Spirit Guided Relationships Start With Submission To Christ /Ephesians 5:15-33​ (Video)


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Transcript –

there’s like six chapters in the book of

Ephesians and it’s like we’re in week

14. you know why because when the cloud

moves we move and when it Parks we park

and the Lord has been parked in the book

of Ephesians and and last year when he

said when I’m praying and I’m submitting

to the Lord I’ve got my favorite books

and I’m not saying Ephesians not one of

them but if I have my Dithers I would

have taught something different

but what I do is I submit to the Lord

what do you

of your word want talk to your church

and he said Ephesians and he said but

let the body affirm that I said okay so

the next night I’m talking to one of the

sisters she goes what are you going to

start off the year with she goes we wait

Ephesians I’m like all right cool and

then the next night another sister says

how about you start with Ephesians and

I’m like that’s affirmation that’s

submitting to the Holy Spirit that’s

confirmation of the Holy Spirit and so

when we start a message I like to give

an illustration a fun story or something

to to apply the concept so all week I’ve

been dry as a bone like I could not

think of anything about submission

Leah’s like surely you can dig something

up for your past and I’m like well

there’s not been a lot of submission in

my past and uh until I came to the Lord

but you know what I did I said you know

what Holy Spirit I’m going to keep

trusting you and I’m not even going to

write a note in this section

and I’m just going to submit myself to


and I’m gonna I’m gonna wait for you to

give me a word

I’m gonna submit to you to give me an


and you know what he gave me


you see

submitting to the Lord you know what you

get sometimes

you just get to submit

there doesn’t have to be an Roi there

doesn’t have to be a gift for that if

this then that

sometimes you just get to submit

the blessing in and of itself is through


you know the one thing that the Lord put

on my heart

really the one thing this week is

submission is your permission to start

God’s mission

I want to tell you that if you’re not

submitting to the Lord

and you’re launching out into a Ministry

or or anything that we’re doing in our


and we’re not starting first with


we’re out there doing it on our own

coming into submission to the Lord is

your permission to start your mission

now I’m not saying God always gives me

these words in in Rhymes I’ll figure

that out on myself but the truth is

until we’re willing to submit to the


and submit to one another in reverence

of the Lord God’s never going to free

and unlock us to start our mission

why is it important

until you submit to the Lord in all

things you can do nothing in the Lord

so it’s reverence of the Lord that we

that we submit it’s in reverence to the

Lord that we read the anchor scripture

for today and if we will if we’ll stand

and write and respect for the word of

the Lord and let’s read this together as

the body of Christ

and we’ll begin as the body together so

be careful how you live don’t live like

fools but like those who are wise make

the most of every opportunity in these

evil days don’t act thoughtlessly but

understand what the Lord wants you to do

don’t be drunk with wine because that

will ruin your life

instead be filled with the Holy Spirit

singing Psalms and hymns and spiritual

songs among yourselves and making music

to the Lord in your hearts and give

thanks for everything to God the father

in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

amen that is a good word

that is a good word

you know I just want to walk through

this last half of the chapter chapter

five and we’re at 5 15 15 17 and that’s

part of our anchor scripture says so be

careful how you live don’t live like

fools like Paul is talking to the church

in Ephesus Paul’s not evangelizing to

the loss the church in Ephesus would go

on to become the largest Christian

Church in the Civilized world

and this is what Paul’s having to tell


don’t live like fools

why would he tell them that

because some of them were living like


he says

but live like those who are wise make

the most of every opportunity in these

evil days if those days were evil then

believe me they’re evil today

they’re more evil today listen people

say we always tell you guys are we in

the end times are we in the end times


we are

every second you live your life you’re

one second closer to the end time

you’ll never get that second back and we

never are going to have that opportunity

back to do what the Lord wants us to do

the time to start is now

the time to start doing making the most

of these opportunities is now

you know it says I wrote These I said

what do you think God wants you to do in

these evil days well he wants me to

refinance my house I probably get a

lower mortgage rate the way things are

going I’m going to stay away from

Bitcoin but I think I’m going to invest

over these aren’t the opportunities

God’s telling you that God wants you to

to get involved in in these evil days

he doesn’t he does want you to live your

life and prosper but I would submit

things like sharing the gospel making

disciples baptizing in the name of the

father and the Son and the Holy Spirit

teaching others the things that Jesus


casting out demons and Healing The Sick

like if you’re just looking for

suggestions like well what kind of

opportunities does he want me to do like

if he’s wanted me to live wise like God

give me some Clues

like when Leah’s looking at me like

I’m like what do you want me to do like

give me a clue Leah she’s like so for

the 10th clue in the last hour these are

your Clues these are some of the things

that we should be investing in these are

the opportunities Ephesians 5 21 says

and further submit to one another out of

reverence for God you see and further

like a lot of times I’ll tell you like

Lee and I’ve done marriage Ministry for

a long time and and ladies I honor you I

respect you but when that word

submission gets tossed around oh they

get stiff in the spine

have you ever seen those cat videos when

they’re fighting like alligators and

lions cats are ruthless

but when we’re talking about submission

and we come to this one one line of

scripture you know what we miss we miss

two words and further

you see what Paul’s saying is where you

are is good where God wants you to go

further is best

you know what further looks like



you can’t go any further than where you

are right now and further until you


to be specific in God’s own words and

further submit to one another out of

reverence for Christ look it doesn’t

really matter

how you feel about one another

what matters is that you’re willing out

of fear of the Lord to submit to one

another we get so caught up like I’m

doing that look when I was in law

enforcement it was so toxic the culture

when we would have it we used to take a

deep sea diving trip every year Charter

fishy and you get out the invitation you

know the first thing everybody would ask

who’s going

who’s going

because if there was one person you you

didn’t like her you had something you

didn’t go you know what you missed out

on you missed out on the blessing

of a big pile of fish at the end of the


I submit you we do that in the church

well who’s preaching

who’s teaching that class

God’s calling us to submit to one


why is that revolutionary in the context

of this word

the one another like you got to think go

back to ancient Rome 62 A.D

it is a male dominated world

you talk about alpha males it is all and

only alpha males women were second-class

citizens they didn’t get to vote they

couldn’t hold public office most of them

didn’t read or write

and here’s Paul saying submit to one

another he didn’t divide it by by the

two genders

the only two genders there are

he didn’t he didn’t say ladies to ladies

and men to one another think how

revolutionary that was in an alpha male

environment to tell everybody submit to

one another how many how many Bros you

think were like to her yeah

so her yeah you get it one another

why out of reverence to the Lord

submission’s not a dirty word but when

we want to attach our own societal

values to it

it becomes weaponized you see the key to

this message today is understanding

submission Christianity is

counter-cultural submission is a it’s a

high quality characteristic of the


I’ll give an example

Jesus submitted to his father’s will

what better example is there than that

there’s no better example than that and

it required Jesus the king to do what to


I want to tell you in the West in

America submission’s a dirty word

but let me tell you what submission is

not it’s not surrender it’s not

dominated it’s not being ruled over it’s

not being weak

what I’ll tell you what submission is

according to the Greek the Greek word is


that’s what submission is you see it’s

two words hoopo which is which means

under and tosso means to draw up to

order to arrange to a point

it’s a military term that’s used

it means it means to arrange troop

divisions in a military fashion under

the command of a leader

so submission when we break the word

apart sub under the mission like

submarine under the water Subway under

the road work break the word apart sub

under the mission

what was the mission

why did Jesus submit to the father

I’ll tell you what the mission is

the mission’s you

you see Ephesians 5 25 27 says husbands

love your wives just as Christ also

loved the church and gave himself for

her that he might this is going to be a

key word that he might sanctify and

cleanse her with the washing of Water by

the word that he might present to her

himself might present her to himself a

glorious church not having spot or

wrinkle or any such thing but that she

should be holy and without blemish see

Jesus was on a mission

and if Jesus was not willing to submit

himself to the will of the father

none of this would would even be


we know that Jesus submits himself to

the father because in Luke 22 what does

he say

and he was withdrawn from them about a

stone’s throw and he knelt down and

prayed saying father

if it is your will

take this cup away from me

nevertheless not my will but yours be

done do you think Jesus was excited

about being nailed to a tree

bite that nevertheless

your will not mine be done

you see what Jesus when Jesus submits

himself submission he submits himself to

the mission

this is what happens let me reread

Ephesians 25 and let’s make it personal

sometimes we read scripture we’re like

oh yeah I saw that on Facebook you know

and but let’s let’s make it personal

it says husbands love your wives just as

Jesus also loved you

and gave himself for you

that he might sanctify and cleanse you

with the washing of Water by the word

that he might present you

to himself a glorious you

not having spot or wrinkle or any such

thing but that you


should be holy and without blemish

you see because Jesus was on a mission

because he was willing to place himself

sub below

the mission

the father’s will

that key phrase that he might that he

might sanctify his church that he might

cleanse his church that he might present

his church and because Jesus was willing

to submit because to Jesus submission

was not a dirty word because submission

was the only way to show reverence to

the father because Jesus was willing to

place himself under beneath below the


the bride’s going to become glorious


without wrinkles

become holy and be without blemish

had Jesus decided I ain’t that ain’t for

me I’m going to take another path

I like living here

none of this is possible

none of this is possible

and you think without submitting to one


that you’re gonna you’re gonna perform

you’re gonna activate the anointing of

God over your life

if Jesus to Christ himself

says there’s no other way but to submit

myself to the will of my father

do you think that you’re so special

that you could go your own way nah

that’s the mission ain’t for me I’m

gonna find me another route you can find

another route but it doesn’t lead to God

the Father

I submit to you that submission is not a

dirty word

and you know we we’re like oh I get

hupatasso it’s a military term rank

order structure chain of command you

know why it sounds militaristic and


think about where Paul was when he was

writing these books

Paul was under house arrest in Rome Paul

was was physical acts tells us acts of

28 16. it said and when we came to Rome

the Centurion delivered the prisoners to

the captain of the Guard so they went to

what you call general population

but not Paul you see Paul suffered to

dwell by himself with a soldier that

kept him what that meant was for two

years that he stayed waiting trial Paul

was physically chained to an elite Roman


physically chained to an elite Roman


what did he have to do for two years

under house arrest he watched he

observed he learned he listened so in

Ephesians when when most of it sounds

like a military manual

there’s no wonder why it sounds like a

military when we get into chapter six

Spiritual armor

you know where that came from it came

from two years of watching this Elite

Roman soldier who was Tethered to you by

an iron chain

I tell you that submission is not buried

submission is a place of protection

while you develop

I will tell you that that the seeds of

God’s potential are submitted beneath

the soil the fertile soil for your


it’s being planted not buried if you’re

at a place where you feel like the

potential that God’s given you the seeds

that God’s given you have been buried I

will submit to you that they’ve simply

been submitted

so God can protect you so God can allow

those seeds to Decay to die to self to

to replicate to reproduce the goodness

of the DNA that’s inside those seeds had

those seeds of God’s potential in your

life been just cast out to the world

what happens they get snatched up they

get choked out

you see being submitted is is God’s way

of protecting you developing you growing


you see the devil thought the devil

thought that he buried Paul

like seriously who wants to sit in a

Roman prison chain to some dude for two


but you know what happened it gave Paul

those two years to just sit to prosper

where planted to watch this guard to

observe the military training for God to

come into the to the fullness of

understanding the full complement of

Spiritual armor

see Paul would have never come to that

realization had he not been where the

devil thought he had buried this old boy

where he was was where God had planted


so I just I do I I’m hopeful that we

understand that the word submission is

not a dirty word

that it is a word that requires us to

submit to one another out of reverence

of the Lord that that unless you’re

willing to submit in all things

God can do nothing in your life

so let’s move to Ephesians 5 22.


submit to your own husbands as to the


again what I want to say is and this is

this is 10 years of marriage Ministry

is that when women hear that whoo

man his spine stiffened I ain’t

submitting to him he don’t deserve it he

don’t want this to say what we’re

talking about what I want you to see

you’re missing the words own husband

that’s what I want you to focus on right

now wives only submit

to your own husband you see in the Greek

the word own is is I may mispronounce it

but it’s idios and it’s private personal

specially assigned simply possessive

like wives God is giving you the gift of

ownership of your husbands

so here we go back to 6280 ancient Rome

alpha male and there’s a legal term it’s

called in Manu and what it means is is

that the man owns everything

the bride in all of her possessions the

second they come into a contractual


the the husband and all of his family

owns everything now those that are

married don’t raise your hands think

about your in-laws

maybe like a couple steps past in-laws

think about them owning everything you


think about them owning you

you see a lot of a lot of the

confliction came was in in that in that

culture well your dad owned you and now

your husband owns you and it really came

down to what were the terms of agreement

in the contract that presented this


so when Paul comes and says wives your

own husband means that God has given you

wives ownership of your husband

how counter-cultural to understand that

in this world alpha male where women

didn’t have the right to vote or speak

or even read or write that God is giving

them ownership of their own husband

but that ownership only comes

through submission

it is not a bad word

it is not a bad word you know but the

words can the world’s going to tell you

oh Ephesians 5 22 oh that’s bad

scripture y’all just trying to hold us

sisters down y’all trying to dominate us

that’s bad scripture

but you see the counter-cultural nature

of God’s word

is that it actually means freedom and

Liberation women are set free in Christ

through what submission

the world says that don’t make any sense

the word says it makes complete sense

because you’re not submitting of your

own you’re submitting in reverence to


listen let me tell you everybody submits

to somebody

everybody submits how do we know this

Ephesians 5 21 submitting yourselves to

one another and fear of the Lord you’re

either submitting to the Lord You’re

submitting to one another in fear of the

Lord or you’re submitting to something

else to your hobby to your habits to

your addictions to your own ideas

everybody’s submitting to somebody

you see God placed God placed

the husband over the wife like this is

God’s idea men didn’t just get together

one day in a cave it was some pain on a

rock and say we got a pretty good idea

like ladies us guys we don’t have that


this is God’s idea God placed the

husband over his wife but let me tell

you what he does

but he balances it out by giving the

husband as a personal intimate

possession to the wife

men that’s what you are

you are a personal intimate possession

of your wife

your own husband

you see we’re both created

equal but different

and that was my design and I want to go

to Genesis 1 because this comes from the

very beginning

I think God said let us make man in our

image according to our likeness let them

have dominion over the fish of the sea

over the birds of the air over the

cattle over all the Earth and over every

creeping thing that creeps on the earth

so God created man in his own image in

the image of God

he created him male and female he

created them

think God blessed them and God said to

them be fruitful and multiply fill the

Earth and subdue it have dominion over

the fish of the sea over the birds of

the air and over every living thing that

moves on the Earth

like that’s the word of the Lord

but I’m going to tell you if you’re not

feeling like you’ve got Dominion if your

life hasn’t borne the fruit of


it might be because you’re not willing

to submit

it might be a little a little resistance

a little pride a little hesitation

sometimes just just correction

just the way we think of things

but I want to tell you

that everybody submits to somebody

and I would suggest

you’ve got your choice

just Choose Wisely who you submit to

Jesus chose the father I suggest we do


now guys we’re not out of the woods

Ephesians 5 23 24 tells us for a husband

is the head of his wife as Christ is the

head of the church he is the savior of

his body and the church as the church

submits the Christ so you wives should

submit to your husbands and everything

listen there’s a spiritual hierarchy

there’s a chain of command being a

leader means serving and sacrificing I

will tell you from personal experience

My First Command assignment was in 1992.

that was a long time ago

and I’ve been in a command position from

then until I retired and I can tell you

this key to my success was understanding

as a commander and a chief of police my

job was to serve and sacrifice

Jesus came to serve and sacrifice

husbands your assignment is to serve and


let me assure you that your assignment

is to be the god-ordained gender

assigned spiritual head of your family

husband and wives were created equal

you’re both leaders and your skill sets

but the man is assigned to be the head

of that family

men if you’re not willing to lay your

life down for your wife then you’re out

of scriptural order

and when I say you got to lay your life

down I mean lay down your hobbies lay

down your wants lay down your

possessions lay down your friends lay

down your passwords lay down your own

checking account lay down your own your

own um your own desires and plans for

the weekend

lay down your own man cave

as the spiritual head of your family

you’ve got to be willing to lay your

life down for your wife and it doesn’t

mean your physical life but it may

but in every day we’ve got to be willing

to lay our lives down to serve and

sacrifice our wives uh sacrifice it and

serve our wives so sorry

I just want to make sure y’all paying


so listen guys when you do

when you come into mutual submission

when you follow the structure of the

hierarchy as God’s created then the

truth the two truly do become one

I want to read to you from Ephesians 5

31 33 as the scripture say as a man

leaves his father and mother and is

joined to his wife and the two are

united into one this is a great mystery

but is an illustration of the way Christ

and the church are won so again I say

each man must love his wife as he loves

himself and the wife must respect her

husband you see two becoming one is more

than just husband and wife it’s the way

Christ and the bride it’s the way we and

the church but the only way we can

become the church that will become the

bride is if we submit to one another in

reverence of the Lord

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