Easter Message / Divinely Blind. Seeing Christ Clearly Through Resurrection (Video)


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Transcript – Easter Sunday Message 2023

you know when our kids were little

and they would be in the living room

playing and like really little and we’d

walk out to go to the kitchen they would

like ah they’d start screaming like what

we’re here

and then we’d run back in the living

room and they’d go back to playing you

know and then they got a little older

and and then we’d walk out of the out of

the living room and they’d like oh we’re

here and they whimper and go back to

playing and then they got a little older

a little more mature and then they


like we’re here

and we’re coming back

we’ve not abandoned them we’re here

that’s what I want to share with you

today in this message and we’re going to

take a long we’re going to take about a

seven mile walk down a road to Emmaus

and and it’s in that time where we’ll

see where where even in that two and a

two and a half three hour Journey that

those disciples who followed Jesus

didn’t even recognize Jesus as he’s

walking along and what it showed me was

that it was time for the body of Christ

to be weaned off the physical body of

Jesus and fed the meat of the word that

helps transform lives and that was the

one thing that the only way we’re truly

going to know Jesus is when we allow his

father God to tell the story of his son

through scripture the one thing that the

Lord put on my heart for you this this

week was that emotional encounters with

Jesus can affect your life by knowing

his word will transform it forever

we’re going to talk today about a little

bit about Body and Soul and Spirit

it’s important to understand those

distinctions especially between the soul

and the spirit

and you know why is it important well

emotional religion is false

it’s as fleeting as children crying when

Mom and Dad walk out of the living room

we can’t be so fickle as to get so

afraid and let fear drive us

when Jesus when we think he’s left the

room that’s emotion driven

the spirit tells us the word tells us

he’s always with us

so if we don’t learn

who Jesus the son is through the words

of his God the father in the scripture

we’re going to remain spiritually blind

so I ask that we stand together as the

body in reverence of the Lord to read

the word that illuminates light that

sheds sight and heals the blind so if we

can as the body we’re gonna we’re gonna

Park in Luke 24 today this is where the

Lord LED and the word he once shared so

if we can start off by reading our

anchor scripture from Luke 24 31 and

we’ll start as the body and their eyes

were opened and they recognized him and

he vanished from their sight they said

to each other did not our hearts burn

within us while he talked us on the road

while he opened to us the scriptures

and they rose that same hour and

returned to Jerusalem and they found the

eleven and those who were with them

gathered together saying the Lord has

risen indeed and has appeared to Simon

thank you Jesus for that word

thank you for the word

that helps blind eyes to see

so before I ask you to join me on that

seven mile walk on the path to Emmaus

let’s put it in context

Jesus had been crucified

and and I can imagine how everybody was


they were like really like we’ve

invested three and a half years we

thought he was the one

but maybe he wouldn’t

that Saturday can you imagine

if you’re emotion driven

the fear that you felt

if you’ve discarded or forgot or never

really paid attention to what the

scripture said what Jesus had said for

the last three and a half years can you

imagine the Despair and the desperation

but then that morning came

that morning came of the Resurrection

and before we take the walk down towards

Emmaus I want to read to you

but on the first day of the week at

early Dawn

they came to the tomb bringing their

spices which had been prepared and they

found the stone rolled away

from the tomb

but when they entered they did not find

the body of Lord Jesus

while they were perplexed about this

behold two men suddenly appeared near

them in gleaming clothing and as the

woman were terrified and bound their

faces to the ground the mid said to them

why are you seeking the living one

amongst the Dead

he’s not here

but he has risen

see that’s the good news that’s the

Fulfillment of the promise

now before these two disciples had

walked off towards Emmaus they didn’t

realize that encounter at the tomb

and so I want to step back to to to the

first to 24 1 but very early on Sunday

morning the women went to the tomb

taking the spices they had prepared

listen I want to tell you

thank God for faithful women

thank God for faithful women

thank God for women who were willing to

get up

pear spices and go to what the world’s

telling them it’s just a stone like he’s


ain’t no need going back to where you

once thought your Hope was

ain’t nothing but a stone

thank God for faithful sisters who were

willing to prepare an anointing and show

up at the rest of us is thinking it’s

just a stone

thank you sisters thank you women for

being faithful

you know


we’re quick to prepare a burial

anointing for the promises that God made

in our life

did God tell you that you were going to

Pastor did God tell you you were going

to have a Ministry did God tell you you

were going to have children did God tell

you you were going to have a


and then it didn’t happen as you thought

it was supposed to

are we a little quick to prepare the

spices for burial

to show up

and mourn the death of the promise of

God instead of standing firm in the

faith that’s only bound on the word of

the Lord I’ll tell you these sisters

weren’t that they weren’t there to

grieve the loss of a promise because the

failure of Jesus

they were there with the full

expectation that I don’t care if it’s a

stone or if it’s a Roman legion or if

it’s the mainstream media I don’t care

what anybody says I know what Jesus said

I know what the scripture said so let’s

not be too quick to mourn to bury the

promises God’s made over your life

let’s stand in faith instead

so why go anoint why why go to anoint

Jesus when there’s a big rock in the way

when there’s a stone in the way

well I’ll tell you we do a lot of things

we do things out of emotion out of faith

out of what we might think the world

thinks is an unrealistic expectation but

you know what matters is your heart

what’s the condition of your heart

listen don’t let nobody tell you

anything different than what the Lord’s

already promised you

don’t let your emotions sway you to be

so fickle

to where you’re tossed about like waves

in the ocean

you stand firm in the word of the lord

it’s the only thing that doesn’t change

you see

are you willing to come back to those

dead places in your life

are you willing to come back to the

promises God made

are you willing to come back to what you

thought life was going to look like and

it just didn’t

are you willing to come back to what you

thought were dead places and and rely on

Jesus to resurrect those dead places in

your life

I’m going to tell you it takes more than

laying in your bed on a Sunday morning

wondering well how come everybody else

went to church it takes more than than

figuring I’m gonna go to the club on

Thursday and not show up for Bible study

if you want to resurrect those dead

places you got to get up you got to

dress up you got to get your spices

together your anointing and you got to

show up at what were once those dead

places in your life I want to tell you I

want to submit to you today if you’re

willing to come to that rock if you’re

willing to come to that stone I want you

to understand that your blessing is on

the other side of that stone I’m telling

you if you want your marriage restored

your blessing is on the other side of

that attorney’s letter about divorce

that blessing for the restoration of

your relationship is on the other side

of that of that we’re just going to

separate for a little bit and see how

things work out

your blessings on the other side of that

if you’re looking for financial

provision I’m going to tell you your

blessing is on the other side of that

eviction notice and on that late bill


if you’re looking if you’re looking for

the blessing of of Breaking Free from

addiction your blessing is on their side

of that stone on the other side of that

bottle and that pornography URL link I

want to tell you that your blessings

stop looking in the natural sight

stop looking at what the world’s telling

you you’re looking at start

understanding and remembering the word

of the Lord

Supernatural sight told those sisters I

don’t care what they rolled in front of

that tomb my blessings on the other side

were the Christ once was

you see that stone in your life is not

your deliverance the rock of Christ is

if you want the blessing you’ve got to

understand it’s on the other side of

that stone

so those sisters walked into that empty

tomb in verse 5. why are you seeking the

living one amongst the Dead

that’s a good question

that’s a good question and I’ll ask you

sometimes in our life when we get


sometimes we return

to those dead places that were meant to

die that didn’t bear fruit that wasn’t

the will of the Lord that wasn’t the

word of the Lord it was never a promise

from the Lord but we want to return to

them you see we’ll go back to old


we’ll go back to Old sin patterns

we’ll go to dead religion looking for

the Living God

but what does the Bible say

well verse 6.

he is not here

now if you were down in south Louisiana

my hometown on the Bayou they say he not

here no

make sure he not here

so I don’t care what your language or

your dialect

the message is clear

he’s not in this tomb

he’s alive

your promises that God made in your life

are not in that tomb

there as alive as you’re willing to

stand in faith on those promises

because if you walk away in doubt and

you allow emotionality to drive your

life then they just soon be dead and


you got to stand on the word of the Lord

so they’ve gone through the resurrection

the crucifixion and the resurrection and

now we’re gonna we’re gonna take that

walk those that seven mile walk down the

road towards Emmaus

and you’ve got these two two disciples

and they followed Jesus they were there

and now they and now they went well it’s


like your favorite team lost lost your

favorite sport

and you’re like well we might as well

walk back home you got your head hung

you turned your jersey inside out so

nobody knows what team you were cheering


and like I just I Marvel at this I mean

you’re walking seven miles and your

average pace uh over seven miles would

take about two and a half to three hours

and so just imagine like you and your

spouse or just like me Lee and I are

going seven miles and that’s where you

know the miraculous still happens

because if Lee is going to walk seven

miles with me it’s gonna be a miracle

and um and I’ll take that Miracle but

you know then somebody comes alongside

like alongside we’re not on an express

lane going towards DFW it’s just y’all


and then like there’s a third person who

comes alongside like seven miles two and

a half hours what do you think you’d be

like who are you

how’s it going

but they walk and they just walk and you

know why they walking because they’re

walking in their pity because they walk

in their sadness because boohoo Little

Bear your team lost and my emotions I’m

going home

so it’s like well why didn’t Jesus just

identify himself why why did he wait

until later when he when he broke bread

and blessed it like why did was he

tricking him like what’s up with his

Jesus well let me tell you for three and

a half years he had been telling these

people who he was for three and a half

years he’d been telling these people who

I am you know what they did

they murdered him

they murdered him so when he’s on the

cross and they’re like well prove that

Judah Christ and come on down do one

more miracle and come on down no that

time’s over with you see he’s not a

trick pony playing games to make you


one more time would have done nothing

why didn’t he why didn’t he identify

himself because

when you allow God to tell the story of

his son through scripture then you get

to know who Jesus is

you see walking seven miles walking 700

miles walking 7 000 miles is not going

to let you know who Jesus is you got to

read the word of the Lord you got to

read the story that the father wrote

about his son

to know who Jesus is

so you know then Jesus asked him

and I’ll tell you a good a good lawyer a

good investigator they never ask a

question that they don’t already know

the answer to

so Jesus says and he said to them

what kind of conversation is this that

you have with one another as you walk

and are sad

like again why are you sad little bear

boohoo little clown why are you sad

like they’re weeping they mopey they

turn their Jersey inside oh our team

lost you know what he said because

they’re driven by their emotions because

they’re driven by their emotions

they’re fickle they’re like children in

a room when you walk out the mom and dad

and they start screaming in Terror

because they don’t realize the reality

that Jesus has never left they don’t

realize the promise of scripture that

Jesus is coming back

so they’re letting their emotions make

them sad

that’s the difference between being so

LED your emotions

and spirit-led which is the word of the


I’m asking you

the only way you’re going to understand

scripture and Jesus is not making fun of

them but he’s like yo

I told you

I’m gonna have to suffer I told you

they’re going to crucify me

but I told you I was coming back on the

third day

like why don’t you listen to me why are

you letting your emotions drive your


now listen it’s okay to be emotion

driven but let the encounter with the

Lord through the spirit through the word

create a manifestation of emotion don’t

come here weepy brown bear sad clown

thinking well Jesus is going to come if

I cry enough tears if you don’t have

Jesus as your savior

you just cry

that’s all you’re doing

you know these guys had this opportunity

like they told the Jesus story to Jesus

and they got it wrong

and they got it wrong

let me share with you from 19 and he

said to them

what things

so they said to him the things

concerning Jesus of Nazareth he was a

prophet Mighty indeed and word before

God and in all the people and how the

chief priests and our rulers delivered

him to be condemned to death and

crucified him

but you know we were hoping

that it was he that was going to redeem


indeed besides all this

like today is the third day since these

things happen

these guys got to tell the Jesus story

to Jesus and they get it wrong why

because they’re driven by their emotions

because they’re telling it from their

own perception let me ask you before we

get to hashtag over religious

how many times do we misconstrue the


how many times do we make it fit our


like how many oh yeah or that Bible that

Bible you know I heard about that Bible

I read a meme on Facebook one day it

says something about like like God’s not

gonna give you more than you can carry

like like you know like all these things

we like to manufacture we kind of

pre-fab them to fit our lives

and I want to tell you when you look at

these these guys and they answer them

and what do they say they say we were


like I was hoping our marriage would

have worked out you know but we’re just


you know I was hoping we weren’t going

to lose our house you know I mean I

worked extra overtime I worked harder

than anybody ever worked but you know it

didn’t work out we were hoping that he

was the one

you know how different that conversation

would be with those two disciples and

Jesus you know how different your life

situations would be if you instead of

saying I’m hoping you say I’m standing I

am Standing on the Promises of God I

know they put him on that cross I know

they murdered him but I also know what

the scripture says and I know when this

third day he’s coming back I expect them

to already be here oh look at that it’s

you it’s you

but because they hope and because they

sad in their tears and then they say we

were hoping he was going to redeem

Israel you see they still don’t get it

they think he was coming to conquer Rome

he came to conquer death

but they didn’t get it

and then this one you know today’s the

third day like they knew something was

important about that third day they just

didn’t know what

and I’m going to submit to you if you

don’t know the Lord if you don’t know

the word

then you’re going to get caught up in

you know that whole Bible says something

about something like I think like faith

it works so if I work oh yeah if I work

hard I’m gonna get that oh well the

world’s saying there’s a lot of

different ways to the father let me tell

you something if you don’t know the word

of the Lord you’re just as lost and just

as blind as these two cats on the seven

mile hike with with Jesus the

resurrected Christ you got to know the

word of the Lord you got to stop letting

letting emotions sway you and swing you

and discourage you

in 25 it says then Jesus said to them

the foolish people

you find it so hard to believe that all

the prophets wrote in the scripture like

wasn’t it clearly predicted that the

Messiah would have to suffer all these

things before entering his glory

then Jesus took them through the

writings of Moses and all the prophets

explaining all the scriptures the things

concerning him

like can you imagine like Jesus like

y’all foolish people

y’all crazy

did you read what they wrote Don’t you

hear what I say so what did he do he led

him through an intensive Bible study

Moses the prophets everything is set up

to him

and then in our anchor scripture weren’t

our hearts burning your heart should be

on fire

you’ve got Jesus the Christ leading you

through a scripture study

so you say well that was good for them

two brothers but what about me

you got the Holy Spirit

you got the Holy Spirit that’s what

Jesus said that’s why he’s back

to remind you of everything that Jesus


every day

is a Bible study but you know what you

got to do first

you got to open that Bible

you see

holy spirit’s not going to speak through

a meme on Facebook

holy spirit is going to allow people to

speak to you but you got to read the

word of the Lord to make sure what

they’re saying is not some like far off

thing like you know there’s something

there’s something about that third day

I’m not really sure what it is don’t be

that person don’t be that person

let me tell you something

these two guys

and us

that until we see Jesus Through the

supernatural word of the of the Lord

we’ll never see a manifest in our

natural lives

so you’re looking for healing you’re

looking for deliverance you’re looking

for provision you’re looking for

restoration whether you’ve got a

prodigal relationship with one of your

kids maybe you’re the one that’s

prodigal and you’re looking for for

miracles in the natural world

but until you understand the

supernatural word of the Lord

you ain’t gonna see nothing until you

receive Jesus Christ as your savior and


you ain’t gonna get nothing

if you’re walking without Jesus Christ

as your savior and Lord you don’t have

the power of the Holy Spirit living

inside of you

now you receive him as your price boom

immediately you’re sealed Ephesians 1

tells us that

but walking down the road and and

misconstruing scripture and wondering

well what happened and you don’t have

the Lord you don’t have the Holy Spirit

living inside of you you’re just walking

down the road

you might get physically fit but

spiritually you just as lost as you were

when you started unless you have the

Holy Spirit living inside of you

until we know the supernatural word of

the Lord and we see Jesus as God the

Father revealed his son to be will never

experience the miraculous in our natural


you know why didn’t they recognize Jesus

well I’ll submit to you

they witnessed Jesus In the Flesh for

three and a half years

and they didn’t see him

they watched his flesh crucified

and they didn’t see him

they went to an empty tomb where there

was no more flesh and they didn’t

like what would one more Encounter With

Jesus In the Flesh do to help them see



see what they needed they needed the

only thing that would truly open their

eyes from spiritual blindness the only

thing that endured and that’s the word

of the Lord

that’s the word of the Lord only then

did they see him

only then did they realize

oh that was Jesus

only then will you realize who Jesus is

if he’s if he’s your genie in a bottle

that ain’t Jesus if he’s defined by the

Box you’ve stuffed them into that’s not


if you’re just trying to read some memes

on social media and like oh I get it now

that ain’t Jesus

you’ve got to receive Jesus Christ as

your savior and your lord

you’ve got to know the word of the Lord

you’ve got to stop allowing yourself to

be washed and waved like oceans

you got to have a solid foundation and

that solid foundation is it your ties is

it your talent is it your attendance

that solid foundation is the word of the


it is the only thing that’s gonna that’s

gonna make you stable it’s the only

thing that’s going to open your eyes and

this is the one thing that the Lord

shared today

the one thing that the Lord wants you to

walk away from on this Resurrection

Sunday is that emotional Encounters of

Jesus can affect your life but only

the word of the Lord can transform it

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