Unveiling the Epic Battle: How Christ Triumphed Over Satan’s Temptations! (Podcast)


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Transcript –

I would save 33 years ago I came to Christ out of a world a life of darkness and and I was saved in a in a SouthernBaptist Church and and look I went to Sunday school in the morning and and I went to church Sunday morning and I goback Sunday night and and if I wasn’t on duty at the time I go back on Wednesday and and like going from a world ofDarkness like knowing nothing like nothing I started to learn things and I was excited because I was learningthings and and I didn’t feel so stupid when my friends would talk about Jesus and and I wasn’t afraid because I’dnever heard of Jesus and and but you know what I found after a while that learning was just learning that learningdidn’t apply to living and I got dry and I’m like this Jesus that we’retalking about I don’t even know who he is like what you’re telling me and whatI’m living don’t match and then I’d fall away I’d fall away inthe season of dryness and then after a while of Separation I’d Iout of emotional and I’m like well I need to go back and I’d go backsame lessons same how’s it going and and I would get so dry and then I quit goingbecause what they’re telling me and what I’m living were two different thingsand then it became a vicious cycle of just this binge Purge binge Purgeand after about 10 years of that I went to a visited a Spirit-filled churchI’d never been there and I walked in and and of course the first person I see isa lady who I never met in my life but I know she hated me like she said badthings about me because my position as a as a police officer and an arrest that had been made and a family member andI’m like I just want to visit I don’t need your drama and she comes upand she puts her hands on the side of my head and she starts prayingexcept I don’t know what she’s saying and she’s praying and I’m just trying tobe nice like I just don’t want drama right I mean I get it during the week Ijust want to go home and go to lunch and and all of a sudden the words I start tounderstand them she’s speaking in tongues and I began to understand that it’s nother words it’s God speaking to me and and then I realized that it’s thegift of interpretation and with that fell that the power of the Holy Spirit and I’m going to tell you when shefinished praying and she’s like she goes will you forgive me I don’t even knowyou and I’m like yeah and she started praying again and listen and it’s all Icould do she was literally physically holding me up by these two ears on the side of my head I was so slain in thespirit and after that moment my life had never been the same I had been a dwelled bythe power of the Holy Spirit the Jesus that they had been talking about became the Jesus that I became intimatelyconnected to without the baptism of the Holy Spiritwe got we don’t have the life this book this is just literaturewithout the power of the Holy Spirit as we continue our walk through the gospelof Mark today we’re going to talk about the baptism the baptism of Jesusbut what I want to tell you is that Jesus’s Ministry was only activated after the baptism and the baptism of theHoly Spirit and yours will be too if you’re living a life that feels dryacademic educational you feel like like this this well isjust like dry literatureyou need an encounter with the Living God through the power of the Holy Spirityour ministry your life your fire is only activated by theindwelling of the holy spirit so I will ask us if we’ll stand as the body as we continue to readand work through the gospel of Mark let’s read the only word that gives us the true fire for life and we’ll readthis as the body and it comes from Mark 1 9 through 13 as our anchor scripture and we’ll read together John baptizesJesus it came to pass in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee andwas baptized by John in the Jordan and immediately coming up from the water hesaw the heavens party and the spirit descending upon him like a dovethen a voice Came From Heaven you are my beloved Son and whom I am well pleasedimmediately the spirit drove him into the Wilderness and he was there in the wilderness 40 days tempted by Satan andwas with the wild beasts and the angels ministered to him that is a good word thank you Lord thatis what launched the ministry of Jesus what I want to share with you is that Jesus began his Earthly Ministrywith a symbolic death and water baptism symbolic burial and ResurrectionJesus began his Heavenly Ministry with an actual death an actual burialand an actual Resurrection you see Jesus’s baptism it brought the HolySpirit down to indwell in him and empowered his ministryJesus’s Ascension sent the Holy Spirit down to indwell in you and Empower yourministry you see Jesus shows submission to God by submitting to baptism to submitting toJohn for baptism remember we’ve talked before and we talked about Ephesians that the word submission it’s from theGreek hupatasso Hoopa mean placing yourself under like God Like Jesus placed himself underthe will of the father and tosso is a military word meaning ordered and structured Jesus submitted himself toJohn the Baptist for baptism John the baptism John the Baptist serveda Ministry role by baptizing Jesus what I want to share is sometimes in our lives oftentimes inour lives our ministry may be to elevate someone to the next level in theirMinistry sometimes we we you know they say that comparison is the thief of joy we’relike well my Ministry is not as big as their Ministry and they’ve got a microphone strapped to their face and well I’m just over here waving at peoplein the parking lot like don’t compare your God job to the other God jobs do your God job we talkedabout it before at the time John the Baptist was like the First Christian Church Mega pastorhe says all Judea all Jerusalem came out to see him that’s about 70 000 peoplebut all he was meant to do was to point people to the to the king to King Jesusdon’t compare what God’s asked you to do to anyone else be obedient to God’s Willand serve a purpose that is usually greater than your personal expectationsand what I want to encourage is be careful not to self-activate if you’removing into a Ministry and you’re outside of God’s uh will then you’re going to be outside of God’sfavor you’re going to struggle you’re going to feel dry had John the Baptist been like no no Iknow I know I know but but like like don’t unsubscribe from my mailing list rightno then John falls out but John didn’t fall out John did his jobJohn was there to help Elevate and move Jesus’s Ministry from glory to gloryand then in Mark 1 11 then a voice Came From Heaven you were my beloved Son and whom I am well pleased like this wouldbe the first recorded time that God the Father speaks to Jesus the son since he became flesh you imagine 30 years30 years and then your dad gives verbal affirmation it’s so important for us to receive Godthe father’s affirmation Dads Dads your wives and your kids theyseek they need your verbal affirmation you were good good Fathersthe people in our lives need our affirmation so I want to go to the next part whichis the when Satan tempts Jesus and the rest of this message I want to focus on this because this is where the Lord ledme to focus upon and we’re going to go into 12 and it says the spirit then compelled Jesus togo into the Wilderness where he was tempted by Satan for 40 days he was Out Among the wild animals and the angelstook care of him it’s important we we spent 17 weeks in Ephesians talking about buildingcharacter and and then the armor of God and and standing firm Against The Wiles of the devil and and it’s so importantto understand who we’re dealing with we’ve got to know the enemy otherwisewe’re just throwing fists flailing in the air we’re accomplishing nothingso just to clear up because we do we get this all the time and and when it comes to to demonicoppression or possession or suppression there’s there’s some there’s some controversybut the question is can a Believer be demon oppressed and the answer is yeswas Jesus oppressed by Satan yes and if you don’t believe that he wasthen you don’t believe the word of the Lord because the word of the Lord just said he was tempted by Satanit didn’t mean he was just in the same space Jesus was tempted by Satan thattemptation is oppression now was Jesus possessed no can a Believer be possessed no when youreceive Jesus Christ as your savior you have received the Holy Spirit you were100 filled with the Holy Spirit there is no room for demonsbut in the Bible it’s it’s about legal Authority so you buy your property that propertybelongs to you you have legal a property a legal authority over that propertynow does that mean that a squatter can’t come and set up a tent at the end of that property they can do they havelegal authority to be there no do you have the right to evict them yesand you should demons have no legal Authority God haslegal authority over you why because his son paid for you he bought you the HolySpirit has filled you but it’s still important going forward for the rest of this messageand the rest and in our walks to understand that we can beoppressed by demonic forces you knowso here’s Jesus you think about this and and in Mark it’s just two sentences it’s pretty brief and we’re going to jumpover to Luke in a little bit but you think about this here’s Jesus he sees his cousin JohnHey cuz he gets water baptized he comes out remember when you got slain by theholy spirit for the first time he gets filled by the Holy Spirit and then God his father affirms himlike how amazing is that this is a Mountaintop experience in ourlife immediately he is compelled driven into the Wilderness for 40 days where he istempted by Satan it’s like what gives like what gives life was so good how didit go to here how many times do we find ourselves in those situationsMountaintop moments look Satan’s lost but it does mean helikes losing what better way to knock you off a mountain is when you’re on the mountainyou see I’ll tell you Moses in Moses’s Mountaintop experience with the Lord hecame down to find what the entire nation had thrown a party and built a goldencalf the disappointment he must have felt Paul Paul was re was receiving such deepRevelation from the Lord that that Satan sent a demonto to tempt him to distract him and you know poor Peterlike Peter wins the prize from Peak to pit in record timelike you go to Matthew 16 and here’s Jesus he’s like but who do you say that I am and oh Peter you’re the Messiahyou’re the son of the Living God like this is Peter and Jesus like that’s my boygood going Peter and then Jesus shares about about hiscoming uh uh crucifixion Resurrection the sin and then Peter chastises him andwhat does Jesus say right after that get behind me Satan like this is Jesusthe Christ get behind me Satan so Peter wins the prize from Peak to pit in record timedon’t be surprised when you get these Mountaintop experiencesthat the devil’s not waiting to trip you up on the way down but you know how you defend thatyou’re Adorn yourself in the full armor of God let’s face the reality Satan isgoing to attack you because you’re on team Jesus and if you’re like well then I justwon’t I just won’t worship God I’ll just lay under the radar then you’re serving Satan like there’s no neutral groundthere’s no neutral ground you’re either serving King Jesus or you’re serving Satan I’m sorry to tellyou but there’s no neutral ground too many times people are like it’s just too hot just things are crazy right now likealmost sit out for a little bit y’all this is the fourth quarter of the championship gamethere’s no Fifth Quarter in this game this is it you sit on that bench you miss out onthe victory so let’s understand a little bit more about Satan as it’s as he’s described inthis Encounter With Jesus like Satan is who he is devil as an adverb is what he doesnow a lot of times the word Satan and devil are interchanged devil can be used as a noun it often isbut in this context Satan is who he is devil is what he does because the worddevil in Greek is diabolos and that means slanderer and as a slanderer whatthe slanderer does it’s a persistent pounding poundingpounding pounding you see you’re a strong toweryou’re standing for the Lord and to breach that Tower to breach thatthat position that you hold for the kingdom takes a pounding and a poundingand a pounding and a pounding that’s what the slanderer does the slanderer continues to pound you to and what is hepounding your mind because that’s the battlefield that’s what a slanderer does what doeshe slander in your life with right now you’re too old you’re too weak you’retoo slow you’re too poor you’re too dumb you’re too scared you too this you dothat nobody’s going to love you no wonder they left you nobody’s going to hire you no wonder you’re this thisthese are lies these are lies from the father of Lies I would rather just take a punch in the face like a physicalpunch in the face let’s get it over with but you know what affects me and it affects you is the pounding and thepounding and the pounding and the lies that the father of Lies is constantly telling youyou know why because like we’ve shared before the the word um stand against The Wiles The Wiles inthe Greek is uh methodos or methodos and it means one way the devil has one wayone road one trick into your life and it’s into your mindthat’s why we say that you’ve got to put on the helmet of salvationand it can’t be like a bucket on your head it is wrapped tight A Warrior’s helmet is tight on their head tied witha bill a visor and a bill behind jaw protection to prevent any kind of cheapshots you’ve got to put on the helmet of salvationyour mind is a battlefield and look I know a lot of times we’re like well Iwant I just want to have an emotional reaction like I want to feel some JesusI just want to be happy and I get that but the war is one in your mindyou want to be happy get your mind right for Christ now emotions will come as amanifestation of winning your war against Satan but that war is not going to be won withhappy wishes and rainbows that war is won by Renewing Your Mind we talk about Romans 12 2 12 2 12 2 that should beseared in your mind because that’s the winning strategy and do not be conformedto this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind that you may prove what is that good andacceptable and perfect will of God do not be conformed to this world who isthe God of this world Satan little G temporarydo not be conformed to the patterns of this world be transformed by the renewing of your mind how do you renewyour mind there’s a lot of ways to renew your mind you can watch TV you can watch radio you can listen to people you canlook at memes on Facebook or you can go to the source you go to the word of the Lordbut I’m going to tell you the slanderer is not going to stop it’snot going to stop it’s not going to stop but you bet that you put the helmet of salvation it even defended against themost lethal weapon at that time which was the battle ax it was an ax that would literally crushyour skull with one blow a stab you can survive it a jab you can survive itput a battle ax to the head you’re dead you’re dead that helmet that theWarriors wore defended that the helmet of salvation that God gives you to put on it defends against thatthe devil’s not going to give you a break because times are tough what you do is you stand from your position ofauthority you see we think we’re coming from defeat and we’ve got to walk into the light you’re already in the lightyou’re already in the light all those slanderous allegations that are made those rumors and gossipsthat’s just nothing but I want you to understand who the enemy is I want you to understand who heis so we can appreciate what Jesus is going through so when so when Mark continues and hetells the story and and he says about Jesus’s Temptation and and actually only in Mark’s gospel does he mention thatJesus is amongst the wild beasts it says immediately the spirit drove him into the Wilderness and he was there in thewilderness for 40 days tempted by Satan and was with wild beasts and the angels minister to him like Mark’s GospelMatthew and Luke are John neither one none of the three mentioned wild beasts what Mark is doing is he’s setting theatmosphere he said in the environment because let’s not I don’t want you to misunderstand when it’s like Jesus in the wilderness it’s like we’ve been inthe wilderness we’ve been camping there was an Airbnb or a hotel six I mean there was something like this is nothingnothing Jesus is completely exposed to the natural elements there’s no shelterthere’s no food there’s no water there’s no bed All Around Jesus just secondsfrom being water baptized Holy Spirit as well and fatherly affirmed he findshimself in the middle of nothing nothingall around him including wild beast it’s like if it ain’t enough for the sunif it ain’t enough because there’s no food if it ain’t enough because there’s no water now they got all these wildbeasts around me let me tell you what Mark’s doing Mark’s connecting Jesus to Adamyou see Jesus is the second Adam came in the fleshwas corrupted created the fall of humanity Jesus came in the spirit is the Redemption of humanityMark doesn’t imply that Jesus was in danger from the natural threats of the Beast hesimply said there were wild beasts you see you know why Jesus was not in danger because he had Authority anddominion over those wild beasts the same as Adam when he was in the garden actually Adam named all the beastsif you recall Mark is giving the description of the atmosphere that Jesus finds himself inbut Jesus is is not it doesn’t say that he’s in danger of the wild beast our natural mind goes oh my goodness what’sgoing to happen what’s going to get him in the Supernatural you realizehe’s got a dominion and authority over those things never once says he’s in dangeryou see Adam amongst the Beast was in no danger he also had Authority and Dominion inthe garden Satan was no threat to Adam Adam was a threat to AdamAdam was failure for Humanity see I want to tell you the devil the Satan he’s no threat to youunless you become a threat to yourself unless you step out of the will of God the favor of God the cover of Godthen you become a threat to you Satan was no threat to Jesus Jesus was a threat to Satanwhere Adam fall corruption failed for Humanity Jesus hascame out of that Wilderness Jesus was the Redemption for Humanity you see both of them when Adam was in the garden andJesus in the wilderness they were both in the presence of God and supernatural beings Adam exited Eden and entered the worldin sin Jesus exited the Wilderness to redeem the world of sin just to confirm this I want to read fromFirst Corinthians 15. and this is from the NLT it said the scripture tells us the first man Adambecame a living person but the last Adam that is Christ is a Living life-givingspirit what comes first is the natural body and then the spirit body comes out laterAdam was the first man it was made from the dust of the earth while Christ the second man came from Heaven Earthlypeople are like the Earthly man and Heavenly people are like The Heavenly Man just as we are now like Earthly manwe will one someday become like The Heavenly Man Mark in that simple sentence as IBelieve by saying that Jesus was amongst the wild beast connects Jesus to Adamthe garden was the original prototype the garden is the original design the garden was meant to be Perfection we arecoming back to the garden everything brings back to the gardenso I want you to win your War so when reading this message and and I will share with you like like be adetective be an investigator when you’re reading God’s word don’t just read it to check off a block today’s dailydevotional chick I got it done like read ask the HolySpirit to reveal to you something that I’ve never seen before like some of thesaddest things I hear talking to people they’re like oh man I’ve read that a thousand timesread it a thousand and one but ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you something you’ve never seen before and I want toshare with you from Luke 4 13 it says now when the devil had ended every Temptation he departed from him until anopportune time now a lot of times I’ve read that I’m like oh I miss you good he left that old boy alone he left himalone but when you pray and you ask the Holy Spirit what I want you to seeyou see the scripture says the devil had ended every Temptation it does not sayeach Temptation it says every Temptation you seethe devil did everything he had to tempt Jesus like he emptied all ofhis ammo he threw his knife and his stick and his cell phone that he didn’t have insurance for like the devileverything he had the kitchen sink he threw it Jesusand then he Departed what I want you to understand is that this is this is revelation intothe enemy’s battle plan if you’re a sports fan and let’s say the Dallas Cowboys and and if the Cowboys knew theplays that the other team was going to run they would have a winning season if Iknew it was a pass or a run or would it if I knew their plan I’m guaranteedVictory you know the devil’s plan you’re guaranteed Victory why because thisscripture tells us and I want to emphasize because sometimes with each every ended departedin the Greek let’s look at the Greek in the Greek the word for Greek it means for ended means to be terminatedto be terminated not set aside or unplug terminated donethe word every in the Greek past it means all whole entirelike I want you to get it like when it says every that’s everything he had he threw atJesus and what are these three things that he throws at Jesus I want you to win yourWar his three weapons are provision power and protectionthis is what Satan used against Jesus this is what Satan uses against youprovision Power Protection he wants you to believe that he is the only one thatcan provide for you he is the only one that if you do this we’re going to pay your billsif you do this you’re going to have you’re going to have power you’re going to have authority on this Earthif you do this for me if you just worship me you’re going to fall under my protection ain’t nobody going to messwith you ever again this is what Satan wants you to believe if I’m going to appeal to somebody’snatural senses and I promise you provision and power and protection you’re probably going to be like yeahsounds good to me who doesn’t want that Satan wants you to believe he’s the onlyone that can provide these things for you but you see Satan’s a liarhe’s not just a liar he’s the father of Lies but this is what he’s using on Jesusthis is what he’s using on you and listen it’s all he’s got now let mebe let me make sure I’m clear he doesn’t have um the ability to give you provision orto give you power or to give you protection these are creative positive things he can’t create anything he canhe can give a false illusion only God can provide for you only Godgives you power only God gives you protectionall satan can do is lie to you and I want to I want to illustrate this to youso this is the battle plan when it says Satan through everything he gotthis is all he’s got this is it let’s go back to Wiles of the devil onewait one road One path that’s all he’s got attack your mindso this is this is we’re going to look at Luke for this Mark was a little light in his two sentences and it’s the if itbattle if I F it I T battle you see Satan usessleight of tongue with God’s word the same way he did with Eve you want to you want to manipulate youwant to slander you want to try to get something over on somebody keep it as close to the truth as you can and giveit a little bit of manipulation same thing he did to Eve Satan’s deception I’m gonna tell you it’sunnoticeable without spiritual discernment if you don’t have the power of the HolySpirit and you’re not praying for discernment and you’re not listening to the word of the Lord when you’re in these situations without spiritualdiscernment you’re going to fall for this stuff you see Jesus uses I mean Satan usesscripture but he adds that little doubt with the word if it’s just a little bitty wordlike how much damage can it do but Jesus counters with a definitive it so here’s the first weapon that thatSatan uses one of the three provision and he says and the devil said to him ifif you are the Son of God command this Stone to become bread but Jesus answeredhim saying it is written man shall not live by bread alone but by every word ofGod what Jesus was doing he was quoting scriptures quoting uh from Deuteronomy 8 3says yes he humbled You by letting you go hungry then feeding you with Manna a food previously unknown to you and byyour ancestors he did it to teach you that people do not live by bread alone rather we live by the word that comesfrom the mouth of the Lord you know it’s when we when we fast and we’re like well I try to diet youknow I start in the morning and by 10 15 I’ve already eaten a whole box of cereal and a pint of ice cream like I can’tdiet but 30 days later in a fast there’s no hungerthe intention is when you’re fasting you’re relying on the word of the Lord to be your to be your food to be yourbread you see this is what the Lord says and you see if Jesus who came to do onlyhis father’s will use the power of his father for his personal benefit to get himself a little breadthen Jesus really isn’t doing the will of the father he’s doing it for his personal needs and I want to offer thisas a challenge to you that that if you find yourself in a situation where you can do something to further the kingdomof the Lord if the holy spirit says do this and you’re like um well I could sell that I could keepthat money and I could uh I could go on a vacation there’s nothing wrong with sellingthings and money and vacation but if the word of the Lord says why don’t you give this to somebodytake that as an opportunity to do the father’s will take that as an opportunity to not turn a stone intobread for your personal benefit and then the second the second weaponthat the devil has well that he thinks he has is power this is the second temptation of Christ then the deviltaking him up on a high mountain showed him all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time and the devil said to himall this Authority I give you and their glory for this has been delivered to meand I give it to whomever I wish therefore if you worship before me allwill be yours and Jesus answered and said to him get behind me Satan for it is written youshall Worship the Lord your God and him only shall you serve Jesus is quotingagain Deuteronomy 6 13 you shall fear the lord your God and serve him andshall take oh sin his name what I want to share with you is when Satan says worship before meit might be like well I mean I mean like I don’t knowlike it’s a little it’s a little Satan that bad like if I return the text message fromthe from the girl at the gym or well you know my boss calls me his work wifemaybe we’ll go to lunch I mean I like it’s so late at night nobody’sgonna know if I watch a little pornography like how bad can worship in a littleSatan be but you see in the Greek the the phrase worship before me what itmeans is that he was telling Jesus to kiss his hand in reverence of him andthen for Jesus to lay himself on the ground prostrate before Satan can youimagine Jesus the Christ laid on the ground like a dog before Satan what I’mtelling you is when Satan tempts you was just a little bit of Satan what he’s doing is he wants you to humiliateyourself before him and before the witness of the Lord there is no such thing as just a little bit of Satanthere’s no such thing as that so when he tells Jesus worship before meand Jesus counters it Jesus Satan wants your full humiliation before himyou see Satan offered Jesus human Rule and Reign Over All the natural kingdomslike this is all yours and he says I can give it to whoever I wish you know whathe wasn’t lying he wasn’t lying you see when Adam fell he had the keys dominionand Authority he surrendered that to who to Satan Satan ain’t lying he could have given it to him legal Authorityover natural kingdoms you see if only Jesus would bow down and he would becomeEarthly King he could overthrow the Romans that’s what everybody wanted him to doanyway why not just do it and then people would love him because we know that how greatyou know all we love you until somebody else but Jesus you know what oh my gosh Jesus could have avoidedcrucifixion he wouldn’t have had to go through all that stuff if he had just done whatSatan did he could have been king of the worldyou know what I want to tell you people do the same thingJohn 6 15 therefore when Jesus perceived that they were about to come and takehim by force to make him King he departed again to the mountain by himself alonelike these are people who are going to force Jesus into kingshipwhy were they wanting to do that for their own personal gain what I wantto tell you is that personal elevation by manipulation is not a Sign by Godpersonal elevation by force is not a Sign by God do not allow others to guilt or force orencourage you into a new assignment until you’re ready and it’s affirmed by Godwhat I want to tell you is get off that mountain if that Top’s not yoursthird piece and the final thing that Satan’s got to use against you is protectionand he says then he brought in Jesus he brought into Jerusalem set him on the Pinnacle of the temple temple and saidto him if you are the Son of God throw yourself down from here for it is written he shall give his angels chargeover you to keep you and in their hands they shall bear you up lest you dash your foot against the stone and Jesusanswered and said to him it has been said You shall not tempt the Lord your Godyou see Satan he’s quoting God to Godquoting God to GodGod but I want to tell you if you’ve ever had your words usedagainst you most of us have make sure the words you speak from the origin arealways words that are righteous and have integrity you see Satan is trying to use God’sword against God but reverence for God is required to use God’s words and reverenceanybody can vomit scripture a lot of times we’ll find people in our Lives who will use scripture just go tosocial media for one minute and you’ll see people twist in and turn in and manipulate in Scriptureyou check the fruit you check the heart and you check what they got to say and is it coming from reverence or out ofmanipulation so I want to I want to put these things up on the board this is this isWilderness survival did Jesus survive that Temptation in the wilderness yes he did yes he did was he tempted yes he washow did he survive knowing the word of the Lord this is what I want to share with youyou will find yourself in the wilderness some of us have already been there someof us are there some of us are going back you will find yourself in the wildernessyou will be tempted by Satan why because your child to God because youchose to serve team Jesus you must resist the Wiles of the Devil by putting on the whole armor of God youcan’t just grab a shield or a shoe or a belt or a sword you’ve got to put on the whole armor ofGod you must know God’s word to counter Satan’s use of God’s word Jesus was in it if it encounterif Jesus didn’t know the it then Satan would win with the if you’ve got to know the word of the Lordyou will find yourself in dangerous places surrounded by natural and Supernatural enemies but I want toassure you you have God’s Authority and dominion over everythingyou will come out of these Hard Times only if you walk in God’s righteousness listen a lot of us go through theWilderness you’re going to go through the Wilderness but not everybody comes out of the wildernessan entire nation perished in the wildernessyour Wilderness is not to punish you but to prepare you for promotion I know it doesn’t feel like it I knowyou feel like God’s never been further away from you I know you feel like like you’re all alone and you just almostalmost resistant and angry at God but it’s not to punish you is to prepareyou and you know your trials and temptations are the weight of resistance used by Godto increase your faith in power you knowyou want to get stronger you got to go to the gym you got to lift heavy things you want tobe smarter you’ve got to go to classes this study difficult things you want to be wiser you’ve got to face challengesthat that that really do that put you to the test this is what the Wilderness will do foryou but and the one thing that the Lord put on my heartis that it all begins by the back back activation of the baptism of the Holy Spiritthere’s no shortcuts there’s no shortcuts and I’ll tell you this is where Satan comes that’s thebattle plan those are the only three weapons the only three pieces of ammunition that he hasyou now know this you know you know how to defeat this that’s all he’s got y’allhe’s not going to come up with number four because that would require creating a number four option he cannot createanything he can only kill steal and destroy I want you to win your War against Satan I want you to win yourbattle winning that war winning that battle means knowing who your enemy ismeans knowing what his method of attack is he’s a slanderer he’s a slanderer he’s a slanderer and he’s going topenetrate and penetrate and penetrate until he breaks through and he’s in your mind and he begins controlling yourthoughts and controlling your decisionsbut you’re impenetrable because you’ve got God you’ve got the armor of God and now you got his game planif you start worrying about power and provision and protection understand you’ve got one source God theFather so I just

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