How to Have Peace That Brings the Promise of God by April Snook (Video)


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Transcript –

We’re going to talk about peace today and this just seemed perfect for the weekend thatwe were coming up on or the week that we’re coming up on July 4th and I’m going to share just a little bit thattoday July 2nd in 1776 Congress voted toapprove a complete separation from Great Britain so that’s the day that we’re celebrating I can tell you that Iprepared five different versions of a completely different message for today and the Holy Spirit would notlet me away from peace he gave me no peace about getting away from themessage of peace and so I can tell you right now the Lord has a word for youtoday I told her I said I don’t know who is stressing out in our church but somebody needs to hear about the power of Peacetoday but it is not a coincidence that right now today in 1776 they made theannouncement to be separated from their oppressors so I want to tell you right now whatever has been oppressing youwhether it has been fear whether it has been different circumstances whatever has been robbing your peace thatoppression is over tonight today we make that declarationof course July 4th was the early draft of the Declaration of Independence now Ilove history I love history I love documentaries I love biographies and all of those things butbut I am very much like Paul um and I forget those things are in the past and I pressed forward because Ican’t remember a lot of dates once I read them but glory to God let’s pray father wejust thank you Lord we thank you that today is a day of Freedom father we thank you Lord for the revelation ofPeace as a weapon of Peace as a comfort as peace as a position that we’re calledto in you father we thank you Lord for your spirit speaking your words sparkingfaith in the hearts of the hearers and bringing about change in Jesus nameglory to God Isaiah 26 3 says you will keep him in perfect peace whosemind is stayed on you that’s going to be the key how do youstay in peace your mind has to be stayed on him now Jesus walked this perfectlyof course because he not only has the Mind across he is the mind of Christ filled with the Holy Spirit and one ofthe the most famous examples of Jesus demonstrating peace is in Mark 4. so ifyou want to turn over to that if we can get on the screen Mark 4 we’re going to start at verse says the day when evening came he said to his disciples he being Jesus letus go over to the other side leaving the crowd behind they took himalong now he had just been teaching about the seed and the sower about the kingdom of God being on the inside of usabout how we develop and grow in the kingdom of God this was a teaching on Authority okay so that’s where he’scoming from they’ve been teaching he’s been teaching all day so he said let us go over to the other side leaving thecrowd behind they took him along just as he was in the boat because he was out inthe boat teaching there were also other boats with him a furiouswell that’s how a Squall okay I’m not familiar with that Squall came up somesay a temptress a big storm and the waves broke over the boat sothat it was nearly swamped Jesus was in the stern sleeping on a cushion I lovethat he wasn’t just sleeping he had a cushion the disciples woke up and said to him or woke him and said to himteacher don’t you care if we drowned he got up rebuked the wind and said to thewaves quiet be still now a lot of translations I like better will say peacebe still then the wind died down and it camecompletely calm he said to his disciples why are you so afraid do you still haveno faith they were terrified and asked each other who is this even the wind andwaves obey him now at this point they already knew he was the son of God they knew it here but now they’re having thisRevelation wait a second we’re starting to see the power coming out of his mouth now we can go all the way back to 35because this is what’s so important and I’m going to tell you in John 12 49it says I have not spoken on my own but the father who sent me has commanded mewhat to say and how to say it so a lot of times we’re like well I wantto do what Jesus did I want to do what Jesus did but you have to do what Jesus did the way he did it he only said whathe heard the father say and he only did what he saw the father doing now wherewas he hearing and where was he seeing these things from the father on the inside through the Holy Spirit hewas hearing what to say so when Jesus says in John 12 I have not spoken on myown but the father who sent me has commanded me what to say and how to say it you can guarantee if Jesus says itit’s going to happen so going back to Mark 435 what did Jesus saythat day when evening came he said to his disciples now at this point they didn’t realize Iguess that everything Jesus is saying is significant if he’s saying it it’s going to happenif he’s saying it it’s significant let us go over to the other side when Paulwas on the boat and a big storm came to kill him he was confident he was going to make it because the Lord had alreadytold him he had to be in Rome that’s where they were going he was concerned about everybody elsethat didn’t have a word from God he knew he was going to live he was going to survive he was going to make it but allthose other people that don’t know the Lord that don’t have a word you know Lord will you save themand the Lord did glory to God so the waves might come and that all thethings out there that are happening that are screaming at us are going to try to come but there is a place of peacethat surpasses understanding I’m so glad that you gave that scripture in Philippians today we’re in sync by theHoly Spirit glory to God so we’re going to go to John 14 actually14 27. and this is something else that Jesus is sayinghe says peace I leave with you my peace I give to younot as the world gives do I give to you let not your heart be troubled neitherLet It Be Afraid so there’s a lot of parts in this he says peace I’ll leave with you my peace I give to youthat’s significant what is his peace well before this first if you go all theway up to 23 God is talking about the word verse 23 Jesus answers and said tohim if anyone loves me he will keep my word and my father will love him andwill he will come to him and make our home in him so the word of God dwelling in youthe next verse 24 he who does not love me does not keep my words and The Words which you hear is not mine but thefathers who sent me so there right there is a very clear distinction you have those that hear theword that love the word that put the word in their heart in thespirit of God dwells with them and you have those now somebody’s like well youknow I just don’t have time for the Bible I just don’t really I love the Lord but I don’t really I don’t really read my word well according to Jesusthis says you don’t love him this really seems harsh right that seemsreally harsh but this is true because Jesus is the word so when you spend time with the word you are spending time withthe spirit of God and it will change your life and then he goes on in verse26 but the helper the Holy Spirit whom the father will send in my name he willteach you all things and bring to your remembrance the things that I saidso here we have my piece I will leave with you what is that peace where is itcoming from it’s coming from an indwelling of the word of God on the inside of youand an indwelling of the spirit of God on the inside of youthe spirit of God on the inside of you that can bring to remembrance the wordof God that has been planted in you because one word from God can changeyour life now when he says my peace I leave with you he’s having to comfort them becausehe has been the peace in that boat he was the only piece in that boat right hewas the only piece none of them had peace he was their peace in the boat he’s about to leave he’s about to becrucified raised from the dead go be seated in heaven at the right hand of the father and he is going to sendhis peace now Jesus can only be on one side of the boat or the otherHoly Spirit the spirit of Christ himself can be in youthat’s why Jesus said it is to your advantage that I go so he’s reallytrying to comfort them and let them know listen my peace that peace you saw on the boat that peace you have seen whenI’ve been persecuted that piece you’re about to see when I’m about to be crucified this piece my peace I leavewith you just think about all the places that Jesus had to use hispeace I mean if we really think about it you had mobs coming against him you hadbetrayal you had theft Judas was a thief you had I mean crucifixion that was theworst you had feeding the 500 hungry people 5000 excuse me that seems pretty awful I just have to feed five people in my house and I can lose my peace sometimeslike why do y’all want to eat again but God Jesus did not let go of his peacebecause he had the word of God the wisdom of God at working in him throughthe spirit of God the same that we have glory to Godbut it’s not just enoughto know how to get peace now again Isaiah says he will keep him in perfectpeace whose mind is stayed on him Pastor just got through talking out ofEphesians about the armor of God and the shoes of peace and if he talked aboutthem and they they look kind of like those soccer shoes with all those little points on I’m not a sports person I’m sorry all those little points on themwhat are those called please thank you wow that was pretty loud for this crowd cleatsthey looked a lot like cleats but they were they were spikes and they really were a weapon and you pushed in theground and you couldn’t be pushed back now I’ve experienced this when I wear heels in my yard or out in the sand andyou go and you just get stuck in there and you’re not moving right peace keeps you firmly plantednow patience patience is a partner to peacenow I was um driving and the Lord told me a few weeks ago he said I I want totalk to you about patience and I’ll be honest I groaned a little bit nobody wants to hear about patienceand it probably didn’t help that I was speeding at the time and the Holy Spirit said patience isserious business it is the first line of defenseof the protection for your peace and in my spirit I saw this picture oflike this Tower and this this fence this tripwire outside the tower and he saidthis represents your heart the tower represents your heart where peace of Godrules and Reigns but that tripwire in that fence represents your patienceand depending on how much you develop in your patience depends how far outhow much notice you have between the moment where the enemy comes to attackyou and where your piece is because a lot of us know how to get inthe moment of the peace of God we know how to meditate with the Holy Spirit weknow how to read his word and speak it over our lives but where we run out is with patiencethat long suffering I like the word patience better in James 1 4it says but let patience have its perfect workthat means there’s an imperfect work that means you can have the peace of God you’re believing God for something butbecause you do not have patience because your line of defense is too close toyour heart of peace you’re not going to have the perfect work why because the enemy comes tosteal kill and destroy it’s what he does he is always coming to steal your peace to steal from you to kill from you todestroy in your life well the peace of God this is what the Lord said the Lordsaid to my heart he said the word of God brings Faith toyour heart we know that’s true it says faith comes by hearing and hearing the word of Godthen he said the confidence in the word brings peaceso the more you get faith in your heart as you find scripture and you’re like ohyes yes glory to God that’s on finances or that’s on healing and I need that that speaks to my heart that’s truth andnow I’m meditating on it and Faith starts coming and Rising which is a confidence now as your confidence growsthe peace of God grows in your heart but he said patienceis the patience protects and perfects peace which is the confidence of faithpatience protects and perfectsthe confidence of faith friends we cannot be short-sightedthere are some things that are just going to take longer than what we want but the truth is Faith is nowfaith is now now Faith is is what the word of God says faith is always currentthere is no past tense or future tense in faith when it says now Faith is itmeans right now this very moment which means you can always be in faith notonly that but it says faith pleases God I’m telling you if you’re not in faith about something you are missing out onpleasing God I don’t care if it’s believing God for a new pair of shoes you need to be in faith for somethingyou need to be believing God for something to show up in your lifebecause it pleases him it is the joy to him to know that you find him faithfulthe word says it out of the mouths of babes comes perfect praise what does that mean babes don’t make noise theyjust make noise they don’t make sense babies don’t make sense nothing about babies makes sense right I mean those ofyou that have babies you’re like you don’t make sense but out of their mouth comes perfectpraise is the example of perfect praise what does that meanbecause every noise that they make is a noise of dependencyman I’m hungry ah I want to be changed ah hold me every grunt and groan thatthey have is one of dependency on the motherglory to God that’s perfect praise that is perfect praise to the Lord isone of complete dependency we’re going to jump over to Second Peter5. I don’t even know that this is in my notesI think I’m just gonna have to find it in my Bibleglory to Godnope nope there’s no second first Peter 5. there is no second Peter 5.let’s see we’re gonna jump in [Music]can you get that there you go thank you likewise you younger people submit yourself to your elders yes all you he’dbe submissive to one another and be clothed with humility for God resists a proud but gives grace to the humble whathe’s really talking about here is he’s talking about dependency and Honor onsomeone that is above you says therefore humble yourself under the mighty hand ofGod that he may exalt you in due time now I love that it saysMighty hand of God it doesn’t just say hand of God it says the mighty hand of God that’s a handthat is strong that is able that fights for you that protects you glory to Godnext verse casting all your cares upon Him for hecares for you so wait a second can we go back to six year old kickquick humble yourself under the mighty hand of God so whatdoes humbling yourself look like to the Lord a lot of people think it looks like oh I’m So Unworthy I’m So Unworthy nothat’s just stop it Jesus has made you worthy so really those words are just kind of offensiveJesus has made you Worthy humble yourself under the mighty hand ofGod by casting your cares when you look to him and you put your dependency on himinstead of carrying all this care of I don’t know what I’m going to do I don’t know what to do about this I just don’tknow I don’t know I don’t know you take that care and he says humble yourselfwhich means if casting your care upon the Lord is humility then you carryingthat care as Pride and the Bible says he resists the proudbut gives grace to the humble how much of our life do we carry thecare of I mean as a mom you got the whole future of your kids on your shoulders thinkingdid I do it right am I doing it right as a provider you’re thinking am I doingit right well I have enough in this world since 2020 you’re like iswhat’s happening but for it to stay on your shoulders foryou to be just trying to figure it out that’s Pride but if you want to get in under themighty hand of God the hen that fights for you you’re going to learn how to humble yourself by casting your caresupon Him let’s go to verse 7. because he will lift you uphe will lift you up above it all he will lift you up above it all lifting up is aposition of victory victory Victory glory to God casting all yourcares upon Him for he cares for you let him do it glory to God next versewe separate these verses but they’re all together why why is it so importantto humble yourself under the mighty hand of God it says be sober be vigilant becauseyour adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devourwhy do we need to be hidden under the mighty hand of God that fights for us that that that protects us and providesfor us because the adversary the lot the Devil roams about looking whom he maydevour that may is a statement of permissioncan I do that I don’t know may I do that yes you may it’s a statement of permissionso if he’s saying we’ve got to Humble ourselfto hide under the mighty hand of God by casting off the caresthat means that when you are carrying the cares and you are worrying you’reexposed you’re exposedyou’re exposed in Pride that you probably have been taught was humilitybecause a good parent a good provider worriesabout their family that’s what somebody responsible does I mean if you see a mom and she’s like I don’t care I mean I’veseen those those moms at Chick-fil-A that don’t carebut worrying there’s no faith there is no faith and it exposes you tothe enemy and he is looking to devour glory to God thank you Jesusso going back to James 1 4 because we didn’t get very farit says but let patience have its perfect work again we now know how to get in faithwe now know how to get in peace we’re going to meditate on the word we’ve got the Holy Spirit on the inside of us thespirit of God this speaks to us I always say the voice of God sounds like a thought that comes up from your heart not down from yourhead and now we’re meditating on it we’re building our confidence that it’s trueand that we can have it we can have what it says we can have we’re building that confidence which now peace is startingto leak from our hearts into the rest of our soul and our body but now we’ve got to practice thatpatience we now need us to lengthen the line of our defense it says but let patiencehave its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete lacking nothing we want the whole deal we want all thatJesus has for us but if any of you lacks wisdom let them ask of God who gives itliberally praise the lord we don’t even have to worry about what we don’t knowthere is so much the older I get the more I realize what I don’t know but the more I’m okay with itbecause the older I get the more I realize I don’t know but the more I realize God does know and the more Irealize I can hear from God so it works outso if we lack wisdom let us ask of God who gives it liberally without reproach and will and it will be given to himif you don’t get the answer right then when you pray that’s okay keep prayingpray in the Holy Spirit I remember one time my son who uh was in the dyslexicprogram that we really had to fight the school to get and they were having trouble lining uphis his block schedule it was so confusing I don’t know how the teachers do it it’s amazing the block schedule sothat he could have his reading therapy and they’re like there’s just no way there’s no way we can do it we’re goingto have to move them complete classes he’s going to be away from his friends this is just what we got to do well I knew that was not God I knew that wasnot God’s solution because when the Lord said to put him in that school and I asked him which grade to go into theLord said put them in this grade because that’s where his friends are we didn’t know those friends they werenew friends but the Lord said put him here that’s where the friends that I provided for him are so I knew at thispoint in school to move him away from the people that God connected him with that would help him read to help him doall these things that were his his community to move him completely out of there was not the plan of God but theywere telling me there’s no way there’s no way we can do this now I mean God does this on big scales but this is mylittle this is my mom’s skill glory to God that God does things on Mom scales rightso they’re calling me at night because he’s got to have this class bylaw and I said just wait just wait don’t change his schedule for tomorrow I’mgoing to pray about it and I’ll call you back I’ve got the superintendent the principal of the school I’ve got thereading therapist I mean everybody the school counselor everybody’s trying to make this workand so I take this I take this block schedule and I said God you have Simple Solutionsfor complicated problems and I ask for wisdom right now in the name of Jesuslisten if you’ve got something big in your life this what seems to be a little thingshould really really comfort you really comfort youand I start praying in the Holy Spirit the spirit of God that knows all thingsthe spirit of God that the word says Jesus said is your counselor is your helper is your teacher and I take thatschedule and I just start praying in the Holy Spirit over it and I look and I just see within my spirit two classesand those two classes just did this Boopthat was it and I called him back and I said you are not going to believe how simple this is I said God just gave methe solution all we have to do is swap these two classes done everybody Blown Away listen God has Simple Solutions tocomplicated problems there is nothing too difficult that the wisdom of Godcannot speak to you and unravel I’m telling you can have a big old knot abig old knotted yarn and he knows the exact thread to pull to make that whole thing fall apart my husband can doamazing things with knots he knows how to make these knots that you just pull one string and it just comes all apart Idon’t know how he does it okay so we’re going to pick up on this unstable let’s seeum oh okay but let him ask in faith with no with no doubtingfor He Who doubts is like the wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind for let not that man suppose that hewill receive anything from the Lord he is a double-minded man and stable in all of his waysnow I have that’s that’s really important let him not think that he’ll receive anything from the Lordnow I have a really great picture of this and it does involve water out on the farm I was raised in WestTexas and we lived about half a mile down this country road from my grandparentsand we didn’t have any lakes there a matter of fact every tree that was out there we knew who who planted it I meanat the elementary school my great-grandfather planted that tree I mean one year they imported squirrelsinto the downtown Square because they thought it would be cute until it ate all the electrical we just I mean it is flat flat bare landand but there was this little pla lake so it’s a little dipped down and when it rains it would fill up with water and mysister and I would get those little plastic pools and we would get out there and we would float on our little boatout in that little ply Lake and we would look for tadpoles and and turtles andall those fun things well this time my sister was marching out there in herrain boots to get out there to the little boat that we had and I was waiting and all of a sudden she gotstuck in the mud and she pulled her foot up in her her shoe was stuck there and now her foot’sher socks out and then she falls in the mud here and now her socks all muddy and she starts screaming for help saying I’msinking I’m sinking it’s quicksand I’m sinking now we don’t have quick send out therebut I didn’t know this I’m the younger sister so I go into a complete panicI am responsible for saving her life at this point I can’t go on to the mud because then I’ll sink in quicksand anddie what am I going to do I’m going to run for help so all of a sudden I turn and I start running to my grandparentshouse for help and then I get a little way and I stop and I look and I’m like no it’s faster to my parents so I startrunning over to my parents house for help and I stop because then I look and I realize no it’s faster to mygrandparents house so I am running back and forth back and forth screamingcrying until all of a sudden I just fall to the floor in the middlestraight in the middle of those two houses and just cry and my sister’s laughingnow fortunately my grandmother runs out from this house my mom runs out fromthis house because they hear me and they get to us at the same time and they rescue my sisterbut that moment is what it looks like to be double-mindedthat’s exactly what it looks like and don’t think don’t think if one moment I’m trustingGod I’m trusting God oh my God what are we going to do what are we going to do I’m trusting God I’m trying oh my God what are we gonna do I’m just gonnathat’s that that’s running back and forth back and forth back and forth back and forth Iwas going nowhere getting nothing going nowhere getting nothing you got tomake a decision do I believe God am I gonna believe Godbecause Satan wants to toss us back and forth with our emotions this is themoment where that patience that long suffering that enduranceis important because sometimes it’s not going to happen just like that sometimes it willbut do you trust them if it doesn’t do you trust them if it takes a while ishis word any less true tomorrow than it is today is as promises any less truetwo years from now than it is today I mean Jesus is coming back do webelieve it yes is it any less true that it’s been 2 000 years in the moment whenhe said it no no it’s not any less truematter of fact it feels even more true because we’re even closereven closer if you’re not in the moment where you have received what you’re believing for friends congratulationsyou are in the faith season you were in the season the opportunity that pleases God that gets him excitedyou are in the opportunity to believe him and you know once that thing happensglory to God it will be great praise the Lord hallelujah and then you’re gonna kind of be like oh you know you know Iwant to put my faith on something else what’s next Lord because it’s that Faith seasonthat builds your character it’s that Faith season that brings that strength it’s that Faith season that grows youinto the woman of God the man of God it’s that face season of believing thosethings that are not as though they were oh it’s delicious friends it is sodelicious if you’re not seeing what you’re believing for right now just get excitedthat it’s just more time to believe him it is more time to strengthen yourselfit is more time you’re building your God’s story you are building thetestimony that’s going to affect others you are building the joy of the Lordbecause you continue to trust him but you also have to always be expectingbecause faith is now faith is now but it’s almost like fishing cast your cares upon the Lordfor he cares for you it’s almost like casting that out I am believing God God spoke to my heart this and you can feelit you can feel it when faith gets on the line I’m saying the word I’m saying the wordI’m saying the word and it’s almost like you’re watching that little bobber outthere I’m saying the word I believe the word of God I believe the word of God and you know whatyou don’t really yet but you’re saying you do you’re setting your faith to really believe but Faithtakes a while they takes a while so I’m saying it I’m confessing it I’mspeaking it and all of a sudden you see that singer go boomfaith on the line it’s now in me I feel it I feel it I really believe it I’ve been meditatingI’ve been transformed by the renewing in my mind I’ve been meditating on his promises I got it now it’s on the lineand then you start willing it in glory to God that’s where the Thanksgivingcomes that’s you’re no longer waiting for it to get on the line you’re now moving into praise Lord to God what doyou do when a kid gets a fish on on the hook right look look look look look they startcelebrating before it’s even in their hand right sometimes they’ll they’ll lose the pulpbecause they’re celebrating so much that’s when Thanksgiving and praise and excitementcomes because it is on the line and you are will reeling that thing in with glory to God praise the Lord I know it’scoming I feel it praise the Lord glory to God it is mine it is mine I am healedI am healed I am prosperous I am prosperous glory to God and you are reeling that thing in until there it isthere it is but how many fishermen do you know thatonly fish wants are called to be Fishersif you love it we’re called to be Fishers Fishers of Menbut you know what men want to know about what God’s done for youwhy should they believe you who is this God that you talk about doyou know him has he done anything for you where’s the evidence in your lifefriends we are people of evidence it says they will know us by our love butperfect love casts out fear fear is the opposite of peaceso if perfect love casts out fear they’ll know us by his love that means we also have to be people of peace theywill know us by our peace how can we be people of loveif we’re afraid how can we be people of love of God ifwe’re out there worrying about everybody what everybody else is worried about worried about the economy can I put gasin my car is there toilet paper is there going to be chicken friendsthey will know you by your love but perfect love casts out fear so they will know you by your peace your confidencein the love of God now back in 2020 I’m going to end this with a storyback in 2020 I love the Lord January the Lord said I want your familyto read Psalms 91 every day and take communion can we put Psalms 91 up thereI tell you this is a good one this is a good one to meditate on and I was likereally every day do that every day and he said every day so okay kids every morningand it says he who dwells in the secret place of the most high y’all just read it with me shall abide under the shadowof the Almighty I will say of the Lord he is my refuge my Fortress in him Iwill trust surely he shall never deliver You FromThe Snare of the Fowler and from the perilous pestilence he shall cover you with his feathers andunder his wings you shall take refuge his truth shall be your shield and yourBuckler shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor by the air that flies by daynor the pestilence that walks in darkness nor the destruction that layswaste at Noonday thousand may fall on your side and tenthousand at your right hand but it shall not come near youonly with your eyes shall you look and see the reward of the wickedbecause you have made the Lord who is my refuge even the most high your DwellingPlace no evil shall befall you nor shall any plague come near your dwellingfor he shall give his angels charge over you to keep you in all your waysin their hands they shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against thestone tread upon the lion and the Cobra theYoung Lion and the serpent you shall trample Under Foot because he has set his love upon metherefore I will deliver him says the Lord I will set him on high because hehas known my name he shall call upon me and I will answerhim I will be with him in trouble I will deliver him and honor himwith long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation glory to God gloryto God that covers it all that covers everything we would ever need from the Lord and we have to say I will say ofthe Lord what you say matters what you say matters in my version I’ve got the Amplified itsays his faithfulness is a shield and a wall well the Lord told us to do this matterof fact not just that but shortly after that so we were saying this every day my kids still spray it and read it out ofthe scripture every day when they drive to school so we were reading this we’re declaring it we’re taking communion which is ourcovenant with God and then one day my husband and I wellI’ll say that for a second so my daughter in the end of February this is beforeright before all the corona stuff happened my daughter starts feeling really sickand I’m like oh you’re fine I’m that peaceful mom you’re fine andshe starts having a lot of back pain which then as a really good mom leads meinto all the stories of uh my birth with back pain that I had to shareand eventually she starts vomiting and then on day three she’s turning green and I’m like oh I’ve got to take her tothe doctor this is this is not just something that I thought it was this is this is something morewell the Lord had already led me a week before he told me very strongly to go see my friend’s husband that’s a doctorit has like a sonogram machine he told me to go very firmly and I’m thinking issomething wrong why do I need to go so I went and I was perfect and I thought what was that about I know the voice ofGod why did he want me to go well it was a great time just reconnecting with with that person and getting in front of themand with this I’m like we need to go see him we need to call him since I was just there I called himup and I said listen can you do a little sonogram machine on my daughter I think something’s really wrong and he saidyeah bring her over I’ll get her over my lunch break so I went in there and on his sonogram machine he saw a mass about the size ofa full Orange and what had happened he said this is really bad you got to take her toChildren’s Hospital immediately and I mean she’s turning green she’sbeen vomiting now for several hours I guess since the night before and so jump in the car and we go toChildren’s Hospital and we get in there and they’re doing all the exams and they take pictures and stuff and her appendixhad ruptured three days ago and it had started to go septicand he’s the doctor said the doctor said this is really amazinghe said her body created a wall and a shield around the infectiona wall and a shield it’s hot when he left the I’ll ask the nurse I said a wall he said the wall andthe shield around that affection is that is that normal doctor terminology and she was like no I’ve never heard him saythat before where have I heard that where have I heard that that’s right it says myfaithfulness his faithfulness will be a wall and a shield around her listen my baby was inthe hospital for over a week having a drain and that wasn’t the only miracle and shewas completely fine and the Lord let us Corona hit they shut the whole place down we had a floor to ourselvesnow we are self-employed my husband owns his own company and God has blessed uswe are so blessed and we did not have health insurance at the time and soand so I realized my greatest fear as an owner of a company or a wife of an ownerof a company a Texas own half but uh as the owner of a companyis that a medical emergency could completely destroy us we’d had a friend who had greatinsurance and they lost their house when their daughter had a major medicalemergency that was my biggest concern if we had a medical emergency this could completelybankrupt us so all of a sudden I’m sitting in the hospitalI’ve seen that the word of God has already been working God has already set us up he’s already prepared her preparedus for this moment his word is already performing what has been sent forth to do and I’m feeling completelyin fear about our finances I know our daughter’s going to be finebut what about our finances I said God I feel like Satan has me between a rock and a hard placejust pressing and I heard the voice of God sounds likea thought that comes up from your heart not down from your head he said that rock is me get behind mewhat is that cast your cares upon me get underneath that Mighty hand of Godso I know how to position my self behind the Lord in scripture I will say theLord he is my strong and mighty tower I position myself behind him I cast thecares and I hear the Lord say the worst thing that Satan can do to youis get you in a position to need more of meI know how to get more of God I know how to get more of Godif that’s all that Satan has the worst thing that he can do to you is get youin a position to need more of God he doesn’t have anything he doesn’t haveanything because this word this word has everything that we need and as youmeditate on the word of God and you get it in your heart and the Holy Spirit starts to bring it to your remembranceand you start meditating and you start declaring it and now you’re sending the word of God forth so it can produce whathas been sent for to do the enemy has nothing nothing he only has something if youdon’t know how to get more of God if you cave if you’re floundering if you’re tossed it back if you’re running backand forth between trust in God and oh no trusting God no no and trust in God oh no no then don’t expect to receiveanything from him but if you know how to stand on the word Satan has nothingfriends they had in our thing that said know your provider and that’s where they write your insurance and I said writeJesus and the lady said what and I said write Jesus on that board and she saidoh okay yes Glory you know she was a Believer and she just Spanish she justkind of wiggled as she wrote it she wrote Jesus upon that and every doctor that came in looked at that and just kind of chuckled looked at that and justkind of laughed well I got to pray for doctors that would come in that were absolutely terrified of what was goingon in our country absolutely terrified and I was just walking in peace I’m speaking the word of God I know that Godtakes care of this I know that he’s our provider I’m casting the cares I’m standing on the word and we’re justwalking this thing out no insurance glory to God we make too much money for any government assistancejust me and God just us and God just us and God what a great place to be what agreat place to be when you have nobody else to turn to but the Lord listen that’s something to get excited aboutthat’s something to get excited about I remember going to the doctor with my son one time and the doctor said oh there’snothing we can do I said praise the Lord and he looked at me and he saidwhat and I said that means it’s a job for God that means it is a job for God can Itell you that that December everybody say patiencethat December this happened in the end of February the first part of March thatDecember we got a letter in from the hospital with our balance that was duedon’t you know it was a little nerve-wracking opening that up and it said zerozero we don’t know how we don’t know how God did it we do notknow how God did it because we didn’t in the natural qualify for it but I cantell you in the spiritual we sure did we sure did glory to Godthank you Jesus thank you Lord now I want to read you what the Lord spoke to me February 1stof fourth about this nation because there’s some people that are just terrified your mind says he will keephim in perfect peace his mind has stayed on the Lord but there’s too many people whose mind are stayed on the news and what’s going onFebruary the 4th in 2020 before everything happened we were driving on adate in my car and the spirit of God manifested in our car it was so strongI’m telling it was like tuning into a radio station and I just started speaking when I was hearing from theLord and this is what he said he said there is a turning a whirling and a swirling there is a sediment of sin thathas settled and tried to lay a foundation on This Nation but there is a churning a whirling a swirling of thespirit of God my people safe in the eye of the storm where the sky is clear andthe air is peace there will be those whose Hearts faint at the sight of theturmoil around them and will be sucked into the turning out from the place of peace but look uplift your heads and declare my heart is steadfast trusting in the Lord steadyyour gaze and do not be distracted by what is whipping around you it is notfor you nor unto you says the Lord steady your heart and steady your gazethe sediment of sin is being broken ripped from the foundations and liftedup and out of this nation glory to God glory to God[Applause] so when everything started happening I’m like oh there it is oh there it is ohthere it is we stayed in peace we stayed in peace I’m not moved when we sawthings not go the way we thought it was going to go and it went in a different direction I’m just like hey is beinglifted up so it can be seen all this stuff all this sin all this things of the sedimentof sin that you’re seeing on the news and you’re like what’s happening to our nation I will tell you the sediment ofsin is being broken from the foundations of this Earth and it’s being lifted up not to take over but to be exposedbecause God is throwing it out now do I wish it happened two three years ago yes but everybody say patienceI have not let go of this word I have not let go of this word and whenit didn’t happen the first year I just moved my fence out when it didn’t happen the second year Ijust moved my fence out even farther so in peace starts getting tripped whenpatience when I’m starting to feel impatient about things that’s a red flag the tripwire just went off an alarm hasjust gone off I’m being impatient about it I’m being impatient about healing I find being impatient about our financesif I’m being impatient about our nation tripwire has just gone off alarms happening I gotta get backbecause the enemy is coming to steal my peace glory to God listenI’m telling you this is your day in 1776 on this day they declared that thatbondage of control was overif you have struggled with fear if you have struggled with any kind of anxiety if you have struggled with anything thathas been a theft of peace in your life whether it’s Health finances kids this nation whatever it is this is your dayto declare that that tyranny that rulership is over in your life and it’stime to get into the peace of God

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