Jesus’ Crucifixion Was Not Plan “B” / God reveals His Big Plan: Ephesians 3:1-14 (Video)


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you know I was about a year and a half

in the into my law enforcement career

and I was kind of a rookie cop and and

I’d been assigned a Cadet right out of

the academy and like that’s big time

like I had somebody riding with me and I

was only on the job for about a year and

a half and I just got my SWOT assignment

so like I was like like what they were

calling law enforce was like a pretty

big deal you know and it’s late at night

and we get a burglary call like

somebody’s in somebody’s house stealing


now if you’re a homeowner it’s

horrifying but for a cop or a rookie cop

with a year and a half on the job

and and a cadeta sign it’s amazing

so you show up you don’t put your sirens

on you come quiet and we park on the

highway and my lieutenant who had about

30 years on the job he’s like all right

this is the plan

and he starts laying out the plan

I’m like gotcha

well let me tell you something I had a

year and a half on the job I had a Cadet

riding with me

and you know what else I had I had my

own plan

so I’m like hey follow me so we’re

moving and we’re sneak we’re like

stealth ninjas through the darkness the

Shadows I mean and I’m watching my

lieutenant through these windows and the

awnings it was an old Victorian home

and I keep looking at my Cadet and I’m


and I take one step and I hear the sick


of rusted metal

do y’all know what a septic tank is


so for those who don’t I’m not going to

give a lot of detail but it’s you dig a

big hole in your yard and you put a


giant bucket in your yard and that’s

where all the flushings go into and they

stay there for centuries

well when I stepped on That Metal and I


like I don’t know if it was my like I

never saw this in swat training but I

did this

and the tip of my chin

hit the thing and I

curled my lips in and I just hung there

for a second

covered from chin to toe

and poop

and immediately I realized

should have stuck to the Lieutenant’s


so I shoot myself up and I point to the

cadet and I’m like go to Lieutenant and

I went home and I changed clothes

what I want to tell you is

God’s Got A Plan

and you’ve got a plan

the important thing about following

Christ is following the right plan

you see the one thing that the Lord put

on my heart for today to share with you

is when your personal Ministry plan

becomes more important than Jesus then

that’s not God’s plan

and that’s the that’s the the beauty of

a strong

Apostolic Church

is that everybody comes prepared to be

prepared to be equipped

but then sometimes in that you say well

my Ministry my Ministry and then you

start like

does that Ministry really align with

what God called you to do are you

seeking self-satisfaction like my

lieutenant had the plan

but I have my own idea of what the plan

should be and it didn’t work out

you know what I want to stress today is

like God’s plan brings life

anything else brings death

choose your plan wisely

like God wants this church to grow to

equip to get out and minister

but sometimes in that Lee and I’ve done

the same thing we’ve run out ahead of

the cloud we’re like whoa we’re doing

Ministry Jesus


and he’s always like come on kids y’all

come back into my plan and we’ve always

found that God’s plan was always better

than our plan and that our plan when it

worked in alignment with God’s plan was

always amazing

so if we could stand as the body and

read The Amazing Word of the Lord as

he’s going to lay out his plan

and we’re continuing our walk through

the book of Ephesians we’re in chapter

three and if we could read this as the

body will begin

God did not reveal it to previous

generations but now by his Spirit he has

revealed it to His Holy Apostles and

Prophets and this is God’s plan both

Gentiles and Jews who believe the good

news share equally in the riches

inherited by God’s children both are

part of the same body both enjoy the

promise of blessings they belong to

Jesus Christ Jesus thank you Jesus for

that for that good word thank you God

for the plan

thank you for making it simple

you know part of the plan

and the Assurance was was like Jesus’s

crucifixion was not plan B

sometimes people get caught up in that

it’s like well why why did he have to

die why this why that

and what I want to assure you is before

the foundations of this world

God’s plan was always the perfect plan

you know last week we celebrated a


and what’s important to understand is is

that Resurrection isn’t just captured on

a calendar

you see now Hallmark and everybody else

was like let’s get rather let’s get

ready for Mother’s Day like that’s the

next big thing

but in the Kingdom Resurrection is

always the big thing

so when we stick to God’s plan instead

of man’s plan you can’t go wrong

you know when when I think about the

plan that God had

and it was it was for one plan one body

one way to the father but you know what

Christianity did when we started looking

at man’s plan

like you think oh we’re all Christians

Christianity yay team Jesus number one

but you know the reality is is there’s

two different theologies

there’s there’s Eastern Theology and

there’s Western theology

so they took the one body of

Christianity and the world split it

according to their plan so you say okay

well that’s cool right I mean over here

over there well then they took the six

the theologies and they divided them

into six divisions

so you have Catholicism you have

protestantism you have Eastern Orthodoxy

you have Oriental Orthodoxy uh you have

anglicanism and you have Assyrians

so now one body one plan divided by two

divided into six so you see where this

is going like this is man’s plan for

God’s intention

so like okay okay okay well six isn’t

horrible all right well now let’s look

globally do you know how many

denominations there are around the world

Christian denominations

there’s over 45

000 different Christian denominations

around the world

just in the United States itself there’s

over 200

we have come a long way

from God’s plan

because we’ve been working

on what man thought was best

you see in God’s plan there’s one Church

you know how many denominations there


zero it is so vital to follow God’s plan

it’s so vital to know God’s plan

you see there’s no other name and

there’s no other way but Jesus

I love repeating John 14 6. Jesus said

to him

I am the way the truth and the life no

one comes to the father

except through me

so when we start working our own plan

and we start thinking there’s more than

one way to come to the father except

through the son

it’s all for nothing

it’s all for nothing

so what about God’s plan how does he

reveal this plan

well Paul in Ephesians was tasked with

revealing this plan

and so if we’re looking at it from the

world they would be like Paul

like you mean Paul who was Saul who

persecuted Christians like Paul

why Paul you know why because God said


that was God’s plan you see God had

marked him for Destiny God took a

persecutor of Christians his goal was to

Stamp Out

any denomination

but God had different plans

God’s plan was perfect

God has a plan for you

and it doesn’t matter who you were it’s

whose you are

that’s God’s plan

you see what I love about the way that

God calls us

and Paul and everybody else

the the miracle

is so much more incredible

when the least likely do the impossible

and that’s really the miracle

but those Miracles don’t happen when

you’re operating outside of the plan

at that point it’s just kind of

self-initiative and and kind of doing

things you want to do on your own you

know even Paul I mean Paul makes it

clear in Ephesians 3 8 to me the least

likely uh the least of All Saints this

Grace was given to preach to the

Gentiles the unfathomable Riches of


Paul’s not the only one that would show

that Grace

every one of us

have benefited from the grace of God

God doesn’t care who you were

he only cares whose you are

and when we come to Christ when we’ve

given our lives to God then we receive

that Grace then we plug in to the grand

plan then our will just like Jesus I

simply came to do the will of the father

that’s the plan that’s the beauty of the


so you say well why Paul like why why

didn’t God give this like God could have

saved a lot of time and gave this plan

to one of the Old Testament prophets

surely there’s somebody more qualified

than Paul

I mean if you checked everybody’s resume

if you go to some job site finder you

could have found one of them Old

Testament prophets that are better

qualified than Paul so why did he give

Paul this revelation

well what I want to share with you is

that God could not give through

Revelation what could not be received in


until the holy spirit indwelled with

inside of Paul Paul could never have

conceived or comprehended the Deep

mysteries of God

it goes for us

like we always talk about membership has


and unless you have the Holy Spirit

living inside of you

the word of the Lord the Bible this is

just literature

when you receive Christ when you receive

the Holy Spirit

you’re getting that same Bible study

that Jesus gave to the two disciples on

that seven mile walk to Emmaus

through the Holy Spirit living inside of


so once Paul had received the spirit

then the word Spirit could be revealed 3

5 tells us which in other Ages was not

made known to the sons of men as it has

now been revealed to this by the spirit

To His Holy Apostles and Prophets

that’s why Paul that’s why now

because he has the Holy Spirit living

inside of him he had the ability to

comprehend the Deep revelation of God

what I want to share with you is in

God’s plan God’s plan is perfect

God’s timing is perfect God’s will is


and and it’s easy to step in and step

ahead of God’s timing you know or step

out of God’s plan or maybe lag behind

God’s will

but thanks to the grace of God

there’s always time to reconcile that

walk to return to the will of the Lord

to do God’s perfect plan

you know a lot of times you know God is

God is a god of order and structure

and and sometimes it just feels like oh

it’s just so I don’t know well order and

structure is what allows you to operate

freely and safely inside the will of the


sometimes we just we just want to like

be rebellious about it and look there’s

there’s a great place in the Kingdom for

wild lions

it’s time to be a wild lion for the


the other side is institutionalized

Church they just want you satiated in a

cage they want you to Roar for a snack

they want you to perform for the crack

of a whip that’s not what God wants God

wants wild Lions who aren’t afraid to

share the gospel God wants wild Lions

who who yeah we know what we did we know

who we were but we stand firm on Whose

we are and what God’s called us to do

but that’s all within structure and

order it’s not from chaos

you know in revealing God’s plan

Ephesians 3 uh one one three tells us

for this reason I Paul the prisoner of

Christ for the sake of you gentiles

I love how Paul makes sure he

understands like I’m a prisoner because

of you

if indeed you’ve heard of the

administration of God’s grace which was

given to me for that

up for you by that Revelation there was

made known to me the mystery as I wrote

before you briefly look God’s calling

God’s marking Paul was a person of

Destiny you’ve been called you’ve been

marked you are a person of Destiny but

that comes with a price

Paul gladly identifies himself as the

prisoner of Christ Jesus

you see he was in Rome he was in a

actual he was in custody in Rome

and you know when you go to prison in

the in the natural it’s called custody

Care and Control

you’re in their custody you’re under

their care and you’re under their


and Paul realized that although he was

locked in a room in prisoner he was

under their guard that he was under the

care custody and control of Jesus Christ

because his citizenship was not in Rome

or in the world it was in heaven so

understanding that he was a prisoner of

Christ for the Gentiles that he was

under the care custody and control of

Jesus Christ to share the gospel of

Christ only by the grace of Christ I

want you to know that when when God has

called you and you have received Jesus

as your lord and savior you come under

the jurisdiction under the authority of

Jesus Christ you come under the care

custody and control of Jesus Christ you

become a prisoner of Jesus Christ it

doesn’t mean that that he restricts your

freedoms your joy but in that structure

and in that order you’re now free to


the joy and the freedom only found in

Jesus Christ

so this plan the plan again Jesus was

not plan B

it was not plan B God had had planned

this before the foundations of the world

Ephesians 1 4 5 tells us even before he

made the world God loved us and chose us

in Christ to be holy and without fault

in his eyes

like that is such a beautiful powerful

scripture right there God loved us and

chose us in Christ to be holy and

without fault in his eyes

I want you to just think for a second

I’ll finish this scripture

when have you been in any natural


where the person you’re in relationship

with saw absolutely no fault

like no fault as much as we love our



Leah’s like don’t go into detail

light leave it right there

but we can come into relationship with

God the Father through Jesus the Christ

and we have we’re no fault in his eyes

it doesn’t mean we’re without fault

but because we have the 100

righteousness of God living inside of us

that in God’s eyes we have no fault

you see God decided in advance

to adopt us into his own family by

bringing us to himself through Jesus

this is what he wanted to do and it gave

him great pleasure

so was Jesus’s crucifixion a plan B was

God unaware of Adam and Eve

what was going to happen no

because God chose us before the

foundations of the world before he ever

spoke anything into light or to life God

chose us to come to him through Jesus


you know it’s like a home builder

before the foundation is laid the

cements poor the ground’s leveled and

all that

and the home builder actually has the

plans to your home

that that plan was was architecturally

drafted long before you ever bought the

property now if that homebuilder gave

you the plan

and you weren’t architecturally educated

or familiar with it that plan would mean

nothing to you but then you come into

understanding of architecture and

building and Contracting and

subcontracting and then the plan is like

oh I get it I get it

and this is what’s happening with Paul

through the indwelling of the Holy

Spirit and God now revealing his plan to


so now Paul understands the Deep mystery

Paul’s sharing the Deep mystery and now

we can comprehend the revelation of the

Holy Spirit what that plan is and so

let’s walk it through number one uh

because when God says in six this is the

plan it’s both Gentiles and Jews who

believe the good news share equally in

the riches inherited by God’s children

so this is a firm through John 3 16 for

God so loved the world that he gave his

only begotten son that whoever should

believeth in him should not perish but

have everlasting life both Jews and

Gentiles who believe

the gospel message

they’re now children of God

what’s what’s what do we have to do we

have to believe we have to believe Jesus

Christ is our Savior and Lord

everybody who believes on Jesus

becomes a co-heir

this is the plan

this is the plan

and when does your Everlasting Life


we say it all the time the instant you

receive Jesus Christ

your everlasting life doesn’t start the

day you die

you just transition you drop the skin

suit and you transition your life is

Everlasting you keep going but the

second the moment the instant you

receive Jesus Christ

you now become a co-heir the second part

of of the promise the plan both are part

of the same body

you know Galatians 3 28 tells us uh

neither there is neither June or Greek

there is neither slave nor free there is

neither male or female you were all one

in Jesus Christ

and this is so important for us to


like like when we when we have our own

Ministries it’s easy to get pulled apart

it’s easy to get distracted doing things

and then forget about the good of the


but this is where where Paul revealing

God’s plan really emphasizes like it’s

for the good of the body we’re all one

nobody’s better than anybody else you

know like you think about the Jews

and they were God’s first called

and then like even the Old Testament

prophets they didn’t see the curveball

of of Jesus coming for the Gentiles like

like they had to do some major

rethinking when they got that Revelation

they’re like were you special kids

we like your special kids

who’s that

like who’s that

I don’t want no brother

we cool we cool God’s like no everybody

comes that’s my plan because you can’t

be one body

if you’re separating somebody

that’s the plan

so when we all come together with our

denominational backgrounds or or

understands in faith and and this and

that it’s so important to understand

God’s plan is that we all come equal

we’re different we’re different parts of

the body but we’re all one part of the

body the same body

God didn’t call us to be uniform he just

called us to be Unified

the third part of the plan is both enjoy

the promise of blessings because they

belong to Christ Jesus

Ephesians 1 11 tells us furthermore

because we’re United with Christ we’ve

received an inheritance from God for he

chose us in advance and he makes

everything work out according to his


you see God’s Got A Plan

and the second that you you receive

Jesus you become a coheir

you become a co-heir and the beauty of

this is most of us have grown up in

relationships where

where there’s maybe like an incremental

acceptance or love in that relationship

um most of us have grown up in a

performance-based relationship a lot of

times our parents were like you know if

you’re a good kid you’ll get a snack if

you just stay quiet mom you’ll be happy

if you just make good grades and stay

out of my hair uh daddy old daddy you’re

a good boy

but see that’s not the idea with the


the second you receive you become a

cowhere with Jesus you get everything

that that was promised to the Jews you

get everything that Jesus has you’re a

co-heir like in what Earthly kingdom do

you get everything that the King has

that is so counter-cultural you can

understand why a couple thousand years

later we’re still trying to understand

like seriously

because when this nation like they don’t

get nothing so the king gets it all

but the counter-cultural kingdom of

Christ means you get everything Christ

gets because you’re a co-heir

you know the plan’s simple

unless you don’t have Jesus

unless you don’t have the indwelling of

the Holy Spirit then it’s still

mysterious then when you read the word

that transformed lives it’s just


when you come

when you come as a child of God there’s

no incremental love no incremental

acceptance It’s immediate just like your

everlasting life it’s immediate

God’s Got A Plan

what God wants to share

is just encourage you

to make sure that your personal Ministry

is part of God’s plan

that it’s all part of the plan and you

know actually the Eternal plan at

Ephesians we go to 10 is is the purpose

of the church is only to glorify God

it’s not to give you a personal platform

or or or a place to go on Sundays like

the church

is only meant to glorify God

that’s the plan

so what I want to challenge you

is we all have our Ministries

and what I want to challenge you this

week is if you would think about

we go to Matthew the story of the five

about the parable of the five talents

and I just want you to to look at your

ministry and see what parts of your

ministry and your life are are being

served like the servant with the five

talents that you’re taking it you’re

investing it you’re good stewarding it

it’s growing and when the master looks

at that says good job

well done good and faithful servant

you got five I’m going to give you five

more and soon you’re going to get one

and then what parts of of your ministry

and I say Ministry but just our life our

faith life are we kind of living like

the servant with the one Talent like you

know God call me I have a place on my

heart for children and and he’s telling

me I should serve in the children’s

ministry but I’m just going to talk that

little one talent in my pocket because I

don’t want to have to go 30 minutes

early or or if in your ministry God’s

like I’ve given you the gifts of music

The Gift of sound a Joyful Noise

I know

but I don’t feel like rehearsal on

Saturdays like like what parts of your

life in your ministry are you treating

like the one Talent where God cannot

bless it

and that’s just a that’s just the

challenge I ask I offer this week

let’s just make sure that everything

we’re doing is an alignment and honor

and Order of God’s master plan

God wants to bless everything you do he

wants you to be fruitful and multiply he

wants you to prosper never ever ever is

the kingdom anything about decrease

everything is about multiplication in

the kingdom and God wants to bless

and if and if it’s not bearing fruit

then it comes to the point where we

realize it’s just time to cut it off

will God can bless you

so if we can have our our altar Ministry

leaders come up

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