God Chose You But You Must Received Jesus to be Adopted as Kingdom Co-Heirs (Podcast)


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God Chose You But You Must Received Jesus to be Adopted as Kingdom Co-Heirs 


when Lee and I were dating and and I was still chief of police and it was

late late one night and we’re riding around the city my home City and it had just rained and and the the rain was on

the road and beat it on my it had a unmarked uh Tahoe all blacked out with a

with the police radio going and it was late at night we’re driving around we went to get some some food and uh and

we’re sitting at a red light and I’m waiting to take a right on red and there’s no cars on the street it’s

quiet and I’m sitting there and and you know I’m just being all chief of policy and

and like I look at Leah whatever that means right and I look at Leo

and she’s sitting there quiet sweet

beautiful and like all the years of hardness and

resistance that letting anyone in my life everything crumbled

the police radio is playing in the background and after Decades of the job you learn to filter out and only listen

for the big things and and the softness of the red light is reflecting off the beating rain and the and the water on

the road and and I’m looking at Leah and she is she’s just so innocent

so beautiful and she’s holding that big bag of french

fries and chocolate shakes and at that second I chose her

I chose her now that’s only half the story

because she had to receive me before we could marry and grow our

family which led to us being here today so if it wasn’t for that red light and

that bag full of fries and strawberry shakes none of us would be here today

but the fact is I chose Leah to be my wife

Leah had to receive me to be your husband

and I thought that it was beautifully orchestrated when Scott who masterfully led us through communion once again used

that same verbiage choosing receiving and that’s what I want to share with you

today though the thing that the Lord put on my heart and um and I do I I always share it with you

guys one thing and it’s chosen by God makes you special

receiving God’s son makes you his and it’s in that that word that I would

like to share our anchor scripture and if we would stand as the body yeah I chose you love God

the very words that came out of Scott’s mouth do you not think the Holy Spirit Works beautifully

what I’m going to ask you is we’re going to continue through the book of Ephesians Ephesians is such a deep well

of Doctrine truth Revelation so what I’m going to ask is I will we’ll read

through this as the body and honor of the Lord but but let’s slow down let’s not be like a toddler reciting

kindergarter reciting the Pledge of Allegiance so we can get back to coloring and snacks let’s really let

this speak to your spirit and as the body will read grace to you and peace from God our

Father and the Lord Jesus Christ blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus

Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing and the Heavenly

places in Christ just as he chose us in him before the

foundation of the world that we should be holy and Without Blame

before him in love having predestined us to adoption as Sons by Jesus Christ to

himself according to the good pleasure of his will so the praise of the glory

of his grace by which he made us accepted and the Beloved

thank you Jesus thank you Jesus I’m going to ask you

during the week pray over this scripture meditate over

this scripture it is a deep deep well

it is so powerful that that when you start to prepare a message and you’re praying and and you’re asking the holy

spirit for Revelation and and there’s just so much in this scripture and it cannot

with good intention be unpacked in the course of an hour and a half message

a 25-minute message all right all right so listen let me ask you imagine that night that we’re in that police unit and

we’re sitting at that intersection and the soft glow of the red and the wafting sound of the police radio and somebody

walked up to the passenger side somebody off the street and they asked Leah would

you marry me like no context no significance

no chance you see I had to establish my place in

her life I had to established my identity in her life my purpose my

desire My significance in her life before she could ever make that decision to receive me as her husband

and this is what Paul’s having to do to the church at Ephesus it’s not just enough to say hey God love you God chose

you you’re adopted as a co-heir with Jesus like God chose you you’re talking

about one of the major Pagan cities in the world they’ve got one of the most one of the the most fantastic the the

Temple of Diana which is one of the seven wonders in the ancient world there when you say God loves you they’re like

which one like which one the one that’s got all the the the priestesses on duty uh for

fornication worship at the Temple of Diane like what God are you talking about that loves me the god that’s great

I don’t know what that means the church in Ephesus had no basis of doctrine of

of significance and identification so I think about it this way let’s say like you’re an athlete and you’re wanting a

scholarship or a contract and you wake up one Saturday morning because everybody’s on your yard on your

lawn ESPN’s there the news is there your friends are there your Junior High coach

is there everybody is on your lawn and you open the door and you’re rubbing the sleep

out of your eyes and the dogs are barking in the background and and you don’t want them to get out because you’ve already had a ticket for leash

law violation and you’re like what are y’all doing here and they’re like congratulations you’ve been chosen

you’ve been chosen number one and you’re like where am I going

you’ve been chosen by buffana buffana

like what are y’all doing at my house on Saturday morning bafana buffana what are you jerking me

around man get off my lawn I’m turning on the sprinkler and I’m calling the cops

but you see unless you have proper doctrine of South African Sports and soccer you’d never know that in the Zulu

culture buffana buffana it’s epic to just go to the game

to play for them is legendary but if you don’t have the proper understanding you’re never going to

appreciate the significance of who bafana buffana is unless Paul is able to establish the

significance of who God is it doesn’t mean anything to say you’ve

been predestined to say you’ve been chosen to say you’re co-wheirs Paul’s got a task before him

and so what he’s going to do is he’s going to walk it through and he’s going to start identifying who God is actually

what he’s going to do in this scripture he’s going to lay out the trinity so we’ll start what he does is in uh one

two when he reads grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus

Christ the word an is what I’ve been told is a conjunction because I didn’t pay us attention in

school um and I missed that episode of Schoolhouse Rock I didn’t know what a conjunction was I’m

not going to lie to you my my writer wife grammar expert had to help me so

she said hey go look it up so the deaf she’s very helpful so the definition

from a secular Source the action or an instant of two or more events or things

occurring at the same point in time or space so doesn’t that sound like God the holy

and the Holy Spirit and the son the Trinity you see because God’s not confined to the railroad tracks of

chronological time God transcends time God can operate at any point in time and

space even a secular definition of a word of a con definition of conjunction always

even magnifies God so when he uses the conjunction it shows equality and mutuality so when Paul is

talking about God the father and son gives you Grace and peace what he’s

saying is Jesus the son and God the Father both have the equality and the mutuality to give you this gift of Grace

and peace equality equality actually what he also did was he just

laid down two-thirds of the Holy Trinity and we’re like hey yeah we know that that’s cool but again cultural context

we’re in Ephesus we’re in a major Pagan City with thousands of Gods

unless Paul can pull it off and establish the significance and the

identity and the sovereignty of God then telling these folks you’ve been adopted as coheirs means nothing unless

you understand the Zulu culture and South African soccer to say you play for bafana buffana means nothing

cultural context and you know before we get like sometimes we get like like hashtag oversaved a little too religious

and we’re like well I mean God’s God how can they not know God you know the reality is we’ve had some form of

scripture for over 2 700 years and we still argue over who God is and

you know what even worse we argue over who we think God should be based on who we want him to be

so let’s even think back then and even today we’re still dealing with truly identifying who God is and the

significance of God this is what Paul’s laying down so we continue so Paul needs to lay out the

third member of the Trinity so we go to 1-3 blessed be the God and father of our Lord Jesus Christ God and father of our

Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing and the Heavenly places in Christ

did you catch that we know God the Father God the son every spiritual blessing

what is the greatest spiritual blessing that you receive when you receive Jesus Christ as your lord and savior

the Holy Spirit so Paul has just laid out the trinity

so what I would like to do and and this is never ever to embarrass anybody but but it’s a celebration

if you’ve received Jesus Christ as your savior and Lord would you raise your hands

awesome so what that means in a very tangible way is you have the Holy Spirit

living inside of you one third of you is 100 perfect

our souls a lot of times our emotions our personality the baggage we’re carrying it’s work in progress our

bodies are maybe not where we want them to be right now but your spirit your spirit is perfect

your spirit’s perfect you know why it’s perfect because it’s the 100 perfect righteousness of God through the Holy

Spirit living inside of you man Paul’s masterful because of the Holy

Spirit and you know so we’re talking about we’re talking about equality we’re

talking about mutuality we’re also talking about order structure and submission

because there is a hierarchy God is the father Jesus is the Son and the Holy

Spirit came to to be the advocate and remind us and guide us in encouragement until Jesus comes back and you know what

that sounds like when we’re talking about equality and mutuality and it talk it sounds a lot like marriage

a lot like marriage and you know God created the design the structure of hierarchy Supernatural spiritual

structure and there’s a reason for that because that’s the way it works that’s the way it works in the garden that’s

the way it should work now and if we’re doing anything outside of that structure the spiritual hierarchy it’s not going

to work your relationship with God’s not going to work your relationship with your spouse is not going to work the

relationship your kids have with you is not going to work you know First Corinthians 11 3 tells us it says but I

want you to know that the head of every man is Christ the head of every woman is man and the head of Christ is God and

now look sometimes the sisters Lee and I’ve done marriage Ministry for a long time and sometimes the sisters will be like huh he ain’t overhead of me he

ain’t no head of me you know what when he acts like the head then he can beat ahead when he deserves respect he’s going to get respect look that’s not the

way it is that would be like Jesus saying when you deserve salvation you’re going to get salvation

you see Jesus didn’t hang on that cross because you deserved anything but death

he preempted that by sacrificing himself I ask you spouses that if you’re looking at your spouse

like well when you behave as such you’ll be treated as such don’t do that give them the respect give

them the love understand that we’re that when you do that you’re stepping outside the spiritual hierarchy that God’s

created you know I tell you guys all the time it takes a strong person to submit to the

will of someone else I tell you guys all the time when when I was ran special operations for 16 years

nobody walked in off the street ready to serve in a special operations capacity

when guys came in and snipers or wanted to be a sniper they were shooting patterns like this and after training

and thousands of rounds they were shooting like this you know why because they submitted

themselves to Authority we all went into the academy thinking that we were tough and buff and ready to

do stuff and we weren’t we weren’t we’d never run a marathon with stuff on our back we’d never carried one another for

miles we’ve never done that stuff you know where we did when we came into submission to someone else

and it’s the same situation with this marriage spiritual hierarchy it takes a

strong person to submit themselves to the will of someone else and you know and it’s and it’s because

God first chose us that we are adopted we were predestined to be coheirs with

Jesus Christ you know I love this quote it says you become a family not because you share the same genes but because you

share love for each other and you know what in this where Paul’s talking about in Ephesians 1 5 he’s

talking about predestination sometimes called election adoption and it says having predestined us to adoption as

Sons by Jesus Christ to himself according to the good pleasure of his will

sometimes that term predestination gets gets misconstrued

um predestination was not a pivot or a plan B because of the fall of Man you see God chose you even before the

foundations of the world God didn’t like I didn’t see that coming no with Adam

and Eve you’ve always been chosen you’ve always been predestined and because God

gives us free will we’ve got to receive him because Leah had free will she had to receive me

so when when Paul’s talking about having predestined us to adoption

God created all of humanity God’s intention was for everyone to come into

adoption God gave us Free Will and choice to choose that relationship as a

coheir with his son Jesus Christ you see Jesus Jesus was Jesus was the first fruit

and Jesus was the only son but because of the option of adoption he

would come into co-heirship with every one of us that raised our hand

but if you don’t know who God is if you don’t understand the significance of the Holy Trinity if you don’t understand the

sovereignty and the plan from the very beginning even before what we all know is the beginning from the very

foundations of the world if you don’t understand the significance of that you miss it

but because we have the hundred percent righteousness of God living in us through the Holy Spirit we don’t miss it

because even if we don’t 100 understand it just ask the Holy Spirit God tells us in James uh James 1 5 if

you’re lacking wisdom my Wisdom ask and I’ll give it to you but that don’t mean

kids guys upstairs if you don’t study for a test and you’re like oh give me some wisdom like that

would just be that would just be uh that would just be Grace if you if you pass the test for not studying this is God’s

wisdom if you don’t understand because you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you simply ask because I want to just touch on

predestination look a lot of times fatalism everything God created

Satan counterfeits God says I chose you before the foundations of the world I

chose you to be adopted into co-heirship with my son Jesus Christ but the world takes it and fatalism says well

predestination means no he’s called y’all by name like he called Zach and he called Adam and he called Don and and

you know uh Byron and and it’s like y’all are good everybody else you’re out

of luck you’re out of luck why because God didn’t call you by name before the beginning of the earth so what does that tell you well no matter how good I am

I’m out of luck because God didn’t choose me by name and if you are chosen by name fatalism

says you’re good to go instant instant insurance policy you can live anywhere you want to live why because God’s

already called you God’s already predestined You by name what God predestined was the corporate body of

humanity every one of us were called before the foundations of the world but because of

Free Will we’ve got to choose his son Jesus Christ there’s no other way not your good works not your high tithing

not your not your self-sacrifice like Byron says you’re you’re beating yourself on the back with a with a whip

and a cat of nine tails and and just remember stop at number 39 if you’re going to do that because 40 will kill

you that doesn’t get you into heaven there’s one way and that’s through his son Jesus

Christ Romans 8 28 30 really lays out the plan of adoption beautifully and I want to

walk through this and anything that’s bolded is is what I thought was significant as the Holy

Spirit put on my heart it says and we know that God causes all things to work together for good look

I’ll be honest a lot of times people will quote that and that’s where they stop but let me break it down to you

not everybody gets things worked for good who gives things work for good those who love God listen membership has

Privileges and if you’re not in the family of God if you’ve not taken up that that offer for adoption and you’re not received a son Jesus Christ you know

how the dwelling of the Holy Spirit you don’t get this you don’t get these privileges but because everybody in here raised their hand we’re talking to you

you know that all things God works all things together for good why because you

love them so those who were called according to his purpose this is predestination before the

foundations of the world For Those whom he foreknew you know who he foreknew you

he knew you and he knew the people that don’t that reject him

man what a missed opportunity to know that even before the foundations of The World God called everyone and

that there’s people right now that have rejected him now there’s a difference between we just haven’t had an opportunity to witness to

him and there’s folks that just flat know him and walk away from him I think that’s what we’re going to see a

lot at the halftime performance is people that have just rejected and mocked and cursed

the promise the gift of God to come into the adoption of the family he also predestined us to become

conformed to the image of God we go back to if we go back to Genesis and what does it say God said let us

make him them man and woman in our image this was always God’s plan conformed of

the image of God of his son so that he would be the firstborn he being Jesus among many brothers and

sisters so when we go to to John 3 16 it says his only begotten son Jesus says

he’s the first fruit but God’s plan was that we all become co-heirs brothers and sisters with Jesus

this is God’s plan this is how much God’s crazy about us

it’s easy to have your own biological kid or kids in your house and see others in need and like Mom that’s somebody

else’s issue but to adopt to open your life your heart your family your lineage your

legacy your love to someone that’s not blood that’s amazing

and then Romans goes on to say and these whom he predestined that’s all of us God called all of us

into adoption he also he also called and these whom he called he also Justified

and these who whom he justified he also glorified

look we talked a couple weeks ago in our first our last session on Ephesians was that there’s a calling there’s a marking

for Destiny there’s an anointing God’s Got A Plan

and predestination was is part of that plan so you say well that’s great that’s great I understand a little bit more so

what how does predestination apply to me well I want to tell you relationship is so important for God

that he spoke it into existence before Humanity even existed I want to read to

you from Ephesians 1 4 just as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world that we would be holy and

blameless before him how does this apply to you you’ve got to make declarations

in the Supernatural you’ve got to have the faith to speak out these declarations in the in the in the

Supernatural with full expectation that they manifest in the natural you see we were not even a glimmer in

God the father’s eye before the foundations of the world he had not even spoken light and dark he

had not even separated them he had not even created the giraffe as crazy as that animal what must have been back then

but God spoke you God made a spoken declaration for you

because relationship is so important because he chose you he spoke you into

existence before you even existed how does that apply in your life today

start making declarations in the Supernatural in faith with the full

expectation they come to manifestation in the natural we talk about if your marriage is

struggling don’t go making declaration well I believe God’s going to save our marriage but you got that email to the

divorce attorney I believe God’s going to restore our finances just in case I got that I got

that bankruptcy company on the line make those declarations in faith in

Supernatural faith and stand firm on those declarations because if God can call you before he even knew the color

of your hair or the height or the weight or the anything and he speaks it into existence

he wants us to do the same thing because relationship’s so important so I want to share with you the one thing the one

thing is chosen makes you special receiving makes you his

see it’s one thing to be a call by God call by God that’s great but if you’re

not willing to answer the call then that calling you miss it

you miss it take the opportunity make the commitment today

and I’m not trying to insult anybody but if you raise your hand out of peer pressure or obligation or just wanting

to fit in um that’s cool I understand that that’s why I’m very hesitant to ever ask

anybody to respond or anything in the physical if you’ve not received Jesus if you’re not sure whether you receive Jesus

that calling is for you that calling is for you even before the world existed God called you

God’s calling you into into adoption with his own son Jesus Christ to be

coheirs you know I I people when you adopt a child it’s not well these are my

biological kids and they get they get this part of my inheritance and well this is an adopted kid they only get like one or two percent because you know

they’re not like really mine that’s not what adoption means if there’s a hundred dollars everybody’s

got a hundred dollars if there’s every spiritual blessing in Jesus Christ you

get every spiritual blessing in Jesus Christ because you’re coheirs with Jesus

Christ [Music] hmm I invite our ministry leaders to come up

and if you are if you’re just if you’ve not received Jesus as your lord and savior what a

wonderful time to make that decision if you’ve chosen him and then and then

maybe life has led you on a different path and you’re like man I got to get my life right with God you know Now’s the

Time to do it look we’re all going to go home within the next couple hours we’re either going to be cheering or boohooing

because of a mispass or a made field goal but how about instead we celebrate the souls the people that are making the

recommitment to give their life back to Christ how about we celebrate we clap and we cheer for someone who’s not received Jesus Christ and wants to make

the decision right here today how about if we just we all give up we all do the wave if somebody decides you know what I

did choose Jesus but I’ve been away from him and I want to come back into righteousness how about we celebrate

that instead and I make the invitation again because when we finish and we’ll continue with

the prayer with our prayer leaders if afterwards you’d rather come up for prayer and Confirmation and affirmation then hallelujah for that as well

Hallelujah for that as well but I want you to go today I want to encourage you

to stand the gap for God’s kingdom when the Super Bowl and the half times on and

everybody’s celebrating paganism and to nominee a demon you know the demon um the world’s culture the Demonic World

culture stand the gap stand the Gap and you’re like well what

can I do for the that’s the NFL that’s bigger than me you know what everybody was equal the night that that number

three fell on the ground dead and everybody dropped to any whether they knew Jesus Christ or not at that moment they dropped to a knee because there’s

going to come a time whether you know them or you accept them or you reject them everybody’s dropping to a knee and every tongue is going to confess

so if we can stand and then I’ll close I’ll close this out

Lord father thank you thank you for choosing us thank you

even before the foundations of the world you chose us [Music]

Lord we thank you we praise you father I I’m so grateful that we have an elder

Elders in this church that that have the heart to lead us through communion

I’m so thankful that we have worship leaders that have the humility to say

we’re being convicted by the Holy Spirit to move into prophetic worship and I

don’t it doesn’t mean it doesn’t move into that 24 minute time slot but we want to take a chance and expand that

that atmosphere of worshiping and spirit and truth thank you for that Lord thank you for our teacher Byron on Thursday

night who doesn’t Flinch from lay in the faith thank you for the prophets in the house who don’t hesitate and shy away

from being the Integrity Gatekeepers for the visions and the word of the Lord and even correction and things thank you

Father Lord for the body of this house Lord we do we love you we praise you we

honor you I pray that we go throughout this work with Ephesians 1 2-6 on our lips on our hearts and our minds until

it becomes saturated and embedded in our spirit Lord we love you we praise you We

Praise You In Jesus Name Hallelujah Father Allah amen amen amen y’all have a

great weekend

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