Strengthen Your Faith: Embracing the Whole Spiritual Armor of God Today. Ephesians 6:14-18 (Video)


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Transcript –

you know I remember when I was a kid Itold you guys before I grew up in theswamps there was we lived we had canefield there was a gravel road with dirtgravel pea gravel oyster shells and andmy family got seven kids and my mom anddad and we had the old wood grain panelstation wagon and I’m about five yearsold this is like 1969 1970. and andwe’re packed up in the station wagon allnine of us are eight hour trip out ofstate to see family members and you knowback then there was no minivan which iscool and but we tied all the luggage ontop right and we’re there and I’mstanding out in the gravel road my mom’slike y’all are clean don’t do nothingstupidright just stay clean so I’m standingthere and I’ve got an oyster shell on myI always throwing stuff I’m a kid I’malways throwing stuff and my olderbrother like back then we just taken thegarbage out now you younger like wedidn’t have those rubber garbage canswith the wheels on them it was a metaltub with a top my brother and I broughtit out to the road and my brother’sstanding there with us with the RoundTop of the garbage can kind of look likea Captain America shield and I’m stayingin there you know like oh and all Iheard he said throw something all Iheard was throwand I turned around and I slung thatoyster shelland like all I remember seeing before itwent black was my brotherhe’s got an oyster shell sticking out ofhis mouth and he got no teeth in thefrontand he’s standing there holding thatmetal shield by his sidenow I can tell youtwo thingsit was a longlonglong eight hour drivethe other thingif you don’t know how to use your armorthat it don’t do you no goodand that’s what we’re talking abouttoday this is what the Lord put on myheart for todayGod gives you his armorbut you got to know how to use ityou’ve got the armor you’ve got thehelmet and The Sword and the belt andthe shoes and the shieldbut if you don’t know how to use ityou’re going to be like my brotherwith that old garbage can lid hangingdown by your sidean oyster shell stuck in your gums andno front teethI don’t want you to bein that positionlook even today if I see him he’s gotlike a brown line where they had to doit back in the and I’m like I’m so sorrybut that was a good shot I meanbut listen this is why it’s importantthis is why we’ve we’ve gone 16 weeks ina six chapter booksaid soit’s so important to know the doctrinethat Paul laid down it’s so important toknow what you’re fighting for it’s sogood to know that it’s worthy of thefight like Paul said walk well for thewalk with which you’ve been calledand over these 16 weeks we’ve beenbuilding character we’ve been taming ourtonguewe’ve been willing we’ve learned aboutsubmission that is not a dirty wordand now we’re moving into the time ofgraduation where we’re learning aboutour Spiritual armor and listen this iswhy it’s important to y’alllike this is your lifeyou’ve got to get involvedno preacher no teacher no YouTubepreacher is going to help you wear thatarmorthat comes from God you have got to puton the whole armor of Godlike avoiding is not winningI’ll go to church next weekI’ll go back in the fall when we getstarted like avoiding is not winningyou got to get involvedyou got to get involved and you know thebeauty of spiritual warfareall God asks you to do is whatstandwith stand that’s all he’s asking you todoso let’s stand for the word of the Lordas we read the word that brings thevictoryand we’ll read as the bodyso we’ll beginstand therefore having girded your waistwith truth having put on the breastplateof righteousness and having shod yourfeet with the preparation of the gospelof peace above all taking the shield ofFaith with which you will be able toquench all the fiery darts of the wickedoneand take the helmet of salvation and thesword of the spirit which is the word ofGod praying always with all prayer andsupplication in the spirit beingwatchful to the sin with allperseverance and supplication for allthe saintslike that’s good stuffthat is good stuff and let’s talk aboutthis stuff there’s a lot of armorand I want to be respectful of our timeso I want to move through these piecesand I want to give you the significancein the Supernatural world and as it wasfor Roman soldier I just want to remindyou keep in mind Paul is sitting in aprison for two yearschained to an elite Roman guard he hasgot nothing to do for two years butwatch this guy now this guy this Soldierwas probably not a Believer he probablythought uh I’m on duty again to watchthis dude Paul what he did not realizewas that he was inadvertently providinginspiration uh physical illustration forone of the most powerful pieces ofscripture in the Bibleyou see everybody has a purpose whetheror not you realize your purposeand we begin with this armor the belt ofTruth Ephesians 6 14 tells us standtherefore having girded your waist withtruth do you all see that word standwhen the Bible repeats it over and overand over again it’s kind of importantstandyou don’t have to charge up a hill swinga sword side in your scope you justgotta standstand firm against the enemyit’s standing in Victory but it requiresthe armor of God so when you standyou’ve got to wear the belt of Truth andwhat is the belt of truth it’s the wordof God it is the Lagos it is the writtenword of God what role does a belt reallyplay I mean seriously guys wearing asuit his wife finally gave him to wear asuit or some clean clothes and nobodylike no other dudes are like bro I likeyour beltit’s like well I even need to wear abelt yeah you do why do you need to weara belt well I will tell you all thearmor in the worldis useless and will fall off if youdon’t put on that beltI will tell you the King James versionsays having your loins Gert about thetruth what that means is they wore arobe or a tunic and when you’re time forbattle combat you took it and you tuckedit in your belt you couldn’t have anyloose threads hanging because it wouldget your feet all wrapped up in battle Iwant to ask you what loose threads arein your lifeis there unconfessed sin is herunforgiveness maybe apologies not givenor not receivedmaybe there’s debts not paid or wrong’snot righted I will tell you without thebelt The Soldier’s armor falls apartwithout the truth of the word of Godyour life falls apartthat belt God’s word keeps everythingtogetherthe next piece is the belt the thebreastplate of righteousness 6 14continues to tell us stand thereforehaving girded your ways with truthhaving put on the breastplate ofrighteousnesswell what is righteousnesswell it’s being in right standing withGodand remember we’re sharing that unlessyou’ve received Jesus as your savior andLord like none of this means anything toyou other than you need to receive Jesusas your savior and Lord because believeme membership has benefits and these arethe benefitsyou see second Corinthians 5 21 tells usfor he God made him Jesus who knew nosin to be sin for usthat we might become the righteousnessof God in himyou see when you receive Jesus when youreceive Jesus as your savior and Lordyou receive the Holy Spirit you’llreceive the 100righteousness of God so like your bodylike mine needs work your soul is aprocess of transformation to the pointof glorificationbut your spirit is perfectit’s perfectso like when your wife’s like huh youain’t perfect you know what I say athird of me is she was what’d you sayI’m like a third of me isa third of you is perfect why becauseyou have the righteousness of God livinginside of youhave the perfect righteousness of Godand that’s your breastplate thisbreastplate was meant to protect youryour heart your vital organs it was alsomeant to be a symbol to everybody likethis is strength this is power this isrighteousness I want to challenge you towear your breastplate of righteousnessso the world can seedon’t wear it under a cloak don’t hideit behind pornography don’t don’t wearit over here in the hide it in the clubor check it in the coat room at the clubwear your breastplate of righteousnessput on the whole armor of Godyou know the next are the shoes of peacepeople like oh she was a piece 6 15 hetells us and having shot your feet withthe preparation of the gospel of peaceso they’re like oh that’s cool like Ilike me some Jesus sandals like thelittle Birkenstocks like I like thatstuff maybe flip-flops with the bottleopener on the bottom like that’s no goodshoes a piecebut that ain’t the shoes that Paul’stalking about you know these shoes aremade of brassthey made of copperthey wrap the entirety of this Warrior’sfeetanybody been in the military or SpecialForces you don’t take care of your feetyour feet don’t take care of you youdon’t realize how important your feetareuntil they’re blistered and they’rebatteredthese shoes were not the flip-flops andthe sandals of comfort on the sand thesethings were made in brass do you know inthe bottom of these shoes they hadspikes that were one to three incheslongone to three inches long like I want youto like visualize this brother is madefor WarfareWarfareI know we’ve all dealt with the devilwe’ve all been attacked by the demonsand it ain’t fun everyone like when’s itgoing to end when’s it going to end youknow when it ends when you say it endsbut it ain’t going to end until you puton the full armor of God you see thosespikes what they did they were used asweaponskickingthey were used they prevented thesoldiers from retreatingand they helped you stand firm againstthe advancing of the enemywhich is all God’s asking us to doyou know so this breastplate went fromthe bottom of his neck to the top of hisknees like he is wrapped tightthen it’s called Grieves and they’remetal tubes that go from the knee to thetop of the shoelike every piece of this Warrior everypiece of you is covered and armoredbecause I’ll tell you the strategy backthen was you break a shin and you dropthis Warrioryou see you didn’t leave people likethis behindthey’re too valuable they’re too welltrained you don’t just walk off andleave them laying there so that meantone to two other Warriors had to stay inattend to him now you’ve just reducedtheir fighting force by three EliteWarriorsand that’s what the devil wants to doyou see if I can break your spiritualsin if I can wound you huh and then yousay huh why are you going back to churchI read my Bible and then everybody inyour clan everybody in your tribe wellif she ain’t going I ain’t goingsee that’s what the devil’s trying to doyou don’t take a brother like this outwith a fatal shot you break a shin youdisable them so others have to mend tothem now you deplete your fighting forceso how does how does God protect us fromour from our breastplate down to ourfeet everything is protected with metallike God’s not playing games God’s notsending us all to Warfare unarmedunprepared we know exactly who the enemyis we talked about the the fourdifferent rank structures last weekSatan’s Army is well ordered wellorganized well focusedthe next piece of armor is The Shield ofFaith Ephesians 6 15 16 tells us aboveall taking the shield of Faith withwhich you will be able to quench all thefiery darts of the wicked one now whenit says above all it doesn’t mean it’smore importantthe belt of Truth the word of God is themost important thing but above all meansyou’ve got this shield and sometimes itcould be about the size of a doordepending on your height and this Shieldmeans above all your Shield of faith hasto be above and in front of you becauseit’s going to take all the attacks allthe fiery darts but anything you’regoing to do in the Kingdom requires yourfaith to be out in front of you if yousay we’re gonna we’re gonna start aMinistry that’s great that’s great youknow what it takes you got to put yourfaith out in front of you we’re going tostart we’re going to start investing inthe Kingdom that’s great you got to putyour faith out in front of you you knowwe’re gonna we’re gonna make acommitment to a covenant marriage we’regoing to do this you know what thattakes you got to put your Shield ofFaith out there if that Shield is notout front above all all the darts thatthe enemy slinging you’re going to takethem you’re going to take them bodyshots constantly body shots you knowjust to show the way back to the Belthow important it isand the way this armless armor isseamless is on the truth on the Beltthere was a small clip and when youweren’t using the shield when it wasn’tin a time of battle you would hang thatbelt that shield on your beltand the significance of that and theillustration that Paul’s giving us isthat remember your belt is the word ofGod and your faith is The Shieldso without the truth of the word of theLord You’ve Got No Faithyour faith only comes by the word of theLord Romans 10 17 tells us that so thenfaith comes by hearing and hearing bythe word of Godyou know what I love about these shieldsand I’ll tell youfor 16 years I’ve shared with you guys Iwork special operations and we andeverybody had a shield it was a huge bigballistic shield we didn’t go in anyhouse we didn’t go in any operationwithout carrying that Shield it was allin the frontand and so these shields were just aspowerful do you know that these shieldshad six layers of animal skin they wereinterwoven it was almost impenetrable ifyou could imagine that this one justlike this wasn’t that metal garbage canlid that my brother failed to coverhimself with like these are impenetrablepieces of equipment and because it’sleather what do you have to do withleather your upholstery your couches youhave to oil it you have to care for ityou have to condition it so the soldiersevery day part of their routine was tooil their their their ant the animalskins on their Shield otherwise theybecome cracked and brittle what I wantto submit to you if you’re not anointingyour faith every day by the word of theLord and by the Holy Spirit your faithbecomes brittle and dryand uselessyou know the other thing that I reallyappreciateis that these shields had hinges on themyou seean army is not one manit’s the collective body it’s thecorporate body these shields had hingeson them so when they came together toadvance they locked their Shields andmade one solid wall of armor and theyAdvanced they Advanced they Advancedagainst the enemy you see this was theway the church has got to move forwardyou can’t have one brother or sister outthere swinging a swordoh Jesus Jesus Jesus you know whatthe kingdom is not meant to be foughtalonespiritual maturity comes in spiritualUnityeven to the point of locking Shieldsphysically together now let’s get to theto the fiery dartsquench the fiery darts of the wicked oneyou see this is how the devil operateshe’s not going to come in MMA grab yourbody slam you with a leg sweep he’sgoing to stand back at a distance andhe’s going to shoot these little dartsand he’s going to shoot at your marriageat your money at your kids at yourcareer at your mental health at yourfuture at your past he’s just gonnasling him and when your Shield of faithis out thereand and it’s it has been saturated withthe anointing and all those those fierydarts extinguish extinguish but you knowwhat the one moment you forget to put onyour helmetah his marriageand he starts unloading and he startsunloading and he starts unloading arrowsand arrows and arrows against your whatagainst your marriage or whatever it isthat strikes and then you feel likeyou’re in a hornet’s nest and you’rerunning around like like when’s it gonnastopwhen’s it gonna stopwell it’s going to stop when you say itstops it’s going to stop when you putback on the whole armor of God but thisis how the devil operates you see hewill keep shooting those little dartsmaybe a comment made maybe a littlerumor pass maybe a little postal socialmedia but the one that takes offensethat takes whole Satan levels in RapidFire rapid fire and you see this is whywhen these soldiers went to battle theywould take these shields and they wouldsaturate them in waterthey would saturate them in water sowhen they began to March and these fierythese fiery darts came what happenednothing extinguished it what I want totell you again is you’ve got to saturateyourself in the word of the lord TheLiving Water which is God through theHoly Spirityou’ve got to stay saturated your Shieldof faith has got to be out frontthat is the only thing that’s going totake and defeat the fiery darts of thedevildon’t think that 24 hours a day sevendays a week that he’s not launchingdarts that he’s not looking for what’sgoing to what’s going to launch a nerveat youwhat’s going to make you angry what’sgoing to make you sad what’s going tomake you doubtfulit’s a it’s a Non-Stop you see the devillostbut he don’t like losingI don’t want you to think that he’s justlike like sitting over there boohoo andbecause he because he got his tailhanded to himhe ain’t giving up he knows his Destinyand he knows his time in short so thenext piece of equipment Ephesians 6 17and takethese words are important and take thehelmet of salvation you see salvation isfor you but you’ve got to take it yourmom and your dad can’t give yousalvation your denomination cannot giveyou salvation your private ChristianSchool you went to cannot give yousalvationmemes on social media cannot give yousalvation you have to take salvation youhave to receive Jesus Christ as yoursavior and Lordyou have to take it you take that helmetand you put it on and why did Paul usethe illustration of a helmet forsalvation because where’s thebattlefieldin your mindin your mindyou see this this helmet that they woreit was made out of brass and leatherlike nothing could penetrate it therewas a thing called the battle axand it was feared close combat Warfarebattle ax instant death it would crushyour skullcouldn’t Crush thatof course you had to have it where to beeffectiveon your headyou see this thing protects everythingyour head your cheeks anybody ever Leahis like stop asking people if they everbeen in a street fight I’m like so Iain’t gonna ask nobody no more but heyhey look if you’ve ever been in a streetfight just do thisLeah’s like umain’t no armor to protect you but thishelmet protecting your mind becausethat’s the battlefield you see down theback that bill down the back is forprotectionyou ever had anybody say somethingbehind your backit hurts doesn’t itthat’s why you’re protected cheap shotsdown the jawline and the chin everythingon this Warrior is protected everythingon you is protected why because this iswhere the battle beginsthis is where the battle begins and lookthis helmet was super tight fitting andthen tied with her leather boatwhy because if you’re if your salvationis loose fittingthat’s when you feel like you’re underunder attack from a hornet’s nest that’swhere those bees get in your Bonnet yousee if your helmet’s not locked tightthat’s where the devil gets in if you’rewearing your salvation like a loosehelmet then you know what you’re goingto be led to believe oh salvation that’sgood so that means so when I die I don’tgo to hellso I’m going to keep my little salvationin my pocket for the day that I die andthen I get to go to heaven and that’sthat’s true but then in all salvation isaboutright the word salvation comes from theword Sozo and that means that you hadyou do receive eternal life like Aprilsaid so eternity it starts the day youreceive Jesusyour skin suits the only thing thatchanges everything else continues tolivebut if you don’t realize if your helmetis loose your salvation is loose youdon’t realize what salvation comeshealing and deliverance and prosperityand peace and joylike like just if you could step intothe real time meaning of salvation yourlife changes 180 degrees you’re notliving in the mud waiting for thebeautiful day that you go to you go toheaven you were always walking in glorylet me tell you what I love Luke Luke 1720 21 we talk about the righteousnessand then Jesus Is Telling like like thekingdom like the kingdom of God like itain’t in a location it ain’t over hereit ain’t over there it’s youlike do you realize you are the kingdomof Godyou are the kingdom of Godthat’s a greatpleasure it’s a great honor so so thinkabout your life are you truly livingyour lifeas a representative of the kingdom ofGodare you willing to defend that Kingdomyou’ve got the equipment you’ve got thespiritual Homer of God but you got toknow how to use it you seethe next thing is the sword of thespirit Ephesians 6 17 tells us and takethe helmet of salvation and the sword ofthe spiritum and the sword of the spirit which isthe word of God you see that weapon thatsword that was the primary weapon for asoldierthat was the prime and look they wentthrough a lot of different variations ofweapons of Swords some work some didn’tbut you know Hebrews 4 12 tells us forthe word of God is living and powerfuland sharper than any two-edged swordpiercing even to the division of Souland Spirit and of joints and Marrow andis a discerner of the thoughts andintents of the heartI want to tell you that the Romans theyperfected Warfareand it’s like oh this is a this is aviolent illustration but this is violentspiritual warfare is violence you seethe sword that the Romans carried it’sabout two inch two feet longtwo feet Razor Edge on both sides had alittle tip at the that curved up at theat the head of it and and they didn’tslash they didn’t swing they wouldactually mock armies that did thatbecause you know what all that does itwastes energyyou’re swinging you’re slashing it’sbeing deflected what they did they Jamthey Jam they jab do you know how deepthat sword had to go into your body tokill youtwo inchestwo inchesyou’re like why are you telling me thisbecause the the word that is the swordis the Rhema word of Godit is the spoken inspired word of Godremember the belt is the logos that isthe written word this is the Rhema wordthis is the quickened inspired word whenthe Lord gives you a word and you’refighting the devil well when the devilis is attacking you you want to put anend to that use the word of the Lord usethe word of the Lord don’t backtrackdon’t hide in the darknow you’re going into his domain youwant to put it into this battlestab stab stab with the word of the Lordwith the word of the LordlookGod didn’t God didn’t want us to beemboiled in these battles for your wholelifestyle God wants you to live inVictory and prosperity and health andjoy and peace like God’s main focusis for you to it’s for you to go out andshare the gospel to baptize people inthe name of the father son the HolySpirit to teach other people what Godtaught them this is what Jesus wants usto doyeah I know TV movies and this and yeahspiritual warfare battle this and thatlike that’s coolbut let’s understand this is just a partof it but if but if Satan can keep uslocked into spiritual battle demonicoppression then we never get to go dowhat we never get to share the gospelwith anybodyput an end to these battles put an endto these attacks put an end to it bywearing the armor of Godin this last part I want to I want towrap it up with this because this isPaul’s request for prayer and thisapplies to you tooand Paul says in Ephesians 6 19 and 20he says pray for me tooask God to give me the right words so Ican boldly explain God’s mysterious planthat the good news for the Jews and theGentiles alikeI am in Chains nowI’m still preaching this message isGod’s Ambassador so pray that I willkeep on speaking boldly for him as IshouldI want you to make this personalI want you to make this personalwhen we read this we should be readingand pray for me too for youask God to give youthe right words so you can boldlyexplain God’s mysterious plan of of theGospelyou might be in change right now youmight be in poverty demonic oppressiondepressiondespair debtyou might be in spiritual change rightnowbut are you still preaching the messageas God’s ambassadorso pray that youwill keep on speaking boldly for him asyou shouldno matter your situationyou always have the choiceand if you choose to wellyou knowpeople all the time like well I’ll go tothe gym when I get back in shapethat’s kind of what the Gym’s forI’ll come to church when I get my liferightand I want to invite our altar Ministryteamalso and I hope I’m not embarrassing mybrother but Joseph Hernandez if youwould come up as well and help ministerat the altarGod met my spiritual father Larry Titusand Joseph and I are Sons Larry’s ourdadand his brother has a has an anointingon him for healing and deliverance[Music]and love

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