The Westside Story – Moving from Good to God with Lisa Schwarz (Video)


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The Westside Story – Moving from Good to God with Lisa


The Westside Story Moving from Good to God with Lisa Schwarz

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father we come before you in the name of Jesus and we just thank you for the opportunity to gather in your presence

we thank you for the power of unity we thank you Father that your word is very clear that where there is Unity God that

your blessings are commanded in their place in that place it’s not a suggestion it’s a command and so father

we expect today that as we come in one Accord and we begin to receive your word

God we expect that blessings will flow and it’s in the name of Jesus that I

pray amen so most of the time when I’m when I’m preaching a message unless the

pastor gives me a particular topic which he did not today uh usually I just bring to you what I feel like the Lord has

been doing in my life and the things that he’s been revealing in my life and so a lot of the people who are in my

life have been hearing me say this over and over again and I’ve been saying over and over again oh but that thought

process is on the east side of the Jordan not the west side of the Jordan so I’m going to share a little bit more

about you but about that in a minute but I want to share with you um about five six seven weeks ago the

Lord just began to really challenge me in the regular rhythms that I have in my life specifically spiritual disciplines

now I don’t always like to use that word but we’re going to use it because it’s necessary and it’s a necessary act in

our life we have to be disciplined in a lot of the spiritual actions of our life and so I started thinking about you know

reading the word every day and praying every day and these things are not a problem for me you know I have a rhythm like I read the word every day I sit in

scripture every day I pray with God and I’m not saying all that to be arrogant I’m saying that to tell you that even in

that God was saying but I think you can do better like the level of the anointing that you currently walk in the

level of revelation that you currently have you’re very comfortable in that you’ve become very comfortable in the

level of your anointing you’re very comfortable in your routine and if you continue if you decide to continue where

you’re at I will continue to bless you where you are at but if you want to go deeper if you want

to experience more if you believe that there is more if you would press in more if you would

move Beyond some of the things in your life that are just uh every day even

some of the things in your life that are permissible and begin to shift and think into either better or the beneficial

imagine what I could do and so that really challenged me when the spirit said man I love your

anointing and I know you love it I know you’re comfortable with it but but but somehow you’ve gotten comfortable even

at the level that you’re at and I’d like to do even more and so I began to read in uh numbers 32.

now in numbers 32 I’m going to give you a little bit of a history message history teaching here in numbers 32 this

is their second go at the promised land so if you remember in numbers 13 was the

first time when the Israelites uh began I love the rustling of the papers see

there’s Jen not gen Z people in the room that still actually use paper um I’m sorry Keaton I’m messing with

this poor kid um he’s probably gonna turn my mic off here in a minute he’s gonna be like Boop

um so in numbers 13 is the first time they go to enter into the promised land and remember there’s evidence of the

promised land there’s evidence of the promise in the promised land there’s fruit there are things that they can see

but if you recall they chose not to enter into the promised land because of

fear because of of of the big people in the land and they saw themselves as

Grasshoppers and they backed out and and the results of that was that God said

this entire generation is going to die in the wilderness and the Next Generation I’ll give them a second

chance okay so we’re at that second chance in numbers 13. now remember there

were 12 tribes of Israel and it was the 12 tribes they were the 12 sons of Jacob they were going to be

entering into the promised land the Covenant that was given to Abram many years before this is now coming true it

is time we are at the cusp and I want you to read with me in numbers 32 starting in verse 1 it says now the

children of Reuben and the children of God those were two of the 12 tribes they were two of the brothers

they had a very great multitude of livestock and when they saw everybody said they

saw when they saw the land of jaser and the land of Gilead that indeed the region

was a place for livestock the children of God and the children children of GAD

and the children of Reuben again two of The Twelve Tribes came and they spoke to Moses and they and to Eliezer the priest

and to the leaders of the congregation saying I skipped all the names of the people the country which the Lord

defeated before the congregation of Israel is a land for livestock and your

servants meaning us we have livestock we are very successful I’m adding some words here for those of you we are very

successful that’s what we do and this land is great for that now mind you you

have the Jordan River here and you have the East Side depending on I’m trying to do it backwards for you guys you have

the east side that they need to cross over to get to the West Side so they need to cross over the Jordan and the

promised land is on the west side of the Jordan but they’re standing on the east side

they’re on the edge of their promise and they say this therefore they said if we

have found favor in your sight let this land be given to your servants as a

possession do not take us over the Jordan now I teach a class on Monday mornings

and we off we read we always read scripture we always read scripture and often I will ask the class what is the

saddest verse in this entire chapter and I would like to propose that if we read this entire chapter this is

potentially one of the saddest verses because here they are on the edge I want you to get a picture with me that the

Jordan River represents the barrier from the Wilderness to the promise it

represents the barrier let me just put it like this in our lives it represents the barrier from the natural to the

supernatural it’s the I’ve arrived I have come into I

have stepped into the fullness of God so the Jordan represents the border to

their promise it represents the border to their inheritance this was the moment

they had been waiting for the entire Old Testament is God trying

to move his people from the land of lack into the land of promise mind you it

started in the land of promise with the Garden of Eden and man backed away from

the promise stepped into the Wilderness and all throughout the Old Testament we

see God saying but I have a land for you but I have a place for you but I have a

life for you I have a plan for you I have a path for you but I have a purpose

for you and that path it has a it’s a provision that you have not worked for

it has Wells that you have not dug it has fruit that you have not sown

it has an abundance for you look I I really think that in so many places we

operate on the east side of the river and we miss out of the ease of the west

side of the Jordan they had no idea and that was part of the problem is somehow

they had determined that the land where they were at was enough

the land which they could see was good enough I want to remind you in Deuteronomy it

says this about the land where they’re going for the Lord your God is bringing you into a good land it is a land with

Brooks it’s a land with streams it’s with land with Deep Springs crushing gushing up into the valleys and Hills

it’s a land with wheat and barley it’s a land with vines and fig trees it’s a land with pomegranates it’s a land with

olive oil it’s a land with honey it’s a land where bread will never be scarce you will never lack for anything a land

where the rocks are iron and you can dig copper out of the Hills but if it’s okay with you

we’d like to settle over here we can see it we can almost smell it

but we’re gonna stay over here we’re going to settle on the east side

and just like the history of their forefathers who would not enter into the promise despite the evidence of fruit we

see this happening again in the second generation in the brothers of Reuben and

God and the half tribe of Manasseh in first John 2 16 it says this for all

that is in the world the lust of the flesh the lust of the eyes and the pride

of life is not of the father it is of the world and part of what happened here is they

get caught up in what they can see and they settle for what they can see and I would like to propose to you that

a lot of us have settled on what we can see when the Bible says that eternity

isn’t about what is seen the spirit isn’t about what is seen it’s about the

Unseen it’s not about the temporary it’s about the Eternal that’s what it tells us in Corinthians it tells us that God

is in places that you cannot see but isn’t it true that often we’ll even take

the things we see and say look it must be God well even a sign our comfort zone too

it’s so easy it must be God and I’m not saying that’s not sometimes the case but

what I am saying is sometimes it’s not the case and we have to be willing for it not to be the case and we have to be

willing to say okay is there more for that I have look it would be easy if I’m if I’m gathering room it’s easy for us

to throw them under the bus but if I’m Reuben and God I feel like that makes sense look we’ve got all this

livestock we need lots of land you guys go take that land we’ll stay here we’ll do you a favor we’ll let you have the

abundance and they did not cross over and so they go on and they say Moses

says to them said to the children of God and to the children of Reuben shall your brethren

go to war while you sit here oh well this might be the saddest verse

in this in the chapter maybe I don’t know he says now will you discourage the heart of the children of Israel from

going over into the land which the Lord has given to him so he’s challenged them and saying okay so you’re just gonna sit

here while you let your brethren go and fight and here’s what’s interesting is they go on in the chapter to say well

you know what we’ll set up our camp here we’ll get our children all kind of nestled in we’ll build our homes all

these things and then we’ll arm ourselves and we’ll go over and we’ll fight with you and we’ll temporarily step in come on

who I mean go we go to church on Sunday but I’m gonna go back to my East Side on Monday

they step into the west side for a moment and say we’re we’re doing our due diligence in the Kingdom because I sent

poor point six percent of my life that’s one hour a week on the west side

doing battle and then I wonder why I’m getting my butt kicked can I say but okay I just

did so sorry rewind my bottom kicked we wonder why we’re getting our bottom kicked Monday through Saturday because

you’re hanging out in the east side so basically they said okay we’ll cross

over and we’ll fight but then we’re coming back to our comfortability we’re coming back to what we’ve become

familiar with we’re coming back to what we can see and like them many of us justify the East Side by going to church

once a week and saying we’re Believers that we’re doing a work in God that we’re settling in the promised land

because I spend 0.6 percent of my life in church come on some of you come on Thursday nights for the men’s good for

you that’s 1.2 percent of your life if you think that is the best God has in

mind for you you’re on the east side because God has something more for you

we experience the supernatural for an hour we Warfare in the spirit while we’re at church we puff our chest up

with pride because we withhold from Gossip while we’re at church we settle our anger while we’re at church we don’t

act a fool while we’re at church but when we go back to our homes we act a fool with our kids we talk nasty to our

husbands we talk about our mother-in-laws we gossip when we’re at work and we wonder why we’re not reaping

the promises of God because you have compromised and you think I can play eenie me I can play the

Hokey Pokey oh that’s a good one I can play the Hokey Pokey with the west side of the Jordan I think it’s funny I love

it I love when I know it’s like say the Hokey Pokey I’m like oh okay

but here’s the deal bottom line Reuben and Gad grabbed a hold of the good land and they missed out on the godland

I’m gonna tell you but we we’ve read a book called good to great it’s one of our probably one of our all-time favorite books and it talks about how

the enemy of greatness is goodness and I’m talking to some mature Believers

in this church so I’m not talking to you about walking away from sin I’m talking about walking away from things that you

have determined are permissible in your life but they have no benefit to your growth

I’m talking about the things you’re like it’s not a big deal if I slip up and cuss here or there

but imagine if you removed those words from your mouth what God would replace it with

so you’re right it’s permissible everything the Bible says out everything is permissible but not everything is

beneficial not everything is going to be a benefit and is going to grow you and if you want to experience the west side

we have to be willing to say okay what are some of the things that are okay I mean they’re not bad it’s not like I’m

like you know uh going out and shooting up meth or I’m not blah blah blah whatever it is

and so we settle just like they did they grabbed a hold of the good land and missed out on the godland and we and

they settled for what they can see they settled for what looked like good enough and in doing so what they said is we’re

going to opt out on the promise we’re gonna opt out on the promise

come on they knew the promise they saw the promise they stepped into the promise

but then they were like oh I’m going to opt out on the promise

beyond that I want you to see that the Jordan River was also the border of protection

what we realize is if we continue to read on in scripture is they are actually on the east side of the Jordan

in the direct path of the Assyrian King so when Assyria comes in to take them in

captive guess who goes first Gad and Reuben why because they didn’t enter in

to the border of protection that God had in mind for them and some of us hang out

here in the land of the permissible and we wonder why the devil is coming after us because you haven’t stepped in to the

glory of the you haven’t stayed in almost I don’t even want to say step in you haven’t stayed in

you haven’t stayed and it was prophesied over me probably three or four years ago I didn’t even understand the prophetic word at the time this guy is super he’s

passed on now but he’s shoot y’all think I’m weird in the spirit like just stand up for a moment I’m going to demonstrate because it’s

just fun like no you faced me I’m I’m gonna be him you’re me I know we don’t look like each other but

we’ll present for a moment okay so when he’s ministering to you he’s like this and the Lord says

and he’s speaking in words and I’m like I have no idea what you’re saying just these like hulky mookie like really

thank you so much well done you did great um he’s speaking in these like hooky

mookie words and so he said to me the Lord says that you are so tucked into the glory and when you reach out and

minister to people your hand comes out of the glory and you touch and you touch and you reach deliver demons and then

the enemy looks but you tuck yourself back in the glory and he can’t find you

foreign when I feel the enemy hot on my heels

I’m like he should not be able to find me if I’m in the glory if I’m on the west side if I’m walking

in the promises of the Lord if I’m tucked in the glory the enemy can be looking around he’s seeing evidence of

something happening on a Friday night at five stones but when he comes he looks and he can’t find

he can’t see it because he can’t see in the glory and so there’s this protection that was

on the west side it was it was in the blessings of our blessings of obedience our blessings of purity

our blessings of righteousness come on you guys this is the protection

that God that’s all all of Deuteronomy 28 these are the blessings that will come upon that will overtake you if you

obey the word of the Lord and and our message of Grace which I

love has sometimes allowed us to live a life that’s permissible

and we come on Sunday mornings and we confess but don’t repent because

confessions on the east side and repentance is on the West Side see confession is I’m gonna come forward and

tell everybody what I did but repentance is and I’m also going to change my ways I’m not going back to the east side we

come on Sunday mornings and we confess but we don’t repent and we wonder why we’re not reaping the fullness of the

promise the glory of the Lord encompassing us when you are sitting on the West Side even when nobody is

looking when your mind is saturated by the thoughts of the West Side not the

thoughts of the devil not the thoughts of hopelessness not the thoughts of frustration not the thoughts of

disappointment not the thoughts of discouragement I’m not saying we don’t think those thoughts but we should not think upon those thoughts you understand

there’s a difference see I can have a thought but that thought doesn’t have to have me and when that thought begins to

have me because I begin to think upon the thought and then I become the thought come on sometimes we become the feeling

and then we embrace the Feeling by making statements like I was angry I felt angry and now I am angry

and we a lot and then next thing you know we’ve moved from the space of Grace and forgiveness and compassion we have

subtly moved from the west side to the east side of the Jordan we cannot

compromise we cannot compromise I wander in this room

if anybody has settled on the east side of the Jordan when God is calling you to the west side let me give you a list of some things

East Side the things that I see West Side the things I can’t see I’m just going to point this is is this

East for you guys yes right well we just pretend like I’m North right so east west

what we know what we don’t know I mean who wants to settle and what you don’t know but they didn’t know what was

in the west side I mean they they had the word they knew what God was telling them but they didn’t know they hadn’t have eyes on it

this is safe come on this is safe over here is Warfare

this is permissible this is beneficial this is natural this is spiritual

Supernatural this is confession this is repentance

this is compromise this is I’m all in

this is Earthly this is Heavenly this is good this is best there’s a message for the next time I

come here I think this is why I must speak on these are your natural senses but over here there’s spiritual senses

this is the Discerning of the Soul come on a lot of people discern things in the soul in church and they say the Discerning Spirits I’m like I don’t

think so and that’s okay but we’ll get you there we want to get you but there’s better it’s more a lot of people

prophesy from their mind and I’m like no that’s okay but I think we can do more there’s a West Side that God has in mind

for us Discerning of the Soul Discerning of the spirit carnal man come on you understand carnal man is the saved man

who still acts natural carnal man Spirit man Soul life Spirit life

managing demons delivered from demons

managing affliction healed

come on we got we gotta want the west side we gotta get hungry for the West Side sloppy we added this Friday night

sloppy messy it’s messy right that’s why we

don’t like it because it’s messy it’s messy logos word

a red I can read a word and I can get knowledge Rhema

it’s revealed it’s aha it’s an understanding it’s the Eyes of My Heart

being opened and being enlightened and I want us to learn how to shift into the

spirit it’s more than just stepping out of sin it’s stepping out of your soul stepping out of your mind stepping out

of your will stepping out of your personality to step into the personality of Jesus come on

I want you to step out of all of those things you understand it’s possible to read the word with your mind

remember the apostles they walked with God when they walked with Jesus on the road to to Emmaus there it is they

walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus and they talked with him and they had no idea who he was

listening to the words of Jesus with no revelation of who he is

it is possible that you’re praying out of emotion and you’ve never learned how to pray in

the spirit it’s possible you’re ministering to people out of emotion

I’m just praying that you feel better oh I just love you and and God wants you he loves you I just oh I pray that you’ll

get some sleep you don’t look good [Laughter] you know I’m not speaking that over you

come on it’s well these are well-intentioned things and if we’re not careful we’ll settle in

that space look one of the things can I just tell you pet peeve I don’t like when I go to a church and it’s like one

person goes forward Nixon’s like everybody comes from like oh they’re all crying I’m like that is just an emotion

Fest somebody lay hands on them or don’t I mean lay hands on them with intention

spiritual intention and teenagers are really good at you go to these youth groups and I do a lot of like youth

events and whatever and like when one kid’s forward and they all start kind of Clutch and next year your drama is my drama and we’re all drumming together

and I’m like this is not good like this is not good but we do that as adults

we come together we’re all praying in the in our soul and nobody’s standing up and saying okay

let’s shift now like I want to hear how you’re feeling I want to hear what you’re thinking but

now let’s shift it now let’s speak into that thing come on that’s spoken like a prophet

where I’m like no we’re going to speak into this thing so look it is possible for me to make

Godly decisions out of my own personal will it’s possible for me to act Godly

but deny the power of God which is what it says in second Timothy three these are a sign of the times that there will

be people who actually have a form of godliness but they deny the power and I wonder if

there are places in our life where we have slept into that I’m we just got to be honest with

ourselves is there a place in my life where I’ve learned what it looks like to be a believer

I’ve learned what it looks like to act compassionately I’ve learned what it looks like to operate with a form of

godliness but in that moment I’m not walking in the power of the spirit I’m denying that

there is a greater power I like to tell people all the time the Holy Spirit can do better than that

oh you’ve learned how to manage your anger that’s great but the Holy Spirit can do better than that you’ve learned

how to act compassionate when you’re somebody’s driving you nuts that’s good

that’s part of the process but it’s not the destination and what happens is we are like okay I

see the destination over there but we’re going to choose to let this be the destination because this is good enough

Paul talks about how he wished he could speak with the Corinthians about spiritual things but he was unable to

because they still lived a carnal lifestyle he said I wish I could talk to you about I can only compare spiritual

things with spiritual things is what he says in chapter two he goes on in chapter three verse one and he says I

wish I could talk to you about the meat of the of the Kingdom but you’re still carnal he’s talking to Believers In this

passage he’s not talking to unbelievers he’s talking to you and I he’s saying I want to talk to you about spiritual

things some of you are like man I want to be talked to I want to experience spiritual things but then I want to go

home and still live my carnal lifestyle and so you look at somebody like me you

look at somebody like Pastor you look at like at somebody like Marvel and you go God I wish I could prophesy like they do

but I still want to do all my things Monday through Saturday you’re gonna have to change some things

in your life you’re gonna have to walk away from same things you’re gonna have to leave if you can’t enter into the west side if you’re still on the east

side there’s got to be some breaking away we wonder why we’re not coming into the kingdom and why we’re not

experiencing this Supernatural so how do we begin this process I was reminded of Acts 20 30 17 sorry Acts chapter 17

verse 30 where it talks about Paul’s actually talking to the philosophers of

Athens and he says to them truly these times of ignorance God overlooked

but now he commands men everywhere to repent and I understand the context of that

verse but I want you to hear it today I want you to hear what God is truly there was a time in your life where I

overlooked your ignorance where I overlooked your permissible things where I overlooked the fact that

you think it’s okay to whatever it is but we are in a new season we are in the

end times there is a rising up that God is looking for and look at when he

speaks an invitation it’s not just to the me and to the Byron and to the Past it’s to his people

and you either respond or you stay on the east side

and so the first thing you need to ask yourself is what do I need to repent of what are not the the big overt sins guys

again we’re all too good for that in here we’ve all figured out how to live a kind of Godly lifestyle right I’m

talking about the things that we have settled in and said this is good this is okay and God’s been like sure yeah you can settle there if you want absolutely

you can go ahead and stay on the east side but you’re going to miss out on all the things on the west side

and so it is possible that there are some things in our lives that God has allowed things that are permissible

that he was asking us inviting us to turn away from today in second Timothy 2 20 it talks about

two kinds of articles that you find in the palace he says the one kind of article is inlaid with silver and gold

the other one is Earthen in its wood and one is brought out for special occasion

and the other one is just used every day and some of us

are just the well it’s just kind of an everyday living I wish I could be brought out in special occasions but I

don’t want to be inlaid with silver and gold or I’m not inlaid with silver or gold he goes on he says but you Timothy

must not see your life and Ministry this way your life and your ministry must not be disgraced for you are to be pure a

pure container of Christ I’m gonna say that again and I’m gonna

say it to you you enter your name

are to be a pure container of Christ on Monday on Tuesday on Wednesday on

Thursday on Friday on Saturday dedicated to The Honorable purpose purposes of

your master prepared for every good work that he gives you to do run as fast as you can from all the

Ambitions and the lusts of the world and chase after the things that are pure

chase after the West Side be as excited about the things of the spirit as you

are about your partying with your friends be as excited about reading the word as you are about watching that

movie come on let’s just be as excited about listening to worship music as you

are rocking it out to the Bee Gees whatever it is I’m trying to keep it real

trying to keep it relevant because we all too good in this room to have the big sins

if there is such a thing in Scripture he goes on and he says he goes on in

second Timothy chapter two he says for every soldier called to active duty must divorce himself

from the distractions of this world so that he can be fully sat so he can

fully satisfy the one who chose him so we say we want to go into new places

in the spirit but are we willing to cross the Jordan what does that mean it means you have to repent

and remember repent doesn’t mean I’m going to come forward and I’m going to confess it don’t come forward and confess something that you know you’re

not going to change pet peeve are you going to change your ways I’ll try no you won’t go sit down

go sit down you either do or you don’t

decide you will make a decision today I’m going to ask everybody to close your eyes we just come up and play for me

and I’m just gonna I’m gonna pray over you guys this passage in Ephesians

and then then I will open the altar I’ll I’ll ask the if you’re on the five-fold to come forward if you’re prepared to

minister if you are a cleansed vessel this morning come on I’m gonna be okay well we we have to work at it too guys we gotta also allow the spirit to search

us to seek us to see if there be any wicked way with us my intercessor always asks me how’s your heart because nobody

wants to drink from a dirty vessel before I Minister every time how’s your heart

have you gone through repentance have you allowed the spirit to search you have you allowed the spirit to ask you

if there’s any spot or any wrinkle any Speck of dust in your heart because nobody wants to drink from a dirty

vessel we want the west side but we’re not willing to leave the east

side and I’m telling you God has a West Side Story in mind for you

Ephesians 1 it says I pray that the light of God will illuminate

the eyes of your imagination flooding you with light

until you experience the full revelation of the hope of his calling

that is the wealth of God’s glorious inheritance that’s the west side

come on I’m praying that your eyes the eyes of your heart not your mind I’m I’m asking the mind the natural mind to step

back and the spirit mind to come forward I’m asking the natural eye to be closed

and the spirit the the spiritual eye to be opened come on we’re asking the spirit man in

you to come forward to rise up come forward and it goes on and it says that the

wealth of his glorious inheritance that he finds in us his holy ones The

Inheritance the West Side Story you guys is not a place where you’re going it’s

who you are you are the West Side Story you carry the West Side Story you are the

reflection of the West Side Story and it goes on it says I pray that you will continuously continuously not just on

Sundays not just on Friday nights not just on Thursday nights but I pray and

I’m speaking this over you I pray that every person in this room will continuously experience the immeasurable

greatness of God’s power that is a made available to us through his promises

then your life will become an advertisement

for this immense power this is the West Side Story

that your life becomes an advertisement for something greater than just enough

then permissible then what I can see [Music]

where do I start you ask the Lord tell me one thing tell me one thing just tell me one thing

Lord just reveal to me one thing where I’ve settled in the permissible and I need to walk away from it I don’t need

to confess of it I need to walk away from it I need to repent and walk away

walk away some of you in this room have relationships on the east side of the

Jordan and you need to walk away and people in your life

have told you that they’re not bad you’ve even Justified that you’re trying to be a testimony to those people when

in your spirit when I tell your soul to step back and your spirit to come forward in your spirit you know that you

know I’m missing out that this relationship is keeping me from the bigger portions the

immeasurable greatness of the Kingdom some of you in this realm will keep it

real practical you use a language that’s been permissible

and God wants to give you a spiritual language he wants to give you a spiritual tongue

he wants you to speak of spiritual things he wants you to have a spiritual mind he

wants you to grasp a hold of the supernatural

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