Unleash Miracles of Healing and Deliverance: The Power of Faith in Jesus (Video)


There is freedom waiting for you on the other side of tough times. I’m praying that you begin to identify the blessings in your life and focus on them until you breakthrough into a new, anointed light. PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need someone to walk through the process with you.

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Transcript –

you know there was a guy at a high school in North Carolina years ago and a guy liked basketball he was a goodhalfway decent athlete and went on for the team and he got cut and they sent him down to JV ballyou know the guy had the heart but he didn’t have the skill you know two years laterthat same guy that sat in that locker room dejected was named McDonald’s high schoolAll-American basketball player a couple years later that same lockerroom is now named after that guy it’s called the Michael Jordan gymnasiumin between getting cut and sent down to JV and being inducted into the Professional Basketball Hall of FameMichael Jordan made Excellence on the court his standard he practiced he worked he committed hededicated Excellence became his standard what I want to encourage you today through this message is that we’ve gotto make the miraculous our daily Standard we should expect the miraculousevery day why because we are Supernatural we havethe supernatural God indwelled in us one-third of us is perfect by therighteousness of God through the Holy Spirit living inside of us we should wake up in the miraculous we should bethe miraculous we should receive the miraculous and we should be conduits vessels to pour out the miraculous I amencouraging you today the one thing the Lord put on my heart is we are called to do the miraculousthrough the same Supernatural power that Jesus had and that’s the Holy Spiritif it was anything else it would be impossible but through God all things are possiblebecause you have the same power of the Holy Spirit living inside of you thatJesus did that God used to raise him you are miraculousyou see God’s kingdom can’t grow unless you know the Wonder working power of Jesus Christ so if we’ll stand as thebody and we’ll read our anchor scripture which is that powerand we’ll read together as the body it comes from Mark 129 31 it says Jesus heals many people and together afterJesus left the synagogue with James and John they went to Simon and Andrew’s home now Simon’s mother-in-law was sickin bed with a high fever they told Jesus about her right away so he went to herbedside took her by the hand and helped her sit up then the fever left her andshe prepared a meal for them that evening after Sunset many sick anddemon-possessed people were brought to Jesus the whole town gathered at the door to watch so Jesus healed manypeople who were sick with various diseases and he cast out many demons butbecause the demons knew who he was he did not allow them to speak this is our anchor scripture and it’s agood word because it’s a word from the Lord we’re continuing through the through the gospel of Markand I believe I know it’s important to walk through entire books of the Bible so nothing is taken out of contextin his completion it’s perfect so we’ll begin with Mark 1 29 and I’ll read it said after Jesus left thesynagogue remember last week we talked about what was a synagogue it were local gathering places it’s not the templeit’s the synagogue it’s where Jesus would go and they was used for of religious gatherings and school andmarket and social it was the national identity for the nation of Israel the same way that our local churches are soafter Jesus left the synagogue you remember last week we talked about what did he do in the synagoguehe had just he delivered a man from demonic possession so he just finishedwith his first demonic deliverance and then he and James and John went to Simon and Andrew’s home now Simon’smother-in-law was sick in bed with a high fever they told Jesus about her right away so he went to her bedsidetook her by the hand and helped her sit up then the fever left her and she prepared a meal for themwhat I want to encourage you to understand is that like when Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law it wasn’t abig production there were no selfies there was no light show there was nomicrophone handless Michael and Jesus’s face like Jesus just did it because that’s who Jesus wasand that’s who Jesus came to be that’s what he came to do what I want to encourage you isJesus did it through the power of the Holy Spirit you have the same power living inside of you like Jesus didn’tget like a hundred percent Holy Spirit and because you showed up late for church you get like 75 percent HolySpirit you’re 100 righteous in the power of the Holy Spirit Jesus healed themother-in-law because that’s who Jesus was that’s who you areI want to encourage you to understand your power you know when we talk about that power it comes from the Greek wordKratos and that word Kratos is mighty power force Dominion it is an outward tangibledemonstration of the power of God I want to give an example of howpowerful it is in John 18 3 6 when they went to arrestJesus in the garden it said the leading priests and Pharisees had given Judas a contingent of Roman soldiers and Templeguards to accompany him now with blazing tortures lanterns and weapons they arrived at the Olive Grove Jesus fullyrealized what was going to happen to him so we stepped forward to meet them who are you looking for he askedJesus the Nazarene they replied I am he he saidJews Judas who betrayed him was standing with them as Jesus said I am he they allDrew back and fell to the ground now what I want to tell you in the Greekthe word contingent is the word uh Spira and that means about 600 Roman soldiersyou see it wasn’t just a few guys in the cover of Darkness that went to arrest Jesus like Judas had600 Elite Roman soldiersin the cover of Darkness to arrest Jesusso I want you to get the picture and I want you to understand the power that you have the Kratos power that youhave when Jesus simply said I am he and when when it says they and they fallto the ground that word from Greek it means to fall down as of dead to fall and ruin I loveit to become null and void what we call today that we’re slain inthe spirit they were slain in the spirit and the power of the spirit of God the Kratospower the same power that was used to raise Jesus from the dead the Kratospower is a outward tangible demonstratable power that is seenwhen Moses stood at the Waters of the Red Sea it was the Kratos power thatseparated those Waters when you have decisions to make in your life and you’re wondering do I do thisor do I do that and you decide the right that is Kratos power that is demonstratable tangible power ofthe Holy Spirit Jesus had it you have it but I want to tell you it’s like well how do Iactivate this power how do I knock down 600 of my mostfierce enemies goodness gracious how do I knock down one how do I get rid of that giantthrough krato’s Power you see you’ve got to you’ve got to understand that you’ve got the poweryou’ve got to be willing to exercise the power you see this kind of power cannotbe contained in a shaky vessel if you live in your life and there’s sin in your life and it’s not righteous andand you’re not really sure like this is power and this power cannot be contained orexecuted through a shaky vessel we’ve got to come into living righteousbut what I want you to do is start turning up your level of expectation we go to conferences and we see otherpeople Minister and we’re like oh that’s so good I mean how they do thathow they do it is that they’ve got the same power living in them that you got living in you but they have anexpectation for the execution of that power they understand that it’s not them doingit it’s God doing it through them and they allow themselves to be usedI want you to start anticipating that God’s capital’s power is going to flow through you you’ve already got it insideof you if you’ve received Jesus as your savior and your Lord You’ve Got thePower so what are you going to do with itI want to encourage you start expecting the miraculous do the miraculous because you arethe miraculous so we can tell you to Mark 1 30 Mark 130 then Jesus then they told Jesus about itright away so he went to her bedside took her by the hand and helped her sit up then the fever left her and sheprepared a meal for them see the disciples didn’t hesitate to submit uh this healing request to Jesusthey weren’t like oh what people going to think about me you know am I going to get a like on social media if I put out a prayer request you see you can’tapproach healing with hesitation you’ve got to walk in the confidence ofChrist you can’t sit there and figure like what if it don’t work what if itdoesn’t happen what if it doesn’t look the way I think it’s supposed to look like you can’t come to the throne like thatit’s not a production it’s just what you do not because of who you are but becauseof whose you are I don’t care how long you’ve been savedgot the power of the Holy Spirit living inside of you I want you to start understanding thathealing comes naturally Supernatural because you’re Supernatural because ofthe Holy Spirit living inside of you but where do we failthe truth is we fail in our belief we understand academically theologicallythat we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us we know that one-third of us our spirit is 100 percent perfectrighteousness like you can’t get no more righteous than 100 righteous now your your soulwhich is your emotions your feelings like that’s working on sanctificationthe process of sanctification being less emotion driven more Spirit driven and ofcourse your body that’s a work in progress too but that is the physical house that is the the Temple of the HolySpirit living inside of you but what’s perfect in you right now is your spiritI joke sometimes say well Leah’s like well you ain’t perfect I’m like one-third of me isshe’s like well let’s work on the other two thirds and I’m like I got you but our problem is we understand that we have the HolySpirit living inside of us where we fail is our belief do you believe that you could lay handson the sick and heal them do you believe you could you could lay hands on the dead and raise themdo you believe you could lay hands on someone and you could cast out the demons do you believe you have thatAuthority you’re like well the Bible says and I watched a tick tock video but Ijust don’t know and that’s where we short-circuit ourselves you see Matthew 17 tells us soJesus said to them because of your unbelief for assuredly I say to you ifyou have faith as a mustard seed you will say to this mountain move from here to there and it will move and nothingwill be impossible for you so then we hear people all the time and they’re like not all the timethey’re like seriously seriously I have never seen a mountain movemaybe that Mountain’s being moved Rock by Rock by Rock maybe thatinsurmountable challenge in your life just gets a little smaller and a littlesmaller and a little smaller just like your Health crisis healing can be an instantaneous mirrorLazarus get up come out of that grave or it’s a processit’s a process but where are we short-circuit the processis we don’t believe I know what the Bible says but I don’t know if I believe itI want to encourage you I want to encourage you like Jesus is not playing tricks he’s not giving you the exampleof I healed his mother-in-law but y’all can’t do ithe healed the Mother-in-law because he had the holy spirit inside of him you have the same holy spirit inside of youbut you’ve got to believe that you could lay hands and heal the sick you’ve got to believe that you can raise the deadyou’ve got to believe that you can cast out demons you’ve got to believe that you got the Kings the keys to thekingdom that you can bind and you can loose but you got to come with confidence andyou got to come with boldness you see Mark 4 31 he says then the fever left her and she prepared a meal forthem if we believe that we’re healed we’ve got to manifest death we’ve got to manifest that healing like what if thatold girl had been like that’s cool but I’m gonna get a second opinion like I’m waiting for Baylor Scott White tocall me back with some blood work but I appreciate you Jesus but I’m going to lay here for a bityou see you’ve got to you’ve got to manifest the healing sometimes that healing does take thephysical restoration of your body sometimes the inflammation in your body has got to be allowed to naturallyphysically uh be resolved but the healing the healing was guaranteed to you back in Isaiah 53 5.but he was wounded he Jesus but he was wounded for our transgressions he again Jesus was bruised for our iniquities thechastisement of for our peace was upon him and by his stripes we are healedso let’s bring a little current to the New Testament first Peter 2. who himself were talking about Jesusbore our sins on his body on the tree that we having died to sins might livefor righteousness and again by whose Stripes you were healed werehealed not may be healed maybe going to be healed maybe if this one prays for me instead of that one prays for me I couldget healed you were healed you’ve got to receive the truth of theword you’ve got to stand in the boldness of the manifestation of healingif the Mother-in-law had just laid back in bedshe doesn’t begin the process of the physical manifestation of the healing she’s healedshe’s got to receive the healing I just want to askno phrase of hands but do you believe that Jesus healed peopledo you believe you have the same power to heal I mean it’s illogical he had the holyspirit this is not a trick Jesus had the Holy Spirit remember when he was baptized by John the Holy Spirit comesdown his father God affirms him Jesus has the Holy Spirit you have the HolySpirit you have the Holy Spirit you have the same power so do you believe Jesushealed people do you believe you have the same power to heal peoplethen I asked what are you waiting for what are you waiting for how many times have we had there have wehad the the opportunity to lay hands on somebody and we’re like I don’t knowthen you short-circuited yourself or maybe if somebody else came by withmore Holy Spirit in them it’s not an issue of more holy spirit it’s how much less of you there is so there’s more ofthe holy spirit that comes through you power doesn’t radiate from a shakyvessel so Mark 1 32 that evening after Sunsetmany sick and demon-possessed people were brought to Jesus the whole town gathered at the door to watch so Jesushealed many people who were sick with various diseases and he cast out many demons but because of the Demons whoknew who he was he did not allow them to speak now I’ll tell you in Luke which is the parallel story because it’s asynoptic gospel remember we talked about that Matthew Matthew um Mark and Luke they’re synopticgospels they all run pretty much parallel in the same stories different perspectives you’ll have some slightvariations but all the truth so when Luke it says he healed all the people like everybody got healedlike understand Jesus healed and delivered everybody that came to himhe didn’t sit he didn’t wait he didn’t wonder and you know a lot of times those those uh physical healings were a resultof demonic Deliverance a lot of our physical health issues are a result of demonic oppressiona depression you know when people say well you know my anxiety is so high today that’s not your anxiety you know mydepression has really been getting me down that is not your depression God didnot give you depression God did not give you anxiety you know y’all I’m so afraidI’m so afraid second Timothy 1 7 what does God say for I that’s God did not give you a spiritof fear where’d that Spirit come from it’s not from the Lord cast it outa lot of our physical ailments come from demonic oppression because now we take on Despair anddepression and worry and perversion and addiction my addiction is not your addictiondid it not come from God you take authority by the blood of Jesus and you cast it outyou don’t want to ask you how many times has God given you a word and given you an opportunity to pray for somebodyand we hesitate what they gonna think of me what they gonna sayI’m just saying that God’s not looking to honor your pedigreeGod doesn’t care if you went to a two-year Bible College God didn’t care if you have a doctorate in theologyI’ll tell you you know I have a I have a doctorate in anthropology which means nothing but I thought when the Lord saidpastor I gotta I got to get an education I got to get a degree from a seminary so it was the it was the doctor ofministry and I’m sitting there and there’s this big welcome and you they said well with all the demons stand upand everybody stood up I’m like demons doctor Ministry D men demons I’m likewhat am I doing and the Lord’s like yeah what are you doing you don’t need this you need to get out of here and I left Ileft you don’t have to wait for somebody with a degree you don’t have to wait withsomebody with a pedigree you got the same Holy Spirit living inside of you if the holy spirit sayspray for somebody he’ll pray for somebody God doesn’t honor your Earthly accolades God honors Your SurrenderGod honors you yes and if your yes comes with a beating heart and a dry mouthGod’s going to honor that because he’s going to supply you think Gideon was the warrior to toliberate the nation no but God provided why because that old boy said yesall we’ve got to do is say yes but I’m going to tell you A lot of timesthis is particularly about healing and it relates to Deliverance becauseJesus didn’t okay everybody has sick over here everybody possessed over there no everything is the ministry of Jesusoh I got a Deliverance Ministry oh I got a Healer Ministry now that ain’t the ministry of Jesus Christthe gospel the ministry of Christ encompasses everythingso I’m just asking you to stop becoming a niche player well I only play offense well I’m a defensive no no if you wantin the arena and you want to you want to play the game for the gospel for the kingdom you got to be a all-aroundplayer so when God asks you to heal somebody or God asks you to step in and provide Deliverance for somebody you gotto be willing to do that I’m going to tell you a couple years ago I’m sitting in a church and I heard a pastor I heard a pastor on the pulpit say I don’t dohospital visits I don’t I don’t pray for the sick because what if it don’t work and whatare people going to think of me and look the Holy Spirit punched me in the gut says you got to get out of thischurch but let me be honest with you how many of us feel the same way well what if they don’t get better whatif they don’t get back what’s that gonna look like on me all God wants you to do is Surrender Your yesyou act in faith and God’s going to do the rest like God don’t need you to heal that person God’s trying to help youwith you by praying for people but if we sit on the sideline and we’rewaiting man the only way you know the only way you get in shape is to go get in shapelook that plateau’s power we’ve all got it like like we should be like oh mygosh like everybody in this room has that that crazy tangible powerlike it’s amazing the power that we all contain but we’ve got to understand that Godwants us to use it we can’t be a shaky vessel we can’t be afraid we can’t be afraid to pray for somebody because whatthey’re going to think about us we can’t be afraid to when somebody’s when somebody we know that they’re manifestingwe can’t be afraid of what they’re going to think about us what if they don’t work what if the demon jumps on methat’s another conversation I just want you to stand strong to standfirm understand the power that you haveand y’all those folks with the heart to evangelize which is everything the Great Commissionyou’ve got to be prepared to heal and deliver Jesus was out sharing the gospel andwhat did he do he healed and delivered so then we get to the to the MessianicSecret in Luke 4 41 it says and this was all part of when Jesus was healing it saidany and he rebuking them did not allow them to speak for they knew he was Christ this is the demons we saw it inthe church in the synagogue when Jesus cast out the demon he goes I Know Who You Are you’re the Holy One of God and Jesussaid be muzzled in the Greek it means shut up and get outbecause see that’s what demons are going to do demons want to disrupt your timeline there’s a Messianic secretJesus had a timeline Jesus had metrics in today’s term to meet before it wastime for him to be arrested crucified resurrected but demons didn’t want that to happen you seeand demons want to tell everybody oh that’s Jesus right there that’s the Messiah you seeand he wanted to take Jesus’s Focus off of what he was called to do and have to worry about themsee in your ministry in your life in your marriage in your money andeverything we do the demons want to they want to get you off track we want to get you off track and I’m notproposing that there’s a demon behind every Rock but a lot of the Warfare that we fight most of it is in our mind we startworrying about things it’s this demon going to tell people who I am if I’ve been told to pray over this person whatif they don’t what if they don’t get healed what if we what if we publicly declare that we’re not praying for the second home that God promised us we’llhave and and it’s January 3rd and we still don’t have a home like what they gonna think about me you see we can’t beshaky vessels when we declare the word of the Lord when we proclaim the promises of the Lordthat goes for the claim proclaiming his promises or healing or delivering or sharing the good news of the Gospelall you got to do is say yes but I want you to be aware that whenyou’re out there and you’re sharing the gospel and you take that step of Faith Like Satan’s not happy he’s notapplauding you there will be resistance against your efforts but you’ve got the Kratos power you’vegot the the dynamos power the indwelling of the Holy Spirit on the inside of you you were all about power of the HolySpirit but we hesitate sometimes because we’re just not surewe just don’t believe I’m asking you believe and if you have trouble believing thinkback to the goodness of God let what God has done for you in the past stir upyour faith today look at God’s track record over the course of your life and if that don’tstir you up I know but you know I had that issue what happened to it well it got resolvedwell you know we were broke what happened well we we got out of it you know well you know my marriage whathappened I thought we’re going to divorce whatever we still together like look back over the course of yourwalk with Christ and allow the goodness of God to stir your faith in whatever you’re going through today and whateveryou’re going through today your mind is the battlefield your mind is Satan’s Battlefieldyou know when Jesus when Jesus would not just the demons but Jesus would tell people he would heal them and like lookdon’t tell nobody right don’t tell nobody but people wouldn’t listenthey would go they would go tell for whatever their reasons they would go tell but I want to tell you I want toencourage you when the Lord tells you something he puts it on your heart and he asks you to keep it until the timesto reveal honor God’s word and keep that word in your heart not everything God tells you is aconference call like God will tell you something and we’ll ask 20 people what they thinkand they’ll give your their opinion and now you’ve forgotten what the Lord told you when the Lord gives you a word andasks you to keep it in your heart until the time comes for the manifestation or the revelation of that word keep it inyour heart keep it in your heart you know sometimes we get ahead of God’stiming and there’s a couple different ways we do this and sometimes it’s just a Zealfor doing God’s will you know Lee and I used to be guilty of that we get a little hint from the Lord and we takeoff we knew the will but we didn’t know the way and we’d be out in the middle of nowhere like come on everybody’s doingit where’s everybody and the Lord’s likeI never say go in our Zeal for God’s will we got ahead of the Lord sometimes Zeal foranticipating God’s will like we’ll listen about maybe about half of what he saysI got it I’m good just like our kids right I need you to do this and beforeyou say and they’re going y’all come back stand still stand still when the Lord istalking to you stand still and listen to everything he’s got to tell you somesometimes we got a Zeal for doing our own will sometimes yeah I know what you saidbut this is what I want to do and there’s no Grace and there’s no favor when we walk outside the will ofthe Lord and the other is just just sometimes causing chaos just like the demons dolike I know the Lord told you all in the second year he’d give you a new house for your churchbut I really don’t think y’all deserve it I know the Lord told us to walk through the gospel of Markbut I’m kind of tired of hearing about the gospel of Mark like sometimes we inadvertently causechaos in the midst of God’s will let’s really be let’s really be mindfuland be sensitive to what God’s doing in our lives and what God’s doing in other people’s liveslike there’s no honor in Rebellion there’s no honor in walking outside the word of the Lordand continuing through Mark 1 35 39 before Daybreak the next morning Jesus got up and went out to anisolated place to pray later Simon and the others went out to find him when they found him they said everyone’slooking for you and Jesus replied you must go we must go on to other towns as well I will preach to them too this iswhy I came so he traveled throughout the region of Galilee preaching in synagogues and casting out demonssee what I want to what I want to show is is honoring God’s word and making sure we’re in his will like what didJesus do like Jesus got up before Daybreak Jesus got up early and he gotup and he went out to an isolated place to pray like I’ll submit to youI don’t think there’s there was anybody closer to God the father than Jesus the sonstill he made time to pray he made time to pray I’m asking youare you willing to give up your time for Jesus are you willing to get up early to go to an isolated place and pray I willtell you that laying in bed and hitting snooze and dozing off in between your prayer requests is not honoring God’sword and then we wonder well I don’t hear from him no because you’ve hit snoozefive times and you’ve had some good sleep but you’re not going to hear from theLord like like your prayer life your prayer we can’t be sloppy pursuing the LordGod deserves better than that God deserves better than that God deserves your best honor him with your time withyour action show that God matters be intentionalin your time with the Lord Jesus got up before the son Jesus went out got out of the bed and went to anisolated place it’s like if this is what Jesus the sondoes why do we think it’s going to be any different for us I just want to share how do we valueGod’s voice set an appointment don’t be afraid to pick a timeGod did it God told Moses I want you all here three days from now and get yourselves readyBe Still In Worship be still is probably our biggest problembe still and know that I’m God Worship the Lord pray andread prepare if you want to hear the voice of the Lord you’ve got to speak the language of the Lord that language of the Lordis the word of the Lord well I don’t know if that’s God I don’t know if that’s god well do you know the language of God if not you got to prayyou got to read and then listen and write listen God’s word is good enough to bewritten down God’s word is good enough to be to be documentedotherwise we’re going to start forgetting and we’re going to start crafting our own expectations into thatnow on the flip side as we round this up it says later Simon and the others went out to find him what that means to me islike Peter probably slept in because I said later they went out to find himwe can’t be sloppy in our Pursuit we can’t get up later and get with the boys and go looking forJesus and expect to find him you see the crazy part was Jesus ispraying to the father in a moment of intimacy and and Peter and the disciples actually walk into this atmospherelike Jesus and God the Father are communicating and they walk into thisatmosphere and they miss it they miss the encounter with God theFather like they step into the room and something special is happeningand they miss it you know what they say instead offalling on their face like when God told Moses take them sandals off this is Holy Groundyou know what these guys do hey hey everybody’s looking for you where you been Jesuseverybody’s looking for you hurry and worry was all they cared about whybecause the world’s looking for you they missed that encounter with Goddon’t let the hurry and the worry and the world saying hey I need you today Ineed you to call me back now don’t let that interfere in your encounter with Godhonor God’s word and then we finish and Mark says in 138he goes but Jesus replied we must go on to the other towns as well I will preachto them too this is why I came so he traveled throughout the region of Galilee preaching in the synagogues andcasting out demons see we’ve got to do what Jesus came todo Jesus came to preach he didn’t come to just set up shop in one little placeand everybody come to see some Jesus he got up to go out to share the gospel hegot up to go out and to heal he got up to go out as he said preaching in thesynagogues and casting out demons this is what Jesus came to dowe should all have a heart for evangelism we should all have a heart for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christbut I want to tell you when we go out there it’s going to require healing it’s going to require Deliverance it’s goingto require boldness it’s going to require faith like this is what Jesus came to dothis is what he’s called us to do this is the Great Commissionreally the one thing that I want to I just really want to impress upon youis that you have the power but Satan tells you that you don’t Satantells you that your life’s a mess Satan tells you that you’re too young Satan tells you that that you know yourmarriage isn’t that solid or your money’s not that solid well you know your family history I mean she’s likeyou post something on Facebook about Jesus and they’re going to trace your family treeback to that time that that thing happened remember that that thing we’re all embarrassed about that skeleton inthe closet that we’d rather keep see that’s what the devil does he keeps that old Skeleton on a hook and he rattles itanytime the Lord gives you inspiration motivation Revelation the devil’s going to take that old skeleton out of thecloset but that ain’t you no more it’s part of your testimony you’re rightthat’s who I was that’s not who I am you are filled with the power of Godit’s got nothing to do with your physical strength or your intellectual aptitude it’s got nothing to do withyour money it is all the holy spirit’s indwellingI want you to know I want you to experience how powerful you are inChrist I want you to experience that Kratos power that when Jesus simply said lookthere wasn’t a light show there wasn’t a company music that was he just said I’m heover 600 elite soldiers fell down as Dead That’s The Power of the Holy Spirityou can speak that same power to the problems in your life you can speak thatsame power over Dry Bones you can speak that power into Health into intofinances into relationships into dreams into Ministry you’ve got the powerI’m encouraging you to use that power my assignment for you this week is lookfor opportunities to release that krato’s power into the life of someone else that healing that delivers thatencouragement that gospels testimony

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