WWYD: Water



You’re on patrol and chasing a felon on foot. He runs into a dead end. You approach. 
He jumps over the barricade and into the river. 

What would you do?
WWYD: Water

What Would You Do? I Video You Too

You are on patrol and stop a car because the motorist was exceeding the posted speed limit by thirty miles per hour. You ask the driver for their driver’s license and registration.

You look through the driver’s window and they have a cell phone pointed at you recording the encounter. They refuse to comply with your lawful orders to exit the car. They claim you’ve broken the law by making the stop and wish to affect a citizen’s arrest.

What Would You Do? I Video You Too

WWYD – Shotgun

WWYD – Shotgun

You’re sitting in traffic along the highway behind a traffic stop. You watch the driver pull out a shotgun and shoot the officer. He stalks the scene.

What Would You Do

NOTE: This very thing happened over the weekend to one of our Louisiana State Troopers. Please keep him in prayer

Open Q&A For Writers on Police Procedurals With Chief Scott Silverii


Open Q&A For Writers on Police Procedurals With Chief Scott Silverii, Ph.D. at SilverHart

Hi All,
It’s another rainy weekend down in Cajun Country. Watching the latest hurricane threat diminish, and honestly, found myself with free time since the cycling got nixed by the storm.
Lets try a Q&A:
Got Police Procedural Questions or basic Cops stuff you want to know, fire away at SilverHart

Savage Souls Outlaw Biker Series





Savage Souls Outlaw Motorcycle Club

The Savage Souls Series is the latest from author LS Silverii. The five-part series chronicles an outlaw motorcycle club (OMC) to tell the story of innocence lost and redemption gained.

National club president, Justice Boudreaux might be a CIA trained special operations asset, but Abigail Black is more than your typical OMC old lady. Wildcard, James St. John has no one’s best interest at heart, or does he?

The Boudreaux brothers, Fury, Mercy, Sue, Justice, Rage and Vengeance were all combat veterans having served in each branch of the military.

Originally from the swamps of Cajun Country’s, Turtle Bayou, Louisiana, the brothers reunited in Mystic, Colorado to seize control of the Savage Soul OMC. Seems like the family that rides together, stays together.

Not quite–middle brother, Lawless is a highly decorated law enforcement agent. Not only does he skip the family get togethers, but he’s sworn to bring each and every one of his siblings to account for their outlaw lifestyle.

Product Warning:

**Please note these books are dark romance and deals with adult themes. Recommended for mature readers only**

All Books in the Series are on Pre-Sale until October 6, 2015 – Don’t wait to get all Five of Yours Today.



You are an officer on patrol. Radio calls in home burglary. You arrive and see front door open.

Unknown if anyone is home, you rush in. A ten foot bear greets you at the bottom of the stairs.

What Would You Do?

Chief Scott Silverii, PhD Announces Retirement

Chief Scott Silverii, PhD

Hi All,
It’s official – I’m retiring from law enforcement on August 28, 2015. I tried to think of an introspective post about bringing a career that began in 1990 to a close, but I could never capture what these years have meant to me.

I told a friend that cop years are like hard dog years. I’ve had times that tore at my soul, but as many or more than have touched it. In the end, it’s been faith, family and friends that kept me whole.

God placed it on my heart about a year ago, and it has taken that long to realize He wasn’t joking. He’s got other things for this cop to do, but I have the blessing of retiring on my own terms and with the friendship and assurances of a great Mayor Tommy Eschete​, and the beloved Thibodaux Police Department​.

Retirement doesn’t mean sitting at home. Liliana Hart​ and I have an amazing family to love and mentor, and plenty of adventures ahead. I only wish my mom was still with me to know that I did stay safe after all these years.

I’m thankful to have served the city that tolerated me as a boy growing up. I’m thankful for a nation that still values Pride, Integrity & Guts. I’m thankful for all of you, who’ve supported me, prayed for me and were always willing to send messages of encouragement. Thank you.

Be kind to one another,