😇 God’s Promise Christians Grow Into Reality. Need Loving Nurturing Care. Parenting Godly Children. (Video)


😇 God’s Promise Christians Grow Into Reality. Need Loving Nurturing Care. Parenting Godly Children.

There is freedom waiting for you on the other side of tough times. I’m praying that you begin to identify the blessings in your life and focus on them until you breakthrough into a new, anointed light. PLEASE do not hesitate to reach out to me if you need someone to walk through the process with you.

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you know I love this time of the year I

love this time of the year the optimism

new year new you new year new you like

I’m like go

and I’m not here to rain on your parade

but you know 90 of all new gym

memberships people are going to quit

before the third month

less than eight percent of people who

make New Year’s resolutions will see

them out through the year

most of that the other 92 percent by the

middle of January those New Year

resolutions have gone the way of the


so it’s wonderful to have optimism and I

want to give you some optimistic news

that about starting over starting fresh

statistically if you’re going to start a

diet Monday is the best day to start

the bet I don’t know why but October is

actually the best month to start a diet

that has long-term success so the good

news is y’all have got 10 months

before you got to get your acts together

and pick a Monday in October to start

your diets until then


but you know the key to all this

you gotta stick to stuff to see it


you got to stick to stuff to see it

through and that’s what I want to I want

to talk to you today that’s what the

Lord put on my heart I tell you guys I I

preach out of Burden I preach out of the

burden that not that preaching’s a

burden or sharing but the burden that

the Lord puts on my heart

we don’t Google hey what’s a good topic

for Sunday or I don’t even ask my wife

you know I wait in the Holy Spirit puts

a burden on my heart and the burden is

that you must nurture God’s promises

into maturity

like I could drive you to the gym and I

can drop you off in the lobby but you’ve

got to lift the weight you’ve got to get

on the treadmill God is giving you

promises and those promises never expire

Isaiah 55 11 tells us

God doesn’t speak anything without the

expectation of it coming to fruition and

his word never expires

I want to encourage you in that in

understanding that that those promises

are made and will always be God’s spoken

promises over all of your lives

but this is the season to start to

nurture that to Mentor that to Foster

that into reality

you know God told Moses to speak to the


all he told him to do was speak to the

Rock now he struck it but he told him to

speak to it it required an action on his

part to bring forth the water God spoke

in a promise over your life

all he’s asking is an action to help it

come to fruition and that’s the word

that he put on my heart for today and

that’s what we’re going to talk about

and if we would if we would if we would

stand together as the body and read our

anchor scripture and it comes from

Matthew and and you know what I love

about about what the the command that

God gave us before we planted he said

Don’t Preach a social calendar don’t

align yourself with what harm Mark says

are the important times throughout the

course of the year you stick to my word

and you’re going to be okay so let me

tell you five Stones Church we didn’t

pick up baby Jesus’s baby stroller we’re

still preaching the gospel message of

the birth of Jesus Christ that’s the

message that should be taught every day

so we’re gonna we’re gonna come to this

message and I want to read this as the

body is our anchor scripture and we’ll

begin as the body now the birth of Jesus

the Messiah was as follows when his

mother Mary had been betrothed to Joseph

before they came together she was found

to be pregnant by the Holy Spirit and

the husband Joseph since he was a

righteous man did not want to disgrace


plan to send her away secretly

but when he had thought this over behold

an angel of the Lord appeared to him in

a dream saying Joseph son of David do

not be afraid to take Mary as your wife

for the child who has been conceived in

her is of the Holy Spirit she will give

birth to a son and you will call his

name Jesus for he will save his people

from their sins

now all this took place so that what was

spoken by the Lord through the prophet

would be fulfilled behold the Virgin

will conceive and give birth to a son

and they shall name him Emmanuel which

means god with us and Joseph awoke from

his sleep and did as the angel of the

Lord commanded him and took Mary as his

wife but kept her a virgin until she

gave birth to a son and he named him


that’s the message

that is the message

so talking about nurturing the promises

of God into a state of maturation in

your life what I want to do is I want to

focus on Joseph’s role

Joseph is such

a righteous man how do we know he’s a

righteous man because the Bible says he

was a righteous man Joseph is a

wonderful example of what it is to

nurture the promises of God

and you know what I want to share before

we get started and it relates to Joseph

and Mary is like you don’t hear a lot

about Joseph and Mary’s mom and dad

but you know we know that they raise

their kids to be Godly kids they raise

their kids to become Godly vessels so

that God could use them as vessels for

the kingdom moms and dads grandparents I

want to encourage you you’ve got to

raise your kids to be Godly kids if you

want God to use your kids you’ve got to

raise your kids to be Godly kids

we can’t let the world raise them we

can’t let Society or the schools or the

government we can’t let social media or

even their peers

we can’t put that responsibility on

everybody else they are God’s promise

they’re God’s gift to us even though

they may not feel like it all the time

they’re the gift it’s our responsibility

and so when I look at Joseph and Mary

you realize it all begins with their

parents unsung relatively unmentioned

but they raise their kids how do we know

that Mary was raised right well she was

a virgin

I mean Luke Luke 1 27 tells us to a

version betrayal to a man whose name was

Joseph of the House of David the

virgin’s name was Mary how do we know

that Joseph was a righteous man Matthew

1 19 tells us he was a righteous man

they were in the process the proper

process of of the patrol process and

sometimes that took to Upper up to a

year before it was finalized but they

because they came from good families

because they were doing the right thing

they were raised as Godly kids and now

God could use them

as a vessel so moms and dads and

grandparents I want to encourage you

let’s raise Godly kids

a lot of us a lot of us are we’re really

like the first links in our family’s

Faith chain I know Lee and I we go we’ve

researched generations of both of our

families and we’re the first

faith-filled members of our family and

that’s the first chain in the Silvery

family and our kids are the second and

then on and on and a lot of you guys are

coming into the as the first link in

that Faith chain

and there’s a responsibility with that

you know when it comes to nurturing the

word of the Lord

when we look at what Joseph did one of

the things that that I you know a lot of

times with familiarity we miss a lot of

the importance the little things like we

read that scripture and it’s like that’s

the Christmas story oh oh let me shot us

the Christmas story we’re going to read

it again December 25th of 2023. you know

what let’s put ourselves in that let’s

put ourselves in Joseph’s life it’s like

oh look I’m gonna let my Cajun buy you

out I’m like they like oh Michelle he

was sleeping and the angel came and gave

him a good word

I want you to think about this like

Joseph was a blue-collar dude he was a

carpenter his hands were calloused he

loved the Lord he loved the law he

followed the law he was a righteous man

but think about this he’s been in the

process of marrying Mary

and it hasn’t been legalized yet

finalized yet but this is his girl

right and then she’s he finds out she’s


somebody but him

and then an angel the Lord shows up do

you all know the last time God had

spoken to his people before this time

it was 400 years what was the book that

last documented that

Malachi in the Old Testament if I hadn’t

heard from my wife in four minutes I’m

starting to wonder what’s going down

can you imagine not hearing from the

word but not getting a word from the

Lord in 400 years

and it wasn’t like Joseph was like some

learned it academic he was a blue collar

alpha male dude slinging nails and

hammering wood

couldn’t wait to marry Mary

and then she’s pregnant for somebody


so like instead of being oh like let’s

like drop the religiosity and realize

like these people or us we’re dealing

with stuff like this maybe you’ve not

heard from the Lord in what seems like

400 years

but you always got to be willing you

always got to be faithful and you know

how we know Joseph was faithful because

Matthew 1 24 said he did what the Lord


and let me tell you I’m going to go off

track just a bit but the Holy Spirit

told me to go off track you know what it

took for Joseph you’re like well he was

he had big faith like he was big Faith

like he was reading this Daily

Devotional every day

right oh he had to be a big man of faith

you know what it took you know how much

faith it took for Joseph

what does God say how much Faith does it

take yeah you said it right this is my


so I I found this this morning

ah and it’s a it’s a popcorn kernel

because I wanted y’all to be able to see

like this was a popcorn kernel

can you imagine if you had that much

Faith but let me tell you what Jesus

said it takes

can you see that probably no you know

what this is

it’s a mustard seed

that’s right

that’s all it takes

that’s all it takes for Joseph a

hard-working Blue Collar callus hand

sunburned neck Carpenter

to believe that after 400 years and

hadn’t heard a word from the Lord and

his girlfriend’s pregnant for somebody


that’s all it took for him to understand

and Obey what the word of the Lord said

you want me to tell you what our problem


this belief

it’s belief and I want to read this from

Matthew 17 18 20. and this is when the

disciples went out and they were casting

out demons and healing people and then

he ran into a little issue and it said

and Jesus rebuked the devil and he

departed out of him and the child was

cured from that very hour then came the

disciples to Jesus apart and said why

could not we cast them out and Jesus

said unto them

because of your

not lack of faith not lack of money not

lack of likes on Facebook not lack of

hard effort what did he say

because of your unbelief

for verily I say to you if you have the

faith of a grain of mustard seed ye

shall say unto this mountain remove

hints until Yonder place and it shall

remove and nothing shall be impossible

for you


we’re coming into 2023 and the Lord has

put on my heart a very very clear

prophetic visions and healing is going

to be a big part of who we become and

who are identified in the body of Christ

if we want to start reaching the loss we

can give pamphlets and websites and this

and that and speeches but it’s going to

be we start laying hands on people and

they get healed we start laying hands on

people they start getting delivered and

listen I believe every one of us are

people of faith if we didn’t have faith

we wouldn’t be here

even if we only have the faith the size

of a grain of a mustard seed that ain’t

our issue

it’s belief

so I want to encourage you

that if you feel like you hadn’t heard

from the Lord in 400 years if you feel

like you think you’ve been doing the

right thing and some consequence or

circumstance shows you that it’s

something different is going to happen

keep your faith but move into a season

of belief when the word of the Lord has

given you a promise listen

right how many of us have belief how

many of us believe that that an

ex-alcoholic can can lead people into

the kingdom how many people believe that

you’ve been divorced and God’s called

you to do marriage Ministry how many

people believe that that maybe you’ve

you’ve had legal issues and God can’t

Mentor you into mentoring people into a

state of righteousness how many of you

believe that people God can use people

like that

that’s belief

look I’m telling y’all it’s going to

take some belief this year we believe

it’s like always people like oh I

believe in God

but do you believe God

you see that’s where we fail do you

believe God called you

do you believe God called you to to

reignite your faith to recommit to a

season of ministry that you’ve been

denying do you believe God

I’ll submit Joseph believe God

Joseph believed God you know let me show

you the consequences of Joseph’s belief

the benefits was that you know Joseph

was a righteous man but he was also


he believed in the letter of the law

that’s what made him righteous because

this is pre well Jesus was in the

process of being born but this is pre uh

crucifixion resurrection and Ascension

Joseph didn’t have the the ever

indwelling power of the Holy Spirit like

we do that’s where our righteousness

comes from right I mean when people say

oh I’m just you know I’m like dirty

filthy racks you used to be but if you

receive Jesus Christ as your lord and

savior you have 100 righteousness of the

Holy Spirit living in you and you’re

right along without the Holy Spirit it

is but when you receive Jesus Christ as

your lord and savior you have to receive

the Holy Spirit if you didn’t receive

the Holy Spirit you didn’t receive

Christ as your lord and savior and when

you receive the Holy Spirit you are 100

perfect righteousness

because you have the righteous of the

Holy Spirit

so Joseph’s righteousness at this time

came from his love and obedience to the

law and that’s important to understand

because now he’s looking at a situation

where his wife his fiancee is pregnant

and he wants to divorce her

and to divorce her he has to file legal

paperwork and when you file legal

paperwork it becomes public record and

when it becomes public record that his

girlfriend got pregnant for somebody

else then he falls under the law what

law is that well let’s go to Leviticus


if there is a man who commits adultery

with another man’s wife one who commits

adultery with his friend’s wife the

adulterer and the adulteress must be put

to death

if Joseph didn’t have mercy and Grace

and love and compassion

according to the law Mary and the child

she carried

would have been stoned to death

this man who loves and lives for the law

was willing to put his own life

was willing to sacrifice his own life

for this lady he’s not yet married and

for this child he’s not yet met

thank God Joseph was willing to be

counter-cultural to the world’s demands

that’s what God’s calling us to do right

now y’all

let’s not get locked into the woke world

let’s not worry about cancel culture

let’s not worry about what anybody else

says but the word of the Lord

Leah’s asked me all year and I’d ignore

her she’s like stop telling people that

it’s rude I’m like I don’t care what

your opinion is if you don’t start off a

conversation saying

the Lord says and you say I feel then I

don’t want to talk to you I do because I

love you but

but what’s important is that we put our

emotions aside that we’re not Soul LED

we’re not personality-led we’re not

opinion-led that we allow the spirit of

the Lord to get in the front and drive

this train


you know with Joseph he’s such a great

example you know what if Joseph had been

a deadbeat dad like man we ain’t married


I’m gonna block her on Facebook I’m

gonna pay her phone bill for one more

month and then that’s it but I’m gonna

get on Facebook and find that girl we

used to date in high school and I’m

gonna see if she’s still available

because that’s probably the right one

for me

like what if Joseph had checked out

against the word of the Lord like this

cat this cat would have missed out on

the greatest blessing he could have ever


was being Jesus’s Earthly dad

but he chose to stay in the fight you

know what else he did when the angel of

the Lord said I need you to marry this

old girl I need you to take her as your


but I don’t want you to consummate the

relationship you see Joseph who loves

the law who loves the law right he could

have said oh yeah we good now I have the

legal Authority as her husband to

consummate this act like that’s a big

deal for dudes

Leah’s like if you say it you’re not

going to Veracruz

but look Joseph for a man who loves the

law he now had the legal authority to

consummate that relationship right

if his if his heart was about letter of

the law

look I don’t care what the Lord told me

I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready to satisfy

and gratify myself but he didn’t because

he had the promise of the word of the

Lord and he agreed to follow the word of

the Lord and a lot of times when God

gives you a promise God gives you a word

what does that require of you for you to

delay self-gratification


sometimes I’ll be honest with you life’s

just going to suck

it’s gonna stink you’re gonna be like

seriously you give me this word and then

I don’t hear nothing from you for about

a year no you’re in a Wilderness season

the reason that God put you in a

Wilderness season of obscurity is

because he’s not trying to punish you

he’s trying to prepare you for promotion

because the person that you are cannot

sustain what he’s going to do in the

person that he needs you to be just like

Moses everybody said oh poor Moses for

40 years Moses got get in the wilderness

let me throw something at you he did two

40-year stints

the brother was in the wilderness for 80

years 40 different times that media was

a bad dude but it was the level of

character that God needed to be

developed for him to carry what he was

going to do

if you feel like you’re in a season of

wilderness listen God’s not punishing

you God’s prepared you for promotion the

worst thing the look when I was a High


linebacker and I’m like I’m ready for D1

football I’m ready for D1 football let

me tell you if they’re taking my my

little dumb self and put me on a

football field and a d they would have

killed me

they would have clobbered me as a

sophomore I wasn’t ready to play college


you asked some people when I got to

college they still say you weren’t ready

to play college football but the thing

is God’s not going to do that to you

God’s God’s giving you a word to preach

or to teach or to evangelize or to go on


and you’re like I’m ready to rock and


and it’s been a year or in my case when

I left my career as a chief of police to

Pastor seven years later

it didn’t mean that I was so bad of a

work that it took seven years but that

was God’s timing

that was God’s timing to build the

character God didn’t need a chief of

police standing up here on Sunday


God needed his son

who had the compassion to Shepherd other


what I want to tell you about God also

is God honors your sacrifice

God honors your sacrifice you see Joseph

was not the biological father of Jesus

but you know what God did he gave him

the honor and the legal authority to

name that boy

you shall call his name Jesus look in

the culture that’s big it’s big

God honors your sacrifice

if you’re willing to obey and to submit

and to linger and to be patient and

delay your self-satisfaction and

gratification God’s honoring that

I want to tell you

we’ve got to start thinking about Legacy

multi-generational chains in the faith


a lot of times as parents we’re just

trying to get by the day we’re just

trying to get by I don’t want to think

about tomorrow you know like our one of

our kids just going to graduate one

graduated Keaton graduated college our

uh he’s our daughter’s fiance now and

and not like we’re like we can’t even

think about the wedding in May we can’t

even think about our other daughters uh

college graduation like like we’re so

locked in at just getting through today

but when you start realizing that we’re

operation while we’re operating we’re

building Legacy moms and dads like I

know it’s hard to think past the next

day but let’s start thinking in terms of

generation let’s start thinking in terms

of legacy and how do we do that we start

teaching our kids the word of the lord

we start speaking Faith over our

children look I’m going to tell you we

got a 13 year old and I told Leah if I

drop dead today I want that kid standing

over me telling me to rise that kid’s

got faith of a mustard seed and he’s got


but you know what it ain’t up to a 13

year old who ain’t here today to raise

me from the dead it’s for all of us to

understand that God is growing

generations of Faith families

and in your bloodline it’s your

responsibility to grow the next Faith

chain and the next Faith change and the

next Faith chain and you know what in

the blood of Christ it’s your

responsibility to blow to grow God’s

body the next Faith chain the next Faith

chain the next Faith chain

most of us have all been here this this

last year and and our and our link is

we’ve grown strong we’ve grown strong as

a family and in the word and in putting

things in a practical application and

that’s good

but you know what a link on the ground

ain’t no chain

it’s for you to start making sure your

kids come here and your family comes

here and your friends come here and I

don’t mean here to this physical

building I mean coming in and plugging

into the body of Christ it’s our

responsibility to add the the links to

the generational Faith change of the

body of Christ

and look I’m gonna I want to tell you

Joseph Joseph of Spirit Led

we have got to understand that we’re

three parts that we are spirit and that

we’re soul and we’re body

and if we’re not being led by our spirit

then we’re running amok and being led by

our emotions or we’re running around

with our body and vanity look first

Thessalonians 5 23 tells us and the Very

God of Peace sanctify you holy I pray

God your whole spirit and soul and body

be preserved blameless unto the coming

of our Lord Jesus Christ why is it

important to specify that Joseph was

Spirit Led because can you imagine if

this alpha male had been told let me

think about us oh I love this girl I

love what a pregnant what a prayer like

how many of us are gonna it says and

after Joseph thought about it an angel

of the Lord appeared like this dude was


if you’re led by your by your soul by

your emotions by your personality this

cat would have lost his mind he would

have been all over Tick Tock y’all ain’t

gonna I’m

I’m gonna go live tonight at seven

y’all join in I’m gonna tell you what

this old girl did but this brother

thought about it because he had the

Peace of the Lord that surpasses all


that’s the way we got to be and you know

what because Joseph was was spirit-led

and he allowed the word of the Lord to

come to him and he received that Lord

that word and he agreed to follow that

word then then God allowed that family

to launch into Ministry

to launch into Ministry you see Jesus

was coming

Jesus was coming if it wasn’t Mary The

Vessel it would have been another vessel

okay and look and if y’all if like folks

I grew up I grew up non-practicing

Catholic but praying to Mary

she’s just a vessel she no more

different than any of us we just the

vessel and if we’re a Godly vessel God

will pour into us so we can pour out

okay but

when you submit

and you obey the word of the Lord and

you allow the Lord to lead your spirit

to your spirit because there’s only one

Spirit then that’s what God leads you

into this family ministry and it don’t

have to be uh get yourself a 501c3 or an

LLC or a Facebook page or a website your

family ministry is just what you do as a


and that’s what God’s calling us to do

so how do we nurture the promises of God

well it’s simple

never be too busy

the prompt to nurture the promises of


you know we look back over the last year

I mean y’all know

and I saw I saw April had posted it and

I always think about that every year

because the tick of a talk clicks 12

plus one

nothing changes

your life doesn’t change if you’re

counting on a calendar

new year new you new year new you

nothing changes because you’re attaching

transformational change to a soul-led

emotion I’m going to be happier this

year I’m going to be healthier this year

I’m going to do things different this

year and if it’s based on your soul by

the middle of January you’re going to be

like the other 92 percent of the people

in every every resolution you made is


and if your body LED I’m gonna get back

in the gym I’m gonna get back to where I

was when I was 18. I’m gonna get back

I’m gonna get back you know what it’s

going to be done you’re going to be like

the 90 of people whose membership Ends

by the end of uh by the end of three

months but when you’re Spirit Led that’s

when transformational change happens and

how do you establish transformational

change Romans 12 2 tells us for do not

be conformed to the patterns of this

world but renew your mind by the reading

of the word of the Lord you want to know

why you keep failing in your resolutions

because you’re not transforming your

mind how do you transform your mind by

the reading of the word of the Lord

reading of the word of the Lord getting

plugged into a local body at church

coming here on Thursday nights for

design for discipleship


so it is chronologically the calendar

says it’s a fresh start

it’s a new you the only new in you is

going to become is going to be when you

rededicate your life to the Lord is when

you recommit to serving the other people

when you put other people before

yourself when you’re no longer afraid of

the promise that God’s put on your heart

when you’re willing to believe that God

says I don’t care that you’re a teenager

I want you to lead my people and you’re

willing to believe him

that’s when life changes

when you’re willing to believe

that you grew up in the bondage of

physical and sexual violence and abuse

and you become so hard that you launch

into a career hunting violent people

and then God frees you from that career

it says I need you to stop locking men

up I need you to start setting them free

when I believe that everything changed

God’s putting demands on you right now

he’s putting demands on you right now

and he’s asking to just believe don’t


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