to find our reward in the result come almost say that again I’ve never

said that before I’m going to say it again the world has taught us that our reward is in the result in not in the Lord

so when I don’t see a result I quit when the Bible says this don’t be

deceived God is Not mocked for whatever a man sows he will also reap if he sows to the

flesh he will Reaper the flesh but if he sows the spirit the spirit will re he will reap everlasting life and then it

says this but let us not grow weary while doing good for in come on who can finish it in due

season thank you teacher in due season we will reap if you do not

faint in other words if you don’t give up you will reap it you wanna know what happens is we don’t read because we give up

because I ain’t reaping fast enough and we live in a microwave society and

we expect a quick return now I’m going to tell you I pray for a quick return every time because I know God can do it

and I don’t like to wait but I have predetermined in my mind if there’s no quick return God you said it

until you tell me not to do it I will keep doing it because when God said let there be light light continued he doesn’t wake up every day and go let

there be light again let me make a decision again let me make light again well let me pray about it okay I’ll do light again

don’t let me forget about it now okay let me do light you know what my people don’t notice the light maybe I should quit there’s no reward in the light

there’s no result so maybe I’ll just quit making light that’s not God’s that’s not his

character when he says it it happens and it sustains it sustains until he says Let there not

be light there will be light and so if God says this is what you’re

going to do you have to predetermine if I see nothing until you tell me to stop I will continue

and we are a weak we call it a snow we’ve become a snowflake Society

and we give up and we miss out on the reaping because we give up too soon we

get faint-hearted we miss out on the blessings of reaping because we quit when we don’t see the results instead we

should be looking for the reward of the Lord in this we must allow the Lord to take

precedence in our life that’s why the Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all of these

things will be added unto you seek first come on we’re seeking the

result first well it didn’t work what didn’t work God didn’t work

come on let’s just keep it real what were you expecting were you expecting the fruit of Peace in

life to come into your heart or were you expecting your husband to change come on

oh I tried that I tried that submissive thing for about three whole weeks and he didn’t change

well when God invites you to do something it’s not about the other people it’s about you it’s not about the

outside it’s about what God is doing in your heart and in your life and so when we’re looking for the reward

in the right place which is seeking first the kingdom of God then all of these things will be added unto you so

what things what things will we reap let it be said that there is indeed a personal reaping when we experience from

that we will experience from sowing into our Spirits many of us have experienced the fruit of Peace because we’ve decided

to set our mind on Jesus come on we showed to the presence of Jesus and we

reaped peace many of us have sowed truths into our

lives and we have felt the shift in our inner beings many of us have felt courage and

confidence come rising up in us because we have set our mind on Christ

see because as I sowed to Christ I have felt the shift of that reaping on the inside

we’ve experienced the effects of our new creation of Christ as we have daily sowed to the scripture which by the way

the Bible says an Incorruptible seed that rescueth the soul in other words I can read scripture come

on anybody reads scripture like I got nothing and nothing that felt so dry nobody just me

just me all right so I feel a lot you know like sometimes I’m like I just feel like I’ve just read the same sentence five times

but if I understand that the Bible says that his word is an Incorruptible seed that promises to bring an increase in my

life I’m like I don’t need a field I don’t need to know it I don’t need to see it I just know what’s happening I’m going to declare it in my life God you

say that as I sow your seed into my word that you will bear much fruit in my life so I’m Gonna Keep on doing it I don’t

care if I read the same sentence five times over and over again I’m going to declare what is true despite how I’m feeling despite my reasoning despite

what I’m receiving I’m gonna keep doing it I’m gonna keep doing it I’m never gonna not do it

because God’s never going to tell me to stop doing it I’m going to keep doing it so the Bible says this

um I already read this about giving back to you so that’s the whole idea of every time we reap something every time we sow something we’re going to reap it back so

if I’m sowing the word of God I must expect but Brad had a good conversation yesterday he was like have you ever thought well actually he said it this

way so when you preach on giving have you ever actually taken a look of the scientific and I said first of all this

is only the second time I’ve ever preached on giving because only Pastor Scott I’m just kidding oh talking smack about you around the

pool yesterday but it was a good point so I want us to actually take a look from about some of

the actual physical effects from giving because I want to know what am I what am I going to reap here I want to know what

the reward is come on am I the only one like I’m looking for outcomes in my life I want to know so from a scientific perspective the

Bible says this Reacher shows that charitable giving delivers a host of benefits to the body and the Brain

it lowers your blood pressure I’m in it lowers your stress level

I’m in I’m all in all right less anxiety and depression anybody anybody in cool

come on let me let me back up in case you mean wait how do I how do I achieve less anxiety by giving more charitably

science is telling us this I just gave you lots of scriptures truths that talk about the effects of

giving but even science the science is actually getting caught up to what God Said all along

okay increased self-esteem what do you say yes increase self-esteem moreover as a

brain health coach listen to this it is known that our brains pleasure circuits

are stimulated by the acts of Charity and giving in other words our brain

releases those feel-good endorphins chemicals such as endorphins which gives

you a sense of euphoria anybody else in it feels good to give anybody ever just give somebody a ridiculous tip

and it just feels good you do get like a rush from it right

it releases oxytocin it promotes tranquility and inner peace in other words it makes you happy it makes you

feel good so this is what’s so interesting of course we all know that science is just falling into submission to how God

designed us and so I would like to propose to you that the invitation to

give is actually good for your soul it’s part of God building your health it’s

part of God come on this is where I’m talking about the grace of God where we have to kind of shift and be like my God isn’t a God that’s like you need to give

10 every week or I will Smite you instead where God’s like hey this is a

part of you living a life that’s healthy this is a part of you living a life that’s filled with joy I want you to

feel Euphoria come on he’s not a mean guy he’s not like no I don’t want you to feel good

I want you to feel just right but not good no he wants you I don’t know if God’s voice sounds like that at all

when I was in the Baptist Church that’s what it sounded like I’m just gonna say that it was like oh my God

now it’s more like this hey baby anyways sometimes it’s more like this hey baby

by the end of the day I don’t believe that God invites us to give because he needs us he invites us to give because

we need giving in our life because he knows it’s the Fulfillment of our design that in fulfilling our design

and bringing us more into his likeness in maturing us and the Bible says that he is not willing that we would be

incomplete but rather he is maturing us part of that process is that invitation

and that response to giving that there’s a fulfillment of your design as you engage on a regular basis in giving and

you will feel that you will feel that I want to close with this the Bible says

this if you love me you will keep my Commandments

now I in my book I think it’s mastering your Seasons I wrote about a field full of flowers and the different ways that

we view God and the invitations that he brings into our life now I don’t know about you but I always read this verse

if you love me you will keep my Commandments no

but in this field full of flowers I want to tell you about three signs that were written in there you can come on up if you want one is written in German and it

said picking the flowers is prohibited and the other was written in English and

it said please don’t pick the flowers but the third was written in French and

it said if you love the flowers then you won’t pick them and there’s an opportunity in that story

for us to really recognize how do I view God do I see him as this dictator where I

feel this fear or this sense of angst because I’m not giving like what I’m supposed to be giving and I’m not giving my 10 percent

or do I understand that God is saying to me look if you love me if you love my kingdom if you love my mission if you

love my work if you love the work of the Cross if you’re passionate about your life if you’re passionate about your

love if you’re passionate about what you do then you would go and tell this is my issue when people are like can you come

preach an Evangelistic message not without talking about discipleship because if we’re teaching people how to

fall in love with Jesus we don’t have to tell them to go and tell the world

come on when I go and have a really good yummy juicy steak I’m gonna call my friend Liam be like girl you gotta go have the steak

they don’t have to be like look we’re telling you that you need to go and tell people about our steak

if you love the flowers you won’t pick them you won’t pick them and there’s an ease

that God is inviting us into around the idea of giving when we understand the laws of sowing

and reaping we understand there’s an invitation here for us to grow not in our finances forget I think that’s going

to happen I want I do because I believe in spirit the laws of reaping and sewing but I want to set thing Beyond finances

I want you to think about the reaping the increase the multiplication of his

spiritual fruits in your life the Bible says you’ve been given the fullness of Love Peace patience kindness goodness

gentleness faithfulness and self-control and not all of us are reaping the fullness of it and it might be because

you’re not sowing to the spirit and this is not a condemnation message

it’s an invitation that says if if I love

what God has done for me if I recognize the beauty of the mission if I recognize

the beauty of the Kingdom then I’m going to sow and I’m going to find much pleasure in

sewing it’s going to be easy come on how many of you want giving to be easy easy like I feel compelled to give

so we are going to open up the Altar and I just really feel like just going back to the very beginning just that fresh

layer of Love here and recognizing that everything that God does in our life is is Grace everything that he does in our

life is love and so I want you to feel kind of the freedom around the idea and the concept of giving that oh this gets to be a love

act it gets to be a compassion act it gets to be a gracious act it’s not a law act it’s not an act of works if look if

you feel if you feel a law in your life I’m gonna say this on behalf of you please don’t

sew your seed into this church because this church is not being built on law this church is being built on the spirit

it’s being built on freedom it’s being built on Liberty and so I want you to feel that freedom

today as you’re reminded that in his presence in his love I’m free

I’m free to give whatever the spirit tells me to give

and so father we come before you in the name of Jesus and we just thank you Lord for just filling us with a fresh

infilling of his love come on

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