Demon Deliverance: Shocking Encounter as Jesus Casts Out a Demon (Podcast)


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Transcript –

several years ago several years ago the Lord put on my heart just planted a little seed about planting the churchand it was like what plant a church I don’t know nothing about that and theLord’s like I just want you to think about it so I started thinking I started imagining anddreaming and and then as it became real man our family came under attack fromSatan the closer we got to to even mentioning those words to each other or to otherpeople Satan was attacking us I mean attacking our marriage attacking our family attacking our money becauselisten Satan did not want a local church planted Satan wanted Lee and I to just be quietto kind of live our lives show up on a Sunday service somewhere and then go homethe last thing Satan wanted was for for the local church to be planted the localchurch is the physical manifestation of the body of Jesus Christ and I tell you when he started when say we’ve beentalking about Satan and it’s not like well let’s put our attention on him it’s so you know who the enemy is so you candefeat him because you’re already working from victory but if you don’t know who he is and whathis schemes are and how he comes at you you’re going to get taken off guard and I will tell you that those years ago thedevil was attacking our kids and he was attacking Max we started to see thesephysical manifestations um just Max’s behavior and I would tuck him in late at night and and we’d prayand sing and the whole time we’re I’m praying his eyes are up there in the corner of the room and he’s looking atsomebody and I knew it was it was a demonic presence and I got to tell you itstarted to freak me out because I would pray longer and I would stay longer because what I was used to doing wasstanding guard as a as a cop my job was to stand and surveil for bad guysyou see this isn’t a natural war that we were fighting and it became it became more Amplifiedand one night Max and I are coming back from the gym and we always listen to worship musicand and he turns the radio off and I’m like Max worship and he looks at me andhe says I make Jesus cry now if you guys know Maxwith his limited verbal ability those words didn’t come from my sonI get home and I probably ran a couple stop lights getting home and and I called Lee and I’m likewe got to go to battle we go up to the bedroom and and we start praying and and I got to tell you I wound up in tearsbecause I’m like I just don’t know how to explain to my special needs sonhow to cast out demons the best I could do is teach him say say Jesus says shootJesus says shoot he’s speaking Authority but look I’m telling that the devil manhe was on me and I was like I was almost thinking like so if we don’t plan a church will you leave him alonelike I was asking the father of lies to bargain to negotiate for the sake of mykids so the holy spirit says I want you to call Mark Driscoll I don’t know if you guys know Mark Joseph he’s a pastorin Arizona and Mark drisco’s got a huge huge Ministry I’m like I don’t know MarkHoly Spirit said but I do call him so I called that brother years ago and he began to to Mentor medisciple me on doing spiritual warfare learning how to win my war against Satansee here I am with a with a promise in my heart to plan a church but here I’m up at four o’clock in the morning in myson’s bedroom I kind of got what we call down on the Bayou the free songs the Goosebumps when I asked my sonis there anybody else in here and he goesI was hoping it was one of the other boys you see the conflictso I’m thinking Lord seriously how am I supposed to plant a church when I can’tget the devil out of my son’s bedroom the truth was I’d never encountereddemonic attack like that I never had to go to war like that but I had a brother in Christ who mentored methrough it and this is what I want I want to do for you I want you to know that you can winyour War I want you to know that you’ve got the authority to cast out demons in Jesus nameand what we’re going to walk through this and why is it important because this is what Jesus didJesus taught he healed he delivered you can’t do one without allso the one thing that the Lord put on my heart for you today you are not a victim to Satan you arevictory in Christ and God wants you to live like it you know I’m fine too oftenwe waste our life waiting for Satan’s permission to livewell if I step out in faith he’s going to come after me well if I share thegospel he’s going to come after me a lot of believers they live their life below the radarin hopes that Satan doesn’t catch attention but I’m going to tell you if you’re not getting friction from Satanit’s because you’re both heading in the same direction he’s not going to waste his time with acarnal Christian he’s not going to waste his time with somebody who’s afraid of himhe’s not going to waste his time with somebody who doesn’t realize their Authority inChrist I want you to know your Authority and we’re going to read the word that gives us that Authorityif we will stand out as a body and let’s read our anchor scripture and it comes from Markand remember we’re walking through the gospel of Mark and we’ll begin as the body let’s readJesus and his companions went to the town of Capernaum when the Sabbath daycame he went to the synagogue and began to teach the people were amazed at histeaching for he taught with real Authority quite unlike the teachers of religious law suddenly a man in thesynagogue who was possessed by an evil spirit cried out why are you interferingwith us Jesus of Nazareth have you come to destroy us I know who you are theHoly One of God but Jesus reprimanded him be quiet comeout of the man he ordered at that the evil spirit screamed threw the man intoa convulsion and then came out of him amazement gripped the audience and theybegan to discuss what had happened what sort of new teaching is this they askedexcitedly it has such Authority even the evil spirits obey his orders the newsabout Jesus spread quickly throughout the entire region of Galilee thank youLord for a good word thank you for the word that gives usAuthority so why Capernaum why did Jesus and his companions go toCapernaum well I will tell you it was the Melting Pot it was a strategic location along the major trade routewhich was called the Via Maris and it went between Damascus and Egypt so toget to anywhere major you had to go down this highway so Jesus could literally touch theentire world from that location what I want to tell you is wherever God hasplanted you right now is a strategic location he wasn’t sitting in Capernaum wonderingwhy he wasn’t in Jerusalem or wondering why he wasn’t over here over there he was where the Lord put him to be becauseit was strategic at that point in his ministry wherever God has you right now is where God wants you to be God wantsyou to plant he wants you to prosper where you’ve been planted if you’re at a new school kids God wants you to prosperin that new school if you’re in a new job God wants you to prosper in that new job if God’s got you in a season ofwilderness and waiting and wondering God wants you to prosper in that season of wilderness waiting and wonderingdon’t begrudge your location because you think you’re supposed to be somewhere else you are exactly where the Lordwants you now if you’re living in Rebellion you’re not where the Lord wants you to be and hewants you to come on back so let’s walk through this encounter so Mark 1 21 when the Sabbath day camehe went into the synagogue and began to teach so I ask you let’s not just read and go like oh coolcool because then I’m like well like what’s a synagogueand how come Jesus just always just walks in and starts teaching I’m like you know if you came here andyou just walked up I’m like wait wait you’re not on the schedule you haven’t approved your Planning Center invitationlike what are you doing so I’m like it’s important that we understand everything that the Lordthere’s no wasted words in the Bible you know the synagogue is not the temple thetemple we talked about that a couple weeks ago there was the first temple the second temple they were both destroyed the temple was God’s dwelling place buta synagogue simply means um assembly a congregation and and you know this iswhere this is where Jesus would go to teach and and during the week there was they use them as schools andmarketplaces and social places and religious places and most of them were literally just like a dirt floor ormaybe a little tile there were some benches there was what was called the the Moses seat where the rabbi who wasteaching that day they would give him one of the ancient Scrolls from the Torah and the rabbi would read and thenhe would teach from the word and as long as you’re identified as arabbi you had the permission to come into the synagogues to teach because Ialways think like and I don’t know if y’all think about it but like and we’re going to get in as we continue walking through the gospel Jesus is going in thesynagogue going in the synagogue and it’s like if Jesus walked into the into Western Christian church and thengrabbed the microphone like security be all over him but we got to understand some culturalcontext and some Geographic context what is the synagogue so it’s not the templeof God the temple was was God’s residing place the synagogue were local buildingsthere were places where God’s people assembled what I want to share with you is today’s Church community is born outof the synagogue model Believers went there as their identity as a nationwe come together as our identity as a nation for God havokins citizens ofthe king the Believers meant to say they went there to as a community to support one anotherand that’s where the synagogue model began and this is the local church today the local church is the physicalmanifestation of the body of Christ and and with that in mind it’s understandingthat that like Rogue groups or never in the Bible is autonomymentioned where it’s part of God’s plan you see you can’t just go over here and like Ihave people all the time like well I ain’t going to church God knows my heart I’m like that’s the problemGod knows your heart your heart’s Wicked and deceitful as the Lord saysGod doesn’t want you out Rogue or independent or aloneyou can’t sharpen your iron unless there’s other iron to be sharpened the Lord is about Unity as the body ofChrist another thing I want to I want to just share really brief because the Lord had put it on my heart when we’re talkingabout the synagogue model and coming together as Believers and it’s it’s something the Lord put on my heart aboutShepherds versus showmen and I believe God’s coming into a time of judgment for for the Showmanbecause the burden on a Shepherd is is so heavy as it’s always been but what we see right now is we see alot of faith influencers and they’re filling up conferences and stadiums and they got millions of followers on socialmedia millions of followers what I want to ask you look we go to conferences we can dothings but check their covering check their covering what I want to tellyou is a lot of these folks that they don’t even belong to a local church they do not fall under anyone they haveno spiritual covering they don’t belong to a local church a lot of these folks are out there autonomousalone independent you see even Jesus submitted to the will of the fatherso we find a lot of folks out there and look in the last days which when we’re in there’s going to be folks out therejust saying words that tickle your ears oh I’m gonna go to church today I go to that like I see people I’ve knownpastors for that have preached for 40 years have done the work for 40 years andpeople will bypass them I’m just going to watch this new dude on YouTube this morning because he’s about to drop a new albumI’m gonna do this and that well who’s this local church I don’t know I don’t know you got to be careful see this isone of the reasons that the Bible goes through genealogies yet you start real say the gospel of Matthew and you’relike okay I get it so and so begot so and so so and so begat so and so there’s a purpose for thatthere’s a purpose for that and one of the reasons is that you’ve got to be traceableif you’re going to share the word of the Lord if you’re going to minister the word of the Lord you’ve got to be traceable you’ve got to be connected tothe body of Christ you can’t just be out there as a as a solo artist or a solo social media faithinfluencer was Jesus traceable he was we know hisgenealogy we know that he was affirmed he was foretold in the Old Testament by the prophets he was affirmed by hisfather when he was water baptized filled with the Holy Spirit Jesus was traceableand Jesus surrendered to Authority you know I share as an example I’m likeam I traceable and I am traceable you know what my biological family was not it was not afaith family but my adoption into the vine it makes me traceable my pastors are Juan andRuthie Martinez outside of Houston or Josh and Keisha Malone song in our home church back in Louisiana we belong toGateway Church Network for accountability my spiritual father you guys have met him many times Larry Titusand I’m accountable to the elders Scott Holbert Gustavo Santos and Danny snookmy life is absolutely open to those men you know why because I’m traceablebecause God called meet a shepherd and he made sure that I was traceable I want to give you anexample what happens when you’re not traceable it comes from Acts 19. a group of Jews was traveling from townto town casting out evil spirits now these guys were on tour they’re booking stadiums and things likethat they’re on tour they tried to use the name of the Lord Jesus in their incantationyou know what an incantation is it’s not biblical it’s demonicand they said I command you in the name of Jesus they’re doing goodwhom Paul preaches and that’s where they went sideways they don’t even believe in Jesus they’remanufacturing the name of Jesus so they can support the tour and it said whom Paul preaches to comeout seven sons of skiva a leading priest were doing this these are seven boys that had influence because their dad wasa leading priest but one time when they tried it the evil spirit repliedI know you I know Jesus I know Paul but who are youyou see these boys were not traceable these boys were not connected into the vine of Christ these boys were operatingon their own and then the man with the evil spirit leapt on them overpowered them andattacked them with such violence that they fled from the house naked and batteredyou see you’re going to you’re going to encounter demonic spiritsand what will happen is when if you’re standing there see the demon this the demon Satan is highly structured highlymilitaristic and if you stand there on your own without covering or you’re not traceableor you’re just trying to use your own uh influence the devil’s going to look behind you andsee now who’s got his or her back if he sees your lineage if he sees yourcovering if he sees that you got power behind you then you’ve got power but if you’re justout there as a faith influencer trying to grow your own platform trying to grow your own wealth trying to grow your ownname you’re out there alone you wind up like one of those seven boys I want to submit to Jesus was traceableJesus was covered by the authority of his father and so it’s all we’re focusing ondemonic because this is the scripture that we’re talking about I want you to understand for those thathave the heart for evangelism an evangelist if you’re going to evangelize you’ve got to heal and you’ve got todeliver why because Jesus healed and Jesus delivered you know it says in the synagogue Mark 1 22 the people wereamazed at his teaching for he taught with real Authority quite unlike the teachers of religious lawyou know the Greek word uh for a maze it’s to strike out of one’s witslike that’s a pretty cool definition to strike out of one’s wits to astoundthe Greek word for Authority is power the right to control or governyou see Jesus had the authorityand he had the power of the Holy Spirit that’s why he’s able to speak the wordwith power and authority God wants you to be equipped to speak his word withpower and authority no matter your age no matter your station no matter how many momentsyou’ve been saved you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit you have the same power thatJesus had through the power of the Holy Spirit so then we go down to Mark 1 there was a man in their synagogue with an unclean spirit and he cried outsaying let us alone what have we to do with you Jesus of Nazareth did you come to destroy us Iknow who you are the Holy One of God but Jesus rebuked him saying be quietand come out of him and when the unclean Spirit had convulsed him and cried outwith a loud voice he came out of him like this is the first recordedDeliverance of Jesus Christ but it wasn’t the last one it would go on to say that that he wasregularly delivering and healing people but what I want to ask you think about the cultural context why did we spendtime on discussing the synagogue where was Jesus Jesus was in churchhe was in church with his disciples and other religious leaders and where wasthis demon-possessed man he was in churchhe was in church did Jesus get caught off guardno what I want to say to you is you’ve got to be ready in All Seasons you got to beready in All Seasons you got to be ready to heal you’ve got to be ready to to deliver you got to be ready to share theword of the Lord let me ask you this was there a genuinepresence of God if the demons felt safe we know that that light and dark cannotcoexist in the same space knowing that there was Darknessuntil the light of Jesus Christ walked into that church if you really think there was a presence of God in theremaybe to become a dry religion where just literature was being readwhat I want to tell you is that manifest demons are going to manifest in your presence if you were living and theLight of Christ is radiating from you and you walk into a location demons mustflee you cannot occupy the same space as demons light cannot coexist withDarkness but I want you to be aware I want you to be awareof of the supernatural you see prior to the day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came down and dwelled toBelievers Believers God’s people there was no Holy Spirit to indwell them sothey were regularly possessed by demonic spirits it was part of their life even the church was like oh even thisevil spirits listen to him why was this believer in church possessed because the Holy Spirit hasnot come down yet what do we have what do you have as a Believer you have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit can aBeliever be possessed now can you be suppressed yesit’s all about legal Authority so then we go on Mark 1 24 and the demons sayinglet us alone what have we to do with you Jesus of Nazareth did you come todestroy us I know who you are the Holy One Of God what I want to share in knowing ourenemy is demons speak in the singular and the plural they enter Exchangehe says let us alone I’ll ask you a question is there one or multiple demonsin this man you see you’ve got to be aware of what you’re dealing withand don’t miss the point that Jesus was in the synagogue with his his disciples and otherreligious people who’s the only person because demons are persons they’re persons without a body and they’relooking for a host who’s the only person who recognizes who Jesus was is the Holy One of Godthe demon you know why because demons are Spirit beings they know things in theSupernatural that we don’t know in the natural it’s why you’ve got to be Discerning you’ve got to pray for the gift ofdiscernment from the Holy Spirit you see that’s one of the reasons that you can only defeat cast out resist takethoughts captive renew your mind only in the name of Jesus by your ownpower by your own will by your own you can’t do it by your grades or your giving or your tithing or or how manyverses you can quote only the name of Jesusyou see demons are looking to see if you’re traceable they want to know if you’re connected tothe Vine they want to know who’s got your back it’s about legal Authority they say whathave we to do with you you see what the G what the demon did he flipped the script on Jesushe flipped the script he’s like I come to this church I sit through four songs of worship Ilisten to the announcements I give on occasion like this is my home Church what are you doing here Jesuswhat this is about it’s about legal Authority it’s legal Authoritysome people have given Satan legal Authority into their life either willingly or unknowinglymaybe it’s the things in your home maybe there’s portals maybe there’s openings there’s sin in your life you’re openingyourself up to demonic oppression but I want to share with you that if youreceive Christ and you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you you have legal Authorityto cast those demons out it’s like if you bought a house and you’ve got the deed and that is your home legallyregistered it’s your home but a demon can come a squatter can comea trespasser and they can put up a little tent on the corner but they don’t have any right to bethere you’ve got to evict them you’ve got to cast them out you’ve got the authority because you’ve got legalAuthority demons will try to trick you so the demon comes on did you come todestroy us like isn’t that a curious question did you come to destroy us look thedemons got good reason to be afraid you see demons know their destinythey know where their last days and then the rest of their days are going to be spent you see theylike us they just don’t know the day and the hour only the father knows the day and thehour but you know what they do whether it’s a minute or whether it’s a millennia they’re mashing the gas ofDestruction all they’re doing killing stealing destroying they’re going to do as much damage to the kingdom as theycan but you know what most believers do we just like you know what I hope I getto check off my bucket list before Jesus comes back I hope I get to take that cruise to Alaska before Jesus comes backwhat we need to be doing is living our lives with a sense of with a sense of urgency you ever seen those uh those uhgame shows where they got a shopper in a grocery store and you got so much time and you can go get all the stuff youwant and they’re running through the aisles and they’re they’re grabbing stuff and they’re putting stuff back and grabbing the expensive stuff and andthen they run to the counter before the time that’s the way we need to be living our life for Jesusbecause the counter is going to count down time is going to expireand at the end of the game it’s done it’s over the demon had right to be worried aboutwhat was going to happen because he knows his Destiny you know the word he uses in Greek it’s it’s uh it means torender useless to kill to sin to Eternal misery and hell why does the demon knowthis because first Peter 3 18 20. it describes when Jesus was crucifiedJesus actually went down and he preached to the spirits in prison these were thedemons these were the fallen angels who corrupted mankind who who created astrange flesh these were the demons that did such dastardly things that Godbrought the flood to wipe out all of everything those demons were so perverse that Jesusimmediately God locked them away for eternity in such utter Darkness such utter darkness that even this demonsitting through church knows he’s got the power to banish me if he wants tosee they know their destiny and they cause so much destructionwe know our destiny our eternity how about we how about we shine somelight how about we live for the kingdom how about we we live to create to heal todeliver so Mark 1 24. Isingular I know who you are the Holy One of God you see the way the demons back andforth I we is it one or is it a bunch that’s confusionbut you see the demon was going to proclaim the Divine identity of Jesus asGod’s son and it was a time for Jesus’s Divine identity to be revealedand it sure wasn’t the Demon’s responsibility to announce who he was but he’s curious right I mean here’s thedemon who’s giving the Divine identity of Jesus to Christ who else had justgiven the Divine identity of Jesus Christ he was water baptized he was holy spiritfilled and God the Father gave the Divine identity that’s my sonthat’s my son I want you to see how deceptive the devil is God the Father just said That’smy boy mine and just like 40 something Days Laterhere’s the devil hey that’s God’s son and nobody in between had a clueyou see how deceptive you’re like oh thank you God the Father it would be easy to get trapped in to belike yeah you’re right I am the most holy I’m the Son of God you got itit’s not the Demon’s responsibility what he’s trying to do is he’s trying to trip up the ministry of Jesus he’s trying totrip up your ministry when the Lord planted that in my heart about about planting a church look it wouldn’t plana church the next week we planted a church it’s been years since that seed was plantedyears did I trip over hurdles did I trip overover lies and misdirections there were some there were somebut we kept our eyes on the cross so we go down to 125 but Jesus rebuked himsaying be quiet and come out of him you see your mind is Satan’s Battlefield weknow this you were constantly under attack the word devil Diablos the slanderer howdoes the slanderer work penetrate penetrate penetrate penetrate penetrate your mind lies lies lies lieslies that’s what the slander Diablos does his job is to penetrate your mind to getin your head that’s the battlefield so when the demon wants to start talkingthat’s how he gets in your head he’s like hey let’s talk let’s talk Jesus like no When Jesus Says be quietthe Greek word that he uses it means be muzzled be muzzled shut upand get out see that’s the authority that Jesus has you know who else has that Authorityyou you have the same Authority there is noreason to talk to Demons do they have any truth to tell youthey have no truth their father is the father of Lies they are the spawn of a liethey want to confuse they want to conflict they want to deraildon’t waste time talking to the demons I suggest spend your time praising theLord look guys we watch movies and we see allthis and and it’s just as quick as this guy manifested Jesus Took Authority bemuzzled shut up and get out and when the unclean Spirit hadconvulsed him not Jesus the man and cried out with a loud voice he came out of him see the G the the devil wasn’thappy about being cast out but you have complete Authority in Jesusname and it’s not supposed to be a big production it’s not supposed to be awhole bunch of this and a whole bunch of that you take authority in Jesus name I’ll tell you guys because our mind isconstantly the battlefield the demon the devil has realized when Scott’s asleep he’s a little more vulnerablebecause I’m asleep but I’ll tell you over the last several years and I try to explain it to Leah but butI I will physically wake myself up to cast out those thoughts I will wakemyself up into sleep and be not a horror like oh my God it was so scary it’s just negative thoughts these implantations bythe demon by the devil and I wake myself up I make a conscious decision because they will not allow those liesto be put in my head because I will not wake up with those lies in my head thisis the protection the Lord has for you you were never unarmed you were always covered always filled by the Holy Spiritso I want to I want to move to this section and I want to tell you it’s about old demons and new peoplelook I know some Believers some Christians like well there’s no more demons today that was back then this is this isdifferent I want to ask you Jesus didn’t banish that demon Jesus didn’t come tokill those demons those demons have a day of judgment where do you think those demons wentlet me ask you Legion remember Legion We Are Legion we are manyin a Roman legion military three to six thousand soldiers this guy had three tosix thousand Demons Inside of him and then they were expelled and theywent into the 2000 swine remember this and they run down the hill and the swines round but not the demons where doyou think that Legion went it tells us they go out into dry placesthey go out in the dry play but they’re looking for a host I want to tell you that the demons thenare still here today it’s old demons it’s just new peopleI want to share this with you from Matthew 12 43. when an unclean Spirit goes out of a manhe goes through Dry places seeking rest and finds none then he says I willreturn to my house that is his human host I will return to my house you see how he takes ownership my house myperson from which I came and when he comes he finds it empty swept and put in order itis empty because he had been cast out through Deliverance but you see it’s also empty becausethere’s not been an infilling of the holy spirit it’s also empty because there’s not been a prayer life it’s alsoempty because the word of the Lord has not been read to renew that person’s mind so that house that person that hostit’s empty then he goes and he takes with him seven other Spirits more wicked than himselfand they enter and dwell there and the last state of the man is worse than the first so shall it be with this wickedgeneration I want to tell you that that those old demons are just finding new peopleold demons are finding new people so when I when I talk about these these huge Productions of Deliverance and Igot nothing against it if they’re covered and they’re traceable but but it becomes you get delivered and thenyou’re just an empty house like where’s the aftercare where’s the aftercareyeah you got swept with a Deliverance but immediately he’s going to get seven podnas and he’s coming back after you Iwant to tell you that today’s world unsaved people they’re Prime hosts for demonic spiritswhere are all these spirits they’re finding hosts they are peoplewithout a body can they possess you as a saved personno what I want to give you some data I want to look at statisticsso a 1999 survey showed that 70 of American adults claim religiousAssociation 1999 70 of All American adults claim religious Association TenYears Later 47 of adults plain religious AssociationTen Years Later only 47 percent of American adults that means they’re unsaved that means they’venot received Jesus as their Savior and Lord that means they’re not filled by the Holy Spirit it means they’re an empty house for whatdemons in 2021 a study of gen Z gen Z and ifyou’re a gen z uh nothing against you it’s just a survey but that’s born between 1997 and 2012. this is a 2021survey 36 percent of gen Z claims to be Christian36 percent of gen Z claims to be Christian 48percent claim no belief in God this is the first time gen Z is thefirst generation in history where the nuns know God outnumber Christiansnow you look at it one way and you could say oh my goodness things are going badthat is there’s more hosts available for demons you look at it the other way there’s a great opportunity for usit’s a great opportunity for us to start sharing the gospel and Faith you want to come up MatthewWill Tell Us in 9 37 then he said to his disciples y’allthis is who he’s talking he’s talking to you the Harvest is truly plentiful but thelavers are for you all these folks that no longer believeJesus know all these folks that claim no religious affiliation I’m not talking tonominational it’s like do you believe in Jesus no do you believe God nothe first time in history that this Young Generation more believed there is no God than believe that thereis a God the Harvest is plentifulthe laborers are few and Matthew 1 28 tells us the good news about Jesus spread quickly throughoutthe entire region of Galilee you see it’s easy to get people excited about Jesusyou don’t have to go to a program or a bible college or you just got to be willing to shareJesus you don’t have to know a lot of scripture if you know one piece of scripture youshare it if you know too you share it y’all I’m telling you it’s a lost anddying world and we can look at the news and be like why is it getting so crazy you know why it’s getting so crazybecause there’s less Jesus in people’s hearts in their livesthere’s more unsaved people there are more human hosts who were perfect homes for demonsbut you can change that you can change that simply sharing thegospel all you got to do is what Jesus did and you know why you can do what Jesusdid because you have the same holy spirit inside of you that Jesus didall you have to do is share the gospel make disciples cast out demons and healpeople live your life and share God from the same position of authority and powerthat Jesus did I want to tell you only when the Bible means something to you will it meaneverything to you if it’s just literature it’s just dry religionsee Jesus didn’t come and do these things because he thought they were fun to do Jesus came to set the exampleJesus came to give you the same power that he didI want you to use that Authority Jesus wants you to walk in that Authorityit’s not just about getting your favorite teacher or maybe a month of free cableor like just no drama for a day that’s not the Christian Lifeyou’ve got so much Authority so much power through the indwelling of the HolySpirit if we can have our altar Ministry come up and

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