Praying Dangerous Prayers to Activate God’s Power and Authority in Your Life. Do You Have Faith? (Video)


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Praying Dangerous Prayers to Activate God’s Power and Authority in Your Life. Do You Have Faith?


so I want to make sure that when we’re

speaking of spiritual things that unless

you have the Holy Spirit and dwellings

and dwell inside of you

you miss those spiritual things

and if you and if you’ve not received

Jesus Christ as your savior Lord we’re

going to take care of that too because I

believe prophetically that’s why the

holy spirit said this is going to get

crowded soon

but if you’ve received Jesus Christ as

your savior and Lord that means you’re

indwelled with the power of the Holy

Spirit it means you’ve been sealed by

the holy spirit so I just simply want

you to do the third level of alpha


all right I missed something like doing

a slow motion

there you go amen So speaking of the

ultimate Alpha let’s read the word of

the alpha this is our anchor scripture

the word of the Lord that we’re going to

focus on today and it’s from Ephesians 1

17 19. and if we would stand as the body

and we will read the word of the Lord as

the body

and we’ll read together and we’ll begin

that the god of our Lord Jesus Christ

the father of Glory may give unto you

the spirit of wisdom and Revelation in

knowledge of him the eyes of your

understanding be enlightened that ye may

know what is the hope of his calling and

what is the riches of his glory of his

inheritance in the Saints and what is

the exceeding greatness of his power to

us word who believe according to the

working of his mighty power

amen thank you Jesus for that word

thank you for that word

so Paul is still establishing the

significance and the identity of who God


and what he’s also doing is he’s

establishing sound Doctrine in real time

because back then it’s like well all you

got to do is read the Bible just go to

Barnes and Nobles and read the Bible

well guess what it hadn’t been it hadn’t

been canonized it hadn’t been printed it

hadn’t been distributed so Paul is

creating laying down sharing

establishing sound Doctrine in real time

and how that benefits us is now we’ve

got sound Doctrine through the word of

the Lord but now our responsibility is

instead of speaking to establish sound

Doctrine is to take the sound Doctrine

and speak it into life and to grow the

kingdom through that through that um

through that sound Doctrine

you know I’ll tell you when we’re

sharing our testimonies it’s important

to remember like God’s word is good


to me those baseball cards even though

they had the sticky on the back they

were good enough

God’s word is good enough I was invited

to a Men’s Conference years ago and they

liked my background they like my my um

biography but I get up there in the holy

spirit’s like hmm this ain’t about you

this is about me so I was like hey I

said I’m Scott and I want to tell you

about Jesus

and I went into just sharing the gospel

and the response as you would expect was

amazing not because of what I’ve done or

who I was or like Barnes says that stuff

on the wall in your office it’s because

the gold in your heart of the Holy

Spirit but I can tell you because I

didn’t waste the gospel on my testimony

and some of us get caught up in that we

want to share our testimonies and we’ll

go 30 minutes talking about woe is me

and woe is me and in 30 minutes so this

and that and glorifying the old days and

at the very end like oh and glory to God

like that’s not testimony

be sure when you’re like Paul that what

you’re sharing is the word of the Lord

because God’s word doesn’t need

entertainment to make it effective

what it needs it needs reverence to make

it matter

so sometimes when we get comfortable

in the familiarity of relationships or

friendships or with our spouse or kids

sometimes in that familiar familiarity

we lose reverence

and that’s why I believe it’s important

that when we do read the word of the

Lord that we understand

the purpose the principle the price that

was paid for that word so when when the

when the New Testament authors are

laying down Doctrine in real time and

they’re suffering real consequences and

then when Jesus says Hey Y’all I’m going

to commission you to share this word

I believe it’s important that we not

just read the words like oh I remember

that as a kid my mama used to tell me

those things before bed

I believe that because the Holy Spirit

sealed us like Ephesians 1 tells us that

that word is the reason for the ceiling

what did Jesus tell us in Matthew 28

about that word

what did he tell us to do with that word

and Jesus came and spoke to them saying

all authority has been given to me in

heaven and on Earth

go therefore and Make Disciples of all


baptizing them in the name of the father

and of the son and of the Holy Spirit

teaching them to observe all things that

I have commanded you and lo I Am With

You Always to the end of the age

like sometimes we just we get too

familiar with that oh the Great

Commission the Great Commission where

was that Matthew yeah the Great


like we got to take it serious we got to

take it serious the word of the Lord if

if he came back to give us the kingdom

growth blueprint if we don’t take that

word and share that word because we

first lived that word and believed that

word and we’ve received that word then

that word dies on the Vine with us we

can’t be so Cavalier to think well uh

somebody else is going to tell them

about it they can look at Tick Tock and

get a good message I mean my gosh I saw

somebody posted a meme the other day

don’t discount your value in the Kingdom

don’t discount the power of your

testimony in the Kingdom let me tell you

when Paul goes to Ephesians 1 15 and he

says ever since I first heard of your

strong faith in the Lord Jesus and the

love for God’s people everywhere how did

Paul hear that word

because of testimony because the 4-1-1

my kids are like they don’t even sow

that they say they don’t they don’t even

say that anymore the 4-1-1 well I’m

gonna say it because that’s my

generation the 4-1-1 the word on the

street is that the people in Ephesus

love Jesus and they love each other how

did that word spread

through testimony

how is this community going to be


through our testimony

I want to encourage you to find the

boldness we’re watching the YouTubes and

the tick tocks and Ashbury and we’re

like oh I wish we had some of that

Revival here

you know this

that same Holy Spirit

that hovered the waters that same holy

spirit that descended Upon Jesus upon

water baptism that same Holy Spirit

that’s sealed within you when you

receive Jesus Christ and you affirmed it

because you gave us the third level


is the same Holy Spirit at that campus

there is Revival

and it starts with you and it starts

with your testimony

just Revival I’m sorry testimony is

meant to encourage to share the word and

build up Faith in others

so when Paul heard that testimony it

triggered her a visceral response in him

it led him into taking a posture of

praise and prayer we know this because

Ephesians 1 16 tells us and he says I

have not stopped thanking God for you I

pray for you constantly

what Paul’s telling us is that we’ve got

to pray without ceasing that we’ve got

to speak life

into life

I ask you what words are you speaking

well it’s just a little joke

they knew I was joking I’m just kidding

Leah you know my kids will get over it

kids are resilient they recover

I’m asking you what words are you


when we’re talking to Brothers and

Sisters in Christ

I’m asking you guys to remember

this is a collection of people we all

come from different walks but what are

we together with a body

preparing to become the bride

be gentle in the way we speak to one

another be respectful in the way we

speak to one another be encouraging in

the way we speak to one another it’s so

easy to get aggravated with each other

in the natural

this is the bride

we gotta treat her with respect

so instead of testifying to the goodness

of God I remember that old thing in the

90s it was that uh wwjd what would Jesus

do remember in those rubber bands and

you’d wear them around your wrists you

know and I’ll be honest with you I mean

I wore them but but you know I was

living in darkness I mean the only time

I really looked at that band was that I

was in a bar room drinking or out in the

street fighting and my concern was well

I didn’t want to break my Jesus band

you know but look that ain’t Jesus

but the thought’s right what would Jesus

do I’m asking you today because we’re

talking about your testimony in the

power of prayer add this to it wjst

what would Jesus would Jesus say that

would Jesus say that before we do say


would Jesus say that

Eunice nailed it she talked about

healing in this house and there’s

healing that’s going to that is

manifesting in this house

and I’ve had to share with several

people this weekend they’re like my

cancer my depression my asthma my

addiction and I’m like well was Jesus

addicted did Jesus have asthma did Jesus

have cancer no you were created in the


so you don’t have it either

you’ve been diagnosed with asthma you’ve

been diagnosed with cancer you’ve been

diagnosed with depression but don’t say

my asthma my cancer my depression

because you’re now linking that to an

identity that is solely based on who God


and God doesn’t have cancer and God

doesn’t have asthma and God doesn’t have


a fallen decrepit world does

and when we attach those labels to


we’re stepping outside the will of God

the will of God is that we remain in the

image of God

so choose your words carefully

and when we pray and we’re choose in

those words

we’ve got to be like Paul we’ve got to

be moved by compassion when we pray for

others when we pray for ourselves you

know there’s there’s a confusion

sometimes and we talked about it


their sympathy empathy and compassion

and sympathy is I see you in a hole in a

deep hole and I’m like oh

but I keep going

empathy is I see you in a deep hole I’m

like oh and I jump down in that hole

with you and now guess what

we’re both stuck in a hole


sees you in that hole

feels and takes a ladder and puts it in

that hole and says now get out

compassion is compelled to action

which is what move Christ to heal which

is what moved Paul to prayer look it’s

easy to get wrapped up in our emotions

which is the soul


you want a grandma somebody you want to

Pat the little poo poo diaper that’s

comforting but you don’t affect any


you want to affect change move in the


move in the spirit be compelled with

compassion which is compelled to action

scripture scripture is that latter

that’ll get you out of that hole

so we’re talking about prayer power

prayer Paul in Ephesians 1 17-19 he lays

down a powerful prayer

and I want to read it to you it’s our

anchor scripture that the Lord of uh

that the god of our Lord Jesus Christ

the father of Glory may give to you the

spirit of wisdom and Revelation in the

knowledge of him the eyes of your

understanding be enlightened that you

may know what is the hope of his calling

what are the riches of the glory of his

inheritance in the Saints

like emotionally your body your ears

your your soul might be like that’s cool

that’s cool

but when you allow it to speak to your

spirit and you realize the reality of

what Paul’s praying you see you’re not

just going to figure out the goodness of

God the sovereignty of God the eternity

of God you’re not just going to figure

it out unless you’ve got the Holy Spirit

to explain this to you

I want to ask you do you pray


do you really pray now I’m not talking

about praying when things are dangerous

I’m talking to you pray Dangerously

like or most of us like

Jesus I hope I have a good day

Lord I hope I get a 10 discount on the

meal because it was late

Jesus I pray that we have a safe drive

to the restaurant after church

like is that the depth the extent

of your dangerous prayer life

have you ever prayed God to reveal to

something to you that’s got to be cast

out reveal something inside of me God

that’s keeping me from relationship with

you I’m going to tell you the most

dangerous prayer we ever prayed was I we

prayed for God we said God Whatever

Whenever Wherever we will follow and I

prayed and we were we were so religious

in that prayer and then it got real and

then I stopped praying that prayer

because I got scared and one day I’m in

a worship session and the Holy Spirit

says son why don’t you stop praying that

prayer and I’m crying and I’m crying and

my beards saturated with hot tears and I

said oh because I’m scared I’m scared I

like our house I love where we live

we’ve worked hard for that house what if

we got to move

and the Holy Spirit says son I need you

to pray that prayer again and I came

home and I repented to Leah I said I

want to I’ll repent because I’m scared

to pray dangerously I’m scared to trust

God with everything including where we


I repented to my wife and we started

praying that prayer again

God Whatever Whenever Wherever we will


what I didn’t know was he was planting

that seed in my soul of my heart

so that my spirit would be ready to move

where he led us which was four miles to

this building from our house

we were willing to move across the globe

and God said no we’ll start here

are you praying Dangerously

are you afraid what God might tell you

to do

are you afraid what your words might


telling you guys

God is on the move like we’ve never


ever known in in our lifetimes

and people say well are we in the end

times yes


every second we live we are one second

closer to the end time

and your prayers have got to get

dangerous they’ve got to get effective

they’ve got to become effectual they’ve

got to become like Paul’s prayer you’ve

got to stop praying for just you and

your comfort you’ve got to start praying

and asking God reveal to me where I need

to be where I need to go what I need to


I love when when when April talks about

uh how to do life with God and how to

hear from God and it shakes people up

because they realize oh that’s how you

do it and one day was like and I used

her examples that every day you get 30

000 opportunities to make decisions it’s

do I look this way or that way do I wear

this shirt or that way do I eat this or

do I not eat that 30 000 opportunities

to make decisions every day that’s 30

000 opportunities to connect with the

Holy Spirit and you’re like well what

does the Holy Spirit care what color

shirt I wear you know what he probably

doesn’t but he cares that you

communicate he cares when Lee and I get

up in the morning I’m like hey what you

got going on today

what she’s going to do is what she’s

going to do it’s already been set in

motion but she knows that I care by

asking her hey what you doing today hey

how are you feeling

take those opportunities to connect with

the Holy Spirit then you’ll hear the

Holy Spirit when you start to pray


then you’ll move Beyond being complacent

I hope we have a good day today Jesus

every day in Jesus is a good day

you know when Paul

when Paul prays in Ephesians 1 19 20. it

says I also pray that you will

understand the incredible greatness of

God’s power for us who believe him this

is the same Mighty power that raised

Christ from the dead and seated him in

the place of honor at God’s right hand

in the Heavenly Realms do you know why

Paul did not pray

for God to give them power

they had it

right they had it

if you’ve received the Holy Spirit as

your savior and Lord

you know what you got

you got that same power

so we’re not going to pray if you’ve

received Jesus we’re not going to pray

that you receive power

you’ve got power Ephesians 1 tells us

you’ve been sealed by the holy spirit so

that power is not going to leak out like

a bad radiator you’re sealed

my prayer our prayer is that you

understand the power you have that you

use the power you have that you walk in

boldness in the power that you have that

we stop being so timid about offending

people with the word of the Lord

that we contain the power that we have

God’s good

God’s good and and we’re talking about

Paul’s dangerous prayers and and if you

want to learn to pray Dangerously

in two weeks our teacher Byron he’s

wrapping up a series on faith

and then we’re gonna we’re gonna take

off March the 9th uh and then we’re

going to start back after that and he’s

going to do a six-week series on prayer

listen if you want to transform your

life be here on Thursday nights at seven

o’clock for design for discipleship as

our five-fold teacher uh Byron Hamilton

leads us uh through what it is to pray

you know God’s good

God’s word is good

Yo God doesn’t need lights and smoke

machines and fog machines and led

machines he doesn’t need high priced

performers and and high profile pastors

to share the word of the Lord the beauty

of that Ashbury Revival is that it’s in

a simple structure they can’t even

adjust the lights

they can’t even dim the lights

there’s no fog there’s no smoke the

building’s so old that the fire marshal

would have a fit if you let any kind of

pyrotechnics you know what it is it is

the word of God being shared let me

trust you I talked to a lot of men and

they’re like well are you witnessing I’m

not really sure what to say I don’t know

this you don’t have to know what to say

you don’t have to have fancy words in a

high degree on your wall you don’t have

to have funny stories and good jokes you

don’t even have to have a baseball bat

all you gotta do is share God’s word

God’s word is good enough

this word is good enough I am

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