Unveiling the Secrets: How to Put on the Whole Armor of God and Stand Against Satan | Ephesians: 6-10​ (Video)


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Transcript –

TRANSCRIPT – Unveiling the Secrets: How to Put on the Whole Armor of God and Stand Against Satan | Ephesians 6:10-13

for 40 days and nights

Goliath all nine feet nine inches of

this Pagan Warrior March back and forth

on his side of the Hill while God’s Army

the Israelis were on the other side of

the valley for 40 days Goliath marched

and you know you know how many Spears he

threw how many arrows he launched how

many swords he swung over those 40 days



yet the army of God did nothing

they were frozen for 40 days


first Samuel 17 tells us

I defy the armies of Israel today

send me a man who will fight me when

Saul and the Israelites heard this

they were terrified and deeply shaken

I don’t want you to miss this

today we’re in chapter six we’re talking

we’re getting closer to Spiritual armor

but look at what first Samuel says when

the armies heard this

heard this they didn’t duck Spears and

arrows and rocks and swords they heard

40 days of lives of blasphemies of


and what did words do to God’s Army

they were terrified

and they were deeply shaken

you see Goliath didn’t have to do

anything he was probably in his pajamas

for 40 days

but his words were what terrified the

army of God

I want to submit to you as we move


in chapter six of Ephesians your

Battlefield is in your mind

Satan’s Battlefield is your mind

so if you’re sick and tired of being

told renew your mind renew your mind

Romans 12 2 transform your mind by the

reading of the word

it’s because we want you to win the


it’s not physical might you know he was

nine foot nine you don’t have to be nine

foot ten

you just have to be on your knees

in prayer

I don’t want you to be like the army of

Israel for 40 days standing on the other

side of a valley Frozen in fear

because a guy was talking curses and

lies over your life

I want you to reflect during this

message what lies have your Giants been

telling you

that you’re not good enough that you’re

not smart enough that you’re not rich

enough that you’re not healthy enough

that you’re not old enough that you’re

too old

they’re lies they’re lies their lies

from the father of Lies the devil

so what’s the one thing that I want to

share with you today

is wearing half of God’s Army armor

guarantees a whole defeat by Satan

look it’s All or Nothing

It’s All or Nothing

you cannot put on the armor of God and

they go out to the club

and you’re on the floor and you sip in

your Long Island iced tea girl look at

my helmet of salvation look at my lion

belt of Truth it don’t work that way

It’s All or Nothing

and the word that gives us it all is our

anchor scripture so I ask that we stand

together as the body and let’s read the

word of the Lord together

and it comes from Ephesians 6 10 13.

so we’ll read together as the body

finally my brethren be strong in the

Lord and in the power of His might put

on the whole armor of God that you may

be able to stand against The Wiles of

the devil for we do not wrestle against

flesh and blood but against

principalities against Powers against

the rulers of the darkness of this age

against spiritual hosts of wickedness in

the Heavenly places

therefore take up the whole armor of God

that you may be able to withstand in the

evil day and having done all to stand

thank you Jesus that’s a good word what

I want to do is I want to walk through

this I want to walk through this again A

lot of times we’ll see scripture on

Facebook and we’re like oh thank you

Jesus thank you Jesus but we don’t take

the time to read the word and we don’t

take time to break it down into what it

really means so I’m gonna I’m gonna

throw some stuff at you and we’re going

to walk through it it’s from Ephesians

we’re going to start at 6 10. and Paul

says finally my brethren like all the

stuff we’ve been going over for the last

14 weeks in Ephesians Paul’s like hey

y’all this is the good stuff this is the

good stuff it’s like with Scott Holbert

if you ever got locked into one of these

bad dad jokes from Scott Hobart it’s

like it’s the setup

can I go to lunch now

can I leave now and then it’s like

finally here’s the punch line so this is

no punch line but this is Paul saying

finally my brethren like everything else

I’ve told you is setting you up for this

pay attention my brethren you see the

word brethren if the Greek word was a

delphoid and it was always it was

usually meant from the same womb

siblings it was later that Christians

started using that term brother and

sister but what brought it into the

military term a brethren

was Alexander the Great by far the

greatest warrior ever by 18 years old he

had conquered the entire Eastern Empire

by his 30s he literally conquered the

entire civilized world he was the

greatest warrior ever

and what he would do was for special

occasions he would have a young Soldier

come up on stage

and he didn’t know the soldier but he

knew that he fought Valiant and all he

would do Alexander he would put his arm

over the young man’s shoulders and he

would say let all the Empire know that

Alexander is proud to be the Brethren of

this Soldier

what he just did was solidify the fact

that he and this guy that he doesn’t

really even know

or brethren they’re not BFFs

they’re not sharing meals but they go to

war together

you see I want to tell you the heat of

battle it turns Brothers into brethren

what I’ll submit to you is that the

church body has got to move from


to Brethren

you see brothers and when I say Brothers

I’m talking males and females guys

ladies and men

but too often especially in the western


we stop at at the at the filet

level and that’s that’s like friendly

that’s the Greek you got phileo and then

you got Agape Philea if I’m saying it

correctly that’s that’s a friendly how’s

it going good to see you

I don’t know your name I don’t know

nothing about you and I won’t see you

again maybe until next Sunday like

that’s the level that we usually stop at

you see we’ve got to move into agape

love we’ve got to move into agape love

agape love is the way God loved us no

matter what you did

no matter what you did to me I love you

and you know what we may not be

barbecuing on Saturday but when it comes

time to do spiritual warfare we’re

locking Shields and we’re fighting the

devil this is where the Christian church

has got to move

you see spiritual maturity

it might start it hey brother

but it’s got to move to my brethren

there’s a severity there’s a weight

to my brethren

you see my buddy my friend

that’s just like somebody on Facebook

like heart emoji

and a lot of times in the churches

that’s as deep as we get

what I want to challenge you is we’ve

gone through the book of Ephesians as

we’re preparing for spiritual warfare

to become battle-worthy brethren

you know what that looks like like we

can disagree and still follow the

mission of Jesus you know Peter and Paul

would you say that they had been through

spiritual warfare

would you say that they’re battle worthy


yeah you know Galatians 2 11 tells us

that Paul it says and I confronted Peter

to his face

he went smack talking about Peter like

he went and he talked to his face

but they didn’t break up he didn’t he

didn’t block him on Facebook

they were Brethren because they were

battle-worthy brethren

you know Ephesians 6 10 continues it

says be strong in the Lord and in the

power of His might

and if you just read that you’re like

huh but I’m like What’s the difference

between strong and Power

like what’s strong in power what’s the

significance well when Paul’s getting us

ready to put on the armor of God there’s

a big significance there’s a big

difference you see strong in the Greek

it’s two it’s made up of two words it’s

in Dynamo and that’s power within power

within a Believer so the first section

the en the first word means to indwell

to pour in

and what I want to tell you

is you were created to contain the power

of God

I don’t care who you are what your shape

is what your age is what you’ve done in

your past what you’re worried about in

the future you were created by God to

contain the power of God

we know this because when you receive

Jesus as your savior you’re immediately

indwelled by the power of the Holy


Ephesians 1 tells you that you’re sealed

by the Holy Spirit like like that seal

it don’t leak

you’re his

but the word in in the Greek is to fill

up and so you know how you know the

power that you carry

you not only hold the power of the Holy

Spirit but because the holy spirit is

God and God in three parts the father

Son and the Holy Spirit you contain all

three parts of the Trinity you know what

else you contain we talk about the

kingdom of God the kingdom of God and

and it’s like

where is the kingdom of God I mean are

they going to relocate it down down in

Mansfield somewhere or they go put it up

in Frisco where everything else is going

like where’s this Magical Kingdom of God

you want me to tell you where it is

it’s you

and it’s you and it’s you and it’s you

you are the kingdom of God

how do we know

look in the book Luke 17 tells us

now now when he was asked by the

Pharisees when the kingdom of God would

come he answered them and said the

kingdom of God does not come with

observation nor will they say see hear

see there for indeed the kingdom of God

is within you

that’s power

that is in Dynamo

that is power you are indwelled with the

power of God

so I was curious the strength of God so

I’m like okay what’s power power is the

Greek word Kratos and that is a

demonstrated power that is the same

power that Ephesians 1 tells us that God

used when he raised Jesus from the dead

that is an external power that manifests

itself in the present and the tangible

like God the Father executed Kratos

power to to bring life into every one of

those dead cells of the crucified Body

of Christ

you have that strength and you have that


inside of you and look if you didn’t you

couldn’t carry the Spiritual armor of


you could not carry that armor you’ve

got this and look it’s nothing to do

with your physical strength

God would rather you on your knees

in battle than standing on your feet

flailing Against the Wind

so we go to Ephesians 6 11 and Paul says

put on

put on the whole armor of God

like God gives you these gifts but

you’ve got to put them on

how well they’re gifts they’re spiritual

gifts from a spiritual God

you’ve got to stay connected to the

source of that power and how do we do

that through prayer reading God’s word

through meditation by living a righteous

and holy life

God don’t give you that armor to go to

the clubs

God gives you that armor to stand

against The Wiles of the devil look

Renewing Your Mind it transforms your

life from carnal to Kingdom it’s boot

camp for your brain

like that should be good news if we like

you got to get out we’re gonna do a

three mile run and we’re gonna do some

burpees and some push-ups be like oh no

no that Kingdom ain’t for me

all he’s doing is renew your mind

renew your mind

and When God says the whole armor of God

that is the complete outfit both

offensive and defensive weapons like you

cannot stand against the devil with

missing parts

I’m sorry you can’t do it you know as I

was as I was reading this last night

and I’m praying over it

and then the Lord he said

so here’s Goliath let’s go back to the

open illustration

he’s got 700 pounds of armor and weapons

he’s nine feet nine inches tall it says

he was born for war

was he wearing his whole armor when that

rock hit his head

what’s the one piece of armor that he

would he neglected

the helmet of what

salvation you think if that old boy had

been saved he would have faced the

condition that he did

had he known God the Living God had he

known that David had been anointed

as the king

he would have dropped to his knees to

repent receive God as as his savior

instead he dropped through his knees

when a stone hit him in the head

you see even for a pagan like Goliath

going to battle with part of your armor

offers no protection

you see when the 16 years I served in

swat and Special Operations we would do

it what we call the gear check and we’re

going out on a deployment and and I mean

you you had a buddy system everything

you had you had to make sure there was

ammunition in your weapons you had to

make sure that there was water in your

hydration bladder you had what we did we

had tape black tape and anything that

rattled or shook that would give away

your position had to be taped down

like you’re walking out of there Mission

loaded with about 70 pounds of gear

but you had to check your gear to make

sure you didn’t forget something because

if you forgot something you should just

soon have left everything

every day you’ve got to do a check to

make sure you’re wearing the Spiritual

armor of God

every day you’ve got to check that armor

Ephesians 6 11.

it contains it says that you might be

able to stand against The Wiles of the


you know the word against in the Greek

it’s forward-facing face to face eye to


and you know a lot of times as believers

and this was in the natural realm also

you know when you see people and they’re

kind of like like just standing

flat-footed and their shoulders are

humped over and like they won’t even

lift their eyes because they’re afraid

of what they might see

like the devil sees that and he’s

licking his chops

he’s going to tear you apart what Paul

is telling us is you got to stand

against this is this is a fighting

stance and you don’t have to be ready to

fight but but I tell you guys I can’t

break these habits it’s almost 30 years

of this ingrained but when you’re

standing against the wind he ever stood

Against the Wind and you brace yourself

this is how we’re supposed to stand

against the devil

got your shoulders up and straight why

because now you’ve got Mobility you can

turn you can see you’re like a turret on

a tank when you stand with your

shoulders open you open your lungs so

you can get air in your lungs so oxygen

pumps through your body and when you’re

standing and your head and your eyes are

looking straight at your enemy

that’s when you’re ready to stand

against The Wiles of the devil

even if you’re out and I when I when I

share some situational awareness with

people and I’m like when you look at

someone I don’t mean like cuckoo crazy

stare them down but if there’s somebody

looking to do something bad to somebody

they’re looking for a weak Target and if

somebody’s standing there flat-footed

easier to push over shoulders hump

they’re they’re not in a defensive

stance and they got their eyes down

because they’re afraid of what they’re

going to see the only reason their eyes

are down is because there’s no sand to

stick their head into

that’s an easy target

but if you stand straight shoulders back

and eyes up just a glance will deter

most attackers

the devil’s no different than that you

have got to stand against

and it says The Wiles The Wiles

interpreted in the Greek it’s two words

and it’s pronounced methadoso and it

means with a road The Wiles the schemes

of the devil it means with a road you

know what that means he’s got one path

he’s got one trick he’s used it in the

garden he used it against God’s Army in

Israel through Goliath and let me tell

you he’s using it against you today like

this old boy don’t have to come up with

nothing tricky nothing new

one road

one road you know that road leads

into your mind

you’re not good enough you’re not smart


who are you to lay hands on somebody

and have them slain in the spirit who

are you

you ain’t got years in the in the faith

who are you to write a prayer to your

daddy you don’t even write yet

that’s the devil

that’s the Devil he’s got one trick one

road into your mind

but let me tell you he’s learned that

trick very well

he’s good at it one trick

now let me tell you stand against The

Wiles of the devil

that’s what it means

all you got to do is stand

you don’t have to lead a charge you

don’t have to swing a sword you don’t

have to go hand in hand combat all you

got to do is this

all you got to do is this


really that’s all I got to do

yeah Paul says it three times in those

scriptures stand with stand and stand

when the Bible repeats stuff take it as

important now we’re talking about the

devil we’re talking about the enemy so

who are we talking about

who’s the demons who’s our opponent well

look Ephesians 6 12 tells us and I want

you to pay attention to the word against

for we do not wrestle against flesh and

blood that’s the first thing I want you

to know who you’re not dealing with okay

don’t mess with flushing

so when people are whispering in your

ears any of this and that let’s do this

and look nah we ain’t got time for that

this is who we’re fighting with

we wrestle but again against

principalities against Powers against

rulers of Darkness of this age against

spiritual hosts of wickedness in the

Heavenly places y’all physical power is

not required to fight this fight there’s

four classifications of demons and

they’re each signified by the word

against Paul specifically used the word

against in front of each one of those

four because they’re four separate

entities that you’re fighting against

you see why we might be a little a

little jumbled and in the Christian

church and we’re over here and we’re

going to organize and we might be lucky

we show up on occasion on a Sunday let

me tell you Satan’s Army they’re

structured they’re ordered they’re

militaristic how do we know because

here’s a rank structure the word

principalities in the Greek it means

ancient times it means this against when

it says against principalities these

were the were the demons that were there

in the fall of Lucifer they are the

ancient of ancients they’re the most

experienced the second level against

Powers the Greeks it’s delegated

authority these second level of demons

they get their Authority their orders

directly from the devil and he sends

them off on special assignments you want

to test it okay you say okay I’m taking

the Summer Challenge of tongues and ties

and and we’re going to start giving

regularly like God says watch and see if

the Satan doesn’t sin one of these

powers to attack your finances

Satan’s like really

so you want to start giving investing in

the body watch what I’m going to do to

your money

and that’s when you got to do this

you got to stand

you know what my paycheck wasn’t as much

as it was the day before you know this

bill came up that I wasn’t expecting but

you know what I got two choices I could

roll my shoulders and duck my head and

decide to stop giving Faithfully like

God says or you could stand

it’s cool

it’s cool

and trust that God’s going to provide

you say I’m gonna go to the gym and I’m

gonna get healthy I tell our boys we’re

gonna start growing a CrossFit you know

what I do I break my toe like a dumb toe

I got nine other Toes that ought to

sustain box jumps one toe

you know how many days I’ve missed

working out none

the devil wants an old man like me to

stop taking care of his health

you see these second level demons get

sent out on assignment your third level

in the chain of command against rulers

of the darkness you see this this Greek

definition it combines two words it’s

harnessing raw power

it’s like when recruits come to boot

camp young guys and and they’re full of

energy and and they’re just all amped up

but they’re untrained and they’re

dangerous they’re dangerous to

themselves and they’re dangerous to

everybody else what does Satan do with

this raw power he takes it he molds it

he makes it he turns them into a lethal

fighting force

and your last level

it’s the spiritual host of wickedness

like these are your low-level demons

these are the ones that that they’re

unskilled troublemakers

when you’re at night it’s like like bro

it’s 3 A.M

nobody’s gonna know if you watch porn

it’s cool

look those are the easiest to cast out

these are unskilled troublemakers

but you ask yourself well why does it

feel like we’re losing the battle

why does it feel like we’re losing the

battle I tell you one word


it’s Focus we don’t have to get Uber

religious and start doing all these

these um rituals and stuff we shouldn’t

be doing that it’s Focus you see we have

more power and more strength and more

Authority through the Holy Spirit than

the than the devil and all of his demons

but it doesn’t feel like it why because

we lack Focus

Satan commands

a lethal fighting force are you guys

familiar with with kamikaze pilots in

World War II these were Japanese


and they would fly sometimes 2500 miles

for one Mission look they didn’t have

gas to get home

because they weren’t intending to go


they would fly they would drop their

bomb payload and then they would crash

into the into the Navy Fleet

see there was no going back for them

they knew where their home was it ended

in destruction and Fire

demons know the same thing

there’s no home for them to go back to

Demons are on a kamikaze


you see the funny thing about demons not

that it’s haha funny is that they know

their destiny still they fight to

destroy yours


were unfocused

we want to have Philea relationships we

want to be BFFs

and when it comes time to well they’re

having trouble with their marriage

oh well they’re having trouble with

their finances

they can get another job

they’re having trouble just in in their

in their faith walk well let them let

them go read a Bible

that’s what brothers do

Brethren they push in they refuse to let

marriages fall apart they refuse to let

one man fall behind

that’s Brethren this is where we’ve got

to be as the church

you see most Christians we know our

destiny but we refuse to to walk in the

light of that victory

which makes us easy targets what I want

to encourage you buckle up

buckle down to stand up as Warriors of

Jesus Christ

and if you don’t know what that means

just means get on your knees and pray

stand against the enemy

Ephesians 6 13 tells us therefore take

up the whole armor of God not just a

little the whole armor of God that you

may be able to withstand in the evil day

and having done all to stand

you think the word stands important here

it’s important he’s not asking you to

charge down a hill he’s not asking you

to run across that Valley and fight the

nine foot nine Giant he’s just asking

you to stand

and what is the evil day

it’s any day that Satan comes looking

for you it’s any day Satan sees you

stand and defeated and flat-footed with

his shoulders humped over and your head


any day that he sees that any day that

he sees that you’re trying to make a

commitment to the kingdom any day that

he sees you say you know what I ain’t

been going to church in a long time and

I’m gonna go today


and there’s this there’s the devil let

me see if I can make this the last day

you come to church

and a lot of people this will be the

last day you come

but if you’re willing to Simply stand

you don’t even have to wear a big cross

around your throat

all God wants you to do is stand

in faith withstand

are you ready for victory

because let us let me break the news to

you you already got it you’ve already

got it all God wants you to do is to

stand in that victory

that’s good news so the one thing that

the Lord put on my heart

is wearing half of God’s armor

guarantees a complete

Victory by Satan It’s All or Nothing

there’s no neutral ground in this in

this war

there’s no neutral ground

and I am asking you to commit to date

I’m asking you to commit to the

character to the Integrity to the



of living a righteous life for God

it’s not a boring life you ask a

Believer that’s sold out that’s all in

that’s wearing the armor of God ask them

if their life’s boring if it’s gold if

you’re missing out on Tick Tock and

you’re missing out on this and that

man the life of a Believer is wild

guys are spent 12 years working

undercover for I can tell you some

stories that will curl your hair

tell you the truth

they pale in comparison to living a life

sold out for Jesus

a life of victory

a life of assurance a life of Peace a

life of a life of healing and provision

we’re not victims we’re victors

so I ask you to just just stand like a

Victor for Jesus

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