God Shows You His Plan With Spiritual Sight: Ephesians 1-7-14 (Video)


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God Shows You His Plan With Spiritual Sight of Holy Spirit: Ephesians 1-7-14 

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you know back when I was doing

triathlons and I was doing long distance

training and and I was like a maniac you

know weighed about 172 pounds and uh but

you know I used to go to Colorado quite

a bit because of the high altitude in

the mountains and I would go cycling out

there uh and it was great for training

and then but you know when I would come

back south of Louisiana and Gulf Coast

then when I was able to I had a higher

lung capacity when I would cycle but

while I was out there

we would do what’s called fourteeners

and what a 14er is is that we would hike

up a 14 000 foot mountain peak fourteen

fourteen thousand thousand and it would

take about 12 hours of hiking not

mountain climbing just hiking up the

mountain about 12 hours of walking

straight up a mountain and look if you

got off course

it wasn’t good I guarantee it’d take a

lot more than 12 hours and it would uh

and you wouldn’t make it to the 14. so

it’s like Well why’d you do that

to get to the top of course to see the

big picture

right all those steps over 12 hours 12

hours walking grueling grinding slipping

falling dehydrating lack of oxygen for


to get to the top to see the big picture

but you know what without a plan

you don’t get to the top without a plan

you don’t see the purpose for the big


and that’s what I want to share with you

today this is the word that the Lord put

on my heart is that God shows you his

plan once the spirit gives you the sight

to see it

look without the Holy Spirit living

inside of you you’re not just going to

get it you’re not going to crack the

code you’re not going to YouTube and

find a life hack

like you gotta you gotta have the sight

of the Holy Spirit to see the plan of

the Lord and why is it important well

the big picture helps you from getting

stuck in The Daily Grind look the truth

is you know we drop our kids off on

Wednesday for ignite we come back on

Thursday for Bible study we try to get

here on time on Sundays for church and

then it’s like well they don’t have

nothing on Friday or maybe the prophetic

Saturdays didn’t begin like the truth is

it’s a daily walk it can be a grind it

can feel like going up a 14 000 foot

mountain peak and it’s easy to get lost

in that like I’m just tired I’m tired

I’m tired of walking I’m trying to slip

in I feel like the oxygen is thin I just

don’t want nobody to text me no more

like why am I even doing this but when

God gives you a glimpse of Brilliance

when God gives you the plan

that’s when you can when you start off

and you’re at the base of a 14 000 foot

Peak and you look up and you’re like

oh that’s why we drop our kids off on

Wednesday that’s why we come for design

for discipleship on Thursday that’s why

we try to get here relatively on time on

Sunday that’s why we go to lunches and

breakfasts and communicate with one

another throughout the week that’s why

we do this

and this is what Paul’s going to do in

Ephesians he’s going to give us a

glimpse of the big picture he’s going to

give us a glimpse of the plan

and the glimpses and God look we say

God’s not a jokester God doesn’t play

games he’s got a great sense of humor

but he doesn’t play games he loves you

he is about as clear talking as you can


and it’s in the word of the Lord the

clarity of the word of the Lord that

asks that we stand together as the body

and we read the word of the Lord

together and this is we’re going to

continue in the in Ephesians and uh this

comes out at 1 9 11 the NLT and will

read together as the body God has now

revealed to us his mysterious will

regarding Christ which is to fill his

own good plan and this is the plan at

the right time he will bring everything

together under the authority of Christ

everything in heaven and on Earth

furthermore because we are united in

Christ we have received an inheritance

from God for he chose us in advance and

he makes everything work out according

to his plan that’s the plan

secret Paul tells us this was the plan

but you know what if you don’t have the

Holy Spirit living inside of you you

know last week I asked making an

illustration was

I asked if you’ve received Jesus Christ

as your savior and Lord

and it shouldn’t be a secret something

all you embarrass me you embarrassed me

well you know what God says if you’re

ashamed of me here I’m going to be

ashamed of you there

so I asked everyone to raise their hand

and sometimes out of peer pressure

compulsion whatever social structure you

just raise your hand so so I’m not going

to ask you to raise your hand today to

make this point like I call it the alpha

nod the Bro nod it’s like alpha males

you guys you know that look right you

walk in a gym you walk in a restaurant

anywhere you go and you see another

Alpha like

right men yeah


and for you ladies if you’ve received

Jesus as your savior and Lord just give

me an alpha nod


that’s good right there because you know

what he is the alpha he’s the Alpha and

the Omega

so with those bro nods with those Alpha


you telling that you’ve received Jesus

Christ as your savior and Lord which

means you have the Holy Spirit living

inside of you which means this message

today is going to make sense

you’re not gonna be like me I don’t even

know what you’re talking about

if you don’t have the Holy Spirit if you

want to receive the Holy Spirit we’re

going to open a time of prayer

afterwards to receive Jesus Christ as

our Savior and Lord

so what Paul’s doing is is Paul is still

talking to the church in Ephesus and

remember this is one of the major

Financial Commerce centers of the

ancient world they’ve got one of the

Seven Wonders of the World in the temple

of Diana now it’s a pagan Temple but

it’s still a fabulous architectural

structure so when he’s talking to these

people he’s using the language of their

culture so you remember when he was

talking to the church in Corinth it’s a

sports city you know it’s it’s got the

Isthmus games which are like the

Olympics and so when he’s talking

remember he’s talking about running your

race and boxing and training and and

disciplining uh your body so so he’s

talking according to the culture of the

of the community to relate the word of

the Lord the message doesn’t change but

sometimes the verb is in the vernacular

does for the sake of relating and and I

just asked like if if Paul was commuting

communicating to our culture today like

what language would he use what speech

would he use what vernacular would he

use would he just be tick-tocking all

day or or How would communicate the

message of the Gospel in today’s world

and you know that’s a that’s a question

I like to ask and ask myself because it

is important to be in the world but not

of the world you know I see these people

and they’re Saints and God bless them

but if all they can all they can offer

is like Hallelujah your brother

Jesus loves you and I’m like that’s good

but I can’t pay my bills that’s good but

I’m I’m sitting there debating whether

or not today’s the day I take my life I

just can’t make it another minute and

you’re chuckling like a cartoon clown

screaming Hallelujah

like if that’s all we got to offer to a

dead lost and Dying World we make

ourselves irrelevant to that dead lost

and Dying World now there’s a time for

praise there’s a time for praise

actually it’s praise that Byron is

coined and I hope you copyrighted

because we’re all using it

but I’m just sharing that we’ve got to

share the big picture with the world and

we’ve got to know the vernacular of the

world we’ve got to know how to

communicate with the world because if

we’re just because you think about Jesus

if all he did was put on his best robes

and he wouldn’t sit in the in the

pristine Temple and he waited for the

for the prostitutes and the drunks and

the Crooked business people to show up

he’d have been sitting there by himself

he went to where they were

but the important part of this whole

point is that what they say when Jesus

said it was Sinners they changed he


that’s the importance of understanding

about being in the world not of the


so why do I tell you that I’m telling

you this because

we’ve got to share the gospel we’ve we

get a glimpse of that mountain we get a

glimpse of the peak we get we get a

glimpse of the end game we’ve got to

share that glimpse of Brilliance with

other people but we’ve got to share it

through the gospel first unless you

share the gospel Nothing Else Matters

unless you share the gospel of Salvation

and they don’t receive Jesus as their

Savior and Lord and then they don’t

receive the dwelling of the Holy Spirit

Nothing Else Matters it’s just


it’s just another book to buy off the


and then leave on the nightstand

we’ve got to focus on understanding

speaking the language

of the Cross so that people understand

it that’s being an apostle that’s being

very Apostolic is taking the power of

the church and making it relevant into

into community

so when Paul’s talking to Ephesus he’s

getting them ready he’s they’re very

wealthy so he’s talking about financial

terms he’s talking about riches and and

abundance and abounding overflowing so

we go to one seven and it says in home

we have Redemption through his blood the

Forgiveness of sins according to the

richness of his grace

like this is what God’s done for you God

sowed a seed into the investment of your

life God sowed what his son

God sowed the blood of his son Jesus

Christ so that you can receive the holy

spirit so that you receive the big


and you know I sometimes I ask well why

Blood like why Blood like blood’s hard

to get out of clothes like why Blood

you know I mean because really blood

blood’s like money

it got no feelings it don’t care about


go one way or the other wide blood you

know why blood because God said all life

is sustained in the blood

you know we go we go to Leviticus and he

says for it is the life of All Flesh its

blood sustains its life therefore I said

to the children of Israel you shall not

eat the blood of any flesh for the life

of All Flesh isn’t in his blood whoever

eats it shall be cut off

so it’s like okay I get that but like

why if we’re talking about paying a

ransom for our sins why not just make it

a big monetary amount I mean you know

hostage rescue Ransom recovery you know

you pay a sum of money and they release

the hostage like why couldn’t Jesus just

do that for us because if it was a

monetary issue somebody like King David

or had the money to pay that Ransom and

then what does it mean

you see only Jesus was able to pay that

price and the Reason God put blood apart

separated consecrated the blood was

because he knew at one point in time it

was going to take his own son’s blood to

pay that Ransom

and that’s a price nobody can pay other

than Jesus Christ we ask why is God’s

plan so generous he’s talking to a

wealthy community who’s used to living

in abundance and overflow well the

reason at one eight he has showered his

kindness on us along with all wisdom and

understanding you know why God gives so

generously because the price he paid was

so high

you know I I had the example that I took

it out but you know in childbirth as

Leah’s told me a lot


it’s very painful

but it

but it doesn’t cause the mother to hate

the child because of the pain that was

suffered because the pain was so great

the love is so deep

that’s why God is so generous

Paul uses terms like richness and

abounding and I just want to take a side

track because at the end of last year

we’re finishing up our First Corinthian

series and I challenged you about sowing

seeds into the kingdom the way that Paul

taught us and at the very end of first

Corinthians and I asked you guys it was

six weeks out for the end of the year

and I said if you would commit if you

would commit to being uh disciplined in

your giving so in a weekly seat of

investment into the kingdom which is the

local church the body of Christ in the

local manifestation that over those six

weeks at the end of the year beginning

of this year 2023 if you would assess

where your heart is towards God when you

if you want to break yourself free from

the bondage of fear and control if you

don’t want to attach your love to money

and instead attach it to God if your

heart is attached to your bank account

instead of the Kingdom I asked you to

for just six weeks every week to give

faithfully and at the end of that then I

would like for you to assess where your

heart is and then in addition to that I

would like for you just to reflect those

who committed to that those who

committed to being a disciplined Giver

for those six weeks and hopefully that

you continue you to do it and then

where’s your heart towards God

have you seen blessings and in finances

and business and relationship and

freedom and deliverance and boldness and

in the Kingdom because you’ve released

this this group of money this fear of

money I’m never gonna have enough when

God’s talking about abundance and riches

and overflow and abounding

and I want to tell you something that


reflects the complexion of this body

last year when I gave that message and

nationally the national average for

Christian churches are regular members

10 percent of the body gives regularly

ten percent of the body gives regularly

national average and of those 10 less

than 10 percent invest the minimum of 10


but in November

at this church 57 percent of the body

gave regularly

57 percent of the body gave regularly

you know

so when Paul’s talking about abounding

and abundance and flowing and like bar

teacher Byron says the goodness of God’s

always flowing it’s just whether or not

you choose to step into it you see your

dollar is not going to activate the

water the water’s flowing

you know today I asked our financial

team to research of our regular family

79 of us give regularly

79 of us give regularly now this ain’t a

talk about financing for a new building

or nothing this is talking about you

trusting God with your finances you

telling God so in a tangible seed into

the kingdom saying I love you I trust

you my value is in you and not in this

wallet it’s 79 percent of us

give Faithfully

I don’t think there’s a preacher on this

planet that would believe what’s going

on at this church you know because of

Paul’s message because you have the Holy

Spirit because the Holy Spirit reveals

the mysteries of God the mystery of God

is no longer a mystery when he talks

about it one night having made known

unto us the mystery of his will

according to his good pleasure and which

he hath purposed in himself you know the

word mystery is not like a whodunit

it’s not like a mystery novel you know

let me get to the end of chapter 39 and

you know to figure out that it was a

person I knew in chapter one actually

did it this is not a whodunit mystery

doesn’t mean mystery in the Bible in New

Testament she was 27 times and what it

refers to is a something that was

previously unknown that was only

revealed through God

and the revelation of God to you will

only come through knowing his word and

reading and through the Holy Spirit

so Paul’s going to reveal something to

us that that was previously unknown

and what does he reveal

he reveals the plan why do we climb up a

14 000 foot Mountain

to get to the top to see the big picture

to see the plan

why do we come and drop our kids off on

Wednesdays why don’t we come here on

Thursdays why don’t we come here on

Sundays why don’t we communicate in

fellowship with each other throughout

the week for the big plan and this is

the big plan 110 tells us and and I love

in the NLT like it’s like and this is

the plan

like this is the plan because it’s that

simple it’s that simple like this is the

plan and at the right time he will bring

everything together under the authority

of Christ everything in heaven and and

on Earth

like that’s it y’all

boom that’s the plan that’s why we’re

doing what we’re doing it’s because of

that promise what he’s telling us is in

God’s perfect timing

his perfect plan is going to come

together perfectly

we can’t rush it we can’t push it I

don’t matter what what CNN or MSNBC or

anybody says

we’re on God’s time because we’re

redeemed God can reveal his plan to us

and look and if there’s anyone here that

has not received Jesus Christ as their

lord and savior I want you to receive

Jesus as your lord and savior so you can

get the plan you can understand the plan

that you’re not just sitting here on a

Sunday morning thinking about going to

Veracruz after church and wondering what

was all that planned stuff he was

talking about

I want you to get the plan but unless

you have Jesus Christ your Savior and

Lord lest you have the Holy Spirit

living inside of you you don’t get the

plan you see because we’ve been revealed

God can redeem his plan to us and this

plan is he’s going to unite everything

together under the lordship of Jesus


because of this he’s setting the church

apart as the redeemed Bride for himself

and I want to I want to remind you guys

like church life can be tough

Church leadership can be tough church

membership can be tough like it’s tough

and I want to remind you that that we

are the body preparing to become the


and you know when this was was revealed

and you know Ava’s getting married and

Alvin Keaton obviously Keaton is going

to be there you know

they’re getting married in May

so I’m watching my wife walk our

daughter through the preparation of

daughter child

college student to become bride

and I guess you know for folks that have

had kids that have married I know it

hits different it hits different the


you know and I think it’s really it’s

really speaks to us on a different level

because we’re living this in the

tangible and but and so before we’re

like we go well Church hurt Church hurt

well that church this and this church

like you read anything about that

Revival at Ashbury and it turns into

dominationalism like I can’t believe

it’s happening at this denomination I

can’t believe he picked Kentucky I can’t

believe it’s like

come on man we’re not talking about

dividing in clubs and gangs we’re

talking about a bride

we’re talking about the bride of Christ

and that’s the plan is that he’s setting

the church apart as the bride

it’s not a fitness club it’s not a

social club you can get fit and you can

be social but it’s all for the purpose

of preparing the bride

so when we speak of the church when we

speak of one another

let’s speak with a sense of Love first

Maribel right like you said let’s start

with love and tenderness and respect

regardless what you think of the person

the person is a member of the body of


the bride to be

you know in this plan the Spotless bride

of Christ is going to be United with

Christ at the marriage supper of the

Lamb the bride of Christ is going to be

seated with her Heavenly bridegroom upon

the throne of the universe the bride of

Christ is going to be reigning with him

over an ever-expanding Kingdom and God

gives us a glimpse of that a prophetic

glimpse of that in Revelations 21 1-4

the New Jerusalem then I saw a new

Heaven and a new Earth

for the old Heaven and the old Earth had

disappeared and the sea was also gone

and I saw the holy city the New

Jerusalem coming down from God out of

heaven like a bride beautifully dressed

for her husband

why did God choose you

he choose you because he created you he

chose you because he loves you he chose

you because he redeemed you he chose you

and he sealed you with the power of the

Holy Spirit

he chose you to show you his plan and he

chose you to spend eternity with you so

what are we doing to the wedding

do we just sit like what I’m doing for I

was weddings I’m just staying out of the


thank you

and Kim and Leah are like really active

in the Kingdom preparing for us to

become the body or the body to become

the bride we’re not supposed to just be

sitting out of the way we’re supposed to

be like the two moms that are preparing

the kids to become the bride and join

her groom

in that we’ve got to be sharing the


Jesus tells us in the Great Commission

we’ve got to be out there sharing the

gospel just like when I would start off

on that 14 000 foot climb to the peak of

the mountain on those next 12 hours and

I had a guide and I had a plan and I had

a compass in the in the Kingdom no one

should be left behind we should have

such a a an umption in our spirit a

hurting for anyone that’s lost so I do I

ask folks I’m like oh that’s cool what’s

the gospel of the Bible I know but what

what about what I don’t like the Bible

and again you want answers where do you


the Bible God’s word First Corinthians

15 1 4 tells us now I make known to you

brothers and sisters the gospel

which I preached to you which you

received the reason that you’re here if

you’ve received Jesus Christ as your

lord and savior is because somebody at

some point in time in your life shared

the gospel with you and you know what

you received it

in which you also stand by which you

also are saved you were saved if you

were saved you were saved because

someone cared enough to share the gospel

if you hold firmly to the word that I

preached to you unless you believe in


look we tell you all the time membership

has privileges

if you’ve not received Jesus Christ as

your lord and savior you don’t get every

spiritual blessing and the Heavenly

realm you don’t get the supernatural

gifts of the Holy Spirit you don’t get

to see the plan you don’t get to be in

the plan

membership has benefits

and all this notion that you can live

your life like you want now forget about

Jesus and at the end of the day and

God’s gonna be like oh Michelle I know

you rejected my son even after I had him

nailed to the cross for you I know you

rejected I know you’re scoff and you’re


I’m gonna let you in any way look if

that’s what you’re thinking you’re wrong

you’re wrong

and Paul says for I hand it down to you

as a first importance what I also

received hierarchy Paul received the

gospel Paul shared the gospel now it’s

our responsibility to share the gospel

and what is the gospel that Christ died

for our sins according to the scriptures

and he was buried and that he was raised

up on the third day according to the


that’s our mission that’s what we do

until the wedding that’s how we help the

body become righteous and God’s

righteousness and spotless in God’s

righteousness this is what we do until

the day of the wedding

now I know it’s fun because yesterday

Alvin Keaton went to what they call a

cake tasting

which is what I call every night at

about 11 30 at our house

but that’s not what we’re supposed to be

doing in preparation we’re supposed to

be out there sharing the gospel so I

want to tell you again the one thing the

one thing that the Lord put on my heart

was that God shows you his plan once the

spirit gives you the sight to see it

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